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Franz Beckenbauer
Spelling Der Kaiser
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc The legendary German rules all centre-back’s that came before or after him. His grit, guile and grace was unlike anything that had been seen previously from players viewed primarily as lumbering, uncoordinated oafs. A midfielder in his youth, Beckenbauer made his name as a central defender and is credited with the invention of the sweeper - or Libero - role. He was one of the first defenders to possess an all-round game, able to break up play and spark his own team’s attacks. A two-time Ballon d’Or winner (1972 & 76), he was the first defender to win the award


Org Germany National Team
Club as Coach Bayern Munich
  Germany National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich
  TSV 1860 München
  SC München von 1906
Media Sky Deutschland


Son Stephan Beckenbauer
Grandson Luca Beckenbauer
Coworker Wolfgang Niersbach
  Theo Zwanziger


Stephan Beckenbauer Franz’s son, Stephan, was also a professional footballer. He also came through the youth ranks of Bayern before spells at 1860 Munich and FC Saarbrucken among other smaller clubs. Stephan retired at 28 to become a scout and youth coach with the German giants. But when he was 46 - and Luca just 14 - Stephan tragically died because of a brain tumour
Sky Deutschland It is a German pay-TV operator. Franz Beckenbauer works there as football pundit. Following the turbulent events in the past months, it was Beckenbauer’s request to have more time for himself and his family, according to Sky. He therefore asked the broadcaster to discontinue their long-standing collaboration for an indefinite period of time. Beckenbauer who extended his contract with Sky for several years in 2012 has been in the focus of criticism in connection with the corruption allegations regarding the allocation of the 2006 FIFA World Cup to Germany

1979 03 28 Retrieve

[Beckenbauer, who roomed with Müller at Bayern for seven years] I don’t remember any trouble or misunderstanding between us. He’s so calm and nice. I’m a late riser, but he likes to get up early, but he would always shower and dress very quietly, he never disturbed me. If you know him well, you must like him

1979 03 28b Retrieve

[Beckenbauer thinks Müller’s treetrunk legs may be the secret of his success] He can turn so quickly. I think it might be his body. He has such short, powerful legs. I played against him in practice many times. We all knew about his moves, but we could never do anything about it. No player in the world has his ability to score. He doesn’t need any room, he can score when he’s surrounded by opponents. He just smells a goal coming

1986 06 29 Retrieve

[Argentina win World Cup Final againsy West German] Fate was not in our favor. My players deserve credit for performing in such unfavorable conditions. The altitude was bad and the crowd was encouraging for Argentina

1993 11 02 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Gerd Muller] Everything we achieved we owe only to Gerd. Without his goals none of our successes would have been possible

2004 11 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Roy Makaay] Roy’s effectiveness can be compared with Gerd Müller’s

2010 06 05 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer said he was not optimistic about Germany’s chances of success at the World Cup] Without Michael Ballack, it will be difficult. Our team is weakened. We’ll have to work hard just to reach the semi-finals. We’re never been artists on the pitch like the Brazilians

2011 11 15 Retrieve

[GERMANY 2-1 THE NETHERLANDS, JULY 7 1974] Matches against Holland have cost me years of my life. But I wouldn’t have missed them for anything. Those matches always breathed football of class, emotion and unprecedented tension. Football in its purest form

2012 12 08 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Gerd Muller] Everything Bayern have become is due to Müller

2013 11 23 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Mandzukic] Regardless of how good Mandzukic is, Lewandowski will still be an upgrade. He is perhaps even stronger on the ball and his movement is even better

2014 09 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer, in an interview with Henning Feindt of] When players like [Gareth] Bale and [Cristiano] Ronaldo are worth around €100 million, Johan [Cruyff] would go in the billions.

2014 12 03 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer slams Guardiola’s boring Bayern] We’re going to end up being unwatchable like Barcelona. The players will start passing the ball back even on the goal line. I have a different vision. If I had the chance to shoot from distance, particularly up against a tight defence, I’d take it. That’s the most efficient way [to play], though it’s 100% up to the players

2015 04 18 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Dante’s defending in the run-up to Ricardo Quaresma’s second goal] If he was from Iceland or the North Pole, I’d say, ‘Ok, he’s still wearing his ski boots’. But no, he simply has to stop the ball

2015 05 09 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Mario Gotze] He behaves and moves around on the pitch like a youth player. He just stops moving when he loses a duel. This is the behaviour of a child. It’s time for him to grow up

2015 06 19 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer says Bastian Schweinsteiger will struggle in EPL] If I was at Schweini’s place, I would stay one or two years more at Bayern. Until then, he can still perform at the highest level

2015 07 17 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Bastian Schweinsteiger] I find it very brave to make a move like this at his age. People know Schweinsteiger at Bayern and know what he can do. That’s not the case in England and he will have to prove himself all over again. I wish him all the best and hope he can represent German football well in England, but not a lot of players have succeeded in doing so. A move to the MLS would have made more sense for me

2016 03 09 Retrieve

[on Francesco Totti] There are many star players in Italy, but the only one I would bring to Bayern Munich would be Totti

2016 04 03 Retrieve

[Quote on Sir Bobby Charlton] Bobby Charlton was known for his creativity. He was on the move for 90 minutes, and had the lungs of a horse

2016 09 16 Retrieve

[Beckenbauer had given an interview in 2010, explaining how Bin Hammam and the Emir of Qatar had helped to win votes for Germany] I’m not sure if we would have got the World Cup without the Emir of Qatar. It wasn’t about money. An envoy of the Emir is Mohamed Bin Hammam, who was later head of the Asian Federation and was then a member of the Executive Comittee. The Emir ordered him to help us get a few votes for our bid, and he did so

2016 10 13 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Pele] He is the most complete player I ever saw

2019 03 05 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer believes the Bavarians are heading in the right direction] I have the feeling Bayern are on an upward curve, even if they are not yet where I would like to see them

[Franz see the return of Javi Martinez into defensive midfield critically important] Niko Kovac has survived his first crisis and heavy public criticism well. The team has come together again and is playing with compactness. We had holes before that the Empire State Building could have fit in! Now, Javi Martinez is stabilizing the defense

2019 03 25 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer believes Marc-Andre Ter Stegen is now matching Manuel Neuer] Ter Stegen has caught up a lot, but he has benefited from the injury of Manuel Neuer. Manuel Neuer will pull together and continue to be the number one. I trust him. But Ter Stegen will not let up

[Franz Beckenbauer the trio of Jerome Boateng, Mats Hummels and Thomas Mulller to be reinstated sooner rather than later despite Joachim Low’s bold statement] I understand that this is a temporary non-selection and you look at how the boys are developing and that they can be brought back if needed

2019 05 04 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer talks about James Rodriguez] It would be a pity if he left, but if he wants to go there is not much you can do. He fits very well into the Bayern team as he knows how to use the ball and play football. We don’t have many players like him in the squad and he fits in nicely alongside Thiago. The Colombian is different, there is a murmur around the stadium when he gets the ball

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Franz Beckenbauer on Juergen Klopp] I want nothing more than to see Klopp come to Bayern one day, it would be a good fit. Juergen brought a new type of football to Germany … what he began in Dortmund, he has refined in Liverpool

[Liverpool are reportedly looking to extend Klopp’s contract, which currently runs until 2022. Yet Beckenbauer questioned whether 51-year-old would stay on Merseyside in the long term] I think that a job in England robs you of energy. As a manager in the Premier League, you have more responsibility than as a coach in the Bundesliga. With the two cup competitions and the slightly larger league, the amount of games is considerably higher than it is in Germany

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Bayern legend Franz Beckenbauer said of Hoeness] Bayern is unimaginable without you. The club would not be what it is today

2019 12 13 Retrieve

[Frank Beckenbauer famously said of Michael Laudrup] Pele was the best in the 1960s, Cruyff in the 1970s, Maradona in the 1980s and Laudrup in the 1990s.

2020 01 16 Retrieve

[Gotze’s first season at Bayern was a difficult one as Pep Guardiola found it difficult to accommodate the young attacker in his 4-1-4-1 formation] It doesn’t make sense to play Gotze as a striker. He’s nowhere to be seen against three giant defenders. Bayern are wasting his potential in this position

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Bayern Munich legend Franz Beckenbauer says he doesn’t believe playing in empty stadiums makes any difference to players] In these circumstances, without fans and an atmosphere, it was an excellent game of football. Compliments to both teams. It was really, really good football. The Bavarians are in very good form, but the Frankfurters also played very well. They were 3-0 down and came back to 3-2. Then Bayern got their act together again and suddenly it was 5-2. It was a very interesting game

[Beckenbauer is glad to have football back, though he recognises things aren’t perfect] I think you can do this as long as everyone adheres to the rules. It is not entirely satisfactory for a football fan because they are not allowed to go to the stadium. There is no difference for the players

I’ve known him for a long time and have met him with the national team and also here in Munich. I’m pleased that he was in the stadium. He is someone who has a great history in football, especially at Bayern Munich. I’m pleased he saw such a game and I hope he will come more often