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Gennaro Gattuso
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
  AC Milan Manager
Desc xxxx


Org Italy National Team
Club as Coach AC Milan
Club as Player AC Milan

2007 05 04 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattusso on Steven Gerrard] For me, it’s not about Gattuso against Gerrard, despite what he said. For me, Gerrard is the best player in England. He is a technical player, who plays very hard and with his heart. He is a legend for his club and the best player they’ve got. I have more respect for him because I remember that final in Istanbul. We had won it but then he played a great game and changed everything. I watched him against Chelsea on Tuesday and he was amazing, unbelievable. I still say I have respect for him and like the way he plays. I am looking forward to playing him again and looking him in the eye before it starts. This will be a very important game for us both

2013 11 09 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso on Andrea Pirlo’s character and the text he sent to the Milan chiefs] Pirlo has the face of an angel, but he is a son of a bitch! He’s always making jokes, always breaking the rules. One time when I was eating at Milanello, I had the bright idea of leaving my phone on the table, and he sent a text message from it to Galliani and Braida offering them my sister!

2013 12 31 Retrieve

[Gattuso makes headlines again after being implicated in the umpteenth match-fixing scandal to hit Italy - this year] Never have I ever had the slightest thought about possibly fixing a game. If something was proven I would be willing to go out into the street and, I know this is a strong thing to say, I would kill myself

2013 12 31b Retrieve

[Former AC Milan midfielder Gennaro Gattuso wades into the heated debate over Barbara Berlusconi’s attempts to wrest power away from Adriano Galliani and manages to upset everybody in one swift process] I think that for someone like Galliani there should be more respect. I can’t really see women in football, I don’t like to say it but that’s how it is.

2018 02 24 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso tells about life as a coach] My work is to be the players’ nightmare until the end of the season. I didn’t expect anything when I arrived, I just knew I’d been handed a hot potato. I like to suffer, I don’t enjoy things that are too easy, so I chose Milan because this is my home. I wore this jersey for 14 years, it’s a part of me. Working here is wonderful and we’ll see how it ends

2018 10 27 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso gives an honest assessment of his team’s recent performances after the Italian club followed a derby defeat to city rivals Inter Milan with a home loss to Spanish side Real Betis in the UEFA Europa League] I’m worried, disappointed and angry, especially with myself. I do not think about my situation, I’m thinking about how to solve this problem. I’m the first person responsible for this situation, I’m bound by the results. I train a great club and it is right for me to take responsibility

2019 05 25 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso claims AC Milan have outperformed more fancied teams this season] Apart from Atalanta, who are enjoying a sporting miracle, we’re ahead of more highly rated teams. I was never asked to reach the Champions League in an obligatory manner, but rather to try, and we’re fighting for it right until the final day. We’re just missing the cherry on the cake. It’s been an important campaign. My players deserve a big hug and a lot of respect. We’ll take stock of everything next week but, for now, we’re only focused on SPAL. First, we must do our duty and then we’ll see.

[The former Italy midfielder hopes to continue in his dream job] Taking charge of this team was an honour and I would do it all again. I’m not one to make calculations, I’m spontaneous and I prefer it that way. There have been some stressful months since taking over at Milan, but I think I’ve improved a lot in terms of character. Perhaps I’ve committed some technical and tactical mistakes and I’ll look to correct them. I was the first to raise the bar and we’ve done so. It’s not been a negative season

2019 05 26 Retrieve

[It was hoped that Leonardo, Gennaro Gattuso and Paolo Maldini could bring the glory days back to San Siro but they are all now facing the sack] I slept very little in the last few days and now, mentally, I’m in pieces

2019 05 27 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso will consider his future as he has been left ‘in pieces’ after a gruelling Serie A campaign that saw AC Milan narrowly miss out on Champions League qualification] I thank the team. Finishing on 68 points gives me pride, even if it hurts that we didn’t qualify for the Champions League. A coach’s work must be evaluated by the club and the experts. I will meet the club and we’ll talk. I want to hear what they think of my work.

We made mistakes during the season and, from now on, must make as few as possible, but I believe this was a positive year. The biggest regret is that we didn’t keep up the same levels of consistency over the past 3-4 months. We went through too many bad periods. I don’t agree when I hear people say that my players have grown. Many of them have played well below the levels of their capability, but we’re still a team who have quality and potential. I don’t know if we can improve on the 68 points we’ve earned this season. It’ll be difficult. I feel I have too much history with this club, I felt more pressure than I probably should have. I’ve barely slept in the past 18 months, mentally I’m in pieces and that is something I must consider

The team fought hard to the very end and I want to thank each and every one of them for all of their remarkable efforts this season, having overcome several injuries and other setbacks along the way. We actually finished the season with the highest points in the league since 2012-13. We now look forward to playing in the UEFA Europa League for the third year in a row, and I’m confident the team will continue to grow and achieve success. I’ve been sincerely impressed by the extraordinary support from all our fans throughout the season. They’ve been consistently positive and upbeat, even in our darkest moments, lifting us each and every time. I want to thank them all. We shall dedicate the next few days to analysing the whole season and decide the next steps for the growth of our club

2019 05 28 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso has stepped down as head coach of AC Milan, with the former Rossoneri midfielder taking the ‘painful’ decision to walk away from the club] Deciding to leave Milan’s bench is not easy. But it’s a decision I had to make. There was not a precise moment in which I made it, it was the sum of these 18 months as coach of a team that for me will never be like the others. Months that I lived with great passion, unforgettable months. Mine is a painful but thoughtful choice. Am I giving up a two-year contract? Yes, because my story with Milan can never be a question of money.

I feel I have too much history with this club, I felt more pressure than I probably should have. I’ve barely slept in the past 18 months, mentally I’m in pieces and that is something I must consider

[Gattuso added on his efforts in the season just gone] I thank the team. Finishing on 68 points gives me pride, even if it hurts that we didn’t qualify for the Champions League. We made mistakes during the season and, from now on, must make as few as possible, but I believe this was a positive year. The biggest regret is that we didn’t keep up the same levels of consistency over the past three to four months. We went through too many bad periods. I don’t agree when I hear people say that my players have grown. Many of them have played well below the levels of their capability, but we’re still a team who have quality and potential. I don’t know if we can improve on the 68 points we’ve earned this season. It’ll be difficult

2019 05 28b Retrieve

[AC Milan have confirmed that Gennaro Gattuso has left his position as manager by mutual consent] AC Milan wishes to thank Gennaro Gattuso for his leadership during the last 18 months. A true legend of the Rossoneri, Gennaro stepped into the role during what was a difficult period for the club and has performed admirably, securing the club’s highest league points total since 2012-13

2019 06 08 Retrieve

[Tiemoue Bakayoko was told to get ready to replace the injured Lucas Biglia but television cameras spotted him appearing to tell Gennaro Gattuso to ‘f*ck off’ after a brief discussion] I don’t mind if a player tells me to go to hell - the important thing is for him to show respect to his team-mates in the dressing room. I have to think about what is best for AC Milan. If the players need to swear at me for the good of the club, then I can deal with that

: 2019 06 19 AC Milan have announced the appointment of Marco Giampaolo as their new head coach. Milan have been in the hunt for a new boss since Gennaro Gattuso’s departure at the end of last season, after the former Italy international failed to lead the Rossoneri to a Champions League spot in Serie A.

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso on Andrea Belotti in 2018] Two or three years ago, I said that [Belotti] had impressed me the most since Andriy Shevchenko, but now he is going through a difficult time. When he is well, he has great physical strength and he is a complete player. He plays well and is impressive in the air. In recent years, he has done important things. He is a good guy, with a good head on his shoulders and that is what I liked most. I worked with him for only 20 days, but I remember them with pleasure. If a player has those qualities and that desire to improve, results will come

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Napoli name Gennaro Gattuso as new coach following Carlo Ancelotti sacking] Ancelotti is like a father to me. He’s always been close to me and supported me. He’s won it all and I still have a lot to prove. The aim is to recoup points and get back into the Champions League positions. We need to work hard, win back points and come through this tricky period

[Gattuso pulled no punches in his assessment of his new side’s position] It’s embarrassing to see Napoli where we currently are in the table. This team has what it takes to finish in the top four. The team is aware of the difficult situation and wants to do well. I’ve been encouraged. I fear nothing. I know I’m going to be working with experienced people. I hope to get results

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Gattuso has promised Napoli will go into the tie determined to give a strong account of themselves] Barcelona are a great team and it will be a big challenge across two fascinating games. We’ll show no fear

2020 01 19 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso said Napoli players have decided to go into a training retreat after hitting rock bottom following a 2-0 loss at home to Fiorentina] I spoke to the squad and they made the decision to go into a training retreat from this evening. It was their decision. We can’t underestimate any detail. We need to look each other in the eye, stay together and say what needs to be said. We have to find solutions, because what we’re doing right now is not enough

[Runners-up last season and in 2017-18, Napoli have looked a shadow of themselves - lacking energy, creativity and passion] We must first and foremost apologise to the fans and the whole city, because the performance was embarrassing. In the past we had decent performances, but here other than the first 20-25 minutes, there was a lot that needed work. We can’t look for alibis, we have hit rock bottom here and need to find out what is happening. It looks as if we just met this morning, put the jerseys on and went on to the pitch. There is no organisation or unity, we are all at sea.

It’s strange, because the team trains hard during the week and does well, then we get out there on match day and don’t do anything. We’re sluggish, we let the opposition through, we create little. Nothing worked this evening and it’s only right we take responsibility for that. I can’t explain it, as I felt the team would put in a great performance tonight and I was let down. The team has no soul. We thought that we were recovering from the earlier situation, but evidently we’re still sick

2020 01 26 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso is not getting carried away with his side’s improvement] I go home tonight and will still keep thinking about the [2-0] defeat to Fiorentina, because that was just shocking. We beat two good teams now, fine, but we are still in trouble, still a long way back and need to keep pushing. I congratulate the lads for the work they’ve done over the last seven days, but we have to keep going like this now, do not let up, focus on Napoli 24 hours a day. We didn’t do that well in possession today, but did far better when covering, blocking off the passes and the overlapping runs were timed properly. I was angry at the Ronaldo goal, because we can’t let anything slip at the moment

2020 02 15 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso admits dropped Allan for ‘walking around during training’] Arek Milik has a knee inflammation and needs to rest. Hirving Lozano has a muscular issue, Kalidou Koulibaly doesn’t feel at 100 per cent, while Allan didn’t train the way I like. He walked around during training and that’s not alright with me

Kostas Manolas had two days off because his daughter was born in Greece. I knew that Koulibaly and Nikola Maksimovic hadn’t played for a while, but they were training well. I know that I got it wrong, but I didn’t want to lose credibility in the eyes of the players. We are struggling to explain why we don’t play consistently. Individual interpretations are not enough, we have to approach the game as a collective. I get surprised too, I get nightmares because I can’t explain this situation. Maybe I can explain that we need to sniff out danger earlier. Maybe we think we’re stronger than we are and aren’t prepared to suffer, to respect our opponents

[He joked about Hirving Lozano’s struggle for game time] I have very strong players in attack and for example we have Fernando Llorente who deserves far more playing time. You talk about Lozano because he cost €50m. I make my choices based on how I want the team to play and have to put everyone in a condition to express themselves well. In Mexico, I am persona non grata because of that, but what can I do? I guess I won’t go back to Mexico!

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Gattuso benches Hirving Lozano] I make my choices based on how I want the team to play and have to put everyone in a condition to express themselves well. In Mexico, I am persona non grata because of that, but what can I do? I guess I won’t go back to Mexico!

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[Boost for Barcelona as injury rules Koulibaly out of Napoli clash] Koulibaly against Barcelona? He still has swelling, I prefer to stop him for 7-10 days and then evaluate how he feels physically

[Gattuso insists his side will not be looking past Brescia] Tomorrow’s game against Brescia is the priority. We’re expecting a similar match to the one against Cagliari. We certainly must be fully focused heading into it

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Gennaro Gattuso admits Lionel Messi cannot be stopped] You can’t stop Messi, but in these moments my players have to try. We are playing against Barcelona, not only Messi. It doesn’t make sense to have a player man mark Messi. We will try some things and then we’ll see

I read that we have to man-mark Messi, but it’s not only him. Lorenzo Insigne has said that he’s a great player, he’s not only great at a footballing level. He is the greatest for how he has lived his career. He’s an example for the kids to follow, never says anything inappropriate.

He does stuff that you only see on a PlayStation, things you can’t even imagine. He’s been the best ever for years now. We’re up against a great team made up of great players. We know it’s going to be difficult but for myself and my squad it’s a source of pride to face a team who are stronger than us who, over the past 10, 15 years, have been one of the best teams in the world. We shouldn’t have any fear

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Gattuso revels in Napoli’s Champions League showing] Since [Barca coach Quique] Setien arrived, they systematically push five or six players into attack, they don’t just pass and that’s it. They force you to defend deep and we had to play like that, because if there were spaces back there, they could really hurt us. I think they barely grazed us tonight, they hardly had a single shot on goal. They could’ve been there all night and not scored, but we conceded after one single error. They didn’t hurt us, it barely tickled

We could’ve done better on a few counter-attacks, but the team did what we had to do. We allowed them very few opportunities. I am a little disappointed that we didn’t create more playing out from the back and in possession, but a little fatigue can happen when you work so hard throughout. Unfortunately, you can’t make a single mistake against Barcelona

Naturally, qualification is wide open, we will have time to prepare for the second leg and know they will be missing Sergio Busquets and Arturo Vidal, as they’ll be suspended. It’s our duty to go there and play for qualification. Napoli have many strong players, Barcelona have something more, but if we play with focus then we can have our chances

2020 02 26 Retrieve

[Gattuso: Napoli will buy helmets and armour for Barcelona second leg] Nothing is over for us when we’re playing the last 16 in the Champions League, not even when we play cards. We know the difficulties we are going through. We will buy helmets and armour. We will get all the necessary [tools] and will play the next game. Nothing is over

I am disappointed because we made kind of a mistake defensively and they hit us. For sure we could do better. When Lorenzo Insigne had his chance Arkadiusz Milik and Piotr Zielinski were not marked. Perhaps we could have exploited that situation in a better way. Same applies for Jose Callejon. There is some disappointment, we suffered but the team did almost everything right from a tactical point of view. I am happy for this, perhaps we could have done better passing. This is the only regret

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Napoli coach Gennaro Gattuso on Messi ahead of his side’s Round of 16 first leg encounter against Barça] Messi is incredible, he can do things that you only see on Playstation, but we have to try and stop him

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Gattuso dedicates Napoli result to sister Francesca who die aged 37 earlier this month] I dedicate this result to my sister and my family. The guys were extraordinary for the dedication they put on the pitch. I thank them because they played for me and they were close. I have a team that has great quality, but there was [a will] to suffer because not all the mechanisms went in the right direction. After the first very naive goal conceded it was not easy to go back up. We showed character and I have to say that in terms of intensity we started from where we left off. We went through a very hard period, it wasn’t even easy to train for the health emergency

After Mertens’ goal we had a sort of liberation and we expressed ourselves better. The boys are giving everything both in terms of commitment and availability. Now we will play the final with our weapons. If we continue on this path we can take great satisfaction from ourselves

[Gattuso stressed the tragedy of the coronavirus pandemic will never be forgotten] We lost thousands of people. The world has changed. Even coming to the stadium with masks and sitting far away from people in the street - all of it is strange but none of it compares to the devastation of losing so many people

2020 06 18 Retrieve

[Napoli rewarded by God of football with Coppa Italia title] Whoever does this job must have respect for it. We are lucky. This is why I get angry; there must be passion, respect, seriousness. Then there is a God of football who rewards you when you work well. The world of football has given me more than I deserved. But you always think of your family first. In life, when what has happened happens to you, you don’t digest it. We have a duty to play these last 12 games with respect. We must not think about giving up

There is disappointment for the boys, for the club, for the fans, but at the moment we cannot express more. We have tried to press less high, our condition is not the optimal one, but we did the game with excellent levels of application. I think that at the moment we are struggling especially in terms of individuality and that this lack of brilliance is characteristic of this period. I didn’t say anything to the players, we were all very angry and disappointed and I think it’s better to be silent right now. We will talk about it.

2020 06 18b Retrieve

[The likes of Arkadiusz Milik, Kalidou Koulibaly, Hirving Lozano and Brazilian midfielder Allan have all been subject to transfer speculation and Gattuso admits that he doesn’t expect to retain the services of everyone currently at his disposal] We don’t need to operate too much in the market. We have to see who’s going to leave us. Our chairman knows it - we speak about it every week. This is a strong team but I think that only 70-80% of the players will stay with us. We will do a few transfers but I know this team has great quality [already]

It was a great win. I am 42 years old, this is my fourth final as a coach - I played 15 when I was a player, so that’s 19 now in my career. When you start, coaching is completely different. I have many responsibilities on my shoulders. Sometimes I act like I am the chairman, or the doctor, or the storekeeper, and it’s difficult when you live football like me. But it’s the only way I know how to live. That’s why I feel we won this trophy as if I played the game myself. I know where we started and how I pushed my players and the people working for the club. We deserved it.

2020 06 22 Retrieve

[Gattuso, famous for his energetic and aggressive mentality during his playing days at Milan, finally saw enough to make an example of Hirving Lozano. Quite simply, it appears he was fed up] Anyone who is tired, who doesn’t feel like it, who isn’t sharp mentally, as far as I am concerned, he can just stay in the locker room and miss a day of training. Everyone knows that if they step onto the field with me, they have to go at full speed. I won’t allow anyone to ruin a training session

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Who is Barcelona ace Riqui Puig?] Even though they [Barca] have players that look like kids, the way they handle the ball amazes me. It’s the beauty of football. It’s like poetry.