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Name Gareth Southgate
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  England Head Coach


Org English National Team
Club as Coach Middlesbrough

2005 08 16 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate on Gerrard after a Premiership game between Middlesbrough and Liverpool in 2005] Steven Gerrard was awesome today. We were just laughing in the dressing room that at one stage we thought he was heading his own crosses in

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Middlesbrough boss and Euro 96 penalty fluffer Gareth Southgate after watching his side defeat Bristol City on spot kicks in their FA Cup replay] The players said afterwards they were better at penalties than me!

2017 01 14 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate pays tribute to former Three Lions boss Taylor] I found him a gentleman and, as the current England manager, it is very sad to see somebody who was so proud to hold the position pass away. I think he cared about football, he had a passion for England. He has given most of his life to English football. I think you meet decent football people within the game and he was one of those, certainly somebody who had a passion for coaching and wanted to see young English coaches come through

2017 03 16 Retrieve

[Arsenal forward Theo Walcott in row with Gareth Southgate over England axe. Happy birthday, Theo, you’re dropped] I’ve got to say he wasn’t chuffed to bits to get the call. And I understand that. Did he argue his case? Yes. Quite rightly, he said: ‘I’m one of the leading goalscorers in the league.

I don’t mind being challenged on that. I totally respect that. I don’t expect him to be happy but I’ve got to make decisions and I think it was the right thing to call him to talk that through – even if the timing wasn’t great.

[The manager suggested Walcott had not done enough when he started in the qualifiers against Malta and Slovenia in October and came on as a 27th-minute substitute in the friendly against Spain in November] I don’t think he transferred his early-season form into the matches we had in October and November with England. He’s a player I still like. I’ve said to him that I’m not ruling him out but, in terms of just having him as a squad player, I think it’s a better opportunity for me to look at one or two others. With our wide players – the way we’re playing at the moment we like to get the players between the lines slightly differently. Theo is more a player who runs in behind defences

2017 04 22 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate pays tribute to former team-mate Ugo Ehiogu] I know that football will be grieving because he was so highly respected by everybody he worked with and losing him at such a young age is difficult to come to terms with. Most importantly, he was a gentleman and he is one of those characters that people would find it difficult to have anything bad to say about him. I probably played more games with Ugo than anybody else in my career and while in many ways he was a gentle giant away from football, he was a colossus on the pitch. It felt like a true partnership with Ugo because we were prepared to put our bodies on the line for each other

2017 08 26 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate pays tribute to Wayne Rooney] I’m not sure what else you have to do to become a legend. I congratulate him on a fantastic international career. We’re good at judging our players harshly. Rooney’s done everything but win a trophy with England. By that token only the guys from 1966 can be elevated to that level. I’ve got huge respect for him. I was fortunate to play with him and manage him. He’s been a pleasure to work with and I’m sure there’ll be a role for him to play in the future

2017 12 02 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate gives his reaction to his side’s Group G opponents after the FIFA World Cup Final Draw] We know Belgium really well. Most of their players play in the English Premier League. Panama is a team we’ve never played, so for us, it’s interesting to find out more about the team. Tunisia personally takes me back to 1998 and the first game of the World Cup in France, because as a player, my first game was against them

2018 10 06 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate on signing a new contract that will see him remain as England coach until the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar] I am delighted to have the opportunity to lead the national team through the next two major tournaments. The job remains an incredible privilege and a true honour. Experiencing at first hand how the nation united behind the team this summer was something special and it will be great to see how far this young squad can go in the years to come

2018 11 10 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate expresses his disappointment over the criticism to call up Wayne Rooney for his 120th and final appearance with England next week] It’s a shame because you want it to be a fitting tribute to an outstanding player, who I think has often been undervalued in terms of how well he played for England. Hopefully, by the time we get to the game, and him being with us next week, the focus will be on ‘actually, let’s think about what he did and how well he played, and there’s an opportunity here to thank him for that’

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Gareth Southgate is hoping Alan Shearer and Michael Owen can sort out their differences] You never like to see people falling out publicly and that’s a shame. I think in football, when you’re in high-pressure moments, inevitably, there will be events that happen. Having been involved in a relegation battle myself that same year, that’s a very tense environment, so if you then don’t have the opportunity to work beyond that then there are unresolved conversations, perhaps unresolved decisions

I’ve always been of the view of wanting to reconcile with them, you know, why not? But, everyone has got to choose their own path. Hopefully the two lads can get together and talk. I think communicating in any walk of life is the most important thing you can do. So, ideally that’s face-to-face, second best over the phone, probably not through social media but they’ve got to get on with it, they are big men and hopefully, in actual fact, if anything was festering it might actually force them to get together

2019 10 15 Retrieve

[With the match halted twice in the first half after England players complained about a spectrum of abuse including monkey chants and Nazi salutes y Bulgarian fans … The reality, of course, is that England and everyone else have underreacted to racism in football for decades] I’m incredibly proud of the players and all the staff. It’s such a difficult area as not everyone will agree we’ve gone far enough but I still believe we’ve made a huge statement. The game was stopped twice – I don’t believe that’s happened in international football