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Gabriel Agbonlahor
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Aston Villa

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Gabriel Agbonlahor says Jack Grealish would walk into the Manchester United team] It’s a tough one but Villa’s owners have come out and said they want to keep spending. This season, they’ve got a squad together, lost a lot of players in the summer - stay up, that’s the only goal, then they’ll go again in the summer. If they go down, I think he’ll leave. If they stay up, it could be 50-50. If Villa go out there and spend another £100m maybe […] If they go out and spend, he’s getting better players around him. I know him, he won’t want to leave. He’s the captain

Man Utd, Villa might say, ‘You know what, it’s going to cost you £70m.’ I think Man Utd pay it. He’d walk into that side, they’re missing that creativity. Tottenham he walks straight into, Arsenal side he walks straight into. I don’t think you can compare Giovani Lo Celso with Jack, how Jack’s playing, they’re different qualities he’s got to these sort of players. I just think he could fit into those teams. But I don’t think he wants to leave Villa. Villa are a massive club, big history, if they can get the right players in the summer, he’s the captain, the team will be built around him. There’s some times you don’t want to leave. I think he walks into that United side, you’ve seen the troubles with Jesse Lingard, Juan Mata. But I just think Villa aren’t going to want to sell him no matter what

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Gabriel Agbonlahor says Jack Grealish can do better than Manchester United] I am not just saying this as I have played with him, but I honestly think he is the best attacking midfield option that England have got at this current time. That is why, when people say Grealish to Manchester United, he could do so much better than that, and he could walk into any team in the world, even Barcelona or Juventus. For where Manchester United are now, he could go to better teams around the world, so he doesn’t need to limit himself to just United and focus on teams who are playing in the Champions League

He is the missing piece that a lot of teams need right now. I watch Liverpool, and they are an outstanding team, but they are missing a player like him, Chelsea can’t break anyone down and are missing someone like Jack. Mason Mount is not on the same level as Grealish.

There are a lot of teams that he would walk into, so it is down to Villa to have the resolve to reject bids and for them to grow as a club because they aren’t a team that should be fighting with relegation. They will stay up this season and will start to climb the table next year. The club will have to work out how much they actually value him at and how much it is worth to move him on. Unless a crazy high bid comes in for him, I would just turn the phones off and reject every bid that comes in for Jack

2020 04 27 Retrieve

[Gabriel Agbonlahor announced on social media he was self-isolating after coming down with coronavirus symptoms] My good friend Stiliyan Petrov and his wife live about five minutes away and kept leaving stuff on my doorstep, vitamins and different things. I love Stiliyan, he’s a good guy and I owe a lot to him, and my next door neighbour who was helping a lot of as well. It was good to get over it and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone!

2020 05 05 Retrieve

[Gabriel Agbonlahor says How to keep Grealish from Man Utd? Turn your phone off!] I think he will (stay). I know everyone’s 50/50 but I think he will because the club’s built around him. Villa will stay up and the club will be built around him again. He’s captain and he’s still posting photos of him at the academy when he started when he was six. It’s similar to me, I had chances to leave but, when the club means that much to you, the grass isn’t always greener

If I was the owner of Aston Villa at the moment, I’d just turn my phone off! If a player who’s so crucial to your team - like Jack is to Aston Villa - to get results, I’m not selling him. Selling a player of Jack’s calibre’s going to cost you much more in the long run. You may get a lot for him but you’ve got to stay in the Premier League no matter what, that’s where the money’s at. For me, I’m turning my phone off in the summer if I’m the Villa owner and, when the transfer window is over, I’d turn it back on so he can’t move. That’s what I’d do. Fingers crossed he stays. It’s down to him.