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Gary McAllister
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc Liverpool supporters might have been underwhelmed by the signing of 35-year-old Gary McAllister under Gerard Houllier in 2000, but a trophy-laden debut season will have quelled initial doubts. ‘Macca’ played an important role in Reds’ treble-winning glory, scoring the decisive penalty against Barcelona in the UEFA Cup semi-final


Club as Coach Glasglow Rangers [Assistant Manager]
Club as Player Liverpool FC


Agent Struan Marshall

2015 06 21 Retrieve

[Gary McAllister believes Liverpool can force its way back into the Premier League’s top four next season, providing the club gets things right on the recruitment front] [Other teams] will strengthen so that puts the pressure on Brendan to get back in there. But you go back two seasons and Liverpool were inches away from actually being champions.

So with the right additions I think Liverpool can get into that top four. McAllister is encouraged by the capture of Milner, who will join Liverpool at the beginning of next month when his Manchester City contract expires. I think it’s a very good signing. He’s a quality player, he can play in three or four different positions and he’s a very, very experienced international footballer. There is good experience within the Liverpool team but adding someone like Milner, who has played at World Cups, played at European Championships, he’ll be able to go and cope with the atmosphere at Anfield. I think Anfield is a place he’s really going to enjoy

2018 02 07 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool midfielder Gary McAllister admits he has been shocked by the form of Mohamed Salah since his move from Roma] I’ve got to hold my hands up and say I didn’t anticipate it. I thought he was an outstanding player but I’ve got to say, he’s gone way up in my estimation. He’s a stunning player. Not only his goal-scoring efforts, his skill and technique, but also, he’s robust. He works his socks off for the team. He’s very much a team player, but he’s been outstanding.

2018 02 07b Retrieve

[McAllister, who was impressed by Van Dijk during his time at Celtic] I’ve seen a lot of Virgil van Dijk. I worked in Scotland for a little bit when he signed for Celtic. I was impressed by him then and people were sort of flippantly saying that he’s playing in a league that’s too easy for Celtic, which is true, but you can see the quality. I think we’ve signed a quality player. He’ll turn out to be a fantastic signing

2018 02 07c Retrieve

[McAllister believes they can have a very positive second half of the season and is quietly confident about their prospects in Europe, with a last-16 tie with Porto in the Champions League on the horizon] I don’t think Liverpool have been doing a great deal wrong. The two little blips against Swansea and West Brom in the cup… I thought the game against Spurs it was an excellent game. I thought it was two outstanding football teams with loads of good footballers on show so it’s a case of just getting that run again to push on and push to make it as difficult as they can to the teams above us.

2019 03 12 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool midfielder Gary McAllister is backing his old team to pip Manchester City in the Premier League title race] I’ve looked at both run-ins and done a predictor and I thought I would favour Manchester City. But the way it’s turned out I still have Liverpool coming out on top by a point

[Liverpool have not won the title during the Premier League era] There is immense pressure and the players will be well aware of it - even though they will say they are not taking it into consideration. There is a lot of outside noise around the fact Liverpool haven’t won for such a long time. But they’ve just got to try to focus on each and every game and take each one in isolationie]</b> I’ve got to say, before the draw for the last 16 was made, I don’t think many teams wanted to play Liverpool over two games. When we actually click and say yes, I think we’re a difficult proposition and we’re capable of beating anybody over a two-legged affair. So, I’m very hopefully and optimistic to continue the good run in Europe

2020 01 08 Retrieve

[Scotland’s Glasgow Rangers have been in the United Arab Emirates training at their winter camp] We come here with the fact that we’ll be training in a nice bit of heat which will be a nice change from the Scottish winter. From a fitness point of view, I think the sports analysis guys will be taking note of their fitness levels - I’m not going to say it will be a mini pre-season, but there will be a wee bit of physical work and some physical testing to see where the players are and looking at that, their ability to get through to the end of the season without any problems

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Gary McAllister, a former Leeds captain and manager on Norman Hunter] In the truest sense of the word he is a legend and he set the levels at Leeds. Howard [Wilkinson] won a league and other managers have done well but the Revie era and the team he played in were the best. Whenever you see that group together you can see how close they are

When you discuss players in different eras you talk about the physicality of Norman but top players adapt, he would have been a top player today

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[McAllister admitted as such in a 2015 interview with Off The Ball] In all honesty, I went to Coventry for money. It was the first time I ever moved [for money]. I was 31 when I left Leeds and people were asking me why? I was Leeds captain, Scotland captain, ‘why are you going to a team that are strugglers at the bottom end of the table?’ I went for money. It was the first time I ever thought [of money], it was always football moving. I can only admit that now that I’ve left Coventry. So it was nice to get the option to make a football move. I wanted to go to Liverpool to play for Liverpool

2020 05 28b Retrieve

[Gary McAllister on Robbie Keane] Do you know when you just find somebody who you click with? I fed off Keano. It was fantastic for me. I’d come from Leeds to Coventry. We won the league there so I’d seen that hunger and desire, Keano had special ability; like a young Gary Speed or David Batty. When I think of Keano I think of Eric Cantona because he had the maturity and a confidence of a Cantona at a young age. He played with a swagger and was on a mission from the start. Then, boom, he was gone. It was a whirlwind

[It was the pair who departed just days apart; Keane to Inter Milan for £13m, McAllister signed by Gerard Houllier on a Bosman free transfer] This is fairytale stuff for someone at my stage of life. It did surprise me when Liverpool came in for me, but I have talked through the specific role that Gerard Houllier wants me to have, and I am more than happy with it. It’s a tremendous challenge for me, and something that I really didn’t expect at this stage of my career. But I intend to grasp it and enjoy it.