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Name Frank de Boer
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Footballer
  Dutch Football Coach


Org Dutch National Team
Club as Coach Atlanta United
  Inter Milan
Club as Player Barcelona
  Ajax FC

2016 10 22 Retrieve

[Frank de Boer uses a motorsport metaphor to describe the pressure of coaching a high-profile club like Italian giants Internazionale] Results are not good at the moment, but we are at the beginning of a project. We started from nothing and you need time to get to know a team. I feel like I’m in Formula One, with the haste of having to improve in a short time. It’s just a matter of time until results start coming. It’s normal when you are starting a project and the club is aware of that. I repeat, in Formula One you can race when the car is ready. I’ve said many times that a coach of a big club like Inter, Ajax or Barcelona always has a lot of pressure on him when the results are not there. I think I’m doing a good job for the team, though. When you have not won a trophy for four or five years it is normal that the coach can come under scrutiny

2016 11 21 Retrieve

[Frank de Boer on Kasper Dolberg] He has a lot. He is quite big, he’s strong. He has a great shot. He has a lot of qualities for a real striker and he can be really versatile

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Atlanta United Coach Frank de Boer who was Ajax boss at the time and, with a number of his side involved, he watched on intently] Van Gaal did a great job to put five in the back because he knew, ‘OK, we are defensively not strong enough’. We had the quality up front with Robin van Persie and especially Arjen Robben. They made the difference in 2014, with Wesley Sneijder delivering the pass to them

[Frank de Boer on current dutch national team] Rafael van der Vaart, Sneijder… they left a gap. You have to put young, fresh guys in but at that moment they weren’t ready - they were still 17 or 18 years old. Everyone wants to qualify, but a small country like us always has periods where we don’t have that much talent. Sometimes you have to fall a bit deep to come back stronger

[Frank de Boer on Virgil Van Dijk] He has so much confidence it is unbelievable. He is a leader in the defence and also outside the field, it gives the other players confidence

[Frank de Boer on De Ligt] He has got everything: speed, good technique, he can build up from behind, he’s a fantastic defender. It’s unbelievable what he’s already done