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Name Gareth Bale
Gender Male
Ethnic Welsh
Job Welsh Footballer
Desc The 2012/13 PFA Young Player of the Year, FWA Footballer of the Year and Premier League Player of the Season. How amusing that, at the beginning of his Spurs career, fans thought he was jinxed, with the Welshman coming close to a cut-price move to Birmingham. Over six seasons he developed from a promising left-back into one of the best forwards in the world, eventually recruited by Real Madrid for a world-record fee as Cristinao Ronaldo’s heir apparent


Club as Player Real Madrid
  Tottenham Hotspur


Agent Jonathan Barnett

2011 11 28 Retrieve

[Wales and Tottenham star Gareth Bale on Gary Speed] It was a massive shock, I don’t think anybody ever thought anything like this would happen. Everyone is devastated and it is a massive loss to everyone in football. It is a tragedy, everyone still can’t get their head around it and all our condolences go out to his family and his kids. It is a hard time. We were on the up, he changed the way we play and the whole mentality of our game. It is a massive loss, but we will try and carry on the best we can in his honor

2013 09 04
Gareth Bale during a training session at the Vale of Glamorgan ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Qualifying Group A match against Macedonia

2015 03 03 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale has described winning La Decima in his first season at Real Madrid as a dream come true] It’s a dream come true, literally I think. When you’re a little boy you dream of lifting the Champions League and to lift the 10th one for Real Madrid is special and one that will go down in history

2015 10 11 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale reacts to losing 2-0 to Bosnia and Herzegovina, having also just found out they still clinched a place at UEFA EURO 2016 after Israel’s defeat to Cyprus] This is the best defeat of my life

2016 01 10 Retrieve

[Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale saddened by Benítez exit but basks in Zidane acclaim] I had a very good relationship with Rafa. Obviously, it was a big disappointment to see him go but things like this happen in football: you’re professional and you get on with it, and carry on. I’m happy at the moment. Obviously, you can never predict what happens in the future but I’m enjoying my football at the moment, so I’ll keep going

That [was] nice of him to say. We had a chat when he first came in. No matter what, I’ll always give 100% on a football pitch and that’s what I did tonight. I just want to keep playing my football. I don’t feel I need to make a statement to anyone. I know what I’m capable of and I just want to keep enjoying my football, and when I do that I play my best football

There have been comments in previous interviews and stuff [commenting on the fact that] I’ve been stuck on the right, and I didn’t have that freedom but now on the right I’m able to come in and float around a bit as well. Obviously, my main position would be on the right. I’m enjoying my football, I’m enjoying my position at the moment and hopefully I continue to do so

My best position is being able to roam around the front and try and find weaknesses in the defence, I suppose. Everybody knows where I like to play and what I like to do on the pitch, and hopefully I can keep doing it

I don’t think there was too much difference, to be honest. We’ve been working hard of late and maybe we didn’t have a bit of luck before but I think we’re all working the same amount on the football pitch. We’re all giving 100% and the most important thing is we win games and win titles

[That is something Bale believes they can still do, despite trailing both Barcelona and Atlético Madrid at the top of the table] I think this time last year we were clear and we hadn’t lost in 22 games or something. We know what can happen in the league, we know we have to keep fighting all the way; we’ll keep doing that until the last whistle

2016 04 25 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale, who should play alongside Ronaldo and Benzema, suggested City should have reached the semi-finals in the past] If anything I’m surprised they haven’t got here earlier. They’ve progressed over the years. They’ve been a force in the Premier League and are starting to be in Europe. Hopefully now we can stop them

I don’t feel I have a point to prove. I’ve played long enough to be OK about that. We want to stamp our authority and win by as many goals as we can. It’s going to be difficult. The first legs are always a bit tense, a bit cagey. It’ll be great to score goals, but all we’re going to do is give our best. Hopefully that will be enough. Whenever I step on the pitch I try and do the best I can. We all want to work together as a team. We attack together and defend together. Whoever wins the game, if we keep clean sheets it’s for all of us to celebrate. We’re a united team

We’re feeling confident at the moment. We’ve not had great performances away at Wolfsburg [losing 2-0 in previous round] we’ve learned from it and corrected it. We need to impose ourselves. We’ve looked back at Wolfsburg – we need to be a bit more patient and not go for the kill straight away. We have to be smart – attack when we can

2016 06 11 Retrieve

[Wales forward Gareth Bale on facing England at UEFA EURO 2016] It is like any derby - you never want to lose to the enemy. I think we’ve got a lot more passion and pride about us than them. We’ll definitely show that on the day

2017 03 11 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale talks about his relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo] We’ve always got on well. We’ve scored a lot of goals, given each other a lot of assists, and won two Champions Leagues. So it hasn’t gone too bad. He’s changed his game slightly. At Manchester United, you’d see him running from deep. He’s more of a striker. He’s very effective in the box, scoring goals, making assists. As you get older, even I’m starting to change my game a little bit. He knows what he’s doing and he’s doing it very well

2018 01 15 Tweet

[Gareth Bale says Cyrille Regis helped him a lot when he was making his way in the game] Tragic news about Cyrille Regis. Helped me alot when i was younger and was a great man! My thought are with his family at this sad time. RIP Cyrille

2018 03 24 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale reacts to surpassing Ian Rush to become Wales’ all-time leading goalscorer after scoring a hat-trick a 6-0 win over China PR] It’s amazing, and it’s on my daughter’s birthday, so happy birthday to her and I’m disappointed I can’t be with her. It’s great individually to get the record but always the most important thing is that the team plays well and with the new manager [Ryan Giggs] it’s important to get off to a good start

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale talks about playing for the Wales national team] I definitely have more excitement playing for Wales. I’ve been with most of the older players since we were in the Under-17s. It’s like playing with your mates down the park on a Sunday. It’s normal

2019 11 23 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale on being dubbed The Golfer by the Madrid media] find it hilarious to be honest, especially some of the pictures and stuff my friends send me. On one [headline] it said triple bogey - and I’ve never had a triple bogey! At least give me an albatross! It’s funny

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Bale has also invited gamers from around the world to participate in a talent hunt where they will be given a chance to sign a professional contract with Ellevens Esports] There are similarities between football and esports in that it takes real dedication and sacrifice to reach the top of your game

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Bale makes £500,000 donation to Cardiff hospital amid Covid-19 crisis] I just wanted to thank everybody in the NHS for all their hard work and sacrifice during the Covid-19 crisis. The University of Wales Hospital holds a special place in my heart. It is where I was born and it has provided great support to my family, friends and the wider community. Me and my family would like to show our support. Keep up the good work, you are doing an amazing job. Thank you very much

2020 04 22b Retrieve

[‘Tottenham fan’ Bale looks back on Spurs’ Champions League heartbreak] Everybody loves tuning in to watch the Champions League final, and obviously Tottenham were there so I had a very keen interest, I was hoping they’d get to the final like they did. They had some great matches on the way, obviously in the semi-final [against Ajax]. For us Tottenham fans it was a bit disappointing in the final, but you have to look at the bigger picture. They did great to get there and gave a good account of themselves

[For Bale, though, scoring and beating Atletico Madrid to clinch La Decima six years ago remains his favourite] They all have their own special moments. The first one is always so special because I’d never won a trophy before and you don’t know the experience, excitement and euphoria you get from lifting the trophy. Winning in my home city was an incredible moment for me personally because not many people get to do that. Then the last final [against Liverpool] I played in I scored that goal and for it to be the winning goal was also special. It’s difficult to pick one but in terms of the overall experience I’d go for the first one because it was the first final and I didn’t expect what was coming, the nerves of it and how we won it in the last minute. The celebrations were something I’d never experienced before. Everything was just new, so it was really exciting and it made it so special

It’s quite a strict lockdown, we can’t go out at all, can’t go out for a walk or exercise or anything. It’s very strict, but I guess we’re all doing it for the greater good. Everyone wants to play football, but the most important thing is everyone stays safe, we don’t come back too early and we make sure everything is done safely so we avoid the second wave of this virus. The difficult thing, you hear everyone saying they want to get the season finished and do this and that. But you need to look at the bigger picture, the most important thing is everyone’s health. With football, everyone misses it and wants to play, everyone wants to watch. But the bigger picture is there will be many more seasons of football, Champions Leagues, leagues and cups, the important thing is getting this right now, if we can get that right, it’ll make football last much longer in the future and we won’t have a problem like this in the future

2020 05 01 Retrieve

[Real Madrid star Bale reveals interest in future MLS move] I really like the league, it’s grown so much over the years. The standard’s getting a lot better, clubs are improving, facilities and stadiums are improving. When we come over and play in pre-season the games are difficult…it’s a league that’s on the up and still rising. A lot more players want to come to America now. I would definitely be interested in it.

I loved my time at Tottenham, the fans were incredible, the club treated me amazingly. I was enjoying it but when one of the biggest clubs in the world comes after you, you want to take that opportunity

[The Welshman also named the best managers he’s played under throughout his career, including Harry Redknapp and Andre Villas-Boas on his final list but leaving off Zidane] Harry Redknapp was good, he let you do what you wanted to get the best out of you. AVB I had a really good relationship with. He said ‘you have the licence to go where you want, right, middle, left’. It made me feel like I could score whenever I wanted

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale has hit out at the Real Madrid fans who have jeered him during his time with the Primera Division club] It’s one of those things. I didn’t know too much about it coming to Madrid. It’s one of those things that you don’t expect. You don’t expect your own supporters to do that to their own player. I get it if it is aimed at the team if you’re not playing well or at half-time you’re down by a couple. But to boo your own player, or whistle your own player like they do it’s just wrong. Because if you are having a bad game you want your fans to get behind you. If they start whistling your confidence goes down even more – everything becomes more difficult. You’re going to play worse, which is going to make them more angry. They are hurting themselves in a way. To me, it makes no sense. It baffles me to this day. I just don’t understand, it doesn’t make any sense to me

I’d seen the banner a few weeks before. The boys had shown me and they said: ‘If we do qualify, let’s try and find it and bring it out.’ I was like: ‘Do what you want but I won’t be going over to get it’. They brought it down, we were all celebrating as a team and I’m not going to not jump around with my team-mates. It was a bit of banter. A bit of fun. People can see it how they like

2020 05 26 Retrieve

[Bale calls for calm over his golf habit, saying: Stephen Curry plays on the same morning of the game] A lot of people have problems with me playing golf. I don’t know why. I’ve talked about it many times and everyone thinks it’s fine, but especially in the media there is that perception that I should be resting, that it can lead to injuries. I see people in America, for example Stephen Curry, who plays the same morning of the game. Here, if I play two days before the game it’s like: ‘What are you doing?’

2020 05 27 Retrieve

[Gareth Bale says Real Madrid fans jeering him has hurt his confidence] We get a lot of pressure every game. If you don’t play well, there’s scrutiny. I’ve had 80,000 people in a stadium whistle at me because I haven’t played well. I’ve had it a few times! It’s not nice and it doesn’t do your confidence any good either

[When asked why they do it] This is the biggest question and I just don’t get it. You would expect that if you’re not having a good time on the pitch, your fans would get behind you and try to help you do better because it’ll make them happy. But it seems that they do the opposite. They whistle you, which consequentially makes you feel worse, you lose your confidence, you play worse and then that makes them even more upset

In football, you might play amazing, not score for five games, and then everyone says you’re having a terrible time. You think to yourself that you’re playing well, you just haven’t scored or assisted. But people just like goals, assists and ‘wow’ things. Sometimes that doesn’t always happen.

[Bale says he is also still confused that his love for playing golf has caused such a stir in Spain] A lot of people have problems with me playing golf. I don’t know what their reason is because I’ve spoken to doctors and everybody’s fine with it. The media has this perception that it’s not good for me, you should be resting, it can cause you injuries. Steph Curry (NBA basketball player) plays maybe on the morning of a game. If I play two days before a game, it’s like ‘what’s he doing?’. It’s nice to be on the course and just get away from everything. I play with a few friends or sometimes play on my own, put some music on, play 18 holes and just relax and get away from everything. I then don’t have to think about football, especially if it’s not going well.