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Name Frank Lampard
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Derby County manager
Desc A midfielder with the goalscoring record of an elite-level striker. Chelsea’s all-time leading scorer, he hit 22 in a single season in 2009/10, netting a grand total of 147 Premier League goals. Incredibly versatile, deployed everywhere across the midfield in Chelsea blue, before enjoying an unexpectedly profitable Indian Summer at Manchester City


Org English National Team
Club as Coach Chelsea FC
  Derby County
Club as Player New York City FC
  Manchester City
  Chelsea FC
  West Ham
Coach Jose Mourinho


Daughter Isla Lampard
  Luna Lampard
Assistant coach Jody Morris

2009 10 04 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard on Steven Gerrard] I would say he is the hardest player to play against in midfield because he’s got everything. He is a very complete midfield player. He’s the stand-out one in England. Maybe when we play Arsenal and they are sometimes on top form, you could pick one of their players but Gerrard is the main one for me. Stevie is one of the best players in the England team and probably in the world to be honest, so it’s always nice to play with great players and against them as well

2015 05 23 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard on Avram Grant] Less than a week after Mum died, Chelsea had the second leg of a Champions League semi-final against Liverpool. The night before the game, Avram Grant, our manager, came to my room and said he didn’t want to select me. I begged him to let me play. Steve Clarke, one of Avram’s assistants, spoke to him and pushed for me, and I played and scored a penalty in extra-time in our victory. Football was such a big part of my life that it was a thing I could cling to in the aftermath of Mum’s death. Football was all I knew to take my mind off it. To take that away was something I didn’t want to handle. I played that game in a bit of a zombie state. I don’t remember much about the game. I remember the penalty. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken it, but I felt like I had to

2015 10 31 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard after receiving his OBE award from the Duke of Cambridge at Buckingham Palace] As a personal achievement goes, this ranks up there with my achievements on the pitch and what I won with Chelsea, and playing for my country. But to receive an award like this among some very special people here, military, people who are doing a lot of good work in charity, it’s very humbling to be here

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane and Patrick Vieira] I was young when I played Patrick Vieira and Roy Keane, and they bossed me. I remember I was a young boy, Patrick kept knocking it over my head [. . .], he had those really long legs, and I really admired them coming through

2016 02 12 Retrieve

[On Gianfranco Zola] If you want me to name just one who really inspired and helped me then it would be Gianfranco Zola. I came to Chelsea as quite a shy boy and it was for a big fee [. . .]. Zola took me under his wing. He was 35 and established as a world-class player, and I was fascinated by the way he trained, practised his free-kicks daily and was always the last on the training ground. He was a gentleman off the pitch and I thought that was how I’d like to be if I could ever get anywhere near what he’s done in the game

2016 02 13 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] For me, Jose was the best. He was the first manager I came across to have a particular way. He knew whether a player needed a leg-up or a rollocking. He formed a spirit among the team that was formidable. We didn’t have a group mentality to win the league but he brought that in. And we have seen the same thing happening for him at Inter Milan and with his Real Madrid team

2016 02 14 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] He made me believe I was better than I was at the time. I thought I was a decent player, but he said to me ‘listen, you can really get to the top’ and he made me believe it. I tried to take it on and do it. Mourinho was the best. For me he was. He brought my confidence to a level it had never been

2016 02 15 Retrieve

[When asked what makes Mourinho so good] It’s a presence and an aura and a way with people. He galvanises people. His own self-confidence reflects back on his teams. He did that to me personally. Tactically he’s fantastic. He’s very astute. As a team he sets you up brilliantly. But what he does is he gets the best out of players and gets this togetherness that I’d never known until he came to the club and I haven’t seen it again since then. He might rub people up the wrong way. [But] as a manager, he’s brilliant with his team, tactically, he’s brilliant with individuals and I think he’s brilliant with the press. I know it creates a storm, but he does protect his players.

2016 02 16 Retrieve

[on Jose Mourinho] As soon as I hit a bad time, he rang me every day. Every single day. He is the most loyal, the most caring manager I have ever worked with

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] When I was a kid, Paul Gascoigne was my hero. [. . .] I remember when I started watching football, I was a young West Ham fan, and Paul Gascoigne had come and played against West Ham for Newcastle, and he was young at the time, and I was mesmerized by his character and his ability on the ball. [. . .] He was the one I always looked up to and wanted to be

2016 02 19 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand] I played with Rio for the first two or three years of my career. I saw he come through as a young boy – he started as a No 10 and moved himself back to centre-half. He practised heading – heading maybe 50 balls after training when he was 17 to improve his game. To then see him at Manchester United as an absolute world-beater was amazing because I knew how much it meant to him. He was top class

2016 02 20 Retrieve

[Quote on Ashley Cole] An absolutely outstanding player and bloke. He always had time for everyone at the training ground. Two games stick out for me: one was against Ronaldo for England – Ash didn’t give him a kick – and against Barcelona in the semi-finals of the Champions League when we got to the final. In the first leg particularly, no one could get past Ash and he should be very proud of what he achieved as a left-back

2016 03 05 Retrieve

[New York City FC midfielder Frank Lampard on rivalry with New York Red Bulls ahead of MLS 2016 opening] (Last year) They were just better than us. This year’s going to be different!

2016 12 24 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard is confident his old club can push on and win the English Premier League title] As a b92077ee48710449a07b421200ff561d man it is great to see, all credit to everybody there. Nobody would have fancied them to be anywhere near winning the league at that point and now they look the dominant team. I don’t like to tempt fate, but I can’t see anyone who has got the consistency to close the gap, so I fancy b92077ee48710449a07b421200ff561d strongly now

2017 01 28 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher interviews Frank Lamprd and asks him who’s his toughest opponent and Lampard replies] Steven Gerrard, domestically. He had everything. He’d deal with you defensively and hurt you going forward. In Europe it was Andres Iniesta and Xavi. As a combination, you couldn’t get the ball off them

2017 01 29 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard speaks with Jamie Carragher in the Daily Mail] When I look back, I didn’t enjoy any of the big games. I didn’t enjoy any of the finals. You enjoy lifting the trophy and the celebrations. But it was always the next game. I had a fear of losing, a fear of what might happen if I had a bad game. Would I get dropped? Will Liverpool and a1a30d1e8b45be8dca0b814f9353f274 be better than us next year? I don’t remember a lot of stuff in my career

2017 02 04 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard announces his retirement] After 21 incredible years, I have decided that now is the right time to finish my career as a professional footballer. Whilst I have received a number of exciting offers to continue playing at home and abroad, at 38 I feel now is the time to begin the next chapter in my life

2017 03 07 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard on Steven Gerrard on Monday Night football]</b> Steven Gerrard, in the Premier League. He had everything. If you got him on his day, you can almost forget about it because he was so powerful. Particularly when you used to go up to Anfield, you knew whether Stevie was on his game in the first three minutes because he’d crash through someone. But he had everything… other than the aggressive side, obviously he had top ability. He was a great midfield player.

2017 03 08 Retrieve

[Quotes on John Terry] [. . .] in my opinion the best centre-half in world football for a long time. I think you could’ve taken John for granted, having someone that good behind you, and he’d often play on the left side directly behind me. I can remember on one hand the number of times he was caught out for pace. He’s technically brilliant and I know John worked at that

2017 03 09 Retrieve

[Quotes on Didier Drogba] He is a magnificent player. He’s a machine. He’s unique. He is not just that big man. He is such a handful. He scores goals that matter and that’s priceless. There is no-one like Didier as a player, not with the kind of bulldozer thing he has got and with his sublime touch and finish

2017 03 10 Retrieve

[Quotes on Didier Drogba] He was probably the greatest player I ever played with. He scored goals in the big games, was great in the dressing room, a big character. I have a huge amount of respect for Didier

2017 03 11 Retrieve

[Quotes on Didier Drogba] It’s been a pleasure to play with him [. . .]. His body is a machine, when you look at him stripped down. [. . .] As a man, I love Didier and [. . .] he has been a hero for this club and will go down as a legend

2017 03 12 Retrieve

[Quotes on Didier Drogba] I could talk about Didier all day. You can’t underestimate the influence he had in the dressing room. The year we won the Champions League he was like a man possessed. I owe and have a lot to thank him for, because a lot of my goals and assists were down to him. The Champions League final, we wouldn’t have been stood there without Didi. To be able to score that header and then to go and score the winning penalty for the team was amazing

2017 08 26 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard expects an English club to compete for the UEFA Champions League 2017/18 title]</b> I expect the English teams to have one or two in the semi-final. Definitely, it is time to see an English club compete. There are no excuses for me. Christmas, having no break? Physical league? Not good enough. We invest enough in football, we are lucky to have a huge investment in the league because it is so popular. Clubs have brought in players from all over the world, even lesser clubs. If you get beaten in the Champions League, then that’s because you have been beaten by a better team. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately, for the English teams, the real best teams have been a Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich for a time

2017 10 21 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard reflects on his career, and winning the UEFA Champions League in 2012] I like to see myself as a winner and you often look back and regret the trophies you lost as much as celebrate the ones you won. I would have been gutted to get to the end of the career without the Champions League

2017 11 27 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard reveals the much spoken about ‘golden generation’ of English football did not achieve success in proportion to their quality because fail to replicate the intensity of club performances at international level] You feel so passionately about the club, your own performances, that to be a bit pally with someone you’re competitive with was difficult. It may have held England back. We didn’t hate each other, but by nature we would sit on different tables

2018 03 15 Retrieve

[Lampard explains how he fell in love with Serie A] In the modern day with social media, everything’s in touching distance - you can watch Spanish [football], watch Italian [football], these names are in everyday view. Then it was our league at home and there was this magical league [over there]

[Lampard name AC Milan as his favourite team] I got an AC Milan kit as a Christmas present one year - a special present just after dinner. When I pulled out that kit I must have worn it for three days

[Lampard explains how Serie A influenced him in the early stages of his career at West Ham and Chelsea] Gianfranco Zola was another hero of mine. He kind of goes under the radar because he wasn’t at an A1 team there - Napoli and Parma. When I played with him he was 37 and the technique on him and his professionalism, which is something I think the Italians brought into our game - they were 15-20 years ahead of us in that era

You could just see in the definition of them, whereas if you looked at the old Division One in England there would have been ‘different’ body shapes! There they had seen nutrition, fitness coaches. Paolo Di Canio was like that and you could look up to that and be influenced by it

2018 08 04 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard tells that he and former England team-mate and now Rangers manager Steven Gerrard texted each other before making their managerial debuts] We were texting back and forth discussing the mad life of management and how we both see it. We are both the same, we are enjoying every minute of it. It’s strange and you can’t switch off because you want to do so well, that’s certainly how I feel. Some days you can’t switch off which means giving it every moment of the day and I’m sure Steven will be the same because I know how competitive he is

2018 11 22 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard on Didier Drogba’s retirement] Didier Drogba is the most incredible player. He always turned up on the big occasion. He was a monster in the dressing room. He should be so proud of his career. On top of that, he is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, men I have played with

2019 05 10 Retrieve

[Espionage scandal against Frank Lampard’s Derby] You know that it’s a crime to spy. Do you know that? Do you know it was a crime? When you have a level of ignorance and you work as a journalist and when you have a right to ask questions and when you lie in your answers and you don’t assume the irony and you keep telling what you ignore if spying is a crime or not you deserve a response without any conclusion. You make your question knowing that observing the opponent is now sanctioned, you know it perfectly and you ask… Is it a joke? If it was I don’t understand it. But it’s not because I don’t have a sense of humour. You’re not funny. If we are to explain these circumstances, what we can say is this team deserves to have 10-12 points more and we don’t have them because we needed too many chances to actually score one goal. This is the vision I have through the whole season

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Batshuayi set for Chelsea stay but Lampard leaves exit door open for others] The future is Michy’s here as one of our strikers. It’s important for him as this year we have three strikers but there will be opportunities for him. With Michy it’s important that he trains at a top, top-level every day and gets himself fit to play the way I want my strikers to play, which will be constant movement on and off the ball for us and obviously to try and score goals. He’s very much our player and competing with particularly with Tammy [Abraham] and Oli [Giroud] for that space

[Lampard said of the 27-year-old and the potential for talented teenager Reece James to rise above him in the pecking order] Reece is injured. There will probably be another two or three weeks until he is back. That’s another decision that will be made as we go on. I have been really impressed with Zappacosta’s training, attitude and how he has been. He is a very good player. We have to make sure that we are happy with our squad when the European windows shut completely. That will be a decision for us and, of course, Zappa. I want players happy. The professionalism that he has shown here has been great. That’s an ongoing conversation, but he is our player

[Bakayoko, who is back with Chelsea after a loan spell at AC Milan but still out of favour, is another who could depart over the coming weeks] Yes, it is similar with both players [Bakayoko and Zappacosta]. They obviously haven’t both started this season for us or had minutes. Both have shown great application and not been a problem. The decision will be what’s best for us as a club and them individually

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard speaks about Stephanie Frappart’s appointment for the Super Cup] It’s great news. I’m very pleased to be a part of this moment in history, which is very much due. I think the game has come on a long way in many ways in terms of the Women’s World Cup that we all watched this summer, in terms of how much respect the game’s getting, how many people are watching, the interest in the game. I think we were slow everywhere on this and now we’re trying to make strides, and there’s still a long way to go. It’s a huge moment. It should be very well addressed and we are pleased it’s a historical moment and it’s one more step in the right direction

2019 08 21 Retrieve

[Blues manager Frank Lampard has spoken about the futures of both Bakayoko and Zappacosta, the latter of whom has arrived in Rome and is having his medical on Wednesday] Yes, it is similar with both players. They obviously haven’t both started this season for us or had minutes. Both have shown great application and not been a problem. The decision will be what’s best for us as a club and them individually.

2019 08 23 Retrieve

[Lampard puts faith in misfiring Chelsea forwards after Batshuayi’s goalscoring return] Michy got the fitness work he needed out of the game. He scored two good goals, two very good finishes. I thought he worked hard and that’s exactly what the game was there to do for him. As I’ve said here and I’ve said on the training pitch, we need Michy, we need the competition upfront with the three strikers we have. I used to love practising my finishing in training, it’s what I felt made me lucky at the weekend, and gave me an edge in front of goal. What I have got is great attitude in the three strikers particularly, but others in the squad also always want to stay out, want to work harder. The reality is that moments come when things don’t quite go for you. [If] Tammy’s goal goes in off the post against United, [it’s a] different story for him, different story for the game. But you can’t get too down about that. I don’t think we need to go negative about it. It’s about positivity, working hard and the belief that it will come, and I believe it will come. We’re talking about quality players in terms of our attacking players, so it will come

This is the Premier League and you can’t disrespect any team to say, ‘it’s must-win’ or ‘we’ll turn up to win’ because every game is difficult. I was clear with the players: the performance [against Leicester] spoke for itself. The first half was fantastic. Normally that first half would be two or three-nil, and from then on very comfortable. We’ve shown some really good bits, but we’ve still got work to do. We’re not where we want to be, and it would be impossible to say that three games into the season. It’s not easy in pre-season with players coming back late to try and change everything in one go. You can’t. You just have to work hard and keep trying to deliver messages throughout. We’ll get better and the good times are good, but we also know there’s a lot to improve on. We’re not there yet

Kante has got an injury he has carried all week, so we’ll assess that over the next 24 hours over whether he is [available]. Rudiger’s not fit yet, hopefully for next week. That’s the only changes from where we were last week. Callum is training, looking bright and sharp but now we’re in the zone where it’s about protecting him, giving him conditioning with fitness, especially in the area of his injury. He has had quite a long time out. The international break comes at quite a good time for us with both of those and for Reece James. They’re all in a position where, I hope, two or three weeks of strong training puts them back in the frame for the squad

2019 10 17 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard explain why Ngolo Kante cant become holding midfielder]</b> This idea that he wins the ball probably as well as anybody in world football doesn’t mean that he has to sit in front of the back four and do that. He also has too much in his game to drive forward with the ball, to lead midfield areas and win the ball back high up the pitch. That’s what I want to give him the freedom to do [a license to win the back higher up the field]

2019 10 24 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard hails Christian Pulisic as Chelsea’s ‘babies’ come of age] Sometimes the toughest part of management is leaving out players that really want to play week in, week out. You rely on them being positive and coming on to make an impact. You have to give Christian huge credit because he looked so lively and the assist is just as important as the finish

I’ve tried to shut my ears to a lot of the outside talk … I understand his quality, his young age and the fact that it’s a big move for him. He wants to know what I want from him, what the Premier League is like and that’s not always an easy ride but we’ve stayed calm and kept looking at the big picture

[Lampard said the result, which left Chelsea with six points after three games in Group H, had set the benchmark for his youthful side] It feels huge. That always scares me because there’s a lot to do and it’s just six points halfway through the group now, but we’re entitled to be excited. It can be a bit of a blueprint for us in terms of the work from the midfield players which was outstanding … but there’s no excuses for us now to dip from that. The younger players are still babies in Champions League minutes, so this was a huge test … but the balance of our team between young players […] and experienced players who they rely on to set examples was good

2019 11 08 Retrieve

[Chelsea have been without England international Loftus-Cheek since he ruptured his Achilles tendon in May] It’s a long road. It’s a difficult one for Ruben, because we want him back, we all know his quality. But it’s going to be a while, it’s going to be a while. I feel for him, because people will ask and the thing to say would be, ‘Yeah, I’m really pushing on, it might be next week, it might be next month’. But I don’t think that’s quite the case. We need to let him get on with it. We’re all supporting him here. There’s no immediate news.

[A similar situation occurred last week with Rudiger, who has played just once since a serious knee injury in April] [Rudiger] had an operation and he’s going to be out for probably about three weeks hopefully. Then we’ll have to see how the match fitness comes in, because it’s a long time Toni’s been out now. It was nice to get something definitive about it. We’ve been trying to find a solution, Toni’s been having some issues, and it’s not easy for someone in that position. Hopefully we are at that case now and, in three weeks’ time, we’ll be in a better place

You’re going to do well to cover quality players. We’ve not had N’Golo [Kante] for a big part of the season, Ruben Loftus-Cheek we’ve not had, Toni, of course, we’ve not had. So that’s one of the nice stories in terms of the rest of the squad, but we’ll gladly take them all back.

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[The Blues boss conceded his side did show signs of nerves on Tuesday against Lille, where they needed a win to progress] It did get twitchy. We need to take our chances better. At 2-0 I thought it was not quite done and when Lille scored it made it a more nervy finish to the game than it needed to be.

It’s going to be a work in progress. With the young players we have in this side there will be bumps in the road. I push them and can be quite hard on them, setting the high standards I want to see them reach, but at the same time I have to be patient.

Today was a sign of how much work we still have got to do. It should have been a calmer finish to the game and that is the biggest thing, for me, that we need to improve

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[More from Frank Lampard, who has some nice words about Jurgen Klopp] Liverpool are a huge rival now. Recruitment, their style of play, what Jurgen Klopp has built over a period of a few years is incredible. So congratulations on the new contract, it’s fully deserved that’s for sure. I love going up against the managers of the quality and name of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola, you go through the Premier League there’s so many great managers here. So I’m pleased, I’m not disappointed, the challenge for us is can we bridge the gap to Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp or no Jurgen Klopp. But congrats on his new contract

[He’s asked if Chelsea are fighting for fourth spot with a1a30d1e8b45be8dca0b814f9353f274 and Spurs but isn’t having the somewhat lazy presumption that Liverpool, Leicester and Manchester City are locked in for the top three places] I think probably Liverpool I would agree with you but the rest is up for grabs. Huge respect to Leicester for what they’ve done so far but there’s a long way to go for all of us. I don’t think we were very fancied [to make the top four] at the start of the season and it’s important that we carry on trying to prove people wrong with our performances

2019 12 22 Retrieve

[Lampard excited for Bayern test] It’s a tough draw, but a good draw. We knew that when we get through the group stages, you’re generally in with some big teams and we have certainly drawn one. We have history with them, of course, but these will be games in themselves that will be very testing. We will be ready for the challenge

2019 12 31 Retrieve

[Lampard says Chelsea must get recruitment right to compete with Liverpool] That has to be the aim. The transfer ban was one thing. It gave the staff a chance to look at the players, see what we have got and look at the youth. That has been good and the more and more I see us play and the good and the bad, you change your feelings about how you want to go forward but the endgame will always be the same.

Once we can start bringing players in and the young players start to hopefully mature and get better we want to bridge that gap to go up there. Whether we can do that next year, I don’t know. That will depend on the work we do and whether it hits home but I will certainly not leave any stone unturned in how I try to work to get us there. But there are too many variables. We have to get recruitment right, that will be a huge deal.

Not just who the individuals are that come in, but can they help influence the way we play and the way we want to play? I have got a clear idea of what that is, it didn’t look like the first 30 minutes against Arsenal, but we’ve shown at times this year that we’ve got a chance

[Lampard said that his side’s recruitment will be a collaborative effort, with several individuals key to Chelsea’s transfer business] We are joined up in terms that I have very close conversations with [Chelsea director] Marina [Granovskaia], very close conversations with Petr Cech and Scott [McLachlan] who is the head of our recruitment department. They know what I want and I will be fundamentally in the middle of who and what we bring into the club. As it stands, we are very open about that. If it feels right from my side on the footballing point in January, from the club side on the club point in January, then we will make the moves we make. It is a joint-up effort.

2020 01 01 Retrieve

[Lampard concerned by Chelsea’s lack of consistency after not being ‘ruthless’ in Brighton draw] It was frustrating for different reasons. In the first half, the game was there to be won. We weren’t ruthless enough. We got the goal and we had the possession. But we just didn’t kill the game off. We allowed them to stay in the game. In the end it was a wonder goal but we were lucky not to lose the game. In the end, the tactics matched up for both teams but they were better than us. We have to take that on the chin

[The lack of consistency] is a concern. It’s something we absolutely have to look at. We have to look at the game today. It’s a point, I’m not happy with the performance.

2020 01 02 Retrieve

[Lampard’s side are impossible to predict] Tottenham was a fantastic all-round performance. ‘[At] Arsenal [we] showed great spirit and fight for a young group. Southampton, we struggled to break a team down and lost at home

Then today where we should have the mindset to kill it, because the opportunity was there in the first half, and we don’t. It shows the good and the bad of us. That shows we must remain humble. We must work hard. We’ve had two great results over Christmas but there’s a lot of work to do

[Are Chelsea ruthless finishers? Do they know what it takes to grind out a result? No and no. To get the next level, these players must learn it on the pitch. Lampard has spoken of it being a ‘process’ to educate his players to learn that elusive skill] It’s not that the mindset is there, it’s just how you work to try and win games, you have to deal with them in the game and that is part of the process

Sometimes you can accuse a bad period in a game of a lack of fight, lack of urgency, lack of whatever. Today wasn’t. It was a lack of quality on the ball so we had a situation in the first half when we knew the problem for them.

We could find our full-backs easily, keep control of the ball easily and we just decided not to keep doing that, not to keep doing the simple things. Then all of a sudden you’re giving the ball away and when you are getting opportunities to score, you’re not taking them and if you don’t do that at this level then you’re not going to win games that you should

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[Chelsea will be without their 15-goal top-scorer for Saturday’s FA Cup fourth-round trip to Hull City, meaning just a fourth start of the season in all competitions for Batshuayi] He starts [on Saturday], yes, this is a chance for him. Part of that has been how Tammy’s been - we have seen his breakthrough and the consistency of his game. But yes, this is a chance for him and clearly he certainly has got to take that chance in terms of his all-round game and goals and his overall performance

[Asked what he hopes to see from the Belgium striker against Hull] I don’t want to sit here and dissect Michy’s game, but I just want to see a performance and every time he gets to be on the pitch. There have been times this season where he has come on and he has made a difference, and that needs to be consistent. To be fair to Michy - his approach and work ethic, I cannot complain about it at all in training. I’m sure he will say he hasn’t had that many opportunities that would be normal for a player that’s played as much as him this season. But the reality of it is, when you get those opportunities, whether it’s ten minutes coming on to try and affect a game, or starts in whatever game they are, you need to try and absolutely make an impact. At times he’s made an impact. At other times not so much. The brutal reality is, I suppose Tammy’s had a really good season and his [Batshuayi’s] moments have probably not been as much as he would want. But he does have to try and make the impact in every little moment and chance he gets

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Loftus-Cheek needs time but Chelsea miss his goals] I think you will miss Ruben; I don’t care who you are. You’ll miss his abilities. His natural physique, his ability to move the ball well and score the goals like he did last season, that has to be a big part of his game as well

Of course, we’ve missed a player of that level and it is nice and put a smile on everyone’s face on Friday because he is popular with his team-mates too. A smile on everyone’s face to see him back

It was the first day with us fully on Friday and it was a light session so that suited him. He has a fair way to go still, and I’m not pessimistic there. He just needs a full week training with us first, a tough week

Then he will need some U23 games, and again I think the break comes at a nice time for him to work and we’ll gauge it the other side of that break and see where he is. It might be too early [to face Leicester in the U23’s on Friday].

The week’s training is the important thing because he hasn’t had that at first-team level. Then we will consider the games after that

[Lampard has become accustomed to playing without Loftus-Cheek but in recent weeks he has also been without Christian Pulisic] He is hopefully going to be training in the middle of next week. Leicester will be very tight, but hopefully after the break, it might fall at quite a nice time to get him properly match fit

[Kovacic ran the game from midfield with a dominating performance and Lampard said he was part of the conversation to turn the Croatian’s Real Madrid loan move into a £40.3 million [€48m/$52m] move last summer] [Kovacic] was the one that we could bring in because of the situation. I watched him last year and I liked him from afar. It maybe wasn’t the easiest year for him and some times his started, some times he didn’t.

But I just saw a natural talent in the way that he can take people out of midfield and travel really quickly with the ball and play really nice combinations. I think it’s not the norm, always, you have a high level of that.

But there are other parts of his game that we want him to improve. We want him to score more goals and defensively when he is in deep defensive areas, of course, he has to be very aware to pick up runners and do that job as well. I liked him. I was part of that process and I want to work with him more.

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Loftus-Cheek can be b92077ee48710449a07b421200ff561d’s late-season secret weapon] I think you will miss Ruben; I don’t care who you are, you’ll miss his abilities. His natural physique, his ability to move the ball well and score the goals like he did last season, that has to be a big part of his game as well.

Of course, we’ve missed a player of that level and it was nice to put a smile on everyone’s face on Friday because he is popular with his team-mates too. A smile on everyone’s face to see him back.

It was the first day with us fully on Friday and it was a light session so that suited him. He has a fair way to go still, and I’m not pessimistic there. He just needs a full week training with us first, a tough week.

Then he will need some Under-23 games, and again I think the break comes at a nice time for him to work. We’ll gauge it the other side of that break and see where he is. It might be too early [to face Leicester in the U23s on Friday]</b>

The week’s training is the important thing because he hasn’t had that at first-team level. Then we will consider the games after that

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Chelsea remain in fourth place in the Premier League, now four points ahead of Tottenham, and while Lampard was pleased to have beaten his old boss to three points, he was unforgiving in his assessment of the VAR fiasco] It is not good enough, that is two VAR [decisions against us] in two games. It’s hard to shout about it when you’ve lost but today everybody saw that. It is a red. I hate to call for red cards but that is a leg breaker. I am not saying [anything] about referees on the spot, [but] VAR is here to clear things up and it is not good enough

2020 03 04 Retrieve

[Gilmour deserves people talking about him after Chelsea showing] What an incredible performance for a young player. He was a calm head in that first five or 10 minutes. He’s a throwback of a midfielder. Can you put your foot in? Yes. Can you make angles to play the passes? Yes. He’s only slight in stature but he’s huge in personality. He deserves people to talk about him after a performance like that

[The Blues boss has made the most of the club’s academy over the past few months and suggested Gilmour is now very much in his plans moving forward] I’ve got absolute trust in Billy. When you watch him play, I remember when we drew against Sheffield United and people asked me after the game ‘This kid looks like a 15 year old’. But I’ve no problem with him because if he is small in stature he is huge in personality and talent

For me when I look at a midfield player I ask: does he want to receive the ball in all positions - yes he does. Does he pick the right pass - yes he generally does. Will he put his foot in - yes he does. All his family were here tonight from Scotland. What a performance

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Lampard denies b92077ee48710449a07b421200ff561d have found second wind after thrashing Everton] I’m a bit wary to say that. The last two performances would look like that, but I’m experienced enough to know we go to Aston Villa away, a team who are fighting for their lives and have got good players, so we have to replicate what we showed today every week.

Yes, we had a good early patch this season. Then we’ve had inconsistencies recently. Who hasn’t, other than Liverpool, in this league? I don’t accept those inconsistencies, obviously, but it’s understandable in this transitional period. But we had to work today to show we can finish the season with strength and get better.

[With N’Golo Kante and Mateo Kovacic out injured and Jorginho suspended, Billy Gilmour made his first Premier League start alongside Mount and Ross Barkley in midfield and was named man of the match] He’s receiving the ball in difficult areas on the pitch. If you don’t move it quickly, firstly you don’t get the rhythm in our play and it breaks down from, and secondly if you give it away in those areas, it is dangerous.

I was going to use a rude word there, but you need… confidence to do that. Jorginho has it and Billy has it. One of the most pleasing things with Billy was he showed those balls in the first half, but when he stepped up and played higher up in the pitch second half, he instantly took it on board, arriving in the box and playing balls higher up the pitch. He showed he can do both, which is a great thing for me when I’m thinking about how the midfield looks at times.

[On whether he saw signs of maturity from his team after a tricky spell] I don’t think we’re there yet. It would be easy for me to say it after today but I’d much rather say it in mid-May, when the last game is. To think we’re there and to think that we’ve got over the issues, even at home, would be too over-confident and think we are all right. We are improving in big degrees. We have to keep working. I see a bigger picture, an even longer run than that. I think we have a gap that is big to Liverpool in terms of points. At the minute, it feels like we’re working in the right direction, but we’ve got lots of work to do

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[There was no N’Golo Kante, Jorginho, Mateo Kovacic, Christian Pulisic or Callum Hudson-Odoi, yet the Blues were dynamic in midfield and incisive in attack. Indeed, a totally dominant performance has raised questions about whether the likes of Billy Gilmour, Ross Barkley and Pedro should now be considered first-choice in their respective positions] Look at how City play it with offensive No.10s working off the ball. You’re aware that when you play like that, you have to work harder. They (Mount and Barkley) had to protect Billy when the ball was on the other side. We had that talk, and they gave us that. When we had the ball, we had two really offensive players creating. The players and the midfield got that balance on the pitch right.

[In short, this was a near-perfect day for Lampard, one that has left him with the kind of selection headache he will actually welcome] It is encouraging. We’ll always need our squad and we’ve got a lot of injuries. But the only way to tackle that is to play at high energy and, today, it all came together: the energy, speed of pass, tempo. We need to keep our feet on the ground, but we saw some really good stuff today. The attitude and focus of the team was really strong. I could see that after Liverpool in midweek. We’ve missed focus sometimes. Maybe the challenge of the injuries worked out well today, as the application of the team was spot on

2020 03 10 Retrieve

[Teenage sensation Gilmour keeping Barkley on his toes as youngsters challenge established stars]</b> He’s a brilliant player and he’s shown that in training, from last season to now. He showed that fearlessness out there and you can see the quality he’s got. With more games, he’s going to improve and the quality he’s going to show will get better as well. The future is bright. It’s good, it keeps us on our toes. Top four is our target and as each game comes, we take our game plan into it and try to execute it the way we need to.

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Kepa Arrizabalaga makes Chelsea transfer U-turn after tough season] Every player is in control of their destiny in how they train and how they play. This is Chelsea and we’re trying to close the gap to the top, so there can be no one who is relaxed or loose, we have to push every day.

And try to win the game in front of us, train well on the day in front of you. Of course, we have to look at the group in the summer. But there are no decisions beyond the game tomorrow night as far as I’m concerned.

Is he in the frame tomorrow? Yep. He’s been professional as expected, he’s trained well, kept his head down, supported the team, and the group

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Lampard sees shades of Scholes in Gilmour and agrees with ‘world-class’ assessment of b92077ee48710449a07b421200ff561d teenager] I had to put my cup of tea down to hear Roy say something nice! Keane was a fantastic midfield player and he probably won’t give credit unless it’s due – and it certainly was due. He’s right, I heard the statements he made about Billy and I think he’s spot on. Billy should be happy with that and if he can go and follow the ideas that someone like Roy Keane says when it comes to midfield play he won’t go far wrong

[The Blues manager, who spent 13 years at Stamford Bridge in his playing days, added] Paul Scholes is obviously one of the greatest midfield players I’ve played against in the Premier League. He would always pick the right pass, he had incredible range. If you did try and jump from midfield and get to him and get close to him he’d just play it around the corner because he knew you were coming. Billy has shown early signs of that kind of ability. I’m not comparing him to Scholesy, no way at all, but in terms of those basics that you mentioned, then Billy certainly has them and that’s a great platform to build hopefully a fantastic career.

2020 05 19 Retrieve

[Chelsea exercise option to extend Caballero’s contract until 2021] We have big players [out of contract], so that’s something I’m obviously looking at very carefully. The ones who are out of contract here have been great servants for the club, and actually have a lot of feelings for the club. Of course, they’ll be concerned about themselves, but hopefully that arrangement can be made so they can stay with us. I would love the squad to look as it has all season, but we’ll have to see how that works

2020 05 20 Retrieve

[Chelsea renew Giroud’s contract until 2021] Since I have been back at Chelsea, Olivier has been brilliant as a professional and as a man in general

2020 05 20b Retrieve

[Chelsea boss Frank Lampard says Caballero is a vital member of the team and was impressed by his nine appearances in all competitions this term] I trust in Willy, he trains brilliantly and is a great professional. He stepped into the team earlier this year and showed his quality, and his experience is invaluable in the dressing room. I’m delighted he will be with us next season.

2020 06 05 Retrieve

[Lampard takes a leaf out of Liverpool’s book to sign right player at right time] As part of their journey, they have signed the right players at the right times; ones that feel pivotal. Virgil van Dijk, Alisson – they have a great knack of signing players that suit the way they want to play and help them keep moving forward. It’s a great model in those terms but I don’t want to look anywhere near like I’m comparing us now. I’m under no illusions about that but what I do understand is that behind their story can be attributed to the hard work that they have been prepared to do

[Lampard has been aware for some time, though, that he has an issue to address up front. In February, for example, he was clearly frustrated by the fact that it was left to full-back Marcos Alonso to earn his side a draw at Bournemouth] The character of the team was great but we need more goals. Marcos Alonso has had a big week but I don’t want my left-back top of the scoring charts. I want our attackers scoring goals and they haven’t been

The character of the team was great but we need more goals. Marcos Alonso has had a big week but I don’t want my left-back top of the scoring charts. I want our attackers scoring goals and they haven’t been

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[Lampard had assured his players ahead of kick-off that they will still have a role to play even if they are not always named in the starting line-up] Certainly nobody should get their head down at not starting. We’re going to have to make subs and we’re going to need impact off the bench. xxxx. xxxx. xxxx

I know Christian was very hungry. He has trained well. The ability that he has got to arrive in the box is a big thing that I have spoken to him about all season. It is the difference between being a very good player off-the-side as an attacking player or the players at the real top level of the game that arrive and score in the six-yard box and who hit big numbers yearly. I really think Christian can do that, so I was pleased with the impact he made when he came on. He will start games for us, of course. I think he is going to be a big player for us, not just in this run-in, but going forward.

2020 06 21b Retrieve

[Frank Lampard hailed Christian Pulisic as a top-class player after Chelsea’s win over Aston Villa] He was hungry, I know that and I felt for him. He has trained well. The ability to arrive in the box is a big thing. It is a difference between being a very good player on the flank and a top-class player. With Christian and Ross [Barkley] they both have trained well, I have selection problems, good ones. I had them on my mind to come on early in the second half

I am delighted for Ruben to be back in the fold. He got in the team on his own merit with working well. In training, he has looked good and strong. We need to give him time to adapt. I thought it was a game for his physicality. There is more to come

[Lampard added on Chelsea needing to add a cutting edge to their game in the final third] am really pleased with the performance. Villa had the opportunity to do it one time more. It was new for us. We moved the ball well, dominated but we need to be more clinical. I can give leeway on that because it has been a long time out

2020 06 23 Retrieve

[Willian agrees deal to remain at Chelsea until end of the domestic season] We want them to extend their stay and make sure they can see out the season. I see both sides. I see the individual player because I was one, and I respect that they have both been great servants to the club. I’ve had nothing but open conversations with them. We’re just trying to make that extension happen. The players have to be happy. We have to be happy. Hopefully we can get there before the 23rd of June, next week, because that’s the day we have to get it done by. Anyone around us knows that. So we’ll keep talking and hopefully they stay on

2020 06 24 Retrieve

[Lampard provides update on Chelsea interest in top player Havertz] He’s obviously a top player, but to carry on from my answer before I’m certainly not going to comment on other players at other teams. And it cannot be our focus. So, nothing to say. [But] No. No bids have gone in

2020 06 24b Retrieve

[Frank Lampard says that he always felt confident that Chelsea would be able to keep hold of Willian and Pedro for the rest of the season] We are still talking with the players, and Willian in particular, we are talking with him. It was hard for me to comment too much because it was announced yesterday. But I was always felt confident that they would remain, they’ve been fantastic professionals for the club, and servants in all senses. And when you have that level of professionalism within you, I think it’s a sign that they wanted to stay and see out the season at least. So we’ll carry on talking and see. But I think everybody’s focus now is on these next games, the individuals themselves and us as a club

I’m pleased, negotiations were relatively easy, because both sides wanted the same thing. The two players wanted to make sure they could see the season out with us. At this point we need them in the squad, they are both important players for us, so I’m happy.

2020 06 24c Retrieve

[Frank Lampard says that he supports Raheem Sterling’s fight for equality in football, but doesn’t necessarily agree with the fact that his own rise in management was used in an individual comparison] I think there is certainly an argument. I think we’re moving forwards and I think we can move forward more quickly, where [black] players are getting equal opportunities if they move into management. Not just players, but also young coaches who come into the game. The FA do a lot of good work, I’ve just finished my pro licence, it was very diverse, it was very open. That needs to be encouraged, if there’s anything we can do to ensure everyone gets an equal opportunity in the paths towards management, then it needs to be done. The numbers suggest that needs to be done. But with Raheem, the individual comparison, when you don’t have the detail of each person’s pathway, I felt it wasn’t quite right. Again, I’ll level that out slightly, because I want to say that Raheem Sterling as a player, and as a person and what he’s stood up for over the last two years, I think has been fantastic

2020 06 24d Retrieve

[Frank Lampard is comfortable playing N’Golo Kante in an advanced midfield role because he believes the Frenchman has the attributes to play anywhere on the field] I think we all know N’Golo’s attributes, and he hasn’t really played as the deep-lying midfielder, he’s generally played as one of two, or in recent times one of the more slightly offensive players ahead of one deep-lying midfield player

I think he has the attributes to do all roles, that’s one of the beauties of the way he plays and, of course, what he gives by winning the ball back, being so quick in the tackle, so quick into the press, covering lots of ground – and also how good he is on the ball, I think people can underestimate how good N’Golo is on the ball, how quickly he can move with it and pass the ball.

So I’ve got no problem in playing him in different positions, it’s something we’ve worked on with him a little bit, and it gives me good options to have different types of attributes in that deeper position at times

2020 06 24e Retrieve

[Chelsea boss Frank Lampard has hailed incredible Willian, detailing how the normally-reserved winger has emerged as a vital leader for the Blues this season] He’s been incredible in terms of that the younger players look up to him. He’s played every level, and at a high level himself throughout. He has a great character about him and it’s good, it’s important when you have a lot of young players that they have people to look up to from within. He’s not a shouter and a screamer, but he certainly works by example in how he is daily, so yes, I’m very thankful for having him in the squad this year

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Chelsea manager Frank Lampard also admitted some amusement at the thought of Liverpool fans cheering for the Blues against City] That is an unusual combination! I think Liverpool won the league months ago, but not taking anything away from them if they were to win it tonight. They have been outstanding. They should celebrate for their brilliant performances. That’s for them to celebrate whenever and we will just focus on our performance tonight. You want to deliver against Man City. Tonight won’t be pivotal [in the top-four race] but we want a result. We have one of the best teams in the country or the world coming to the Bridge - it’s going to be a tough match

2020 06 25b Retrieve

[Frank Lampard has suggested that Willian may yet be talked into prolonging his association with Chelsea] Yes, we are still talking with the players and Willian in particular we are talking with him. I always felt confident that they would remain. They have been fantastic professionals for the club and servants in all senses and when you have that level of professionalism within you it was a sign that they wanted to stay and see out this season at least. So we will carry on talking and see but I think everybody’s focus now is on these next games, the individuals themselves and us as a club. I’m pleased negotiations were relatively easy because both sides wanted the same thing. The two players wanted to make sure they could see the season out with us. At this point we need them in the squad they are both important players for us so I’m happy

2020 06 25c Retrieve

[Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are different class, according to Frank Lampard] It was tough. When you come up against a team of Manchester City’s quality – in individuals, in the way they’re coached – for me, they’re the best, in terms of the way they play football, so great to watch. Pep and Jurgen Klopp are different class, hence why Liverpool are winning the league tonight! We had to work every bit that we could to try and get a result. We had to work defensively so, so hard and we did it, and we created the better chances on the night

[Benjamin Mendy was shown up by Pulisic for the first goal, before Fernandinho saw red to give Willian the opportunity to win the game after handballing on the line] You always try and limit your errors, which there have been issues with at times, and you always try and capitalise [on your opponents’] but when you’ve got pace and you’ve got players like Christian who can get away from people and drive with the ball, you can do that. We’ve had the ball more than any team I think, regularly this season in games, the bigger percentage. But today against Manchester City when they play a false nine and they’ve got bodies in midfield, it’s really tough so we had to tweak a little bit at half-time, suffer in the first 20 minutes of the second half, but I think we deserved the win on chances

Olly [Olivier Giroud] has been great for us but when you think about attributes and I knew we were suffering and we needed an outlet. Maybe to press a bit higher up the pitch, it’s a lot of work we’re asking for from the players but at any moment you need your subs and you need people to come on fresh and bring energy to the team and I thought Tammy did that

2020 06 25d Retrieve

[Lampard will have plenty of attacking options next season and he has made it clear to Abraham – and the rest of the squad – that no player can afford to take their starting spot for granted] I have spoken to Tammy before about competition. I don’t have to address every player if another one comes in. It’s how it has been in the (Roman) Abramovich era. Tammy has been fantastic this season but he has to sustain his form and improve because at Chelsea we have demands

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard considers Christian Pulisic to have so much talent] Christian came in last summer. Lot of talk about it. He didn’t really get a break when he got in the team. He was playing really well and gets a really tough injury. I wanted to protect him a bit against Villa, see that he could make an impact. He did that. I always planned to start him against Man City because I know what he can bring in these sort of games and he brought it. He did really well. He needs to keep working, he’s a young player but he’s got so much talent and he can get better and better

2020 06 26b Retrieve

[Ambition has been shown in the transfer market when tying up deals for Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner, with Lampard hoping to push the Blues back into title contention during his tenure] There is a clear gap and it won’t happen overnight with one or two signings. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Liverpool and City have been works in progress for a few years now and they are getting a lot of success, a bit of success now. I’m not getting carried away. We can get better. We can be better on the ball. We can have more possession

2020 06 26c Retrieve

[Chelsea had their struggles against City but Lampard and his coaching staff twice made excellent use of the water breaks to change the flow of the game] We suffered for 20 minutes at the start of the game and we suffered for 20 minutes in the second half. Of course, they are going to have a lot possession and sometimes they play without an out-and-out striker with a lot of men in midfield, so getting to grips with that was tough for us. Going into the game, we had a plan in terms of what we wanted to do off the ball and while we had some issues at times, the players did brilliantly in terms of their discipline and in maintaining it for the whole game. We were dangerous and we created the better chances, so I am delighted for the boys

[Lampard knows just how much the bar has been raised by City and Liverpool over the past few seasons] There is a clear gap and it won’t close overnight with one or two signings. There’s a lot of work that needs to be done. Liverpool and City have been works in progress for a few years now and they are getting a lot of success. So, I’m not getting carried away. We can get better. We can be better on the ball. We can have more possession. It’s one of the only games in which we didn’t have the lion’s share of possession but we have to accept that for now and be happy with the result

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Pulisic has the talent to score goals like Salah, Mane or Sterling] I think he can be a really big player. Because he broke through so young in Germany and he moves to us, people’s expectations rise, but we have to take his age into consideration

There’s no doubt in his quality and you can see that. He is very keen to work and improve. He is particularly hungry at the minute because of his injury. And if he wants to learn, and he does, on the training pitch and how he sees the game, he needs to look at the players he sees around him who have made that sort of jump like the Raheem Sterlings, Sadio Manes and Mo Salahs who are now producing numbers [of goals] from wide areas

It is important that he understands the work he needs to do to do that because he definitely has the talent to do it. He needs to try and get to that level and I am delighted to have him at the minute. He works hard every day and he has to set his sights as high as he can

Yes, I think it is important. You have to have that idea but the reality is the competition you go up against with the teams that are still in this FA Cup means it is going to be tough. We are in a year of slight transition

Of course, our focus is always the league but when it comes to Chelsea, when you get to a quarter-final, you want to try and get to Wembley and you want to try and go and win it. It is important to focus on that. We are building, we are working and it won’t be easy to try and win this trophy. But with the squad we have and the positive feeling we have at the minute in the group, we have to go in with the right attention

2020 06 28 Retrieve

[Chelsea manager Frank Lampard is hopeful Christian felt a tightness in his calf in the second drinks break, hopefully nothing that keeps him out] The result was satisfying and getting to the semis was satisfying. We weren’t our usual selves today. We were below what we usually produce. But I am happy with the result. We won the game and must learn from some of the mistakes in our game. I don’t want to sound too down after this. You have to show the grit to get a win when you don’t play well. We go on to the next one. We can park the Cup and focus on getting the league wins to be in the Champions League

It is a learning experience. I could have taken more off, or other players off. I am not pulling those out on their own. They will be top players for this club and have top careers. But if I have to do something in games I will do it. It was one of those games where I had to do something. They will take it on the chin. We were gifting Leicester space and ease to win the ball back. We are fortunate they didn’t take those chances. All thee subs, in their own way, livened up the performance

2020 06 28b Retrieve

[Frank Lampard has praised Ross Barkley after he came off the bench to fire Chelsea into the FA Cup semi-finals, saying the midfielder is reaping the benefits of hard work on the training ground] I played with Ross and I know he’s a great lad. He wants to be the best player he can be and has a great attitude in that sense. I won’t touch on that one, all I’ll say is before we went into lockdown he put in some really good performances for us. His attitude has been spot on in training since the minute we’ve been back, how he trains and it shows how he looked after himself in lockdown. He was unfortunate not to start against Villa and since then has made an impact in every game he has played

A great example of when you train at a level, have that attitude and when you have the quality that Ross has. He can score goals. He can shoot with both feet. He makes the box. He defended well and showed great discipline in his game against Manchester City. He is reaping the benefits and showing it. I’ve got lots of time for Ross, he’s a big player for us and you could see that in the last three games.

2020 06 28c Retrieve

[Lampard will speak to future ‘top players’ Gilmour, Mount and James after they disappoint against Leicester in FA Cup] I could have made different changes as well. Mason has played two games in a week and gave a lot of input against Manchester City for 90 minutes. Reece James hasn’t played for a long time, since lockdown. Billy was the same. These are contributing factors around it. They are going to be top players for this club no matter what. They are going to have top careers in football. They will have really, really top careers because of the players they are. Whether you can call it a learning experience, it was just a factor of how I saw the game. They can take it on board. They are all good lads, all train well and all have a good work ethic. I’ve never had a problem with the three of them at all. I’ve got no worries; it was just the circumstances today

[Lampard showed his ruthless side to his three youngsters, but he isn’t blaming them and may take them aside in the next analysis session following the match] Yes, I possibly will [speak to them again]. I spoke to them all briefly at half-time and the end because it does happen in football. This is what it is. Sometimes it’s a tough game for different reasons. I’ll happily speak to them. I have got no problem with them; it certainly doesn’t feel an issue where I can say they didn’t give me anything. The performance was lethargic for the whole team and they were part of that. But individually, it’s very tough to stand out when a performance is like that. I’ll say that to them; it’s not a problem. If it’s a bit of a learning one, then fine but if I had a problem with work ethic or attitude I’d say it. But I don’t have that with them. It will be a brief conversation and we will move on. They are going to be big players for us

2020 06 28d Retrieve

[Chelsea boss Frank Lampard addressed the club’s reported interest in Havertz last week] He’s obviously a top player, but to carry on from my answer before I’m certainly not going to comment on other players at other teams

2020 06 28e Retrieve

[Frank Lampard challenges Christian Pulisic to reach Raheem Sterling and Mo Salah level] I think he can be a really big player, because he broke through at such a young age in Germany and he made a big move, obviously expectations rise but you have to keep the age in consideration. There is no doubt about his quality, we can see that and he is very keen to improve. He’s particularly hungry at the minute because he missed some time with an injury. If he looks at players around him that have made that sort of a jump, he has the ability like Raheem Sterling to produce numbers from wide areas, like [Mo] Salah and [Sadio] Mane. He understands the work that needs to be done to do that. He definitely has the talent, he needs to get to that level. I’m delighted to have him at the minute, he works hard everyday, he has to set his sights as high as he possibly can

[Winning the first trophy] was very important to us at the time because we were a team of not many winners, we didn’t have too many titles between us, we were a relatively young team. Jose brought that mentality to us and winning the first one obviously helps you to push on. In our team I feel we have a mixture of players who have been here and won a lot and some younger players who haven’t done that, in my managerial career I haven’t. I recognise the importance of that, that’s what we are here for, to win things at a club like Chelsea. It doesn’t fall short on me, the FA Cup is something we are going to give everything to [try and win]. We have a difficult game against Leicester of course, we know the quality they have but we have to focus on trying to go as far as we can, it would be a big boost if we got further.

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Ross Barkley’s second-half goal was enough to send Chelsea into the FA Cup semi-finals, beating Leicester 1-0 at the King Power Stadium] I played with Ross and he is a great lad. His attitude has been spot on in training since the minute we’ve been back. He was unfortunate not to start against Villa and since then he has made an impact in every game he has played. He is reaping the benefits. I’ve got a lot of time for Ross and he is a big player for us

I don’t think we’ve played that badly this season for 45 minutes. We’ve played better and lost games. I could have made more or different subs. We needed to drag ourselves out of a lethargic performance and we did. We were fortunate to be 0-0 at half-time and we must learn from little mistakes from the game. I don’t want to sound too down because it’s important to show you’ve got the grit to get a 1-0 win when you don’t play well. It looks like I’m criticising but it’s positive because it’s not the norm for us

2020 06 29b Retrieve

[Chelsea boss demands more from his side despite booking FA Cup semi-final spot] I don’t think we’ve played that badly this season for 45 minutes. We’ve played better and lost games. I could have made more or different subs. We needed to drag ourselves out of a lethargic performance and we did. We were fortunate to be 0-0 at half-time and we must learn from little mistakes from the game. I don’t want to sound too down because it’s important to show you’ve got the grit to get a 1-0 win when you don’t play well. It looks like I’m criticising but it’s positive because it’s not the norm for us. xxxx

[Barkley a big player for Chelsea] I played with Ross and he is a great lad. His attitude has been spot on in training since the minute we’ve been back,” said Lampard, who confirmed Pulisic came off with a calf problem. He was unfortunate not to start against Villa and since then he has made an impact in every game he has played. He is reaping the benefits. I’ve got a lot of time for Ross and he is a big player for us

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Given Pulisic’s last appearance pre-lockdown came on New Year’s Day due to a torn adductor muscle, the speed in which he has rediscovered his best form is hugely encouraging for Lampard] I think he can be a really big player. Because he broke through so young in Germany and he moves to us, people’s expectations rise, but we have to take his age into consideration. There’s no doubt in his quality and you can see that. He is very keen to work and improve. He is particularly hungry at the minute because of his injury. And if he wants to learn, he needs to look at the players he sees around him who have made that sort of jump like Raheem Sterling, Sadio Mane and Mo Salah, who are now producing numbers [of goals] from wide areas. It is important that he understands the work he needs to do to do that, because he definitely has the talent to do it. He needs to try and get to that level and I am delighted to have him at the minute.

2020 06 30b Retrieve

[Lampard denies interest in Angel Gomes after Man Utd exit & distances Chelsea from Declan Rice raid] I can elaborate to the point that it’s never been mentioned at my end, so that’s it. Declan Rice is a good player you’re right, and I’ve known him for a long time, he was in the Chelsea academy. But there’s no talk, I keep saying, about every player we’ll be asked about. Until these games and this season is finished, there’s nothing to say

I am in the process of arranging that plan now. You are right, they do become our players. They are also in different positions in the fact that Hakim hasn’t played for a long time because of the Dutch league situation and Timo finished at the weekend. We will formulate a plan for them that will look slightly different individually. We will decide in the meantime at Cobham in the training ground whether that means mixing with the squad or whether that means some physical work in the shorter term for themselves

2020 06 30c Retrieve

[Angel Gomes: Frank Lampard denies Chelsea have offered contract to Man Utd midfielder] I can elaborate to the point that it’s never been mentioned on my end. That’s it. Declan Rice is a good player. I’ve known him for a long time, he was in Chelsea’s academy but there’s no talk. I’ll keep saying it about every player that we’ll be asked about until this season is finished - there’s nothing to say

Christian (Pulisic) felt a bit of tightness in his calf just as he came off against Leicester, so we’re managing him but I haven’t got an answer yet. It feels a bit better than it did at the end of the game so we’ll see by tomorrow. Andreas Christensen, likewise, is in the squad but we’ll have to see but with another 24 hours because of the tight turnaround

[Pedro will join Roma on a two-year deal at the campaign but the long-term future of Willian is yet to be decided] We’ve still got ongoing conversations with him. I’ve got no clarity on that yet but we will continue to talk. He knows what I think of him as a player. He’s been very, very good for me this year. I played with him, I know him very well. It’s a very honest and open conversation. I understand that he has options and that is something that has to be taken seriously, particularly at this stage of his career

2020 06 30d Retrieve

[Frank Lampard has faith in Chelsea’s Mason Mount] Mason wouldn’t have been happy to come off at half-time. But it should be a case of not being happy that evening and then getting straight back to it afterwards, because he knows how much I trust in him and he works brilliantly every day. And when I say Mason, I mean Billy (Gilmour) and Reece (James) in the same breath because they show similar attitude

There was no problem with Mason because it was a one-off game, I had to make a decision and it doesn’t affect my thinking for West Ham or going forwards. Mason played 90 minutes in both the first two games after the restart, and was unfortunate not to score or have an assist. So he had two big performances in a week. And then with the Leicester game Mason didn’t have a bad performance and my choices to change were more about the players I could bring into that performance as opposed to the ones that were on the pitch

I could make a lot of changes in that game, so it was more about, ‘Can I bring some energy into the team? So I rely on Mason a lot, I did at Derby, I do at Chelsea, he brings so much to the team in his work ethic and the way he can start the press in midfield. His quality on the ball is already at a high level and it’s only going to get better

[Mount could come face to face with friend Declan Rice when Chelsea] I think it spurs you on more if you have a personal relationship with an opponent either way - whether you are best friends or you don’t even like each other. I also think the result of that is not concrete either - you will either have your best of games in that sort of circumstance but you can also become overly focused on that relationship and have a not so good game They are two very good players. But there is only one thing I will ask of Mason - and from my point of view that is obviously all I care about going into this one. He texts him tonight, he smiles at him in the tunnel or whatever it is, but if and when they go up against each other he has try to beat him in every individual battle that he possibly can. And sensing Declan Rice’s character, I am sensing they will both be like-minded on that one. We will see

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Andriy Yarmolenko stepped off the bench to hit the winner as West Ham shrugged off VAR controversy to beat Chelsea 3-2 and give their Premier League survival hopes a huge boost] I wouldn’t say it’s the story of our season because it’s been a good season. But there have been so many of these moments. I explained it clearly to the players before the game: we had a good restart, three good results, and an opportunity today to go third. But you have to do every part of the game to get results in games like this

You can dominate possession, which we did for most of the game. But if there are moments where you switch off, if you go 1-0 up and then make two or three errors to them scoring and going 1-1 before half-time, you’re going to encourage teams on

It’s been there and I’m very aware of it, but the players in those moments have to show an extra mentality, an extra bit to do the bits that see a game through like this when you have a lot of domination

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard hopeful Willian will sign new Chelsea contract and stay beyond this season] I haven’t given up hope on it. The club are still in discussions with him. We want him to stay at the club, but I also appreciate this contract for him is a big deal because of his age and where he’s at. I’ve been there before myself, and I respect that. The way he’s playing at the minute, he’s shown his worth to the squad. It’s something I hope we can get to, whatever way with Willian, he’s been a great servant to the club, if we can get it I’ll be happy, but if not I’ll certainly wish him well because I’ve got a lot of time for him. It’s ongoing, in short.

[Asked if the club would target taller players in the next transfer window] We looked at set-piece stats from last season when we came into the club. Last season, we were bottom of the league in defending set plays, in terms of other teams getting big chances against us. We were second bottom in attack. We looked at that, but that’s not just a reference to last season because we haven’t improved much this year. If you look at personnel, I really don’t like talking about my days of playing, but we didn’t really work on set-pieces at all. Certain managers more than others. There were probably a few reasons why; John Terry, Gary Cahill, Didier Drogba, Michael Ballack and Branislav Ivanovic. You stick it into an area and they defend it or score goals. I think similar with Liverpool, I remember a lot of talk about them on set pieces two seasons ago. They were zonal, conceded a lot. They sign Virgil van Dijk and he heads everything that comes into the box out.

So there’s a huge relation to personnel, and if you don’t have a big size across the team, I think trying to compete and make it difficult for other teams to score is the main thing. I’m not trying to make excuses as we haven’t done that well enough on the pitch. That has to improve. When you look at who you might bring in, with the balance of the squad, in the modern day it’s certainly something to take into account when you’re looking at recruitment.

2020 07 03b Retrieve

[Frank Lampard: No need to address Marcos Alonso mistake after Gary Neville and Ashley Cole criticism] I haven’t spoken to him about it. I think it’s a dangerous game to comment on every pundit because you would probably have to have conversations with all of your players every week. That’s the nature of the beast and what we do. Yes, if I felt a player needed help or support in those situations, I would do, but I think we as players and myself are the biggest self-critics. We analyse games and go over them, talk with players individually or collectively. That’s my main focus, not so much what comes from outside

It’s much easier to comment from afar, we do try to play football, we try and be progressive but we don’t do that at the idea of wanting to concede goals.

Recovery runs are a huge part of football and the players must do them whether it’s the first or 90th minute. I don’t think it’s quite fair to just look at Marcos - in that isolated incident yes he can recover and we can recover better as a team, but that has to be something fundamental to the team

You have to run backwards as much as you run fast forwards, and you have to have the desire to make difficult runs to help the team. I can’t complain about the team with that this year

When you isolate one goal, that is so crucial because it wins the points, then fair enough, but I know with my players that generally we have a desire to press off the ball and when it goes beyond us, to recover and get there. It was a game where we slipped up, not just with that mistake but other mistakes, and we lost the game for it

2020 07 03c Retrieve

[Emerson Palmieri: Inter Milan open transfer talks with Chelsea for Italy defender] I’m not aware of the talks. What I am doing is focusing on the team and the squad day-to-day. I don’t have any real conversations about the transfer window, whether it’s who we might bring in or who might leave the club. Those are questions we do have to answer at the end of the season when the window opens. I don’t want to be swayed by rumour and gossip, and I’m not involved in it, so we’ll keep working

They haven’t arrived. The whole country is waiting on quarantine news. We’re waiting to make sure the players can travel and be able to move around and work as we’ll need them to. Timo has only just finished recently so he’s having a well-deserved break and will come later in July, Ziyech will come earlier but we have to wait on the quarantine news.

2020 07 04 Retrieve

[N’Golo Kante injured in Chelsea’s win over Watford] N’golo has got a small hamstring (injury) which we’ll have to scan tomorrow (Sunday) and see how bad it is. We hope it’s small, that’s what I’ve been told so far. After the scan we’ll know but I’m guessing it’ll be a problem for Palace on Tuesday

2020 07 04b Retrieve

[Kai Havertz: Playmaker linked with Chelsea ‘can leave Leverkusen this summer’] He’s a top player but we’re certainly not going to comment on players at other teams. It cannot be our focus. No bids have gone in

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[Chelsea brushed off their midweek setback to return to winning ways with a routine 3-0 victory over Watford at Stamford Bridge] We played some nice stuff and it can be difficult to play against the low block. They came to defend so the way we broke it down was good. We could’ve been a bit more incisive with our passing in the second half but I’m delighted with the clean sheet. It was a comfortable evening for us.

Pre-West Ham, we could’ve gone third but we let ourselves down. We slipped to fifth before today, and responded. We need to get used to that sort of pressure, as it’s going to be tough all the way through

2020 07 06 Retrieve

[Frank Lampard says it was a comfortable evening in the end for Chelsea as they won 3-0 at home to Watford] Pre-West Ham, we could have gone third and we let ourselves down. Today, there was a bit of pressure to get back to fourth and we produced - so get used to that pressure, whatever way it looks, because it’s going to be tough all the way through. We cannot get too caught up with what everyone else does at the moment

2020 07 06b Retrieve

[N’Golo Kante out of Chelsea’s Premier League game at Crystal Palace with hamstring injury] Kante won’t be in the squad - low-level hamstring injury. We’re hoping for a week or so [recovery time]. I would expect we would be very lucky to have him for Sheffield United

[Lampard quiet on Jorginho return] I don’t want to go into personal details, or positional and tactical details of why I pick the team. I just have to pick the team as I see best. They’re just my choices. He’s been very professional about it. He wants to play, as every player does. One of the hardest parts of the job is telling a player they’re not playing, particularly when they train well - and Jorginho always trains well. It’s important players, during the course of a long season, are there to support players when they’re out - and he’s done that

[Pulisic more direct than Hazard] Having played with Eden and seen him come to the club at a relatively young age - similar to Christian - we saw the development of him. He had a special talent straight away, of being able to receive a ball, have great balance and go past players so well. He would draw a lot of players towards him to open up space for others - he was pretty unselfish in how he would make assists.

Christian is possibly more direct, in terms of how he goes past players and runs off the ball - which I like. Eden would come and get the ball and take it past players a lot. With Christian, he has real ability to break a line and run forward, which is a really great trait in the modern game.

In terms of the comparison, and why I stayed away from it a bit; Eden has been here and done it, to an incredible level. Christian has it in his hands to go and make a real impact over a period of time. The thing I’m so happy with now is that when we’re finding it hard to break teams down, he’s taking responsibility to change that by using his ability to turn quickly and go past people. It’s been great to see and there’s a lot of development still to come with Christian. I’m very happy with him

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Tammy Abraham Chelsea contract negotiations not affecting form] I think Tammy’s contract, we are not at a critical level with it. I will leave it with him and the club to discuss that side of it. I don’t think it is something that is clearly in his mind now, at least it shouldn’t be. What needs to be in his mind now is these games we have coming up and how much he can give us on the pitch, whether coming on as a sub or starting the game

He has had a really good season, he hasn’t scored as much in the second half of the season. But as a young player it is always clear when you have these periods there is only one way out of it and that is work and repetition in training. I think that is where Tammy is at. I think the contract will hopefully look after itself between him and the club and he just needs to focus on giving us that Tammy that we had earlier in the season. He was giving defenders so much of a problem in games and scoring regularly and it all came from how he was training and working in the week. That is just what he has to sustain all the time

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Christian Pulisic’s end product delights Chelsea boss Frank Lampard] He’s got great talent. He came here in difficult conditions at the start of the season in terms of not having a break but he’s moved his game on to another level - not just in terms of how he’s going by people but he’s got real end product. I didn’t put any limits on him so he’s not surprised me. I knew the talent he had and I wanted to help him when he first got here because of the physical nature of the league. I had to manage him and then unfortunately he had quite a bad injury. But the hunger that he has, the quality that he’s showing, and the end product has been the most pleasing aspect. Since the restart, he’s been fantastic. You look around at the top attacking talent in the world, they score goals regularly that win games and at the moment he’s doing that, so I’m delighted with him

2020 07 08b Retrieve

[Lampard gets his substitutions Right] Considering the quality in our midfield during the first half, today wasn’t our greatest day. We weren’t as slick with the ball as we have been recently, and gave them the opportunity to press us and turn over possession. I thought Ruben could use his strength to drive with the ball and Tammy could stretch their defence with his running so I’m very pleased he got his goal. They’re a big three points because of the position we’re in. It’s tight around us and it’s nice mentally to be third for maybe a short period. The game could’ve been more comfortable for us tonight but then we could also have lost those three points at the end there. It might be nice to dwell on the three points, but my job is to look into how we can get better and I feel we still can

It was a bad injury, with the way he went down, but we had to finish the action. There’s no way we were going to kick the ball out in that situation but you obviously feel sorry for him on an individual note. I know for head injuries, the game would stop but not in those situations

2020 07 08c Retrieve

[Premier League drinks break - is it fair?]]</b> I think he (Chris Wilder) does have a point. I think they were brought in with the right intention. So as a coach, you try and use it if you can, because any opportunity to speak to the players during the game can be pretty precious. So I don’t think it’s an uneven playing field in that sense - we all have the same periods to speak to our players. I think it’s been brought in place for this short part of the season and maybe they’ll see it through to the end of the season. But I can’t see it going any further than that, I don’t think anyone would want that

2020 07 10 Retrieve

[Billy Gilmour: Chelsea midfielder expected to miss up to four months following knee operation] Billy had an operation on his knee [Friday] morning, we estimate he will be out for between three and four months unfortunately. I am obviously very disappointed as we all are here and Billy is himself. I spoke with him yesterday at length. [We are] giving him support and being there for him. He is a tough boy and it will hit him hard, particularly as a younger player who has just made a breakthrough. He was doing so well but this is part of football, I tried to explain that to him. He should be very pleased with what he has done, the impact he has had this season. His attitude will get him back as quick as he can, his character is fantastic, particularly with his age. The personality he has shown to get himself into the first team, I’m very sure he will show the same character in doing everything right with his rehab. He has a close knit family who will be there for him. The small bonus is that hopefully it will cover a period that is off season.

[Jorginho has nothing to prove] I don’t think there’s a point to prove, there is no point to prove. He proves it in training and when he plays for me. I hope there isn’t a point to prove as such, I just want to see the usual Jorginho.

[When asked whether Jorginho would be a Chelsea player next season] I keep getting asked about next season, but it’s irrelevant to me; these final few games will define how we sit and look at this season and look forward to next