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Name Gary Lineker
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The former Everton, Tottenham and Barcelona star scored prolifically for the national side, hitting 48 goals in 86 caps and winning the Golden Boot at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, one of only two England players to have won the award, Harry Kane being the other in 2018


Org England National Team
Club as Player Leicester City
  Barcelona FC

1990 01 Retrieve

[After losing the 1990 FIFA World Cup semifinal to Germany by a penalty shootout] Football is a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for ninety minutes and at the end, the Germans win

2014 11 12 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker on Maradona] When Diego scored that second goal against us, I felt like applauding. I’d never felt like that before, but it’s true. He’s the greatest player of all time, by a long way. A genuine phenomenon

2014 12 14 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker on Andy Carroll] Andy Carroll says that West Ham can challenge for the title this season. I wouldn’t argue with him…because he’s massive!

2015 03 22 Tweet

[Gary Lineker on Messi] Never mind Messi’s goal scoring records. Never mind that Messi’s the best dribbler ever. Messi’s also the best passer the game’s ever seen

2015 05 06 Tweet

[Gary Lineker on Messi] Anyone still arguing? He’s the Messiah. I should know, I’ve followed a few.

2016 02 04 Retrieve

[On Dennis Bergkamp] One runs out of superlatives in describing him as a player: he has great vision, awareness, touch, finish, not to mention selflessness, which for a striker almost sounds like a contradiction in terms. But there has always been so much more to Bergkamp than just goalscoring ability and he has plenty of that as his ratio of one goal in less than two and a half games testifies

2016 02 17 Retrieve

[Quote on Roberto Carlos] I played in a friendly in Japan against him when he was a young lad. I remember this kid running and down the left wing. It was unbelievable. Gordon Milne was coaching us and I said, ‘We’ve got to find out who that kid is – let’s try and buy him’. It turned out that his name was Roberto Carlos. They said, ‘He’s not for sale.’

2016 02 23 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] Mad as a box of frogs, and is to this day. But what a player. The most naturally gifted footballer England has produced

2016 02 24 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] What made him special was the lack of fear in his game. He would try anything, and he would never be scared that something would go wrong. And more than anything else, the love for showing off the abilities that he had, and that’s what lifts him above

2016 02 25 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] Part of his genius, part of his magnificence, is the fact that he was so vulnerable. Without that vulnerable side, without that carefree side, without all the things that come with Gazza, I don’t think Paul Gascoigne would have been the player that he was

2016 02 26 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] He had great confidence. You could see he played for the love of the game. He didn’t obviously give it too much thought, and he had this amazing strength of the body. and he’d push people off

2016 02 27 Retrieve

[Quotes on Paul Gascoigne] The first time I heard the name Paul Gascoigne was when he was in his early days at Newcastle. People in the game started talking about this young man that had something a little bit special. He was a precocious young talent, a kid that would do things, that would take people on, that would beat people, and had an unbelievable natural talent

2016 03 19 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker writes a column reflecting on the club’s fairytale rise to the top of the English Premier League] What we are witnessing, should Leicester go on to win the title, is quite possibly the most unlikely triumph in the history of team sport. A collection of individuals who couldn’t win a football match for love nor money a year ago have turned into an invincible force. A team with a spirit and togetherness the like of which the game has seldom seen. All beautifully held together by the canny, inspirational – yes, inspirational – Tinkerman

2016 03 21 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] Without wishing to make any horrible comparisons with someone, Kane does remind me a little bit of Shearer. I like Kane and I know Shearer likes him a lot as well. He has a really strong all-round game. He’s not lightning quick, but he’s not slow. That’s the only thing you would look at and say, ‘If he was a yard or two quicker’ … well, I don’t know what you’d be looking at. He scores poacher’s goals, great goals, takes free kicks, takes penalties. He does the whole thing

2016 03 22 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] He could go on to become a great goalscorer for Tottenham and possibly England as well. I like him a lot. I like his movement, his work rate, his desire to score goals and his confidence to take people on. He is good in the air, he has a good touch, he can beat people and he has clearly got a bit of intelligence. If he had an extra yard of pace, you would say he had everything

2016 03 24 Tweet

[Gary Lineker pays tribute to Cruyff] Sad to hear that Johan Cruyff has died. Football has lost a man who did more to make the beautiful game beautiful than anyone in history

2016 04 30 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker sings high praise for Leicester City’s midfield engine N’Golo Kante] I don’t think there’s a team in the world he wouldn’t get into. He’d be first on my team sheet - well, apart from the obvious pair (Messi and Ronaldo). What’s remarkable about him, with the amount of interceptions and tackles he makes, is that he never goes on the floor. He comes out of everything with the ball. He’s like Makelele but… better

2016 08 09 Tweet

[Gary Lineker talks about the Paul Pogba who was just signed by Man Utd] The signing of Pogba by Man Utd is a watershed moment for the Premier League. First time a huge foreign star in his prime has come to England

[He added the wealth of the Premier League meant] more of the greats will come here and not just to Barca and Real Madrid

[When challenged about other big names such as Sergio Aguero, Alexis Sanchez, Yaya Toure and Angel di Maria, Lineker responds] Either Barca cast-offs, not genuine superstars or built their reputation here

2017 02 25 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker reacts to the news that his club sacked manager Claudio Ranieri] I shed a tear last night. I shed a tear for Claudio Ranieri. I shed a tear for football, and I shed a tear for my club. It’s inexplicable to me, and I think it’s inexplicable to a lot of football fans who love the game, but I suppose in some ways you can explain it in terms of a panic decision, and for me a wrong decision and it’s very sad

2017 03 10 Retrieve

[Quotes on Frank Lampard] A fine player, an outstanding finisher and a credit to the game of football

2018 12 17 Tweet

[Brexit’s coming home] There are some things in life that, even for someone like me, are more important than football

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker comments on Eric Cantona’s quote of King Lear at the Uefa Champions League draw] Barcelona, Dortmund, Inter could be the group of death but as Cantona says we’ll soon be eternal so what’s the problem?

2019 09 21 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker breaks down the sustained excellence of Lionel Messi] When you look at Messi, he does everything and more that [Diego Maradona] could do. He’s the best dribbler I’ve ever seen; he’s as good a passer as I’ve ever seen. And then you take into account the longevity that Messi has done it in

2019 10 16 Retrieve

[England’s players were subjected to racist abuse during Monday night’s 6-0 Euro 2020 qualifying win over Bulgaria in Sofia] Gareth Southgate has shown, once again, under trying circumstances what a sound, measured and intelligent leader he is. We’ve got the right man in charge of our young team at the right time

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[World Cup winner and West Ham legend Martin Peters has died aged 76] Sorry to hear that Martin Peters has passed away. One of our World Cup winning heroes. A great player and a true gentleman.

2020 02 01 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker jokes about the theoretical of Video Assistant Refereeing being in place at the 1986 World Cup] Anyway, if we’d had VAR it would have been 1-0 to us and I scored the winner. Happy days

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker says Rashford reminds him somewhat of World Cup winner Kylian Mbappe] Rashford seems to be bossing it as a central striker. There are a lot of similarities between [him and Mbappe]. Both have electric pace, both can beat people and they can both finish. But there are differences too. It’s a bit like comparing Michael Owen with the Brazilian Ronaldo, one is a powerhouse, a real athlete, the other is a bit more delicate in his play

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Gary Lineker, the presenter of Match of the Day and another former England international on Norman Hunter] Grew up watching the great LUFC side of which Norman Hunter was a part. This awful virus was one crunching tackle too far

2020 04 24 Retrieve

[His appointment at Leicester was viewed by many onlookers with scepticism, including former England and Foxes striker Gary Lineker, who believed Ranieri had used up all his chances coaching at the highest level] Claudio Ranieri? Really? Amazing how the same old names keep getting a go on the managerial merry-go-round

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Why did Gary Lineker ‘sh*t’ on the pitch at World Cup 1990?] I’ve never admitted to it, but it’s true. It was a World Cup game. It’s filmed, I’ve seen it but unless you know [what was happening] you wouldn’t know. I was not very well; I was poorly at half-time but I carried on. The ball went down the left-hand side. I did try to tackle someone, I stretched and then I relaxed myself

I was very fortunate it rained that night and I could do something about it. It was messy, it just came out, it happened. How much detail do you want? It’s true; it was the opening game of the 1990 World Cup against the Republic of Ireland. You can see me rubbing the ground like a dog; it was the most horrendous experience of my life, but I tell you I never found so much space in a game than I did that night after that happened