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Gary Lewin
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Arsenal physio
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Arsenal [physio]

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Just four minutes had gone when Martin Taylor clattered into Eduardo at Birmingham in February 2008 and inflicted an injury that remains fresh in the mind of everyone at Arsenal more than a decade later. The look on Cesc Fabregas’ face as he glanced down at his stricken team-mate said it all] Your training takes over. The first thing to think about is if it’s either a life-threatening or limb-threatening injury. With Eduardo it was obvious it was a limb-threatening injury. Then you go through the process of stabilising and immobilising the injury, working out how you are going to get them off the pitch in the best way and controlling the pain.

Although we’ve worked all our time in football, that doesn’t mean we haven’t worked in other aspects of sports medicine. What we really don’t want is someone to think this is a football clinic, it’s not. It’s a sports injury clinic that covers all sorts of sports medicine. This is our clinic and we’re working in it. That’s what we’re trying to get across, that it is me and Colin working here and we will be delivering the service for people that play weekend sport

Arsene’s words were ‘why wouldn’t you do it with the experience and knowledge you’ve got?’. That really gave us the confidence to press forward. Then David and Dick’s involvement on the actual planning side of it gave us the foundations of a business we could firstly understand and could actually visualise where it would fit in.

[Daniel Sturridge had just scored to draw England level against Italy in their opening group game of the competition and, in the celebrations that followed, Lewin’s left foot slipped into a gap between the astroturf around the technical area and the pitch itself] When I looked down my ankle was at 90 degrees. It was a significant injury. The biggest problem I had was my wife was at home watching it on the TV and thought I’d had a cardiac arrest. I had to phone home to let her know she could put the insurance policies away and that I was still alive

2020 06 02 Retrieve

[Within seconds, Arsenal physio Gary Lewin was tending to Eduardo] Your training takes over. The first thing to think about is if it’s either a life-threatening or limb-threatening injury. With Eduardo it was obvious it was a limb-threatening injury. Then, you go through the process of stabilising and immobilising the injury, working out how you are going to get them off the pitch in the best way and controlling the pain

2020 06 02b Retrieve

[Why Wenger’s Arsenal never recovered from Eduardo injury & Gallas meltdown] The biggest effect long term was what that day did to us mentally. My personal feeling is that the Gallas incident was more instrumental than Eduardo’s injury because players do get injured and if anything, if it’s a bad injury, the rest of the team are a bit more determined to do it for them. But I think it all got overshadowed by what Gallas did. I’ve always felt if it wasn’t for that game at Birmingham, we would have gone on and won the league. The way we were playing that season, I really felt we had a title-winning team. It was the first season of the post-Invincibles era where it looked like we would go on and do something, but we didn’t and we never really recovered from it in the years that followed.

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Former England and Arsenal physio Gary Lewin sympathises with the obstacles facing medical staff in getting the players up to speed after three months without competitive action] The problem you have is that players used to get between eight and 10 weeks off in the summer - not internationally but at club level. The problem you’ve got now is different variables as a result of COVID-19 and the restrictions put in place. The biggest issue the clubs would’ve had initially was getting them up to speed physically without any kid of group or contact session. They’ve tried to do it in a way where everything’s phased and in a very progressive way while checking the numbers of anyone who tests positive for the virus. You will expect to see more muscle injuries occurring. Players may feel it is just them being rusty, but from a medical point of view it’s about reaction times. How the body reacts to jumping and landing. That will put pressure on joints, so you could see some significant joint injuries, but the main area people will be worried about are the muscle injuries

[Lewin, who spent 22 years with the Gunners and worked at nine major tournaments with England, believes June 26 would have been a more sensible date for the season to resume at a time when the pandemic is still being tackled] Normally in pre-season, you’d start off with a couple of weeks of really light training, with close contact rather than full contact, building up into contact sessions. You’d be working on the strength and power of the players as well as their neuromuscular abilities, so their reaction times. Only after that would you move into friendlies where you can slowly build up the amount of competition and intensity over a six to eight-week period. The uniqueness of what they’re trying to do now is that they’re going through the phases where they’ve worked on their physical side (so runs - pre-phase one), onto phase two where there’s still no contact but there’s ball work, before the close contact and then the physical contact. The problem that is going to arise is the general conditioning of falling over, getting up, hitting players, colliding with players. That side of the game you only get from intense training sessions and friendlies, which many teams will miss out on, so there’s going to be a few problems

[Where massages would conventionally take place to ease the natural build-up of lactic acid, players have in many cases had to seek alternative treatment - and Lewin highlights that it is not just the physical condition that will be on the minds of those returning to action] What will be crucial is how clubs mentally get their players prepared. The anxiety of returning to football with the virus in the background will be a major obstacle as there’s going to have to be changes to the pre-match preparation. There’s going to be a lot of players who will be able to chuck their shirts, shorts and socks on and go out and play, but there will be others who will do an hour and a half of pre-activation before the game to get themselves ready. There’s going to have to be quite a lot of compromise and the players are going to have to get used to real changes and tackling the anxiety of some is going to be one of the biggest challenges

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Former England physio Gary Lewin gives his assessment on how long it will take Premier League players to regain full fitness] You would expect to see more muscle injuries occur. It’s also the reaction times, how the body reacts to jumping, landing, and that then puts pressure on joints. But the main issues people will worry about are the muscle injuries