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Name Gary Neville
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Manchester United Captain
Desc No defender has more Premier League winner’s medals than Neville’s eight. He was consistent and reliable defensively and formed a fruitful partnership with his close friend David Beckham on United’s right, before later becoming captain of his one and only club


Org England Natioanl Team
Club as Coach Valencia
Club as Player Manchester United
Owner Salford City


Teammate Ryan Giggs
  Roy Keane
  Paul Scholes
  Nicky Butt


Salford City Gary Neville, along with his brother Phil, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes is a co-owner of Salford City

2009 07 10 Retrieve

[Gary Neville names Bryan Robson as his hero] I always think of him giving everything for the cause at the defensive end of the pitch and then throwing everything at the ball to get it in the back of the net at the other end

2010 10 26 Retrieve

[Gary Neville says wanted to see agents out of the game] [Players] need good advice, from a solicitor or an accountant – but they don’t need people taking hundreds of thousands off them

2011 08 28 Retrieve

[Quote from Gary Neville’s Autobiography RED] Steven Gerrard is undoubtedly a world class player and I wish he’d played for United. I went on a tapping-up mission at Euro 2004 when I knew Chelsea were trying to take advantage of Liverpool being in turmoil. ‘Come play for United’, I said one day to Steven when we were in the hotel. ‘The fans will take to you in no time’. He just laughed, and said: ‘I’ll do it if you go to Anfield’

2011 11 27 Retrieve

[Owen’s former team-mate Gary Neville told of his absolute devastation becasue of Gary Speed’s death] He was a fantastic professional, who was a winner. It’s absolutely devastating. We think of football sometimes being important, but it’s not really

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on Paul Scholes] I wouldn’t swap Paul Scholes for anybody. He is quite simply the most complete footballer I have ever played with. He is the best

2015 04 18 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on Yaya Toure] There are some weeds in the garden, and you’ve got to get them out of the changing room pretty quick. You cannot carry passengers. When the balance tips to a point when going forward [Yaya Toure] isn’t quite as effective as he once was, you’ve got to do something different because the defensive side is poor. He cannot play in a two in midfield against an opposition of any quality. There are too many examples, too much evidence when watching him where he cannot do his job – simple as that. As a central midfield player in the big matches he just cannot do it

2015 05 02 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on Michael Carrick] I’d say Michael Carrick has the qualities of a Scholes, Andrea Pirlo and Sergio Busquets

2015 08 01 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on transfer marketplace] If you asked me, ‘Is any player worth £50m?’, I’d say no. But the reality of it is every player is worth what someone is willing to pay. Do you think your fillet steak is worth 25 quid when you go to a restaurant in London? I go to London, I pay £28 for a rib-eye steak. Do I think it’s worth it? No! I can get one for five quid in a supermarket! The whole world has gone mad, but people never complain about motor racing, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on Thierry Henry] We were blessed in this country to see Thierry playing at his peak, potentially one of the greatest players in the world, and even if you supported another team you couldn’t help but enjoy watching him play. It’s always a shame when such a career comes to an end

2015 08 29 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on Arsenal winning the league] I think they are good players, Cazorla is fantastic to watch. But I’m talking about Arsenal winning the league. Think about Fabregas or a Paul Scholes when we were playing, fantastic player. You’ve got to build people around him. Facilitate what maybe they can’t do. To me it’s [Arsene Wenger’s] arrogance. I really do. To think that you are not going to adapt your team, to change to impact on the other teams that you’re playing against and their strengths. It is either naive or arrogance. Because they keep losing this way. Belief? It is misheld belief

2015 09 12 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on himself] I was a central midfield player. At 14 a new batch of players came. I quickly realised I wasn’t going to make it as a central midfield player amongst this group. You watched David Beckham or Ryan Giggs as a young 14-year-old – you’re not stupid, you’re looking at people who are incredibly talented, far more talented than you are, and you think, ‘I better work hard here’. I was a hard working kid anyway, but I recognised at that point that I was going to have to work so much harder than I ever could have imagined. So at 16 – it sounds brutal this but I think you sometimes have to be brutal in life – I completely lost touch with all my school friends, and I had great friends at school from the age of 11 to 16. But I made a conscious decision. They wanted different things from their life. They could go to a club, they could go to a pub – I know you’re not supposed to but you just did (laughs). They socialised. I never socialised for two years. I never went out. Literally from the age of 16 to 18, I went to bed half-past-eight/nine o’clock every night. I woke up at half-past-six/seven o’clock every morning. When we had the afternoon off, I trained. In the evening, when everyone went home, I came back and trained with the schoolboys. I just threw my whole life into it for two years

2015 11 10 Retrieve

[on David Beckham] The goal he scored against Wimbledon, he practiced that in training every single day. Every single day he’d be striking balls from the halfway line towards the goal

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] There wasn’t a player at United who could match Roy’s influence in my time at the club

2015 11 29 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] He was a great player, beyond question. A midfielder of extraordinary tenacity and box-to-box dynamism, with a ferocious tackle and an underrated ability to use the ball astutely. But perhaps his greatest gift was to create a standard of performance which demanded the very best from his team

2015 12 02 Retrieve

[Gary Neville talks about coaching Valencia] I am absolutely thrilled to be given this opportunity with Valencia. Valencia are a huge football club of immense standing and I know from my time as a player the passion and dedication of the Valencia fans. I am really looking forward to working with the club’s talented group of players and am excited about the challenge ahead [Note: Valencia is owned by Peter Lim, the Singaporean businessman who also has a 50% stake in Salford City which he co-owns with The Class of 92 – Gary and Phil Neville, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes]

[Neville thanked Sky saying] they have fully supported and understood the decision that I have made to go to Valencia for the next five months

2015 12 05 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on his appointment as Valencia coach] Sitting on television these last few years talking about coaches, the time has now come for me to stand up. This is a wonderful football club. I am precious about what I take on and what I associate myself with but if I had turned this down I could have said goodbye to my credibility. I have to prove myself, I have to show that people should not think I am a risky appointment. I have to provide the answers on the football pitch

2015 12 29 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] For us all to come together at Manchester United as a group but then have a manager who was willing to make a pathway through and get rid of all the experienced players … that takes a lot of courage for a boss. If you think about a boss in a law firm or an accountancy. The easiest thing for him to do is to go and get a headhunter in to get a 35 or 40-year-old proven, talented accountant or a talented lawyer. But the real challenge and courage is when a boss says, ‘no, actually I’m going to live with this 22 or 23-year-old who is actually developing and I can see something in him.’ And you get the results in the long term

2015 12 30 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] He never feels like he’s got to the top of the mountain. He always feels he has to go further and higher

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic’s Partnership] There’s an argument that Rio and Vidic need each other to be at their best [. . .] They are a fantastic combination, a great blend, with Rio’s wonderful all-round ability to see the game, to make interceptions and to play the ball in the tightest of spaces alongside Vidic getting in the way of everything. The bottom line is they have played in three Champions League finals together during the club’s golden period

2016 06 23 Retrieve

[on Nemanja Vidic of Manchester United] How he didn’t win Player of the Year in 2010/11 is beyond me. He was easily the most consistent, influential player in the league

2016 08 09 Retrieve

[Gary Neville talks about the Paul Pogba who was just signed by Man Utd] I think it is a big fee, but the Premier League was losing players left, right and centre to Spain - all the grade A players

We couldn’t entice players to come here and we couldn’t keep them when we had the best ones. At least now it looks like we are signing a player who would be regarded as a top signing of the summer

2016 09 24 Retrieve

[Gary Neville explains his confusion at Chelsea’s decision to re-sign defender David Luiz] I’m very surprised to see him with Conte as a manager. I think of Conte centre-backs, the last few years in Italy with Juventus, very solid, know how to play in a zonal system, dependable, and I think David Luiz is obviously a big talent. But I would have never of put those two together. There’s something bizarre about it. It’s a bit strange. I’m trying to think of an analogy to describe it. It’s a bit like me with a Miss World

2018 05 01 Retrieve

[Gary Neville on Harry Kane’s current performance] I don’t think he’s near his best. He’s not in the same situation he was. He said himself he’s not played his best in the last few weeks and some of his work [against Watford] was inconsistency

There were moments in the game where you thought he’s still coming back from an injury and not quite right, but there were parts of the game where the confidence was coming back. For instance, the composure to be able to sweep the ball home for his goal after just slipping as well, it takes some doing

[Gary Neville compares Harry Kane with Alan Shearer] He’s not the type of striker you drop because he offers too much. I always used to think about Alan Shearer when I was playing against him and with him all those years ago. He’ll have had moments in his game where he wouldn’t have been at the top of his game but you’d never consider dropping him because you know full well the guy is gold

Kane is like that. These are players that perform every single day at the highest level. It’s just about biding your time with him

He has dipped below his best in this last few weeks. He has been injured, to be fair, and there have been some issues around him off the pitch which are always a distraction, but he’s got to clear that up in this next two and three weeks because he’s obviously got a World Cup

If Tottenham can finish in the Champions League and Harry Kane can have a great World Cup then that will be fantastic for Tottenham but it will also be fantastic for England as well

[Neville thinks the social media storm has been a distraction for Kane] I’ve been really surprised and quite confused these past three or four weeks because - one, he’s intelligent, he’s a brilliant professional and [secondly] Spurs are a shrewd club. But the distraction that has been caused by the disputed goal, and then the social media thing that the FA did … the way in which it has been handled has been terrible

I always think that if you’re bothered by something the quickest way to get rid of it is not to add fuel to a fire. I think the way that they’ve responded has not been wise. I have to say that all these players have agents, lawyers, accountants, people around them that support them, family. They really should’ve gripped this situation for him. Told him to stand clear, take the sting out of it, but he hasn’t. If you show you’re bothered by something [on social media], they’ll go for you more

2018 10 01 Retrieve

[If Manchester United grandee Gary Neville is to be believed, the blame may not lie entirely at the feet of Jose Mourinho] It’s not the manager it’s the lack of football leadership above him. They are bouncing all over the place with no plan

2018 12 11 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s defence are breaking records after conceding just seven goals in 18 Premier League games] I didn’t see this coming. You can’t go from being a team that concedes 50 goals a season and then got to this without something incredible happening. It’s personnel, obviously, but also the work they are doing and their attitude towards defending. They were a soft touch and now they are a real team. It’s incredible really

2019 05 13 Retrieve

[Gary Neville’s not so cryptic response for Paul Pogba’s cryptic Instagram post ‘Caption this.’ shortly after Mourinho’s sacking] You do one as well

2019 05 15 Retrieve

[Gary Neville reaches his wits’ end with Manchester United] Nothing about this United team I like at all. They’re just awful

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Cristiano Ronaldo called our pitch ‘a disgrace’ at Valencia] The 2-2 draw with Real Madrid where we almost won it late on was an incredible night. Rafa Benitez was Madrid manager and that was his last game before he got sacked. What I remember most about that game was our tactic of leaving the grass really long and we didn’t water the pitch so the ball wouldn’t travel as quick in the hope of slowing down Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale

It was like a farmer’s field. Cristiano came over to me before the game and said ‘it’s a disgrace, cut the pitch’ - I said ‘absolutely no chance’. There was no way he was dribbling that night

2020 04 02 Retrieve

[Gary Neville explains why Juan Sebastian Veron flopped at Man Utd and makes Bruno Fernandes comparison] He was an amazing player, Juan Sebastian Veron. The reason it didn’t happen for him, in my opinion, was that we had the best midfield that I think English football has ever produced – and I think will ever produce

He was an amazing player, Juan Sebastian Veron. The reason it didn’t happen for him, in my opinion, was that we had the best midfield that I think English football has ever produced – and I think will ever produce

You had a midfield four that were on another planet, and what the manager was obviously trying to do was see life beyond that midfield four and try to add strength in depth and try to marry that midfield four with Juan Sebastian Veron

So if you remember at the time what happened, Scholesy got moved forward one, or Scholesy got moved to the left if Giggsy was injured and Juan Sebastian Veron would play in midfield. So that disrupted the quartet

The intent was there to try and move the squad forward – I think Carra [Jamie Carragher] has spoken about it with Liverpool, with Mane, Salah and Firmino, if you go and sign a top player to come into that front three, one of them has to sit out

All of a sudden you’ve got an unhappy player on your bench and it disrupts it. And when you’ve got such a set three like that – like we had such a set four – it just became really difficult

So that was number one, because we were a 4-4-2 team, and that midfield quartet was so outstanding that he came in and we ended up with a different system. The second thing was the way Seba Veron played the game

The midfield four we had played in what I would call quite a methodical way, you wouldn’t see David Beckham pop up on the left wing and Ryan Giggs on the right wing, you wouldn’t see Paul Scholes and Roy Keane cross in midfield if they’re going to get it off each other’s full-back

They played a disciplined role – I’m not saying they didn’t go forward – but there was an element of discipline and understanding between them

The way Seba played, he’s coming out of Italy, and it’s the way in which actually a lot of midfield players now play, like Bruno Fernandes who’s come to Manchester United. He reminds me so much of Veron. But the game has developed to a point now whereby players can move into different positions, there’s a lot more fluidity in systems, 4-4-2 doesn’t exist anymore

Seba Veron was coming into a very methodical 4-4-2 which had really good patterns of play which we all knew, and he was moving across those patterns trying to get the ball from the left-back when Scholes gets the ball from the left-back as an example

He almost was the first player – and Cristiano Ronaldo did the same – who almost broke the code

I think Veron came in with an interchanging position mindset and a different mindset, into a team that had been set in the patterns. So for me that was why it just didn’t quite happen. It was nothing to do with him as a player or as an individual. He was a brilliant player

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Gary Neville says Mason Greenwood is the brightest rising star in the Premier League] I would say Mason Greenwood. He can be anything he wants to be. He just looks like he’s got such great composure and quality. He’s great physically as well. If he continues to emerge like he’s shown at times this season I think Manchester United have got the real deal there

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[Neville says he backed approach for Louis Saha] Sir Alex never asked us which players we should sign or never asked us information about players he was going to sign. But after we played Fulham one time in the FA Cup (in 2001), he actually asked us as defenders, would we sign Louis Saha? We all said ‘yes’ straight away.

I remember the season where he was playing up front with Wazza (Wayne Rooney) in 2006 and it was unbelievable; they were fantastic together. Louis was a brilliant, brilliant player. He gave me absolute nightmares when I used to play against him when he played for Fulham - him and Luis Boa Morte

2020 05 02 Retrieve

[Gary Neville talks about rooming with David Beckham, and the complications it brought] I had two big problems with Becks, well, he had with me! I used to go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 5am, he would stay up until 11pm and want to wake up at 8am, so essentially he was keeping me up from 9 until 11 and then I was getting him up at 5 in the morning, so it just wasn’t working at all. He is the cleanest person. He gets into his room, he lights candles, he puts pictures up – everything has to be absolutely perfect, it’s been the same since he was 18. I just throw everything everywhere, so it just did not work at all

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Though Wan-Bissaka has yet to make his senior debut for England, Neville has said that the 22-year-old is already a better defender than Alexander-Arnold] At this moment in time, Aaron Wan-Bissaka is the better defender. But Trent going forward … I’ve not seen someone like it since Cafu. So Trent is ahead at this point but Wan-Bissaka has settled really well and will be important in these next few years

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Gary Neville, after Greenwood rescued a point for Manchester United against Everton in December] I’d say Mason Greenwood is a better finisher than Marcus Rashford - and that’s saying something, he really does look the real deal

2020 06 15 Retrieve

[Gary Neville believes Alisson and not Virgil van Dijk is the main player to thank for Liverpool’s looming Premier League success] I think Alisson has made Liverpool win the league. When people talk about Van Dijk being the missing piece, I think that there is an element of that. But when I go back to two years or three years ago, I was very critical of the goalkeepers that were at Liverpool. I said I felt that they would never win the League while the current goalkeeper was in position. Jurgen Klopp came for me, I don’t know whether he was angry with me but he certainly had a go at me in the media. But soon as Allison came – I saw it at Manchester United with [Peter] Schmeichel then I saw it in that next spell where we had greatness with [Edwin] Van Der Sar. Once your goalkeeper is calm, authoritative, saves most shots on his goal, gives confidence to the rest of the team, the impact of that is absolutely incredible

[Neville wants to ensure the competition remains accessible for all fans across England] I would hope football uses this as a chance to reset - reset the pyramid, distribute the wealth more, give grassroots more and give the lower league clubs more. Make ourselves still the best league in the world but make it more affordable for fans to get into a stadium, make it more accessible, all the things that we know are right. There isn’t one single person in football or one single person in this country who wouldn’t believe that they are the right things in my mind, apart from potentially 14-15 Premier League owners. We have got to change

2020 06 15b Retrieve

[Gary Neville has spoken previously about football’s shutdown not being the same as the period of time between seasons] I would liken it to when a player has had a two-month injury. Most players at some point in their careers would have been out for this period of time. In those two months, you wouldn’t be doing any contact training whatsoever, you’d be doing a little bit of work with the physios maybe before getting back into training, and in the gym, but as soon as you went back into training with the team, within 10 days or two weeks of training, you’d be playing again. So I don’t understand why this is different from what would be an ordinary two-month injury lay-off

2020 06 22 Retrieve

[Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville believes David de Gea is no longer the reliable player he once was for the club] He was the one player United could rely upon for the last four years but he’s not the same. He hasn’t been the same for some time. When form drops for six months it’s a blip but when it goes on for a year you start to worry. When it goes over two years it becomes more permanent. That is now a fair representation of what De Gea is as he’s making lots of mistakes. Ones he would never make - he was always somebody you could completely rely upon. It can only be a confidence thing. The arms, legs and body are the same - it’s got to be the mind. The reception he’s got in Spain has affected him. He’s even been booed by Spanish fans when he’s wearing the Spanish shirt. In the World Cup in 2018 he really struggled and from that he’s doubted himself. Mentally he’s not quite the same

2020 06 22b Retrieve

[Gary Neville says Paul Pogba is the one real world-class player in Manchester United’s squad] There’s no doubt that a committed Paul Pogba to Manchester United can be a great player. His assists, his goals, are good. They’ve been very good in the last couple of seasons. He’s up there with some of the very best in his position in Europe. It’s just the case of settling down. Hopefully with the economic problems around Europe, teams won’t be able to go out and spend 80, 90 or 100 million on new players, Manchester United will keep him and Paul Pogba will understand that he’s staying at Manchester United

That’s all I’ve ever asked of Paul Pogba, just commitment. His performances, I’ve never blamed him for Manchester United’s problems over the years. I do believe he’s the one real world-class player - David de Gea I would have said two years ago - in Manchester United’s squad. He’s the one who should be leading from the front, and if there’s continuous speculation over his future it isn’t helpful, it creates doubt in the dressing room. Now, I feel there’s a better chance of that team really succeeding, and I think they’ll play at Old Trafford on Wednesday night, and there won’t be any doubt that he’ll play with Bruno Fernandes

2020 06 24 Retrieve

[Gary Neville has urged caution over the prospect of Dean Henderson becoming first-choice goalkeeper at Manchester United next season, despite David de Gea’s indifferent form] David de Gea, for three or four years, was probably the best goalkeeper in the world - certainly the best in the Premier League. He was player of the year here and, in a very difficult period for Manchester United post Alex Ferguson, was a shining light. The only player really you would say could go into any other team in the Premier League, or the world. Since that 2018 World Cup, though, he’s had a real difficult time. What I don’t buy into is that Dean Henderson at Sheffield United, obviously from Manchester United on loan, can go into that goal in front of the Stretford End and adapt to what the demands are of being a Manchester United goalkeeper. It takes a special character to play in that goal. What I think David de Gea has done in the four or five year period before this last 18 months is build up a lot of credit, whereby he actually deserves a break, the idea he is given the opportunity to correct his form and get it back to where it needs to be.

When a goalkeeper, or any player, goes through a rough patch it’s mentally tough. He’s at one of the biggest clubs in the world and the scrutiny is on him constantly. There is no escape at this club – and that is why I’d be a little bit cautious around Dean Henderson. That is a lonely old place out there to make a mistake if you’re a Manchester United goalkeeper. With respect to Sheffield United, it’s very different making a mistake for Sheffield United.

To make that decision, which is a huge call, to say that Dean Henderson comes back to Old Trafford and is the number one, you’re essentially dismissing David de Gea and what he’s done for the club over the past seven or eight years. I would just urge caution on that, at this moment in time.

I’ve seen it before with players during my period at the club. We had two great goalkeepers during my time – Peter Schmeichel at the beginning and Edwin van der Sar at the end. In between that, there were real challenges with goalkeepers. At times there were young goalkeepers who were talented but found it very difficult to cope with the scrutiny, plus the levels of concentration that are required.

2020 06 26 Retrieve

[Neville has stated that he believes United could force their way back into title contention next season] I don’t know why it is but I feel a little more confident in Manchester United’s ability to challenge next season just because of what’s happened and the fact that they started to play a lot better before lockdown

2020 07 01 Retrieve

[Neville joked to after being asked about the new kings of the Premier League ahead of Manchester United’s trip to Brighton] How’s it been these last few days? It’s not been particularly great! It’s an incredible achievement. It’s been coming for a couple of years. They were knocking on the door last season - Manchester City had to be at their absolute best. Jurgen Klopp has turned £30m players into £130m ones. He’s turned £75m players into £150m ones. The recruitment has been brilliant, the coaching has been brilliant and it all comes from the manager. It’s a day I don’t like - I’d seen enough of it in my childhood years - but you have to congratulate them

[Speaking earlier in more depth about the Reds’ title glory] They have absolutely been the best team this season. What Jurgen Klopp has done has been fantastic. He came in four years ago and at the time I never thought Liverpool were capable of mounting a Premier League title challenge. It just felt like all of the other clubs had bigger budgets

Liverpool were in a deep rut over many, many years. They have great history and a great fanbase so you can never write clubs like that off, but to go and win a league title ahead of the investment of Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United is something I didn’t think was possible

What Klopp has done over a three or four-year period has been absolutely outstanding. Everything at a football club comes from the manager, he sets the tone for everybody; the players, the owners, the fanbase. Klopp has galvanised Liverpool over a three-year period, brought everybody with him and put a brilliant team together

They’re a fantastic team, they’ve been brilliant to watch for three years but painful for me. It’s been coming. When you get to a Champions League final and lose you have a little smirk, but when they won the Champions League the following year and chased Manchester City like they did to a point where they would have been worthy champions last season, you can only congratulate them

It’s obviously something that is horrible for every Manchester United fan, it’s something the modern Manchester United fan has never seen but as one who watched them in the ’70s and ’80s it’s a moment we didn’t want to see again but one we saw a lot of in our early years

It’s a brilliant achievement from Klopp, to work within the net spend budget he has to amass that team has been a combination of great coaching and brilliant recruitment. The club’s recruitment has been absolutely spot on, precise, laser-focused, every single player they have brought in they have made count. Every single player fits a mould, the principles of Klopp, there has been no veering away from that

From day one, when Christian Benteke and a few others were deemed not to fit the profile they were moved aside. Klopp has now got quick, energetic strikers who make the runs, a formidable defence, the best goalkeeper in the world at the moment in time, and in midfield he’s got reliable players with really good personalities in Jordan Henderson, Fabinho, James Milner and Gini Wijnaldum. None of them are individually outstanding or the best in the world in their position, but together as a collective with that goalkeeper, that defence, those full-backs, that strike force, they become the rock in the middle of it all

2020 07 01b Retrieve

[Mason Greenwood giving Manchester United new dimension on right wing] He has justified his selection on that right side. It is getting to the point now where it is going to be impossible to leave him out. He reminds me so much of Robin van Persie, when he cuts in on his left foot off that right side, the composure and technique

2020 07 01c Retrieve

[Neville: United still have work to do] The team is a lot more likeable than the one which was here two years ago, when you thought Manchester United’s recruitment had lost direction. But I would urge some caution. Manchester United are sixth in the Premier League, they have a squad which is improving, with young players. But there is still some work to be done in the transfer market to get this team to a title-winning team - which has to be Manchester United’s ambition. There is a lot more needed - three or four players of high quality, of the Bruno Fernandes type, to get them to the point where they can challenge

2020 07 02 Retrieve

[Gary Neville were not impressed with Alonso’s casual tracking of Yarmolenko for West Ham’s late winner] Look at him, look at him! What are you doing, Marcos Alonso? There’s his running back speed which has cost Chelsea the game. Alonso is level with him at the point the counter starts. He doesn’t bother, that’s why he’s under pressure at this club and Frank Lampard will see that. Run back as fast as you can when your team lose the ball, you learn that aged six.

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Kevin De Bruyne was the star as Manchester City thrashed Liverpool] The stand-out player. He makes it look so simple. It is effortless for him. He does not project himself like a brand so he maybe does not get the attention that others get

[The even trickier pass that he managed to thread in behind just before the half-hour mark] You think he can’t squeeze it through. It is so good watching him play

2020 07 03b Retrieve

[Man City hammered Liverpool in the Premier League on Thursday] Andrew Robertson has been outstanding for Liverpool for the past two seasons but he is playing tonight as if he has had a week on the lash. He is getting played around

2020 07 03c Retrieve

[Premier League champions Liverpool were brought back down to earth as they were thrashed 4-0 by Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium] They are entitled to a night off

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Carlo Ancelotti has Everton going in the right direction but this was a reminder that there is some way still to go] The biggest job that Carlo Ancelotti has is to change the mentality. You just sometimes feel that Everton start a game, they look promising, and then all of a sudden a goal goes in against them and their inferiority complex means they lose belief, particularly in big games. There is no need. They have talented players. Get on the ball. Get to the ball

It is a big task and it is a big club. He has just got to shift the mindset. It is almost as though the players feel they don’t belong. They don’t really believe they should beat big teams and belong in these big games. I hope the Everton players don’t get on the bus and think they were unlucky. It has not been good enough. It has been boring

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Neville: Pulisic growing into something special] He’s impressing me enormously. He gets one on one [with the defender]. Joel Ward does all he can to force him on the outside. You don’t expect him to do that. Ordinarily you’d say the goalkeeper [has to do better] but he has no chance. It was so fast. It was devastating from Pulisic. Hazard did it over a long period of time during a fantastic career at Chelsea. He was nowhere near that world-class level when he signed but we’re witnessing him grow and there’s something special there.

2020 07 08b Retrieve

[Premier League drinks break - is it fair?] I can understand the hydration points are important for the prevention of injuries but it just feels forced a little bit. The game is being played at a less-than Premier League pace

They are more tactical breaks than a drinks break. They are mini team-talks, every single one of them. I’m not quite sure they were designed for that. I think we need to stop it, I do honestly. It’s something I can understand as a player but they’ve had a few games back now. Their fitness levels should be up to a standard. It’s not hot at all. If it was then fair enough.

2020 07 09 Retrieve

[Jorginho could yet have vital Chelsea role to play] I think Frank Lampard will have to change the midfield. It’s getting overrun. It’s a bit lightweight

The biggest job that Carlo Ancelotti has is to change the mentality. You just sometimes feel that Everton start a game, they look promising, and then all of a sudden a goal goes in against them and their inferiority complex means they lose belief, particularly in big games. There is no need. They have talented players. Get on the ball. Get to the ball

It is a big task and it is a big club. He has just got to shift the mindset. It is almost as though the players feel they don’t belong. They don’t really believe they should beat big teams and belong in these big games. I hope the Everton players don’t get on the bus and think they were unlucky. It has not been good enough. It has been boring

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[Bruno Fernandes and Mason Greenwood changing everything] This next six months is going to be really, really difficult. I can’t believe that the investment that has been put into the squad over the last five, six or seven years, and you end up with that out on the pitch. I cannot believe it

[Fernandes’ shot volume coupled with Greenwood’s increase in game time is proving a game changer] The biggest change in this United team is that it is now capable of playing more than just counter-attack. You got the feeling that when they could not play counter-attack they were thwarted going forward but they are much better at building now through midfield and creating opportunities against packed defences. Is that back five good enough for where he wants to go? I think the answer is no

2020 07 10b Retrieve

[Gary Neville: Man Utd have the makings of formidable attack] Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Sadio Mane are matured, they are established, they are the real deal - the best front three in the Premier League. I was saying that even when Manchester City were winning the league

The three that United have got are not at the level of Liverpool’s front three yet, you wouldn’t expect them to be, but they have the talent and ability. There were questions whether Rashford was good enough, whether Martial was good enough and Greenwood hadn’t obviously emerged back then, but they are proving they are good enough, that they can play and that they will get better. The Liverpool front three are ahead, but it is exciting for Manchester United. If you believe in young players and give them opportunities in the positions they want to play in, you will be amazed what you can achieve.

[Neville believes Greenwood already stands above Rashford and Martial in the pecking order at Old Trafford] I think Greenwood will develop into a central striker naturally over time. There will come a time when he will step up, he’s stepping up game by game now. He is outstanding, his talent is incredible. He has everything, the composure, the receiving of the ball, the awareness, the finishing ability. You look at Martial, Rashford and Greenwood and think who you would put your money on to finish from all areas of the field. Inside the box, outside the box, left foot, right foot - it would be Greenwood. He’s 18 and that is the exciting part. It’s a no-brainer for him to be in and around the England squad. Gareth Southgate is getting more and more options by the month, players a being developed and are breaking into top teams now. Greenwood is such a brilliant talent, if he continues to work hard and keeps his feet on the ground, he can be anything he wants

Manchester United are playing with confidence, arrogance, particularly against teams that are in the lower end of the table, teams they have struggled to break down in the past. They look authoritative, they have possession, control and patience. They are so sure now that they can go from walking to injecting quality through Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba, Greenwood, Martial, Rashford. They have so many options and United are looking formidable. They are still not there in terms of Manchester City and Liverpool, that is where they need to get to, but they are on an upward trajectory and are certainly looking a lot better than they were.

There is cause for optimism. You were thinking there wasn’t a midfield, that Pogba was going to leave, they didn’t have a right winger and all of a sudden Greenwood appears, the back four and goalkeeper have looked shaky at times, but they are getting themselves together. It’s looking a lot more positive. It’s not a time to get carried away, it’s still a time to invest and improve the squad but it is a lot better for Solskjaer

Leicester have had a great season, for them to be in front of United at this stage is a great achievement. But you would be surprised if United didn’t go and follow this through. They’ve got a good run of fixtures and have got Leicester to play as well. But you would be surprised if United didn’t go and follow this through. They’ve got a good run of fixtures and have got Leicester to play as well. United look so dominant at this moment in time. You’d almost like to see them playing the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City to see where they are, although that could come in the FA Cup and Europa League games. It’s been comfortable for United in recent weeks and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will want those big tests because they look ready for them. They have looked so comfortable in games and they will go on to have a really good season. At times this season I wondered what was going to happen, but I think they will overtake Leicester and get into the Champions League, and they could even win a trophy with it all to play for in the two cup competitions they are still in