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Erkut Sogut
Gender Male
Ethnic Turkish
Job xxxx Football Agent
Desc xxxx


Client Mesut Ozil

2020 02 28 Retrieve

[Erkut Sogut says Ozil will honour Arsenal contract & could sign another] At the moment, we don’t even talk about it, because he still has one-and-a-half-years left. He still has 15 months to go. Until then, he will stay at Arsenal, for sure. He will stay until the end of his contract. There’s no chance he’ll leave

And he will have probably 100 million followers on the social media side at that time, his marketing will be bigger by that time. And he’s 32 so he can still go and play in top-level football for the next two or three years

I look at every option, I need to maximise and get the best contract for him. The options are coming in now. Maybe he will stay and have a new contract with Arsenal. Maybe he has a good end to the season and good next season and the club offers him a new contract. It’s down to the club in the end, not to me or Mesut. If the club is not giving him an offer then he can’t stay. If he gets an offer from the club he will consider it.

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[Ozil’s agent tells Premier League players to reject 30% wage cut proposal] It is not easy for everyone but it’s time for the clubs to talk directly to the players and their representatives to solve this problem. This is what we are lacking right now. And the one thing that can be done is a deferral. That is a start, to say, ‘Let’s defer these payments to the end of the year or next year’. That is something players and clubs can agree quickly, so the clubs know they will have no cash problems and go on for the next three months. A deferral is a protection for everyone. I wouldn’t recommend agreeing a cut today because I don’t know tomorrow if the league will be played, if clubs will get TV and sponsorship money. What the exact financial impact is on the clubs, we can see three to six months later - but we can’t see it today

2020 04 21 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher says Ozil’s wage cut refusal a huge PR own goal] If a club is asking players to take a material pay reduction, a cut, or a deferment then the club is likely to need to really be transparent about its financial circumstances in order for players to make an informed choice about the extent they should be expected to assist the club through the coming months. It is not enough for a club to present a proposal to one member of the first-team squad and then ask them to go to the rest of the squad and get their consent to do it. That is not how individual contract negotiations should take place. A club may even ask a first-team manager to negotiate with players and this may influence some, particularly younger players or those on the fringe who fear there might be personal repercussions for him if he does not agree. In those circumstances it could be questionable that any consent from the players would be legally binding anyway as some players are not in a position to give true consent if they are under pressure to do so

You might hear 20 per cent, 30 per cent. It’s not enough to say a percentage. It’s more the club really needs to explain why this percentage. What other measures have the club considered and implemented? Will the club reduce or increase its transfer budget? If so, by how much? Will the clubs be capping the salaries of new signings? Will the directors or senior management also be taking pay reductions during the period? If so, in what way? Will the club be ceasing all dividend payments to shareholders and if so, for what period? The players need to know about that. The players are entitled to know what will happen if they don’t agree. What will happen if I say no? Is this a genuine choice for the player or is there sanctions?