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Francesco Totti
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
  Italian Football Agent
Desc Francesco Totti is the only member of that side still wearing the Giallorossi shirt, but his popularity among the Roma faith has dramatically decreased since. The Curva Sud fans snubbed his shirt last weekend and his proposed five-year extension has been met with widespread criticism


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player As Roma

2010 08 29 Retrieve

[Roma captain Francesco Totti has lamented the dropped points against Cesena in their Serie A opener that ended in a 0-0 draw] We wanted to win, but didn’t succeed. We knew it wouldn’t be easy against Cesena as newly promoted teams get carried away with enthusiasm. There are no easy opponents, Cesena confirmed this at the Stadio Olimpico. I regret this because I wanted to dedicate the victory to my friend Daniele, who is no longer with us, my thoughts right now are all for him. We weren’t lucky, we created a several chances but the ball just didn’t want to go into the goal. It’s clear, however, that we must improve. It’s just the first match, we have the opportunity to foget this slip up

2013 04 08 Retrieve

[Totti’s delivered a cutting riposte on his personal website, casting aspersions over both Di Canio’s politics and his nomadic existence as a footballer] I understand him. In order for him to make himself noted on television he has to speak about me. On the other hand, he is an expert on flags and has waved many in his short career

2014 11 25 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti says that CSKA Moscow’s late equaliser against Roma left him feeling like he had taken a punch from boxing great Mike Tyson] It’s like I took a punch from Tyson today because it was completely unexpected. Until then it had been perfect for me; I’d scored, we led 1-0 and were on the verge of qualifying. But then what happened has happened

The only thing we did wrong was holding the ball. From that one slip we have been broken down, they make the cross, it takes a roll and unfortunately it went in. We must think only of ourselves now. We knew we were facing a difficult group, where nobody gave us a chance, but, going down to the last game, we have our fate in our own hands. And we will try to get the three points, in front of our fans, who will definitely give us a huge helping hand

2014 11 29 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti on CSKA Moscow’s 11th-hour equaliser versus Roma’s] Everything was perfect. Thanks to my goal we were two steps away from qualification. Instead, we conceded a goal that felt like a punch from Tyson

2015 01 17 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti on his celebratory selfie in the Rome derby] I thought about it during the week. There is this fashion for selfies now and I like to keep my private life to myself. But this was a unique opportunity that would never be repeated. It was my phone and I asked Guido Nanni to bring it to me if I scored

2015 05 17 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti on Steven Gerrard] I’d put him in the top three, not just in England but in the world because he’s a complete player. Would I have liked to play alongside him? I think anyone would love to play with players of that calibre. He’s a terrific player; he’s a match-winner, so I think he’s a player any club in the world would want. Gerrard is a complete player because he can play in every position and can do everything with a football at any time in a game. He’s a player who scores goals, who builds the play, he’s a sensational player

2016 08 11 Retrieve

[As one-club man Francesco Totti said of the Argentine’s transfer from Napoli to Juventus] Modern players are a bit like nomads. They are following the money, not their heart. Not many athletes follow their heart. Football has changed a lot - it is all about money now. Players change teams all the time, to make a bit more money elsewhere. It’s more about money than about passion. People go to the stadiums to enjoy themselves and to see players in action who will always be with their team. They expect not to be betrayed. But just look at what happened with Higuain, leaving Napoli for [bitter rival] Juventus. It’s a disaster

2016 09 03 Retrieve

[Roma midfielder Francesco Totti writes about an approach from AC Milan early in his career] When I was 13, there was a knock at our door. The men from AC Milan were asking me to join their football club. An opportunity to make it with a big Italian club. What would I choose? Well, it was not my decision, of course. My mamma was the boss. She still is the boss. My mother taught me a lesson that day: your home is the most important thing in life. Just a few weeks later, after being scouted at one of my youth matches, Roma made me an offer. I was going to wear the yellow and red

2016 11 25 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti was asked ‘Who is the best English player you faced during your career?’ He replied] Steven Gerrard. A champion! An example

2017 03 25 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti talks about his future] I’m thinking about my future, I’ve almost made my decision, but I’ll wait for May or June. I will never become a coach, I don’t like to be one against 30, players are so sly. I have three options for my future: to continue to play on the current pitches [as a Roma player], to become a Roma executive or quit football to do something else. But I could also become an agent, I know football, a little bit…

2017 04 29 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti tells Marca about the importance of sticking with his boyhood club for his whole career] I definitely could have won more trophies elsewhere, but my greatest triumph is my loyalty to Roma

2017 06 30 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti talks about loyalty] Winning one league title at Roma to me is worth winning 10 at Juventus or Real Madrid

2017 07 22 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti reveals that he has accepted a club director role after his playing career came to a close] I start over again, on a new adventure. I’ve taken this time to consider it, to reflect and I needed this time to be able to join this club, step by step, with tranquility, serenity and to understand the role which I was most suited to

I will try to make myself fully available, from the youth academy through to the president. I expect a rosy, beautiful future. I’ll pick a perfect role so that I am able to make this a great team and a great club

2017 09 09 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti creates his perfect No 10 by selecting various attributes from several players] I’d take the right foot of Cristiano Ronaldo, the left foot of Diego Armando Maradona, the vision of Lionel Messi, the technique of Zinedine Zidane. And I’d take the shot of Totti

2017 12 30 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti speaks at the Dubai International Sports Conference] Football has deeply changed between my time and now. I prefer the romantic football of before, now it is all about business. There are players like Ronaldo and Neymar, but Neymar is an example of this big price, it is too much to pay €250m for a player. This goes beyond reality. But Messi is number one, just don’t tell Cristiano!

2019 06 17 Retrieve

[Totti confirms Roma exit in explosive press conference] I never had the chance to express myself. I was never involved in a genuine technical project. In the first year, that can happen. In the second, I realised what I wanted to do and we never got together, never helped each other. They knew my intentions and what I wanted, to give so much to this club and team, but they never wanted me to, in all honesty. They excluded me from every decision. I will now take other paths. At the moment another club owner wants to trust in me, I’ll always be ready. I am not here to point the blame towards one or the other. We had started a journey, it was not respected, so I am moving on.

Everyone knows they made me stop playing. I had a six-year contract already as a director. I started quietly, realising it’s a completely different sphere to being on the field. Many promises were made and they were never kept. The main focus of certain people has been to remove Romans from Roma. Over the last eight years, since the Americans came in, they tried in every possible way to shove us to one side. As the years went on, they tried everything they could … It’s what they wanted and in the end, they succeeded. What I can say is that I will never hurt Roma. This is far worse than retiring as a player. Leaving Roma is like dying. I feel like it’d be better if I died

2019 06 17b Retrieve

[Francesco Totti says he was ‘stabbed in the back’ by someone at AS Roma as the fallout from his departure from the club continues] Did someone stab me in the back at Trigoria? Yes. I will never name names, but there are people in there who don’t want me there. These people are hurting Roma, not doing what is best for the club. If I was the President of Roma and had two icons like Totti and De Rossi, I’d put them in charge of everything. They have ethics; they know everything about what it means to be Roman and Romanista. Pallotta has surrounded himself with the wrong people and he only listens to them. Everyone makes mistakes, but if you make the same mistakes for eight years, you have to ask yourself some questions. Something clearly is going wrong.

[When asked about his future] I won’t be left unemployed. I received some offers from Italian clubs, including one this morning. I take everything into consideration, because I am free. Juve or Napoli, let’s not go wild here… No, out of respect for Roma, I wouldn’t do that. I mean stuff like FIFA or UEFA. Some things I read first in the papers and then I found out from Roma, so imagine how much they kept me informed

2019 06 17c Retrieve

[Francesco Totti says Antonio Conte agreed to become AS Roma’s new coach before instead taking charge of Inter] I spoke with Antonio Conte: he had given his ‘okay’ to become Roma coach. Then, he went to Inter Milan.

[Maurizio Sarri was also linked with Roma] I never contacted Maurizio Sarri. I don’t know what his objectives or evaluations were, just that Sarri was a favourite of Baldini. Of course, he’s a great coach who would have done well here, but he was under contract with Chelsea. Anyway, this is irrelevant. We should talk about the present. Fonseca has to find an environment that is relaxed, with a clear path ahead of him. From what I’ve seen, he is a fine coach who can do well and was very impressive at Shakhtar.

2019 06 18 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti explains the reasons behind his exit after two-year stint in the position] I never had the chance to express myself. They never involved me. The first year that can happen but by the second [year] I understood what they wanted to do. They knew of my desire to offer a lot to this squad but they never wanted it. They kept me out of everything. It’s a day that I hoped never would have come.

: 2019 06 18b AS Roma branded the accusations made by Francesco Totti in a parting shot at the club ‘fanciful and far from reality

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Alberto Aquilani, who played for Italy as well as clubs including AS Roma, Liverpool, Juventus and Fiorentina, has retired] What a player

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[Roma legend Francesco Totti believes his former club can only hope to fight for fourth place in Serie A as he raised concerns over the state of the team] Simone Inzaghi has put together an excellent Lazio, even if Roma are stronger on paper. They are to be feared. This is certainly a different type of season for me, as watching Roma play on television on Sunday made me think. It’s my decision and I continue to stand by it, but as a fan I hope the club can do something more in the final few days of the transfer window to ensure Roma can at least compete for a place in the Champions League.

I hope that I’m wrong, but when you’ve been in football for 30 years, you have a good eye. I think many fans like me hope to see a great Roma that can get back into the Champions League and hope the club is working in that direction. I still maintain Juventus are the team to beat this season, as they are strong both as a team and a club, but this year Inter and Napoli reinforced and I see a different type of campaign. I think the top three are already decided, then anything can happen after that. Unfortunately, Roma can only hope to fight for fourth place. That is the reality of the situation, seeing what happened in pre-season. Napoli and Inter can trouble Juve to the end, but we all know that when they need to step on the gas, Juve do it all the way

2020 01 30 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti says Mohamed Salah has become a superstar since leaving AS Roma for Liverpool] If Salah would’ve stayed in Rome it would have been almost impossible for him to win the Champions League. But having moved to a new club that has won many tournaments he had more chances. I am happy for him, because he is an exceptional guy. He made that big substantial leap from Rome to Liverpool that nobody would have expected. He is now a player that changes any game at any time

2020 04 15 Retrieve

[That was the Portuguese coach’s favorite short-term solution to create a siege mentality around his men; casting out any players who couldn’t give Mourinho what he wanted, and using this as binding agent for the rest of the group to come together. Fatally, Spalletti began to mimic this same surface approach in his own Roma tenure] [It was the beginning of] Spalletti going to Rosella Sensi to ask for punitive sales

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Roma legend Totti said of Buffon] I’ll tell you; Gigi wants to play until he’s 50, but he can play for two or three more seasons. Besides, he’s in goal and is a back-up

2020 04 18 Retrieve

[Francesco Totti on Gianluigi Buffon] I’ll tell you; Gigi wants to play until he’s 50. But he can play for two or three more seasons. Besides, he’s in goal and is a back-up.

2020 04 18b Retrieve

[Totti refuses to enter Roma training ground while Pallotta remains] Look, as long as the situation is like this, I will not set foot in Trigoria. Every time I drop Cristian off for training, I stay outside the gate. Sometimes I sit in the car and feel like crying to think that after 30 years, I can’t even set foot in there now. I left and that’s that. I still have great friends and they come outside the gate to say hello. Every now and then, my son asks me to come in to watch him play, but I can’t do it. That would kill me

[Totti felt like he was forced into hanging up his boots earlier] I didn’t want to stop playing. I was in good shape physically, so why should I stop? It’s not that I wanted to play all the time or was trying to force anyone to play me. I didn’t want to ruin my time at Roma, so it was better to just retire rather than go somewhere else for a year. I am not stupid, I’m not 10 years old, but if I am in good shape physically and mentally, I can see during training that I still have a lot to give and I’m second to no one. I would’ve been happy just being part of the group in the dressing room, helping the coach during difficult moments, working with the younger players to pass on my experience. Every time I came off the bench, the stadium would light up and that atmosphere helped everyone. There’s an end to everything, I’m not dumb, but the problem is that some people told me it would be my decision and then shoved me to one side. I was upset, because I would’ve cut my leg off for Roma

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[Roma legend Francesco Totti has reiterated his admiration for Brescia midfielder Sandro Tonali, admitting he would like to become the teenager’s agent] Now that I am intensely involved in scouting, I can only say that there are many good young players. Tonali is the most talented of all. I will definitely do everything I can to persuade him to join my agency. If he is smart, he will come if he doesn’t want to stand still. But even then it still depends on the market and when football resumes

He will become one of the strongest central midfielders in the world, like Gerrard, De Rossi or Lampard. He’s a mix between Pirlo and [Gennaro] Gattuso too. He has everything a player can have. He has an incredible change of pace, he’s technically good and he’s always calm, both in important games and in easy games.

[Aside from Tonali, the 43-year-old revealed he is also excited about the prospects of another young player on his books, but would not reveal the player’s identity] My team tells me about the players and I have the last word. I am currently looking after an attacker from Argentina, but I won’t reveal the name