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Name Fikayo Tomori
Gender Male
Ethnic Nigerian
Job Nigerian Footballer
Desc Another young Chelsea player to impress on loan at Pride Park, Tomori has looked up to Lampard since coming through the youth ranks in west London


Org England National Team
Club as Player Chelsea FC

2019 05 22 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard the manager] Coming from Chelsea, he is a legend. Not too long ago, I was in the academy there and he was scoring for Chelsea. I was watching his games whilst he was there and now he’s managing me. I know he knows what he is talking about. He has been at the highest level of the game, played for England and Chelsea, so for him to be my manager, I know he wants the best for me

2019 10 09 Retrieve

[Chelsea defender Fikayo Tomori believes spending last season out on loan with Derby set him up for a big season at Stamford Bridge] I think that every single player that goes on loan from Chelsea, the end goal is to make it into the team and I’ve been fortunate enough to get a taste of that this season. Most importantly when I was on loan at Derby was to try and develop myself as much as possible, try and learn the game a bit more and if the time did come to come back to Chelsea, that I’d be fully prepared and more prepared than if I went somewhere else for example

2019 11 18 Retrieve

[Fikayo Tomori has risen sharply, having been thrust into top-flight action by Frank Lampard] It’s pretty mad. If you told me 12 months ago that I’d make my England debut I’d probably have looked at you funny because it just seemed so far away. But now that I’m here I’m grateful. It’s been a lot of hard work and determination, a lot of focus

[Tomori is on a good run of his own, having won nine and drawn one of his last 10 outings with Chelsea and England] With six wins on the bounce and a good position in the table people are going to say that. but we’re just focusing on ourselves . At the same time I don’t think we should limit ourselves to anything

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[Chelsea defender Fikayo Tomori says John Terry is an inspiration to the club’s young players] Obviously we had John Terry who had made that step from the academy and he was the player I looked at when thinking of the pathway to the first team.

The club has really developed since he broke in to where we are now, with a lot of academy players involved. In recent years we have seen a lot of players get close to that level but probably not have a sustained run in the side like the younger players have had this season.

So JT was the one we looked at as the inspiration that we could get a chance here at Chelsea, and that was always the motivation. Once you get there [playing for the senior team] the challenge then is to stay there, to keep your place and try to impress the manager

The manager has been great, certainly with me and the younger players. He put his trust in us from day one, even earlier for me and Mason [Mount] because he took us on loan with him to Derby. He has the confidence to play the younger players if we are performing well in training, he gives us that opportunity and that’s massive. I feel that I’m ready to come back in [and play] but I’m not knocking the manager’s door down or anything. I want to show him on the training ground with my performances and attitude and I trust the manager to decide when it is right for me to play. I’m still young, I’m still learning and it’s the football that does the talking.

2020 04 07 Retrieve

[When asked about the fastest player at Chelsea] Personally, I’d say I’m up there with (Antonio) Rudiger because if you see the stats from matchdays, it’s me and him who are at the top. I think Callum (Hudson-Odoi) comes in lately with a good score

[When Christian Pulisic was revealed having the highest pace stats on FIFA 20 among Chelsea players, Tomori was not surprised] For the first 10-15 yards, he is really, really quick. And on the pitch, it what really matters

[Then he was asked about the slowest player at Chelsea. Tomori laughed at first but then said] It’s Jorginho, isn’t it?

[Tomori hailed Jorginho and Giroud] They have got a yard (in their head), they always think two steps ahead

2020 04 08 Retrieve

[In an interview with Soccer AM, Tomori was asked about the moment where he threw Ziyech off balance with a silky turn] I wasn’t going to mention it. It just kind of happened, I was not thinking ‘I’m going to do a Cruyff turn’. Then when he signed, you know, lots of people were sending me the video. Hopefully, he is going to do it to other people next season

2020 05 06 Retrieve

[Tomori says he has had to adapt his game since stepping up to the top flight from the Championship] It has been different for me this season, just because it is the Premier League and it is a step up. You have to be more focused and prepared, always alert. In the Championship you have a lot of different strikers - some love it in the air or like to go in behind. But then I’m playing against [Roberto] Firmino and he’s dropping deep into midfield. Things happen a lot faster and mistakes are punished more harshly. Firmino was probably the most difficult [to play against] - along with Salah. Every time they got the ball, I was thinking, ‘This is a challenge but this is where I want to be - this is a chance to prove that I can play at this level.’

Coming into [this season] I was trying to be relaxed about it all - but you’ve got your friends and family saying you’re playing for Chelsea, you’re playing in the Champions League and stuff. Sometimes that gets in your head, and you just think this is actually happening, it’s a dream. I try to stay focused and we’ve got the manager who’s played at World Cups and Champions League finals, he keeps us all calm and especially with the young players who are new to this stuff, there’s a lot of arm around our shoulders. The season’s been great and hopefully we can finish it off

Tammy [Abraham] and Mason [Mount] were scoring goals, I managed to get into the team, Reece [James] came back and started doing well after his injury. But being able to bounce off each other makes it a much more comfortable environment for us and we can relax and play our game. Then the experienced players like Antonio [Rudiger] and Azpi (Cesar Azpilicueta), the ones who have been there and done it, sharing a changing room with Pedro who has won everything, it makes it easier to adapt and get to learn from these players

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Salah & Mane teaching Tomori how tough life in ‘men’s team environment’ can be at Chelsea] It is tough because you come up against different strikers and different systems that teams use. Some teams might play two strikers up top, some may play one and then you have teams like Liverpool - we all know how Roberto Firmino likes to drop in, with Mo Salah and Sadio Mane running in behind so you need to have that concentration all the time. It’s about always being aware of what’s going on around you, communicating with team-mates around you to help them and make your job easier. Everybody knows that if you make a mistake in the Premier League, you’re likely to get punished so being able to stay focused and making sure you do everything at 100 per cent is another part that you have to grasp quickly

You’re suddenly thrust into this men’s team environment and playing against seasoned professionals who have played the game for 15 or 20 years in some cases. It’s a big transition because you have to train well, try to get yourself into the team and then you’re fighting every week for three points that could get you promoted, into the play-offs or save you from relegation

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Tomori welcomes Chelsea competition after battling to prove he belongs at the top] It was just about me feeling like I belonged and that I could play at this level. I had spent two-and-a-half years in the Championship and with Derby last season I managed to win Player of the Year and get to Wembley for the play-off final so I knew I’d had a good season. I wanted to challenge myself at the next level, which was the Premier League. I wanted to do it for Chelsea, the club that I’ve been at since I was eight; a club that’s won the Champions League, the Premier League, FA Cups, everything. They won the Europa League the previous season so being able to come into that team and show myself, show the manager and the fans and my team-mates, show everyone that I could play at that level, was really important. I managed to do that in those early games and showcase what I could do and I’ve managed to carry that through. Now, it’s just about trying to maintain that level, not drop below it and keep on improving it.

Having competition helps the team to improve because everyone wants to play. You know if you want to get in the team then you have to better than the person who’s got the shirt at that time so you have to take it from them. Individually, it spurs you on but then it also makes the team better because everyone is going to be firing on all cylinders trying to get into the team. When you do get your spot, you have to play well to keep your place so I think the fact that there is that friendly competition means everybody knows you have to be on your game. If you train well, you can get in the team and if you play well then you’ll stay in the team. Having that breeds this friendly, competitive nature and spirit that we have and it can only be a positive thing