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Name Ernesto Valverde
Gender Male
Ethnic Catalan
Job Catalan Football Coach


Club as Coach Barcelona FC

2017 06 03 Retrieve

[During his unveiling as the new Barcelona manager, Ernesto Valverde revealed his ideas for getting the best out of Lionel Messi next season] He’s a decisive player wherever he plays. It’s one thing to see him from the other side, but it will be another thing to see him in training and witness what he can do – I have never coached a player of his calibre. Sometimes, it can be true that he’s on the wing a little too much, perhaps, but that is something I will have to study and see if I can improve

2017 09 16 Retrieve

[Ernesto Valverde speaks about Messi’s performance after their 3-0 win over Juventus in the UEFA Champions League] I have suffered against Messi many times; now I am lucky enough to have him on my team. When he has the ball you always believe that anything can happen – good things for us. It’s not just about his goals, either, but his all round involvement. You can put Messi in any position and he can score goals. His quality is always the same wherever he is. It doesn’t matter if he’s on the wing or in the middle, he’s always connected to the play

2018 01 27 Retrieve

[Ernesto Valverde talks about Lionel Messi after Barcelona’s 5-0 thrashing of Real Betis in La Liga] You have to enjoy him. We have been able to live his era. I have suffered because of him and I know what that is like. Now I can enjoy it. It is an event to watch him every day. He is the best player there is and there ever will be

2019 05 04 Retrieve

[Barcelona head coach Ernesto Valverde on Lionel Messi, after the club won their eighth La Liga title in 11 years] There’s always one man above everyone else and that’s Messi

2019 07 27 Retrieve

[Ernesto Valverde was heartened by new charge Antoine Griezmann’s pre-season debut despite his side’s defeat to Chelsea] He has to get used to the game of the team, but you can see that when he gets the ball he is very dangerous. He is bad news for the opponents and we expect a lot from him, but this was just his first game