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Name Gareth Taylor
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Manchester City

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Why Man City have struggled to produce their own Rashford] These lads understand the importance of the Youth Cup because they want to progress, they want the excitement that comes with it and the excitement of being in the hat for the next round. Even as coaches, we want the same thing. We want to put these lads in games of this high level, so that they have some experience to draw on when they eventually play first-team football. I’m not saying it’s completely replicating the standard of first-team football or the stadiums or the crowd. But it’s a small step

[Taylor believes that City are starting to make a breakthrough in clearing a path to the senior squad. Phil Foden is still only 19 but has made 22 appearances this season, 18-year-old centre-back Eric Garcia has recently started two Premier League games, while Taylor Harwood-Bellis and Tommy Doyle, who were 17 at the start of the season, have started cup games] If I think back to the teams that have made it through to the finals for City, there are a lot of players actually playing elite football. But, ideally, we want that to be with our first team. Phil and Eric Garcia and Taylor are flying the flag now, so we’re getting there. Hopefully the first-team experiences that Phil and Eric have had will make that step to the first team that little bit easier for those coming up behind them. And that’s all you can ask for

We’ve had eight Under-23 players come back to us and we’ve had two days’ preparation, so it’s not easy. It’s a great experience for the players and what you want to do is just help them understand the situations that they’re in. We want to reach finals so that these players gain more experience of playing in big games. Hopefully we’re always going to be there or thereabouts

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Man City starlets Foden and Garcia may need to be patient again next season] That made me laugh when I saw that, that’s Eric Garcia. He’s brave enough to make that call because you never know, when the game kicks off they might have gone another way. But I just liked the fact that he would do that. That told me he was focused and wanting to help and do so well. Doing it with me is fine but doing it at that level is incredible really.

If you speak to my players they will tell you that they’re sick of me using Phil and Eric as examples, because not only are they very good football players, they’re very good people. When you see Phil go on and flourish the way he has, probably not playing as much as he might want, but his attitude throughout has been outstanding. Eric is the same - he’s an incredible lad to work with. They are just great examples for me to use and say to players: you see them doing the right things at the right time and regardless of whether they have success or failure, they’re back out and positive and trying to do the right things again

Eric was class [for the U18s]. I have a real close relationship with him because he was just an inspirational captain. It was not easy for him coming from another environment in Barcelona, but you could see he had real solid principles, and had everything that the team embodies, in terms of being positive

Lads like Phil and Eric will always be successful because they understand what it means. And they’re very competitive and they want to win. That’s not to say that both of them are going to start regularly next season, that might not be the case. They’re going into a team and a squad that has world-class stars, and they’ve had to be patient. They might have to continue to be patient further down the line. But one thing you can put your money on is the fact that when they are called upon, they’re ready. With all of those things that they’ve got, their qualities, they’ll always have a really good chance of being successful

We had to provide a list of players who are available. That was quite good in a way when we got that call. And we fed that back to the players, it was quite good motivation for them. They need to be ready, they need to be right in case the manager wanted to call on players. So it was a bit of a boost to them.

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Man City Women name Gareth Taylor as new head coach] I’m absolutely delighted to have joined Manchester City Women and I’m extremely excited about the challenge ahead with a very talented group of players and staff who have enjoyed a lot of success in recent years. I’m really honoured to have been appointed to this role and I can’t wait to get started with our preparations for another thrilling and competitive [Women’s Super League] season in 2020/21. I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some great people within Manchester City and the Club’s Academy so far, but I’m absolutely relishing my new role within City Football Group and I’ll be giving everything I have to continue Manchester City’s success and growth in the women’s game

2020 05 29 Retrieve

[Manchester City’s new manager Gareth Taylor is confident he can continue to bring success to the club in his first ever senior role] I’m actually really good friends with Nick, we’ve been friends for a number of years. Over six years ago, I was actually his line manager in the academy, and we’ve been very close for a number of years. He’s been a brilliant soundboard for me to use in this period and I’ve had to be sensitive to phone him or voice calls or Facetime calls, particularly him being in New York and the different time zone. He just painted a really good picture for me, and having had that backed up by Gavin [Makel, City’s Head of Women’s Football], and speaking with Alan [Mahon, Cushing’s former assistant] and certain staff within the women’s group, it was a no-brainer for me, and I was really excited about it. In terms of my coaching philosophy and style, it’s an important thing to me. We want to play winning football but we want to win with style and a bit of class, and there’s many, many influences. I’m an evolving coach - I have some fundamental morals or things that I really hold dear to me - but I certainly feel that if I’m still the same coach in five years, then I will be very disappointed in myself. [I have] many influences, from really good people within the academy. I’m a real big fan of the first-team manager [Pep Guardiola]. [I’m] so fortunate to be able to gain a glimpse of that on occasions and get some interaction with him. Rodolpho Barrell, who was my head of coaching who’s now working with Pep, and Jason Wilcox - there’s some really good people at [City Football Group].

It was always something I took an interest in. If you understand the life of a coach, we watch any game. Youth team, first team, no matter what. I’ve been watching a hell of a lot of our previous games, probably every England game for the last two years, and focusing on our international players and their national games. Even games which haven’t involved our players. I’ve really enjoyed the process, [I’ve] been crazy mad writing notes. I had good conversations with Nick on this. He was going into MLS a little bit blind and it gave him an opportunity to study MLS online, so it’s been quite similar for both of us

I do believe in developing people as well as developing players. It’s a really good step up for me. I’m under no illusions that I need to be successful, I’m confident I will be. But I’m not a lone ship. I’ll need the help of people around me

2020 06 04 Retrieve

[The contrast in quality could hardly be staker. So, it’s almost unthinkable nowadays that City could make that exact journey to Bootham Crescent – and lose] It’s hard to fathom now when you see the size of the club. Especially for me. I’ve been fortunate enough to work there and spent over 10 years at the club as both player and coach and it’s just incredible to see the transformation

2020 06 04b Retrieve

[These days, City’s first team train at the state-of-the-art Etihad Campus, which is one of the most impressive training centres in world football, but back in 1998, they were literally next door to United’s Carrington base] I remember the pitches being so bad at our training ground because we had just moved there that any kind of rain and it was like a bog. We would have to go on a run past Man United’s training ground and they had canons of water spraying onto their pitches