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Fabrizio Ravanelli
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player AC Milan

2017 01 Retrieve

[Fabrizio Ravanelli on Roberto Baggio] He’s a fantastic guy, he can play football like few others can, without a doubt the best player I’ve played with.

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Juventus legend Fabrizio Ravanelli has ‘big dream’ to manage Serie A champions] It is normal that my goal is to become a coach. Because I know my qualities and I know football well. I think I was a player who had the opportunity to be trained by great coaches. My experience can help me do this job. The two years I was coach at Ajaccio and Arsenal Kiev, there were always problems in the clubs. And that did not allow me to set up my ideas. I hope soon to receive a nice proposal who could make me really start my career as a coach. My big dream is still to coach Juventus. One day, to become the coach of Juventus

I have been supporting Juventus since I was born, the day I received the Juventus jersey for Christmas when I was a child, I started to support Juventus. To one day wear the jersey of Juventus was the biggest dream of my life because Juventus still is a school of life for me. It’s a very professional club, it’s a club that has an exceptional mentality. It’s not just a club that helps you become a great player, but especially helps you to become a man. In the dressing room of Juventus, I changed next to great men. Because at Juventus, before being a great player you must be a great man. It’s something that has marked me, especially because I arrived very young, I was 23 years old and Juventus allowed me to become a man right away. I realised that life always has surprises for you and that made me understand that in life one must always make many sacrifices to achieve his ends

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Fabrizio Ravanelli has said that he will try to sign Gonzalo Higuain from Juventus if Marseille appoint him as sporting director] Would he come? I don’t know! He could be an important player for OM in the Champions League. It’s possible that he will leave Juve. He’s 32 and there is also a chance that a deal could be done as a loan.

I’m convinced I can sign players who will capture the imagination of the Velodrome. Despite not having been a sporting director, I’ve got many contacts at very big clubs. And if OM has no money to sign players, why would Fabrizio, with loans, not be able to bring important players to Marseille?

[Meanwhile, Ravanelli is happy to let the club make the first move] I will not call Jacques-Henri Eyraud. I met him during the inauguration of the new Stade Velodrome. We spoke at the time. I’ve not contacted him. He has a lot of things to do but he knows that I want to come back to Marseille to work for OM and he knows that I am available to the club