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Gabriel Jesus
Gender Male
Ethnic Brazilian
Job Brazilian Footballer
Desc A sensation from the off for Palmeiras and Manchester City, Jesus boasts an impressive record for Brazil already - and he’s still only 22. The current No.9 is no one-dimensional goal poacher either, with the Premier League star earning praise for his work-rate and intelligent decision making. More crucially still, Jesus has faced adversity and bounced back - something [Ronaldo](ronaldo.html) knows only too well about.


Org Brazil National Team
Club as Player Manchester City

2016 09 24 Retrieve

[Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus tells about his close relationship with his mother] Yes, it’s true that my mother has a go at me when I don’t track back. We are very, very close and she demands a lot from me, which is great. She only praises me if I have done something worthy of praise. I am really happy to have a mum like that, who really cares. She always tells me the truth and her sincerity helps me a lot

2017 01 21 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus speaks about manager Pep Guardiola after his move to the club was confirmed] One thing I’ve noticed is that like me, he’s mad about football, he lives football 24 hours a day and I’m like that too. When I’m not playing, I’m watching, or playing a video game, doing something linked to football, so I think this is very important that I’m the same as him, and I hope to learn. As I said, I’ve come here to learn, I’m going to give my all to learn more and more from him and my team-mates

2017 12 20 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus on Neymar and the Men’s Olympic Football Tournament Rio 2016] You know, before that tournament, I was just a fan of Neymar, like everybody else. He’s an incredible footballer, which everyone knows. But getting to really know him during that time … it was so special, because of the kind of person he is. The way that he treats everybody surprised me a lot - because even in the short amount of time that I’ve lived in football, I’ve seen so many guys who are not even amazing players, who haven’t won anything, being mascarado. This means a person who wears a mask. They’re one way to the public, and another in the dressing room. But with Neymar, he treated everybody like his brother. He was a huge reason that we were able to come together and ignore the pressure and play for one another

2018 02 17 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus on how Ronaldo has helped him while he recovers from injury] Besides being a fan of him as a player, I had the pleasure of getting to know the person he is, which made me admire him even more. He’s conquered everything, but is still humble - and great company. I’m proud to be able to have his help and advice

2018 05 19 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus speaks about having his own Panini sticker] You look at it and you don’t believe it because you used to collect the stickers of so many players and, today, yours is there. You get your own and you see everyone talking about it, you see everyone wanting to get your sticker. This is crazy. It makes me so happy. Sometimes I can’t even believe it. It is simply the biggest tournament in the world of football, the most desired by every player in every country. Before, you had an idea. Now you really know what it’s like

2019 06 15 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus claims it is ‘out of the question’ that both he and Sergio Aguero will leave Manchester City this summer] I think it’s out of the question that Aguero leaves and me too. [Aguero] is a legend at the club - he’s the top scorer [of all time]. Obviously as a player I always want to play, but I’m happy to help and I respect Sergio.

[A crushing 6-0 FA Cup final victory for City over Watford. Jesus ended the season with 21 across all competitions] It was a very important final, the last game of the season and I was happy to be able to score in such an important fixture

2019 06 22 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus has changed his shirt number at Manchester City, with the Brazil international striker to wear No.9 from the 2019-20 campaign] It will be an honour to wear the City number nine shirt and I’ll do so with great pride. I hope to score many goals wearing this jersey and help City to more trophies in the coming seasons. It’s the number I wear with Brazil and as always, I’ll be giving everything for City when I’m wearing it

2019 06 28 Retrieve

[Roberto Firmino’s failure to convert in the shoot-out enabled fellow forward Gabriel Jesus to grab a share of the headlines with the winner as amends for his miss from the spot against Peru during the group stage] I was confident. I hit it my own way and managed to score. In the previous game I got upset because I did not hit it my way. I think it was a little anxiety. I live to play football, to score goals and in the moment the anxiety disturbed me. Today, I hit it my way, calm, cold. I saw the goalkeeper moving to the left and just chipped it the other side

2019 06 28b Retrieve

[Brazil’s Gabriel Jesus has revealed that he insisted on taking the final penalty in his side’s Copa America shoot-out victory over Paraguay to atone for a previous mishap from the spot] I couldn’t convert the penalty. I left annoyed, sad, p*ssed off with myself because I didn’t take it my way. We all agreed I didn’t take it as I should have. I think I was a bit anxious. Today, after [Brazil assistant coach] Clebinho watched, I said I was going to take it, I was confident. I took it my way and I scored. In the game before I didn’t look at the keeper and I went for goal. This time, looking at the keeper, calm, collected, I saw him moving for the left and sent it the other way.

2019 06 30 Retrieve

[Sergio Aguero’s healthy selfishness helped inspire Gabriel Jesus back to form, but the Brazil striker will still ‘tease’ his Manchester City team-mate if the Selecao oust Argentina from the Copa America] I had a difficult time at City at the beginning of last season. I wasn’t well and I didn’t play much, but my family and the people who surround me helped me a lot, I sought a physical trainer to help me and he is with me today. I have tried to have more shots because there were games where I didn’t have any shots on goal which complicated things a little. Being with Manchester City and the national team has changed that and it is one of the main areas I have improved on. I see other attackers like Aguero having a lot of efforts at goal and this makes things easier. I have learned a lot from him. But now he is on one side and I’m on another

[As he prepares to face another City team-mate, Nicolas Otamendi, in what could be a head-to-head battle, Jesus knows there is plenty at stake] These are two giant teams, two countries with great history in football. As we are the home side and are in better form, there is more pressure on us than Argentina, but it is always a classic. I didn’t make a bet with [Aguero], he defends his team and I defend mine. But when I return [to City], I hope to tease him and Otamendi too

2019 07 03 Retrieve

[Having previously failed to fire at the Copa America, Gabriel Jesus has broken his mini goal drought for Brazil as they saw off Argentina 2-0 in their Copa America semi-final on Tuesday] I’m speechless. I consider every match to be important, even the ones I don’t perform well, because I take lessons from them. Tonight I was decided to score, I was very confident from the kick-off. I missed a chance, then I managed to score. Firmino was able to spot me well, it gave me confidence.

[Though Brazil have struggled at times on home soil at this Copa America, Jesus believes his side have turned a corner and are well poised for a strong showing in the final] I’m very happy not only for the goal, but for how the team performed. Last week I’ve said they would struggle to break our defence. We worked hard and battled hard tonight. Unfortunately we couldn’t score against Paraguay but we grabbed the goals tonight. Everyone should be pleased for the match they played, for the effort. This is Brazil! We have to play every match as we’ve been playing, with the same spirit, that way we will achieve our goals

: 2019 07 07 Just over a year ago Gabriel Jesus cut a distraught figure as he was blamed for Brazil’s World Cup exit at the hands of Belgium. Now, after superlative performances against Argentina and Peru, the young Manchester City striker is the toast of a nation as he made the headlines in every sense on the way to his side’s first major title since their Copa America win of 2007

: 2019 07 08 Match-winner Gabriel Jesus has punched two pieces of Video Assistant Referee equipment after being shown a red card in Brazil’s 3-1 Copa America final win over Peru at the Maracana.

2019 07 08b Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus has apologised for his explosive reaction to his Copa America final red card for Brazil] I want to apologise to the people who were nearby. It was a moment of anger, right? It was a mixture of emotions and anger, from my point of view, at the red card. I could have hurt someone and I’m glad I didn’t. I was wanting to help the team and that moment could have hurt. We were winning, playing a good game, and the referee makes the wrong decision. But I need to grow up, too. I do not want to shut people up, I do not want any of this. I am aware of my quality, my football, what brought me here today. Criticism, as well as praise, will come at all times. I give my maximum on the field, knowing that sometimes things take other routes but I’m happy with the tournament. From the first day in camp, everyone was happy, focused

2019 07 14 Retrieve

[Manchester City and Brazil striker Gabriel Jesus has admitted that he could not read most of the criticism levelled at him by fans and pundits following the 2018 World Cup] As a supporter, I would not like a Brazil number nine to not score. I did not have a good time at work, it happens to everyone. I think even if we were eliminated, if I scored in the first or in the fifth game, it would change the whole view of my World Cup. I confess that now I have not read much criticism that was written about me, because it was very heavy. There are people who praise a person who has played a good game or two, saying that he is a star. Others criticise a person who played one or two bad games, saying, ‘Why do you play football?’. Sometimes it seems they do not want to see the person evolving personally and professionally

[But with criticism an inevitable part of playing on the world stage, Jesus says he has learned to live his life without hatred] I try to think and see if it was an objective criticism, if I can take on the experience and evolve on top of that. A lot of them I did not even see, to be honest. Many, I forgot. I’m kind of always wanting the good of people, wanting to see them progress in their professional and personal lives. If people tried to take away hatred and lived happier, things would work out better. That’s why things in my life work out.

: 2019 08 04 Sunday’s Community Shield saw something that did not happen in the entirety of last year’s Premier League season. When Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus dribbled past Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk at Wembley Stadium, it was the first time the Netherlands international had been beaten on the dribble since Mikel Marino of Newcastle did so in March 2018, a run of 65 games

2019 08 08 Retrieve

[Brazilian star Gabriel Jesus has been handed a two-month international ban by CONMEBOL for his behaviour during the Copa America final last month] the player is suspended to play official and friendly matches with his national team in that period of time

[They decided that Jesus broke Articles 7.1 and 7.2 of the Disciplinary Rules for] behaving in an offensive, insulting or defamatory manner of any kind

2019 08 17 Tweet

[Gabriel Jesus have expressed frustration over his late strike against Tottenham disallowed by VAR] Great game, lads. Well played, but unfortunately we didn’t get the win. We scored the goal we needed, but…

2019 08 25 Retrieve

[Another setback followed the next summer when Gabriel Jesus was singled out for criticism after Brazil’s dismal World Cup campaign when he failed to score] I went to the World Cup as a key player and I ended up not scoring. It affects you

[The Brazilian is happy at Man City, but not content to play back-up forever] I want to be involved and I want to help my team-mates, respecting my manager. But of course I’m hoping to get minutes. Last season I didn’t play as much, but I expect and wish to play a little more, not to put pressure [on Guardiola], but on myself. Sometimes I don’t play as much as I wanted because of me. I have got to be strong and work hard. If I get the chance, I won’t let it go

2019 09 27 Retrieve

[Now into his fourth season at Manchester City, Gabriel Jesus admits he’s growing impatient having to wait for his chance to play regularly for the club] I’m over the ‘I have to wait’ phase. I’ve been here for almost three years, it’s my fourth season, and that makes me want to play more. Obviously it’s very hard to compete for a place with Aguero, the biggest legend of this club…I do understand Pep’s decisions and respect Sergio, his history here and what he’s doing now. Personally, last season was very hard. I didn’t get the chance to play in many games and many important games. I remember the Tottenham match at home in the Champions League. I was very frustrated about not playing and, of course, City being knocked out.

It does hurt when you don’t get chances in important games so I was disappointed at the end of last season. I think that’s normal and I’ve never been unprofessional about it. I was very upset but I did understand. I kept my mind in the right place and finished the season playing a [FA Cup] final and scoring twice. During my holidays I could see ahead and project this season differently. I’ve played six games so far, playing well and scoring goals. That’s my focus, I don’t want to steal anyone’s spot in the first team. Things happen naturally

[For Guardiola, the Brazilian is invaluable back-up to Aguero and can’t be easily replaced] It’s difficult to find anywhere in the world a striker like Gabriel. The number nine for Brazil, his behaviour in training is outstanding and he has to fight with one of the best strikers I have ever seen in my life in Aguero. I will not find a player like Gabriel. To sub Sergio you have to have a top player

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Everton vs Manchester City. One City player desperate to pick up more minutes though is forward Gabriel Jesus] I’m over the ‘I have to wait’ phase. I’ve been here for almost three years, it’s my fourth season, and that makes me want to play more. Obviously it’s very hard to compete for a place with Aguero, the biggest legend of this club…I do understand Pep’s decisions and respect Sergio, his history here and what he’s doing now. Personally, last season was very hard. I didn’t get the chance to play in many games and many important games. I remember the Tottenham match at home in the Champions League. I was very frustrated about not playing and, of course, City being knocked out. It does hurt when you don’t get chances in important games so I was disappointed at the end of last season. I think that’s normal and I’ve never been unprofessional about it

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus has attempted to quash reports linking him to Bayern Munich with a one-word response on Instagram] Lie

[Though he is getting some chances to play, the Brazil international has made it clear in recent weeks that he feels ready for more minutes at the Etihad Stadium] I’m over the ‘I have to wait’ phase. I’ve been here for almost three years, it’s my fourth season, and that makes me want to play more. Obviously it’s very hard to compete for a place with Aguero, the biggest legend of this club. I do understand Pep’s decisions and respect Sergio, his history here and what he’s doing now

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Manchester City forward Gabriel Jesus has praised compatriot Fernandinho’s performances in central defence] It’s been difficult because we haven’t had the right number of players in defence. We only had Nico and Fernandinho, who was doing a great job, but isn’t a defender. John’s return will help us a lot. He is a great player. When you’ve got a player who is really good you can put him anywhere in the pitch and he will do a great job. That’s what Fernandinho has been doing. Working to support the team, playing really well and helping us a lot. You can see he is a very experienced player and really good at what he does

[Jesus echoes the sentiments of his manager Pep Guardiola who has said it’s too early in the year to be worried about their place in the table] I feel that the guys are willing to get things right, to get back on the winning track and obviously to be champions. However, all the titles are still far away, so it’s step by step and I think everybody is in this sort of mood. It [Liverpool’s lead] is a concern and it is also too early [to be concerned]. We have to work hard and try to win every game from now on

2019 10 31 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus knows his fight for a starting place at Manchester City is not going to get any easier just because he gets to play alongside Sergio Aguero] It’s City you know! The competition is very high. City has good players, an amazing team, so whoever is playing is going to do good work. I like this position but I am always going to respect the manager’s decision. Since the Copa America, I’ve played right winger [for Brazil]. I like it. I started there in this position for Brazil and my old club. And after I played as a striker. Of course I like to play both positions and I think it’s very important that you can play more than one

[Jesus says he can only learn from one of the greatest strikers in Premier League history and try to follow his example] It’s difficult to describe Sergio Aguero. Sergio is the top scorer for the club and every game he shows us why he’s the top scorer. Of course I have to learn from him, he’s a legend. He scores in every game. I won’t score every game. I think we’re different, me and Sergio. I am 22 and I have to improve my football - my qualities, my finishing - I have to do it and I have to learn from Sergio

2019 11 14 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus out to follow in Neymar’s footsteps as he targets 100 Brazil caps & goals record] Of course, for me, the dream is to follow what he has achieved. To do that, getting 100 caps, scoring the most goals … But I know I have to work hard in every game, every training session for City, for Brazil. And I know I have to score goals. I am also learning at City to do this, working with Sergio [Aguero]. He’s a top, top player, the record scorer for the club and I can only learn from him. He scores almost every game. I am only 22 and I know I need to improve more, but that’s what I want to do. Without Neymar for Brazil, you have to look at everyone to step up, not just me. And Brazil have a lot of big players, not just Neymar. He is No.1 for Brazil, of course, but we have a lot of big players in the world and we can play well, even if he is not with us.

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus has no argument against Aguero selection battle at Man City] Sometimes it’s not easy to talk about who deserves to play. Sergio Aguero is top scorer of the club so it is not easy for me. I want to improve and want to help him and the club to score every game and win the title. I always respect the opinion of the manager. Whoever he picks, it’s the best decision for the team

My dream is to win the Champions League, but it is hard. We tried very hard last season, but I think now we are playing well again in Europe and this season can be our season. We want to win as well but it’s not easy

[Jesus said of that tussle] I think it’s still early for me to say anything about this; the season has only just begun. Of course, [leaders Liverpool] are playing well, we know this, but we haven’t played like we know we can. We can play like we did last season and win the title again. It is not easy as this season is more difficult than last season

[When away with his country, the highly-rated frontman is hoping to add to a tally of 18 international goals and eventually chase down Pele’s haul of 77 at the top of Brazil’s scoring charts] It is very difficult. I know the players who have scored a lot and are still playing and will be here for a long time. I hope I can do it, but I know it’s hard. Of course I will try every day and every game to score for Brazil

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus has been restricted to just four Premier League starts this term, but is likely to be drafted in for Aguero while he recovers from his tendon issue] I’m not happy because Sergio is injured. I don’t like it when my friends are injured but I work hard every day. I’m ready to play and show every time that I want to improve. I’m ready

When I decided to come here I knew it would be hard because we have Sergio who is the top scorer in the club and scores every game. I knew this. But I have a chance to play with Pep, with top, top players here at a big club. So that is why I came, to enjoy and learn

2019 12 04 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus credited Manchester City and Brazil team-mate Fernandinho for helping him to get back on the goal trail] I had a talk with Fernandinho. He has been helping me a lot. He has always been very important since I arrived at the club. With his experience throughout his career, he is giving me advice. The day before the game, we had a nice chat. He always looks after all of us, especially the young ones. As a countryman, he came to talk to me and tell me to remain calm. I was calm, more confident and I managed to score two goals, that was very important to me

2019 12 12 Retrieve

[Man City hat-trick hero Gabriel Jesus vows to ‘keep scoring’ after overcoming ‘bad’ patch] I have to do my job, my job is to score goals and help the team, without the ball and with the ball. Last month I was not scoring and I feel so bad because I have to score and help my team-mates. Now the goals are coming so I’m so happy but I cannot stop - I have to keep scoring

It’s special. When I was young, I’d think about the Champions League. I wanted to play, I wanted to score, I wanted the ball. For me it’s a very special moment when I score goals and a hat-trick as well

2019 12 12b Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus admits he can put himself under too much pressure to score after coming out of a recent goalscoring drought] Honestly, last month I was no good and I wasn’t happy. I played eight or nine games and I didn’t score and I missed chances so I’m not happy with that. When this happens of course I cannot be happy. Sometimes football is like that. You have to keep working hard and try to score, try to help the team and work and that’s what I have done. Always I think: ‘Wow I have to score’ because I’m playing for a big club in big competitions with big players. I think it happens with other players. I cannot talk about other players I can only talk about me when I’m not happy with me I want to shoot myself in the head because it’s difficult for me. I take it [personally] of course. I think: ‘Oh my god I have to score, I have to score, I have to score’. When I have the chance sometimes I miss because I think too much and put too much pressure on myself. I try. I’m getting better. I’m working to score and don’t think about the pressure

I’m a blessed guy. I try all the time to do my best and sometimes I cannot do it and that’s the way. It’s important for me to score goals and keep scoring goals because I have to. I’m at a big club and play with big players. I’m in a single competition with Sergio - a friendly competition. I hope that when he plays he scores. I always want him to help the team and his team-mates. When I play he does the same, which is amazing. I have to learn from him because he’s scored a lot for the club and throughout his career. And I’m happy with 101 goals in my career

2019 12 14 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus talks up Mikel Arteta amid Arsenal links] He’s helped a lot of players. When I want to do finishing after training, I tell him and he comes and helps me. So he is really fantastic for us. All the players know that - everyone knows that in the club. He is a fantastic guy and fantastic manager. I don’t honestly know what he thinks about his career, that is for him. I hope he can find his way and I hope he can be happy

[Gabriel Jesus intends to remain on the goal trail] I have to do my job, my job is to score goals and help the team, without the ball and with the ball. Last month I was not scoring and I feel so bad because I have to score and help my team-mates. Now the goals are coming so I’m so happy but I cannot stop - I have to keep scoring

2019 12 24 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus: Sergio Aguero isn’t young anymore & my time has come at Man City] In the first season when I came, I played a lot. I came here to play, play, play. After that year sometimes it was him and not me. I know Sergio is a legend, top scorer of club, top man, top guy. I like him as a player and a person. I know Sergio can score every game because of his quality and experience - and every time he plays I want him to score, obviously, so I wait and I wait.

I want to play every game but the reality is not like that. We have a lot of players, top players. I do try to enjoy it when I am on the pitch. But I know Sergio is not young any more like me, and now I think my time has come. This is my time. I just want to play football and to improve. That’s what makes me happy - that’s what I love. If I am not playing football I don’t know what I would do.

It’s always difficult when you don’t play but I know I won’t be in every time, and I respect the manager’s decision and respect my friend Sergio because he’s a legend of the club. And I definitely don’t think about being the best in the world, I just want to play and score and then the rest comes anyway

[Jesus added on the healthy competition he enjoys with Aguero] Sergio has helped me so much, not just in the conversations we have but with his actions in training. When I am going to play he talks to me a lot about the game, about openings, about defenders and keepers. We have a very good relationship

Last season was so difficult and this time even more so. We have to try and win every one and it doesn’t just depend on us, but it can happen

2020 01 01 Retrieve

[Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus says he is learning from team-mate Sergio Aguero, a player he says scores every game] I have to try to score every time, because we have Sergio of course. Sergio scores every game, so I have to learn from him. When I go on the pitch I have to score. It’s always good to start the year with a victory. The team played very well and I’m very happy to score, but the guys played so well today

That I keep scoring against Everton, I think it’s a coincidence! I am happy with the victory, the team played so well. We kept the ball, passed and created chances

[The 22-year-old netted twice in quick succession just before the hour mark to give the hosts a comfortable lead, but a Richarlison goal soon after ensured City were in for a nervy final 20 minutes] It was nervous at the end because they have a lot of good players. We had to fight and be careful at the end.

[On the club’s hectic schedule over the festive period] I am not tired, but I did not play against Wolves - I was ill - but the guys who have played a lot are tired. It’s difficult. We have to rest and recover to play again now

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus insists he could not have a better striker to learn from than Manchester City team-mate Sergio Aguero] Sergio Aguero is a legend. He’s a legend of the Premier League, a legend of the club - when he goes to the pitch he scores always. He is a great guy and a legend of course. I have to learn from him. I’m in the same position so I have to learn. Of course I think our football is different - he is more of a striker, more of a finisher, so of course I have to learn from him. We work together, every single day. I can learn from him. So that’s what I have to do

[City have now scored 40 goals with the duo scoring more than half - 14 for Aguero and eight for Jesus] I think it’s because I want to score, he wants to score so that’s the point. I can score maybe normally, two or three [against Villa] but I missed the chance and Sergio scored a hat-trick. If Raheem plays I’m sure he scores - we have to do it. We work hard to score and win games

2020 01 27 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus not frightened of penalties despite Man City striker’s run of misses] In the training sessions I take them and I score more than I miss. If I take five I miss one and sometimes I don’t miss. In games it’s been different. I’ve taken three this season - two here and one with the national team Brazil - and I missed all three. When you miss three in a row you go to the next one under pressure to score. So that’s the challenge. I have in my mind that I have to train more and improve more of course. Normally the manager puts on the paper in the dressing room before the game who are the penalty takers. Last game I was the penalty taker and here normally I am the taker but it was Gundo. That’s football. Sometimes you have to stop, improve and come back strong

[Goalkeeper Ederson was suggested as a possible alternative] Ederson is a very cool guy. It’s true he doesn’t have blood [in his veins]. If the manager said to him take them, I think he’s going to score

[The holders have a 3-1 advantage from the first leg but Jesus says they cannot take anything for granted after Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side] It’s going to be a hard, very good derby here. It doesn’t matter the first game. We never know what can happen so we have to focus on United too and play well and qualify

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus insists that Manchester City is still the best place for him to develop] I feel this is the best place for me to develop, if not I wouldn’t have come. Of course I trust in the club when I took the decision to come here. I am here. Sometimes I am happy, sometimes I am not but that’s normal because I want to play. Sometimes I can understand why I don’t but I try to do my best every day. I will do my best every day because I want to stay here and I want to help my team-mates

[when asked to assess his latest performance] I am happy! We won the game, qualified for the next round and when I score, of course, I am even happier! We played well. The first game was very good for us. But this is a new game. We have to forget that. The game on Wednesday will be a tough game. I hope we can play well again and qualify

2020 02 28 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus is ready to play anywhere to help Manchester City win trophies] I enjoy the work. It doesn’t matter if I have to run back to help my team-mates, I am young, I have the power and energy to do it. I enjoy the position a lot because I can go back and help the full-backs. I am very comfortable there but we have a lot of quality players. We are very proud of the performance but we know they have a lot of quality, a lot of amazing players. They are a big club and now there will be another game, the second leg

The three guys behaviour in the locker room was exceptional, I’m so proud of their reaction, I know they wanted to play. Sergio is incredible, I never could express my gratitude for his help, a legend for this club, I know he’s ready to help us. David and John [Stones], Oleks [Zinchenko], Eric [Garcia], my gratitude I’d love all of them to play

The challenge is coming and it’s the biggest of the season. We know Real can go to the Etihad and beat us. Sunday is important. It’s been a big week because we played Leicester away, a team with a lot of quality, and went seven points in front of them. So we’ve had two very good games - and now it’s a final. It’s important to win the first title of the season

2020 02 28b Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus insists that he remains happy at Manchester City as he responded to a question asking whether he would like to play for a club like Real Madrid at some point] I have a contract with City and I am very happy with the season I am having, playing, scoring goals and helping the team. I am very happy with the year I am having and I don’t think about these things. I am still the dreamer I was when I wore the Palmeiras jersey. I want to achieve great things and conquer my objectives. I am still young despite having won important things in my career. I always want more and to fly higher

I am very happy. The goal on Wednesday was one of the most important and significant of my career. It was a difficult game, we all know how important and how big Real Madrid are. That’s why I’m so happy and I will, for sure, always remember this huge night. But we know we have to focus on the return leg. Nothing is done yet and the result either, we believe in ourselves. This is Real Madrid. They have a lot of quality and we have to be very focused

[Jesus felt that the red card received by Madrid captain Ramos for bringing him down as he bore down on goal was a logical decision by referee Daniele Orsato] It was a normal fight, a normal battle for position. I was only looking at the ball, we fought for the space and when it arrived and I scored, I was delighted with such an important goal. It was another normal situation. I was going towards goal and I felt a nick on my leg. They’re things in the game. Sergio Ramos is one of the best defenders in history, I respect him a lot and his career. I did my job and I am happy because we won

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[Gabriel Jesus shut down by coronavirus outbreak] I think I have had a good streak, good minutes on the pitch, I started in some important matches, such as against Real Madrid in the Champions League. It helps any player to perform better, play more, be happy. I think I had one of my best moments for City before the break. Pep [Guardiola] usually does this; sometimes I play the cup games and ‘Kun’ the Premier League or the opposite. So when I knew I was going to play I saw it naturally. Of course I was happy, every player dreams of playing in a match of this magnitude, against Real at the Bernabeu. I’m glad it went well, I helped the team and we managed to win

[Jesus has admitted to being tough on himself in the past] It is a process of maturation, of evolution as a person and as a player. I went through a very difficult period in my short career, but I managed to get back to doing what I liked most, being happy again. Having my family and friends close also helped me a lot at the time, and then I started to live a very positive sequence that lasts until today.

[Jesus says he is happy to fit in with whatever the City boss demands] I always played as a side striker who enters the area a lot, since Palmeiras I’ve been like that and I feel very good and comfortable acting like that. Of course I also play as a reference in the attack, more tucked inside the area, without any problem and I’m also used to it. But my position was always acting from the side

[Jesus says they don’t feel any extra pressure when they play in Europe] I think it’s hard to talk about pressure for a team that has won as many titles as ours in recent years. We won the Premier League twice, we won the Carabao Cup, FA Cup - so I don’t see we have the pressure to win a competition. But, of course, the Champions League is everyone’s desire here. It is the main club tournament in the world and everyone wants to win it, it’s normal

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[Gabriel Jesus won’t obsess over Aguero No.9 battle] I don’t have a preference, but most of my life I played as a winger or a second striker, never as a main striker. After 2016 I played a few games like that and after that, I started playing as a classic striker. Most of my time so far at City has been as a striker, but I also played several games out wide. Against Real Madrid I played on the wing. Usually, when I start as a striker, I naturally tend to go for the flanks. Sometimes I get scolded, but I keep doing that! At City you need to stay more central because the midfielders create a lot, but I don’t always do that!

Pep is very intense. The main thing you notice is his desire to win, he never drops it but it is for our own good. And he likes to work with youngsters and help them develop, that was one of the reasons why I came. I was really happy to choose my team correctly, with a very qualified squad, players, coaches. The reception I received from everyone at the club and the supporters was perfect as well

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[Gabriel Jesus backs Black Lives Matter movement] Racism isn’t a problem that only started in recent days and it isn’t normal, so people do feel that they have had enough, and they have exploded. I’m against violence or any sort of violent protest. I’m all in favour of peaceful protests in order to say ‘no to racism’ and whenever we say ‘Black Lives Matter’, we should also read it correctly and understand the meaning behind it. We aren’t saying that other lives don’t matter, but we are saying that the lives of black people who feel racism matter. We can’t generalise it. Not everyone is racist, the majority aren’t, but lots of people are and it’s like they haven’t got brains. So, when we use that sentence it’s because we know what it is to be a victim of racism. It is painful to feel it.

I have suffered a couple of times. I’ve managed to elevate myself [above it]. I’m black and I’m from a favela. I was able to learn from those experiences, but everyone reacts and feels differently and I’ve got my way. This is a very important movement, because like I said, there is a time that people do wake up and these actions [police brutality] that we’ve seen lately aren’t normal and they shouldn’t happen. Therefore there is a moment that we have to say ‘enough, time to stop’ and it is important to show your position on this matter and this sentence [Black Lives Matter] is very clear on how tired people have been exhausted for a while, tired of injustice. Social media is very important these days, but the problem is that sometimes we don’t respect each other’s opinions or views and that can create a bigger problem or hate. I know it is difficult to speak about peace, but if we were to follow our lives based on peace, it would be a lot better

[City poised to lose their Premier League crown to Liverpool but retaining designs on adding the FA Cup and Champions League to a third consecutive EFL Cup they won in March] The concept is always the same. There are one or two things that have changed, but I will not be revealing them here! Pep is creative and intense, so he always has ways to make sure that the players’ fusion always works. It is a tough moment in the Premier League but we still have two more trophies to fight for

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[Gabriel Jesus admits that he had much to learn when arriving at Manchester City, with the Brazilian revealing that he loved pizza and burgers before taking on a personal performance coach] Before I came to Manchester City, I worked differently at my old club Palmeiras. I came here and I stayed for the first year and I felt something different. Pizza, bread, I loved all that. I loved burgers. That was all so bad for me and my body. But this was my life before Andre came

I asked Manchester City if I could try to do something at home with somebody who could come to see me so I found Andre and he is a top guy, a top professional. He knows everything so he has helped me a lot. Now my nutrition is much better than before, for sure. I don’t go crazy. I had to think ahead so I stopped with all that. Always in my life, I want to learn more, improve more, everything. On the pitch, it is the same. When I feel something is wrong with me, with my body, with my quality, I try to improve. So I found Andre. I think it was a very good decision in my life

I am very fit and I am ready to play with my friends. We are ready because we are training so, so much. It is hard every day, every single day, every single session. We are training hard. Everybody knows this Premier League is done but we don’t have to give up because we have the Champions League as well and the FA Cup. We have to do everything to stay fit and play good. I think everyone is ready