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Ferran Soriano
Gender Male
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Job CFG chief executive
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Org City Football Group [CFG]

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Manchester City have announced a club-record £535.2 million revenue and a £10.1 million profit as part of their 2018-19 annual report] Victories are not accidents; they are the product of careful planning, consistent hard work and the acknowledgement of the need to stay humble and hungry

2019 12 28 Retrieve

[Manchester City chief executive Ferran Soriano believes Pep Guardiola is the best coach in world football, but admits it is hard to argue with Zinedine Zidane’s record at Real Madrid] In the case of Zidane, the results speak for themselves, as in the case of Pep. There are all the titles he has won in La Liga, the Bundesliga, the Premier League. For me, Guardiola is the best coach in the world because he is our [coach].

You look at them and wherever you look - the quality of the players, the money invested, the salaries we pay - these are two great teams that are very even. It is unlikely that one team is far superior to the other - it will depend on how these two games take place. As usually happens in the Champions League, the tie can depend on a small detail, a defensive mistake or a referee error, which can be decisive.

[Asked how the sides compare in terms of style of play] You usually insist on the importance of City’s style of play, while Real Madrid’s style is usually winning no matter how. With Zidane they have won three Champions Leagues in a row. That’s the reality. They have won three Champions Leagues in a row with Zidane and four in five years. Discussions about the style of play die when the data is exposed. I talk about what concerns Manchester City, where we play a certain style of football, but we do it because we believe in it and also because we are doing well, because when we don’t play well we usually lose. Ours is a way of looking at simple football: we have to play our way, and we can execute it in different ways, but the style, the fundamentals, have to be the same so that we do well. We can never lose that essence. Maybe other teams can play in several different ways, but not us

2019 12 29 Retrieve

[Ferran Soriano says Pep Guardiola will stay at Manchester City and see out his contract] Pep has said so many times that he has a contract that covers this year, plus next year too. There is no discussion about this. Pep will stay and he’ll leave at the right time one day - and the club is strong enough to survive any change. But as Pep said many times, he’s not leaving

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[Could Man City really sign Messi for free?] The natural thing is that Messi ends his sporting career with Barcelona, but if one day he calls us, we’ll pick up the phone and we’ll immediately open the door [to him]. But no, we will not call him

2020 02 19 Retrieve

[Man City CEO Ferran Soriano hits back after European ban] The most important thing I have to say today is that the allegations are not true. They are simply not true. The owner has not put money in this club that has not been properly declared. We are a sustainable football club, we are profitable, we don’t have debt, our accounts have been scrutinized many times, by auditors, by regulators, by investors and this is perfectly clear. We delivered a long list of documents and support that we believe is irrefutable evidence that the claims are not true and it was hard because we did this in the context of information being leaked to the media in the context of feeling that every step of the way, every engagement we had, we felt that we were considered guilty before anything was even discussed. But in the end, this is an internal process that has been initiated and then prosecuted and then judged by this FFP chamber at UEFA

[Soriano is adamant that the 49-year-old remains fully focused on his duties at the Etihad Stadium despite ongoing speculation] Obviously, he has been kept informed about this process but this is not something for him to respond to. He is focused on the football, he is focusing on the game, the game at hand, the game today, tomorrow and the next weeks. As well as the players. They are calm, they are focused and this matter is more a business matter, a legal matter than a football manner

[Soriano concluded by delivering a message to City supporters] The fans can be sure of two things. The first one is that the allegations are false. And the second is that we will do everything that can be done to prove so. We know the fans are supporting us. We can feel it. Manchester City fans have gone through challenges over the decades. This is just another challenge. We will stick together, we will go through it and we will not let the fans down

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Man City owners make Belgian team Lommel their ninth club in worldwide portfolio] We are excited to welcome Lommel SK to City Football Group and to work together with the fans and the city to develop the club. Belgium is one of Europe’s best football countries as demonstrated by the success of the national team and the development of world-class players, some of whom we know very well, like Kevin De Bruyne and Vincent Kompany. This investment is part of our long-term strategy to be present in key football countries, play beautiful football and develop talent. We were attracted to Lommel’s culture, training facilities and commitment to youth development and we look forward to learning from their approach and helping the club to evolve in the months and years ahead

2020 06 17 Retrieve

[City Football Group has made almost £1m in donations] Frontline workers around the world have heroically responded to the immediate threat of COVID-19. We have been privileged to play our own small part in helping to address that immediate threat. Now is the time for us to look forward, committing to meeting our responsibility to help our communities recover. This multi-faceted campaign is going to use our expertise, our facilities, our platform and our voice to help people and our communities to heal and recover. And we will do it together. We are calling on our global community of Cityzens to help us to give and to help as many people as we can to recover