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Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc The Brazilian has been at Manchester City since 2013 but it’s only in the past two seasons, under Pep Guardiola, that his qualities and value as a player have come to light - notably his disruptive influence and controlled poise. Indeed, his absence from notable City defeats this season have demonstrated his importance at the base of the side’s midfield unit. At 33, he will be sorely missed when he moves on


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Manchester City
  Shakhtar Donetsk

2015 01 10 Retrieve

[Manchester City midfielder Fernandinho on Everton’s Ross Barkley] I like Ross Barkley a lot. I think he’s come back stronger after his knee operation because he looks physically more powerful and he has an explosive burst of pace - more than before - and with his technical ability, he reminds me of a very young Brazilian Ronaldo when he was at Barcelona

2019 08 21 Retrieve

[Fernandinho pledges to help Rodri thrive at Man City] We are going to work closely, and I will be there for him to talk and advise him with whatever he needs, but of course he’s already a quality player who I like very much. He has done really well in pre-season and in the first few games he’s played in the Premier League. He’s tall, technically very good and he’s going to help us a lot this season and for the future

[Having to fight to play each week is a reality that seems to suit the former Shakhtar Donetsk man] Normally, it’s human nature to relax once you’ve achieved your targets. This is going to be hard for us and we’re going to keep the guys’ heads up and keep moving forward. We must dig deep in the dressing room and not just rely on Pep to push us. We don’t just have a group of great players - we have a great group of human beings and this makes a huge difference. I think we all realise that in every training session and match we play, we have to improve, play great football and win our games because we want to win many more titles

2019 09 01 Retrieve

[Manchester City (4) vs (0) Brighton. Fernandinho ready to fill in for Aymeric Laporte as Man City look to avert defensive crisis] Of course it’s not good. We’ll see the news about him, we wish him a speedy recovery and to get well soon because he’s an important player for us. It wasn’t the way I wanted to come in, but in football these things can happen. Whatever the manager needs, I’m ready. It’s a different position, a different role now, and we’ll see. Getting ready for the next games, I’ll try to do my best as always. We’re going to try and fix it, not to concede the chances we conceded today. For the next games, for the rest of the season. It was good, it was ok.

2019 09 18 Retrieve

[Fernandinho says that he is becoming more and more comfortable as a centre-back] It was a quiet night at the back, but the team have played a very good game. It was easier at the back because we played as a team and the guys up front closed down the space. I’ve been training in this position since the start of the season. Pep [Guardiola] knows all about our squad and team. Today was my opportunity and I hope I can improve more

2019 09 19 Retrieve

[Fernandinho, who was making only his second appearance of the season on Wednesday, said after the game that he was comfortable at centre-back and ready to play the position as much as his manager requires] I’ve been training in this position since the start of the season. Pep knows all about our squad and team. Today was my opportunity and I hope I can improve more

2019 09 23 Retrieve

[Fernandinho admits he does not know if he is Manchester City’s long-term answer to their defensive problems but he is happy to help for now] Both our centre-backs are injured, so they find that I can play there. I’m here to help so that’s fine. As for the future, we will see what happens. It’s better to think about now. Sometimes experience can help, even if you don’t play - talking to the players, helping to fix some things. This is the best way to be in the team, helping wherever you can

[Fernandinho, though, says he is still learning the role] I’m still in an adaptation process. It’s something new for me although I did know since the end of last season that playing as a centre-back was a possibility. I’ve started training it from the beginning of this season so it’s still new, but I’m trying to learn from that experience. The way we play makes it a bit easier because we keep the ball with us most minutes. But when an opponent attacks more through crosses or behind-the-line runs… let’s see how I’m going to perform

2019 10 19 Retrieve

[Fernandinho salutes ‘superb’ Ederson for saving Man City from nervous night at Crystal Palace] We just tried to play our style of football and our philosophy. In the first half we scored two goals and controlled the game but at the end of the game they brought on Benteke and he caused some problems for us but Ederson was superb to make the saves. They started to play long balls and high balls for their tall players. But if we scored the goals from the chances we created it would have been a different game

[Fernandinho was once again asked to operate as a centre-half against Palace, with Nicolas Otamendi having joined Aymeric Laporte on the injury list at the Etihad Stadium] It was fine. In the first half we controlled out actions and didn’t concede any chances. But in the second half we dropped our concentration but overall we were better and deserved the win

[Fernandinho is expecting another race with more twists and turns] The Premier League is so tough, so hard, so we just try to win our games and do our job. We focus on winning every game. That is all we can do

2019 11 07 Retrieve

[Fernandinho says Manchester City are going to Liverpool on Sunday to win] We go there and try to win the game. The mentality is always try to win the game, as we did [against Atalanta] from the first minute

[Asked if it was a match Man City cannot afford to lose] As I say to the lads, with a game like [against Atalanta], if you can’t win, you don’t lose. One man down, both keepers went out for different situations. I think that’s the spirit of the lads, for sure. As I say, we go there Sunday and try to win the game

[Fernandinho says that is not a reason for City to go to the league leaders with any fear] There’s always a first time in life, no? We are searching for this first time to win at Anfield. I am confident we can go there and try to win the game. Of course, we will see with Ederson’s situation. We are going to train and the medical staff are going to check him and we are going to see if he will be fit or not for Sunday

2019 11 26 Retrieve

[Fernandinho insists he is happy playing at centre-back for Manchester City at the moment] Pep asked me if I would help him and I agreed to it. I said it wouldn’t be a problem because I’ve always been able to play in multiple positions throughout my career. After Pep Guardiola’s arrival, my position varied more often; I played as a right-back, right-midfielder and a midfielder on the left too. As a holding midfielder, a left-back and a centre-back on both sides. So the only positions I haven’t played in under Pep are the three attacking ones and as a keeper

[Fernandinho added on learning to play in different positions as a youngster back in his homeland] In Brazil, it’s very common for players to play on the street in barefoot. They get plastic balls or whatever they can find and use their imagination to create a game of football. Sometimes I’d start in goal because I was the youngest, then I played in the backline. Sometimes I would play in midfield and attack and we would rotate so we could play in every position whilst having fun at the same time. That helped me a lot when I started to train to become a professional footballer

[The City ace will come up against his former club Shakhtar Donetsk at the Etihad in the Champions League on Tuesday] It’s pretty cool to take on a former club. Every time we take on Shakhtar they are difficult games, I am sure the next one will be no different

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Fernandinho says Manchester City are concentrating on overtaking Leicester City in second place] It’s been really tough, really hard for us. I would have preferred to be closer to Liverpool. Maybe we thought after four titles one season, we believed something we are not. The reality of sport is to make you [win] again and again. Sometimes you have to live it. There isn’t a thought in my mind about Liverpool. It is far away. First, we have to think about [second place] Leicester. It helps Liverpool that they haven’t won this trophy for a long time. They will smell it now

[The lack of depth at the back has been blamed for City’s downturn] I don’t think I am being missed in midfield. Rodri is playing really well there. Of course, we are a little bit different but he’s doing really well. The job you do at the back is so important as you help to defend and attack. The culture is that whoever scores goals gets the spotlight but it depends on everyone

2019 12 17 Retrieve

[‘Incredible’ Arteta is perfect for Arsenal] He will be a really good manager because he understands the game so well. He’s young, he’s got a lot of energy. If he has a good group of players who understand him and the way he wants to play he will be a really successful manager. He will be one of the best managers in this new era of managers in the Premier League

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Fernandinho has remained coy when quizzed on his future] I always say I’ll play until my mind will allow me to play. When I feel happy and motivated to play every day this is important. To train happy and fresh everyday so until I don’t feel like this, I will play, but I don’t want to say until 37, 38…40; we shall see

2020 01 08 Retrieve

[Fernandinho reveals he is set to sign new Man City contract] When I renewed at the end of 2018, we put a clause that if I reached certain goals, my contract would be renewed automatically. Conversations have already started, we talked about it last month. I am close to reaching those goals and renewing the contract, but we can only confirm it after signing. The club have already shown interest in me staying, I have also shown my interest in staying

[Fernandinho has been forced to adopt the new role in the wake of a long-term injury to Aymeric Laporte] It’s good as long as you can be at the highest level. Playing in a different position opens up the range of learning. In defence, I see the game in a different way. It has been very cool and the guidance I have received from Pep has been very good. At 34, playing in the Premier League is a source of pride. Many, many players wanted to be experiencing what I am experiencing

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Fernandinho reiterates future hint as Man City star looks to follow lead of 43-year-old Ze Roberto] Hopefully. We will see how long I keep playing too. To be honest I don’t think about that now. Of course I want to keep playing, but I don’t put on myself that I will play until 40 or something. I will play as long as I feel good and I can give a good performance back to the team. You have to look after yourself too and it’s the best way to perform.

We have a player who played for so many years in Germany and then after in Brazil, played until he was 43. Ze Roberto is his name. Gabi [Jesus] played with him as well at Palmeiras. He was a winger, left back, midfielder, played for Real Madrid, Bayern, so many different positions as well. He was an inspiration for me because he was a top player and played at a high level until he was 43. As I said, I don’t want to say I will go on until then because we don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I am happy and this happiness is making me keep playing and perform better

[Fernandinho joined City from Shakhtar Donetsk for £34 million ($44m) in the summer of 2013 and has gone on take in 270 appearances for the club] I am feeling good, feeling confident. I’m happy to be playing in this position, to be playing alongside these players and of course this is motivation for me to stay in that way. I think this change has helped me grow up as a player. When you play in certain different positions you can understand the game better and try to help the other team-mates as well. I know what role the holding midfielder should do, the centre-back playing left or right and the full-back, it’s all really clear in my head. I think this has helped me get better. I think I adapted myself, playing the way I played. Sometimes we have a specific way to play, that’s all.

So playing in defence, it opens your mind, especially under Pep because you can understand the game easier. We have a lot of meetings about tactics, positioning, how you have to move the ball, how you have to pass the ball, which player is free and which player you have to man mark. It helped me. For me, it doesn’t matter playing midfield or centre-back. Of course when I’m in good form and fitness, then my performance helps the team as well

2020 01 12 Retrieve

[Fernandinho believes the position of defensive midfielders has turned him into a better player] In defence, I see the game in a different way. It has been very cool and the guidance I have received from Pep has been very good. At 34, playing in the Premier League is a source of pride. Many, many players wanted to be experiencing what I am experiencing

The desire to win trophies should be in the heart and in the mind

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Fernandinho signs 12-month contract extension with Man City] This is the best possible news. I want to take this opportunity to put on record how grateful I am to my team-mates and the backroom staff here at City. Without them, this deal would not be possible, so sincere thanks to every single one of them. I have enjoyed every second of my time at City. I never expected to build such a meaningful relationship with the club and the fans, but it has happened, and I am grateful every single day. Our fans are unbelievable; I am so happy that I will continue to play for them a year longer. I feel their love and passion and it genuinely helps keep me driven. My focus now is on making sure we continue to be successful. My time here has been decorated by silverware, but under Pep’s guidance we have really accelerated. I want that to carry on for as long as possible

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Fernandinho: Man City can’t go on like this and face fight for top-four finish] It’s a bit difficult. It’s a painful defeat, especially given how we played. We continue to create chances but are not clinical enough. We missed another penalty, continued to miss chances and then they scored twice. This has been our season. It’s clear that conversations are important because we can’t let things go on like this.

Liverpool have practically won the league now, with how far ahead they are. We need to be careful because from now until the end of the season, we could lose more points and, subsequently, our [second] place in the table. We could even finish outside the Champions League places. I hope next week we get a positive reaction from our fans at home because it is more than needed

2020 02 13 Retrieve

[Fernandinho wants to be remembered as Man City’s best Brazilian after committing to new contract] I was the first Brazilian to win the Premier League for City. That’s nice. For sure there will be other Brazilians playing for City in the future but that’s the legacy I want to leave. Everyone who comes from my country to play for this club has to play with hunger and belief and honour for this badge, give everything on the pitch to try and win games and title. I think that is what I have done

Manuel Pellegrini and Pep Guardiola like their team to play simple football. The good football, beautiful football, is always played the simple way. For sure, Manuel was really calm in the way that he talked and behaved with the players. Pep is younger and is a bit more energetic in how he gives information to players in the training sessions and in games. Both of them are exceptional managers and I am thankful to both of them. They helped me to improve as a player and as a person as well

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Manchester City star Fernandinho names his toughest opponents] The most difficult players I’ve faced are Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Kylian Mbappe - all of them are so good and they cause a lot of problems to defenders. But for me, one of the most difficult guys I’ve faced was Diego Costa when he was with Chelsea. He was in good shape. I hope I can face them again.

Pep Guardiola came to me and talked to me about moving into this position - I have played there a few games before. During this season we have had so many problems with injuries and then he moved me to play as a centre back. For me it was okay because the way we play most of the time I get the ball and most of the games we have the highest possession of the ball, and for me it was no problem. Of course it’s a little bit different from playing as a midfielder but in the season I was adapting my game and I think I am settled now. Sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself for the good of the team and this is one of the sacrifices I have made for Manchester City. I hope we can be successful in the future. If I am playing as a centre half or a defence midfielder, for me the most important thing is to get the result and the victory at the end. I am learning but I am enjoying this moment and hopefully I can improve

I’ve thought about [MLS]. It’s some offer I would consider for the future for sure. Me and my family are settled [in Manchester]. It’s the nicest city - everyone has their passion for the game, they love football. Since I was there, you can feel the love and respect from the fans. This is good, it gives you extra motivation to work hard on and off the pitch. I miss my country but at the end of the day I am doing my job

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Fernandinho missing football and Man City after returning to Brazil] I am very much missing football. Not just the football, but my relationships with my team-mates, with the staff and all the people at the club. I miss arriving at the club in the morning, having a chat with everyone in the kitchen. This is a tough time for everybody, and I am feeling it right now because I am really missing everyone.

[While Fernandinho is staying in touch with his team-mates, the 34-year-old admitted it is difficult living in isolation, as he misses all aspects of life at the club] [I miss] the training sessions, the relationships with team-mates and staff, the time before training you are talking with the physios, sometimes the kitchen after breakfast and even on the pitch before training starts. Everything. We live in different ways so now we are just isolated far from everyone. You make some phone and video calls, but it is not the same. It is hard to be honest

[Though some aspects of life are tough right now, Fernandinho is enjoying spending more time with his family and the warmer weather in Brazil] Though some aspects of life are tough right now, Fernandinho is enjoying spending more time with his family and the warmer weather in Brazil. The club allowed me to come and I am here in the North East of Brazil. We took a house over here with some space for the kids as well and we are spending this time here. It is really nice. Now we are spending more time with the kids, my wife and family and it is a different situation. Most of the time you are away, and you have to travel, sometimes you just sleep at home two or three days a week because most of the time you are away. So now we spend seven days a week at home and you discover a new life. I am enjoying that time. My daughter helped me in the first few days and now my son also helps me. It is the best way to work and to keep happy

2020 04 29 Retrieve

[Fernandinho gives insight into Guardiola’s meticulous planning] I always say that the difference between him and the other coaches I’ve had during my time in football is that he looks at the smallest details. He gives you the information you need about the opponent and of course about yourself, and he spends a lot of time looking at where to find spaces and where to close spaces to create difficulties for the opponent. That’s important because the game we see, as players and coaches, is a bit different from the public who go to the stadium or watch the games on TV. Those details help you to improve, to perform better and to help the team. I now have to talk to the guys in front of me, to tell them to keep going. That’s another of the ways he has helped me during this time. But also, the principle of the game is still the same. We like to play with the ball, and when we don’t have the ball, we try to recover it as soon as possible

I think the biggest challenge of moving to centre-back for me was that, as a midfielder, you are used to running a lot in front. You go to the battle in the middle and you can lose the ball or you can win the ball. But at centre-back, you have a lot of space behind us, between the central defenders and the goalkeeper, and you have to pay attention to that because most of the teams who come to play against us look to play those kinds of balls behind the back four. For me, in the beginning, it was a little bit strange adapting to that, but afterwards, I was able to do it