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Gerard Pique
Gender Male
Ethnic Catalan
Job Catalan Footballer
Desc Over a decade at the heart of Barcelona’s defence and undoubtedly one of the game’s greatest ball-playing centre-backs, the Spaniard has won everything on offer: eight LaLiga titles, three Champions Leagues, countless cups as well as being a leader in both World Cup and European Championship successes


Org Spain National Team
Club as Player Barcelona FC

2013 09 14 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique on Barcelona’s tactics] We’ve had a number of years with homegrown coaches, first Pep and then Tito. We occasionally tended to exaggerate our possession-based style of play to the point where we were slaves of our own philosophy. Now we have Tata as our coach, who has the same football philosophy but also has other alternatives, and that is a very positive thing in my opinion. If you are under pressure, there’s nothing wrong with a long ball every now and then. That changes the game and could give you some rest and oxygen. You have to keep improving and developing in football or you will become predictable

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique on Paul Scholes] One of the best players I’ve ever seen in my life. Spectacular in training. Playing with him was a joy

2013 11 09 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique, whose grandfather was a former Barcelona director, on an embarrassing first meeting with the Dutch coach] I was 13, 14. [Louis van Gaal] was coming over for a meal, and he was the Barça manager for God’s sake! I thought to myself, ‘In 3 or 4 years I’d like to play for them’, and I wanted to impress him. But he brushed me aside and I fell over. I felt devastated. I didn’t say a damn word for the rest of the meal

2014 03 08 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique’s open letter to departing Barcelona captain Carles Puyol] I met you almost six years ago. You were the captain and the symbol of the team and I was a youngster eager to conquer the world. From the first day we had a great relationship, both on and off the pitch. At your side, I felt protected, I knew that if I failed one day, you would be there to save me. You are my guardian angel. I want you to know that I will miss our chats in the dressing-room, your advice and, above all, your scolding on the pitch. You are unique and one of a kind. I have to laugh when they talk about signing the new Puyol - they can keep on looking, because they never will find him

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[Barcelona defender Gerard Pique on his original move from the Spanish club to Manchester United] The first few months, staying with an English family without my friends and family, were tough. Coming to terms with not playing, and spending day after day without sun, as well as the different food and being all alone, made me mature. Eating an evening meal at 6pm was really strange; in Spain it’s at 10pm. [FFT: Did you try beans on toast?] Yeah, I did, and fish and chips. I can’t say I liked either too much.

2015 12 21 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] Neymar is the best one-on-one. He is unstoppable. You have Leo Messi who is the most complete player in the world-he can attack, defend, he can head the ball even though he is small. And then you have Luis Suarez and his first touch in the box is fantastic

2015 12 22 Retrieve

[on Messi, Suarez, and Neymar] I have never seen a trio like it. Being a footballer always goes hand in hand with a certain amount of egotism, but those three really do have a special relationship. They get on superbly. There’s no hint of jealousy and that shows on the pitch

2016 02 18 Retrieve

[on Rio Ferdinand] Now the position of the centre-back is not just about defending or being nasty or tough. It’s about knowing how to play football, control the ball, pass and be more comfortable in possession. This is something that 10 years ago [in England] they didn’t understand. Rio was the first one who did it

2016 02 27 Tweet

[Gerard Pique welcomed Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla, to Barcelona] Happy to see you again Priscilla and Mark. Hope you have had a great time in Barcelona!

2016 04 09 Retrieve

[Barcelona defender Gerard Pique on the difference between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo] For me it’s like Messi is not human but Cristiano is the best of the humans

2016 08 27 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique on team-mate Neymar] He has proved he is one of the best players by scoring the decisive penalty. It’s not been easy [for Neymar] because to be there [Brazil] meant there was a lot of pressure to win, even though he’s accustomed to that

2016 09 14 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez] In training it’s unbelievable. He has got that instinct that means when there are two or three rebounds in the box, the ball will always end up at his feet and he’ll score

2016 09 15 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez] He is a different style of player for us. We have Andres Iniesta and Xavi and they are sweet players and you can enjoy watching them on the ball, it’s easy on the eye. Not with Suarez. He fights and scraps for the ball and finally gets the goal. In training you see that ultra-competitive streak. You can kick him and he just never goes down. You pull his shirt and he still goes towards the goal. It’s true that he had a reputation in England (for diving) but you fall once in the Premier League and it sticks. I have found him to be a very fair player

2016 09 16 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez] I don’t care if he bites. I don’t care if he’s bitten before. He knows it’s not the correct way to behave but as a player he is in the top three or five strikers in the world so I am really happy to have him in my team

2016 10 15 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique says he will be mourning when Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona] He has been completely unique … the day he leaves will be like the day your father dies, and that will be hard. We talk about Leo now, but one day he won’t be here and we will be naked, but we will have to start again to keep being competitive. There won’t be more Messis and we don’t expect there to be more, as there won’t be another generation in La Masia like the one with Xavi, Busi, Puyol, Iniesta and me. Let’s hope there can be, but I don’t think it will happen again

2016 10 22 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique reveals he was close to quitting football after the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil] Motivation is everything. I was close to quitting Spain, quitting Barca, and just walking away. You have enough money to live the rest of your life. After the 2014 World Cup, I didn’t have any passion. I spoke with several coaches and decided to keep going. Maybe it was because I won everything at a young age. Then they spoke about Luis Enrique coming, bringing in some fresh air, trying to get back as one of the best teams in the world. I wanted to be a part of it, and now I’m at the peak of my career, having fun

2017 03 09 Retrieve

[Quotes on Didier Drogba] Drogba - one of the best strikers I have seen. He had everything. Pace, really strong, good in the air - he was amazing

2017 07 15 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique will retire after the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia] I have won the World Cup and the European Championship with Spain, we have made history. I will try to win it [the World Cup] again, but after that, I will retire from the Spanish national team. We have a new coach, Julen Lopetegui, he is doing a great job, he is demonstrating his character and we are playing great football. We are confident that he will play a great role in the tournament

2017 08 05 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique posts a farewell message to Neymar] [What you have achieved at Barça] will remain forever. Players like you make this club and its history greater

2017 08 19 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique admits the club has some catching up to do in order to match rivals Real Madrid] We’re not having our best time as a team or a club. We should be as close to each other as possible and paddle forward. The season’s very long and there’s room for improvement. Still, in the nine years I’ve been here, it’s the first time I feel inferior to Madrid

2018 03 24 Retrieve

In the end, football is a long trip. You win. You lose. You embarrass yourself. You make mistakes. You laugh, you cry. You do dumb things to pass the time. Maybe you and your teammates even set an assistant coach’s motorcycle on fire (before buying him a brand new one, of course … I’ll leave that story for another time!) Hopefully, you grow from a boy to a man. This is what makes sports beautiful, for me. It’s all just one long story

2018 09 25 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique on Thiago Alcantara when the youngster, drafted into the first team by Pep as an 18-year-old in 2009] He looks very calm and did a great job

2019 03 30 Retrieve

[Pique then shared some insight on what Lionel Messi’s like off the pitch] Messi has very ironic humour, he’s one of the biggest trolls [I know]

2019 05 24 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique has admitted that Barcelona’s Champions League semi-final exit at the hands of Liverpool was a nightmare] It has been hard to get up emotionally because the days passed and you did not forget the defeat, it is a fall that will last over time. But we must take a step forward. It was a very difficult situation. The team sees that it is not going, you see that they are squeezing and that it is very recent last year. But we must not torture ourselves. Yes, that is one of our great defeats. But that’s the sport, where sometimes you have to bite the dust. It was a nightmare and you have to assume it because it can happen again. But we must understand why it happened and help us in the future because we want to raise the Champions [League] again.

[He also praised Liverpool for employing their infamous high press to great effect] When something like this happens, everything or almost everything has gone wrong. I think that on a mental level, some people were affected by what happened in Rome because we had it very recently. With the first goal, which was very fast, unconsciously you see the image of Rome. Then two more came very quickly and it looked too much like what happened a year ago. Surely it was a mental block, but football was also missing. And they pressed very high, very intense, Anfield also played his role, we were not able. Sometimes happens. It was a very hard day

2019 05 25 Retrieve

[Barcelona vs Valencia. Barca’s collapse against Liverpool to exit the Champions League having held a 3-0 advantage travelling to Anfield was an embarrassing affair] It is not my job to decide because Valverde is my boss and he decides if he plays me or not. But what I can talk to you about is the excellent management he has with the group in these two years, how he has helped us to improve on a tactical level and the titles we have won, which we hope to expand on in the Copa final

2019 05 25b Retrieve

[Barca may need to rethink stance on Valverde after Copa failure] As long as La Liga title is won, I always say it’s a good season, but the expectations were for a much better year. We leave with the bittersweet taste because we could have been better.

2019 05 25b Retrieve

[Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has admitted his club’s season could have been better after they finally lost their grip on the Copa del Rey following a 2-1 defeat to Valencia] As long as the La Liga title is won, I always say it’s a good season but the expectations were for a much better year. It was not like that, and we leave with the bittersweet taste because we could have been better. They (Valencia) arrived twice and scored two goals in the first half. I am proud with the reaction of the team - we have made a great goal and almost got a draw, but we have to congratulate Valencia. They are well-deserved champions.

[The result was not so gracefully received by a large number of Barca fans - many of whom took to social media to voice their displeasure at manager Ernesto Valverde] In the end, there are decisions that are not in our hands. This is something that we cannot control. But we would like him to continue, as we have already said. He did very well. We do not worry. We have to make an individual analysis and of what we can improve

[When asked if Barca had missed the influence and guile of Luis Suarez] If you do not win, and you have absences, you can always blame it on missing players, but there are no excuses. We are Barcelona and we are obliged to win everything, especially this final against Valencia. Next season we have to fight again, for all of the titles

: 2019 05 31 The Barcelona quartet of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba have been named in FIFA 19’s Ultimate Team La Liga Team of the Season. Between the posts, Atletico Madrid’s Jan Oblak, who kept 20 clean sheets in 37 league appearances, is protected by a back four of Gerard Pique and Jordi Alba alongside Sevilla wing-back Jesus Navas and Getafe centre-back Djene. In the centre of the park, Pablo Sarabia is another representative of Sevilla, while Valencia’s Daniel Parejo and Sergio Canales of Real Betis make up the midfield three

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Barcelona have revealed their new 2019-20 kits which features a club-wide change away from their traditional stripes for a checkerboard style] The kit is something new and exciting. It might be different but it is 100 per cent Barca and it is even better that the design represents the bond the club has with the supporters and the people who are driving the city forward

2019 08 07 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique says any news on Neymar’s intention to move back to Barcelona will have to come from PSG star himself rather than his former team-mates] Of course I talk to him, but he has to be the one to speak out. We have private conversations and I don’t think it’s correct to talk about them here. He’s a star on and off the pitch. We hope something will happen. He is a great player, who knows the dressing room, the city and the club. I am convinced that there are many people [at the club] who were very happy with his output. I know that it would be a very complicated operation, that he plays for PSG and that we have a great squad that can challenge for every trophy. You already know about my relationship with Ney and we would be happy to have him here [but] he plays for PSG and my opinion doesn’t change anything

2019 08 11 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique recently declaring he’d be delighted to see Neymar back] I think Neymar’s a great player that knows the dressing room, the city and the club. There are people that weren’t happy with how he left, but there are a lot of people who were very happy with his performances. If the opportunity comes up, you know the relationship I have with him. I would be delighted if he came back, but he’s a PSG player. A personal opinion doesn’t change anything. It has to be Neymar who speaks out. Of course we speak with him, but it’s not right to reveal private conversations. If he wants to speak out or give his opinion, he has to come out and say it

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique conceded Barcelona were deservedly beaten by Athletic Bilbao] San Mames is always very difficult and today the competition put us in our place. We weren’t ourselves. From the start, they pressed us a lot and physically they were better, although in the second half they dropped off a little. In the end, winning or losing comes down to details, and we leave with a defeat that will be good for us, because it’s better to lose now than at the end of the season. We came from pre-season, there are new people… sometimes, you prepare for a game in one way and it doesn’t happen as you expected. In the first half, they had one clear chance, [Inaki] Williams’ one, and we had Luis hit the post. We played more in our own half, but that’s what you expect at San Mames. In the second half, we played more in their half, but details are details and one killed us in the end

2019 08 18 Retrieve

[Iniesta’s departure last summer saw Valverde retain the 4-3-3, but Coutinho was initially pushed further back to allow Messi to play in the attacking trio alongside Suarez and Dembele. When he was finally given a start on the left wing, Coutinho’s form improved with goals against Sevilla and Real Madrid. He opened the scoring in the famous 5-1 Clasico thumping of Real Madrid - which Messi watched from the stands - while Suarez bagged a hat-trick in a tremendous team performance. However, these performances were not enough to convince Valverde to start him in every game, nor were they enough for Barcelona fans, who expected more from their record signing. Club captain Gerard Pique came out in Coutinho’s defence when the attacker was booed against Rayo Vallecano] We have to accept the reaction of the fans - but from the inside we have to give him our support. Philippe is having a good season. Obviously, his cost was very high so that means there are more expectations of his performance level. It is what it is

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Pique and Vidal combine to win nearly €500,000 in European Poker Tour tournament. Pique pocketed €352,950 on Monday, though, as he finished runner-up to countryman Juan Pardo from a field of 70 entrants. Juan Pardo said after victory] I am obviously really happy, everything went my way. I was like a little kid with Pique and Vidal at the tables

2019 08 28 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique says he would like to see Paris Saint-Germain superstar Neymar return to La Liga champions Barcelona] Of course we’d like him to come back. But it’s something we can’t control. We’ll leave it in the hands of those who decide [these things] and from there we’ll see in a few days. He’s thought a lot about everything and he’s done everything right

2019 08 30 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique hopes that Manchester United’s signing of Harry Maguire can help his former club become Premier League title challengers once more] It happened before with Van Dijk and before about ten years ago with Rio Ferdinand. Culturally they invest a lot in good defenders and Harry Maguire is a great defender. I hope that they can be at the top again. Manchester United in the last few years they have been fighting to qualify for the Champions League but they have to be trying to win the Premier League. I hope with this signing they can return to the top

[Despite only enjoying a brief spell with United, Pique insists he has no regrets about the move] It was a great time there. I didn’t play as much as I wanted to but I was 17 and very young. It was a very important step in my career for the future. I had an amazing time there with team-mates like Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and Ryan Giggs. To have the experience of playing with those experienced players helped me a lot for these years when I played here in Barcelona

[The 32-year-old has been impressed with the impact Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has made since succeeding Jose Mourinho last season] I saw him last year in the Champions League tie and I think he’s a great lad and a great guy. He is doing a very good job at Manchester United, let’s see this season how it goes for him and the team

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Southampton vs Manchester United. Gerard Pique believes Harry Maguire can particularly help Solskjaer’s side thrive and return to the peak of English football] Culturally they invest a lot in good defenders and Harry Maguire is a great defender. I hope that they can be at the top again. Manchester United in the last few years they have been fighting to qualify for the Champions League but they have to be trying to win the Premier League. I hope with this signing they can return to the top

2019 09 06 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique says Lionel Messi has earned the right to break his Barcelona contract if he so wishes] I already knew Messi is able to leave for free at the end of each season. But we all know the commitment Leo has to Barca and it doesn’t worry me at all. He’s earned the right to be able to choose what he does with his future after everything he’s given the club

2019 09 06b Retrieve

[Bartomeu’s statement echoed sentiments expressed by Gerard Pique, who confirmed on Friday that he was also aware of the Argentina’s contract situation] I already knew Messi is able to leave for free at the end of each season. But we all know the commitment Leo has to Barca and it doesn’t worry me at all. He’s earned the right to be able to choose what he does with his future after everything he’s given the club

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique has suggested that the Neymar transfer saga at Barcelona may not be over] There’s been a lot of drama, and that’s normal because of who he is, but we have to turn the page. I wish him the best. I spoke with him and I said I hope things go well for him this season and that you never know, each year brings a new opportunity, so we will see

[Pique admits that he would like to see leading divisions across Europe take a leaf out of the Premier League’s book and bring the transfer deadline forward to before the season starts] It should close before, that there are still rumours doesn’t help. The Premier League has the advantage over us in that sense

[Pique no longer has to concern himself with international commitments] It was the decision I made at that moment. It’s time to focus on Barca. I hope Spain win the Euros

2019 09 10 Retrieve

[When asked if he plans to invite Real Madrid president Florentino Perez to the Davis Cup] Of course I will invite him, one thing is football and another one is tennis, I will invite all the Real Madrid and Atletico players to join the show. You have to separate one thing and the other, one thing is when we are involved in football and rivalry and other things is to look from outside, and I am sure Madrid and Atletico players will want to see Rafa Nadal and the Spanish team trying to win their sixth title

[Several tennis stars have voiced concerns about Pique being so heavily involved in the organisation of a tournament in a sport he is not familiar with] I approached tennis with respect and humility, with 24 hours and seven days a week of commitment. It’s the project of my life and I think we are in a good way. With Barcelona I play and train all days, but as soon as I have two or three free days like now I take a flight to be in New York

2019 09 25 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique blamed Barcelona’s pre-season fixtures for their slow start to the campaign after a 2-1 win over Villarreal on Tuesday] The pre-season did not help at all to start well in the competition, a lot of travel and little training. Many of us notice it and we don’t have the tone yet, not only Messi, but we must continue because we are forced to win, it is a setback. Look now what has happened to Messi, but there are no excuses, in the team there are qualified people to replace him and move on, although we hope he will be out as short as possible. There are quite a few players who have not achieved the tone because it is what it is. I do not know the severity of his [Messi’s] injury and I hope it is as little as possible. There are no excuses. Although it is the best there are no excuses in Barcelona, although the pre-season was not the best

[Pique said the three points were vital for Valverde’s team as they now sit a point behind league leaders Granada] It was important to win so as not to disengage from the top teams. With both goals and Leo’s injury, the team has pulled back a bit. They have advanced the lines and marked us. In the second half, it was difficult

[Barcelona make the trip to Getafe in their next outing on Saturday with Pique aware the Catalan faithful will expect nothing less than another win] I understand the people, they pay the entrance fee and they deserve to express what they feel. We would like to win all the games, but the players are people and emotionally and personally we have our life and it is difficult to yield 100 per cent and we are not machines. We try to do our best. I wouldn’t give it more importance. We have to focus on Getafe

2019 09 28 Retrieve

[Getafe vs Barcelona. This travel sickness is a malady that Gerard Pique has put down to a hectic summer] Pre-season did not help at all for a good start in La Liga. There was a lot of travel and little training. Many of us notice it and we aren’t in sync yet, not only Messi, but we must continue because we are forced to win; it is a setback. Look now what has happened to Messi, but there are no excuses, in the team there are qualified people to replace him and move on, although we hope he will be out as short a time as possible. There are quite a few players who are not in sync but it is what it is

2019 10 01 Retrieve

[As Luis Suarez prepares to face Intermilan in the Champions League on Wednesday at Camp Nou, he has never been so unpopular among his club’s fans] The supporters pay for their tickets and can voice their opinion and say if we’re not doing well, but players are people, too. We can’t be 100 per cent in every game, we’re not machines

2019 10 09 Retrieve

[Barcelona veteran Gerard Pique admits he’s extremely motivated by those that don’t want to see him succeed] Having people against me motivates me even more, I think that the better you play, the more they are bothered. There was a time that when I played with the national team that they always booed me and it was my best time. Either you have very thick skin or it affects you. When you are young they affect you more and eventually you learn to relativise them. The world of football is very much about results, if you lose they criticise you and if you win they praise you, even if you have not played well

[Born and raised in Catalonia, Pique is a proud Barcelona man and takes the club’s rivalry with Real Madrid seriously] I’ve never put on a Real Madrid shirt. Some times I’ve swapped for one at the end of a game but not worn it

[While still performing on the pitch, Pique is keeping busy away from football and founded sports and media investment group Kosmos in 2018. The company recently acquired the rights to the Davis Cup - a tennis competition Pique’s group are looking to transform] The best in the world will be there, like Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray and it will be a great experience for both tennis players and fans

2019 10 11 Retrieve

[Pique plays down talk of mixed messages with Messi and admits to Neymar ‘fear’] Messi is our captain and he has his say. But I think his words are in line with those of the dressing room. I don’t think there’s an issue with coordination or anything

More than fear, it was a possibility. It’s true that we discussed it in the dressing room but in the end it was Neymar’s decision. In the end he stayed and I hope he does his best. My relationship with Neymar is fantastic

2019 10 12 Retrieve

Having people against me motivates me more because the better you play, then the more it annoys them. My last period with the national team had my best years, I came away more motivated than ever

2019 10 23 Retrieve

[Pique heard of Andorra FC through friends of friends from Andorra and thought it could be an interesting opportunity] The main difference with other clubs in Spain is here there’s a whole country backing up the team. We don’t want to be just an investor, we want to be involved in the team, to make it better and place the team in higher divisions

2019 10 25 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique shared his phone number on Thursday night as he wanted to interact with fans as part of the promotion of the Davis Cup] Thanks for respecting me, I know it’s difficult as a Real Madrid fan. It’s really exciting to speak with you

2019 10 31 Retrieve

[Barcelona defender Gerard Pique revealed the team offered to lower their salaries so Neymar could return to the La Liga champions] We didn’t stump up money. What we said to the president was whether we could change our contracts because we knew there was a Financial Fair Play issue… so we said to the president, rather than earn something in year one, we could earn it in year two or three or four. At the end of the day we want to go along with what the club is doing and if we can help the club, in this case avoiding a financial fair problem, we’ve got no problem in doing that. Rather than reducing our salary it was about finding a formula so that if the club wanted to sign Neymar they could. At the time they thought it was a good idea, but then other problems cropped up

[Asked if Neymar could come back to Barca] In football anything can happen and every year just makes that clearer. We told Neymar, ‘you’re going to a golden prison’. But in football things can happen and you find the door open

2019 10 31b Retrieve

[Pique dismisses talk of Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann rift] Here, we magnify everything very much. Leo and Grizi get along, the same as Leo and [Ousmane] Dembele get along, or Leo with Pedro or [David] Villa. It’s good. With Luis [Suarez and Messi], they are almost like brothers. Just because he doesn’t get along [with Griezmann] like he does with Luis doesn’t mean they get along badly

[Barcelona-born Pique believes the decision to move the game was a mistake] My opinion is that it was not necessary. It magnified a problem that wasn’t there. Espanyol played Villarreal that week and nothing happened. I think that for the league and for the clubs it was not the best. I think the league, as a competition, and the clubs have to take the bull by the horns and ensure that the show goes on

2019 10 31c Retrieve

[Barcelona star Gerard Pique has revealed that he is open to representing Spain in the Olympics alongside Sergio Ramos] You never know, you never know. In life you don’t have to discard anything. I’ve never ruled out anything in life. It can happen. Why not? I don’t like to close the doors on anything

2019 11 06 Retrieve

[Pique asks for patience after Barcelona’s poor Champions League showing] I would ask for a little patience. I know the fans want more, we understand that, but we’re working hard to find the solutions. Not so much in terms of results, but in terms of how we’re playing. Everyone has their own opinion. I’ve spent a lot of time here now and when the supporters expect things to go better and they don’t, there is some criticism. We [the players] are trying to resolve these situations as quickly as possible. We have to keep cool heads. I think we are in a good position. We’re top of La Liga and our Champions League group. We’re not playing as well as we expect. The results aren’t bad, but they could be better. We do have to improve

[Pique suggested the club don’t have to be at their free-flowing best to still collect silverware at season’s end] It’s difficult to say right now but there have been times when we’ve not looked good in the past and we’ve ended up winning trophies. With Luis Enrique, it looked like things weren’t working for the first six months and then we won the treble

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique concedes Barcelona can improve but claims the level of criticism they have received this season has been unfair] We have won the last two league titles, we are the leaders in La Liga and in the Champions League and the criticisms we are receiving are excessive. Can we play better? Of course, but there is still a lot of the season left. Barca is the least result-focused team in the world. It’s not enough to win, the fans have made that clear. We have to win playing well and it’s true that right now we are not at the level that we should be

[Pique expects Griezmann, formerly the star of Diego Simeone’s Atletico side, will eventually get to grips with being a supporting cast member] He always succeeded with Real Sociedad and Atletico, but it is true that he has come to a team, Barca, which does not play for him. In that sense, he has to know how to find his space, but he will find it because he has a lot of talent. I particularly value how much he helps us in defensive tasks

2019 11 17 Retrieve

[Barcelona manager Gerard Pique says his four-year spell as a youngster at Manchester United made him into the player he is today] When I left my friends there to spend four years at Manchester United it was tough. At the same time that was a great experience for me. I grew up a lot there. I am who I am because of the period I had at Manchester United, even though I didn’t play as much as I wanted to. But in my position there were two centre-backs who were among the top three in the world at the time [Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic]. But being at home, and having the career I have had at home, has been a great pleasure and I am very proud of it

[The defender revealing he has no concrete plans to retire, but has no desire to play for another club before he hangs up his boots] Right now my thoughts are that every year has to be my last year. I want to dedicate as much as I can to football. I want to end my career in the best way possible. I don’t know if it will be one more year, two more years, five more years. But I am happy at Barcelona

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Pique plans to see out career at Barcelona in 2022] I have absolutely no intention of wearing any other shirt because […] I have been a ‘Cule’ all my life. For me, being at Barca is the biggest dream of all. My intention is to get to 2022, but I don’t have a crystal ball and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it. If I see that I lose importance or see that I am not at the [required] level, I have no problem leaving earlier. I don’t think it will happen because I know myself and I am able to endure until 2022, but you never know

[Luis Enrique had stepped down as his young daughter, Xana, had developed bone cancer. She died in August] In truth it is a little surprising, we all got a little surprise. I’m not there, I haven’t talked to my [Barcelona] team-mates because they played on Monday and they didn’t train [Tuesday]. I am very happy that Luis Enrique returns to training, that is the best news of all. Regarding the relationship between Luis Enrique and Robert Moreno, I have no idea what happened

2019 11 22 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique’s revamp of the Davis Cup has not been a smooth process] I hardly get four or five hours of sleep a night. I don’t have time for everything.

Pique maintains he has the sport’s best interests at heart]</b> I’ve liked tennis since I was little, I went to watch the Barcelona Open many years. I played tennis and football when I was younger but chose football because it fitted me better. I still play when I can and I’m not bad, I win my games. I don’t see sport as a vehicle for making money, but for people to enjoy. I want them to have the best week of their lives. I want the Davis Cup to be a party around tennis, not just tennis

[Davis Cup is in direct competition with the ATP Cup. Pique, though, is hoping that he will eventually be able to merge the two tournaments] I have always said our idea is to open the door with the ATP to arrive at a deal. I think that this is the logical step for the future

2019 11 22b Retrieve

[Pique speaks says Barcelona stars were ready to alter their salaries to accommodate the return of Neymar] We didn’t stump up money. What we said to the president was whether we could change our contracts because we knew there was a Financial Fair Play issue […] so we said to the president, rather than earn something in year one, we could earn it in year two or three or four

2019 11 23 Retrieve

[Pique defends Davis Cup commitments and demands respect from critics] I had friendly talks with [Valverde] this week. He asked me what the plans for this week were and how we were going to do it. The relationship between me and him is good and we get along well. We talk every week and everything with him and the club is going well. It is more about the noise from the outside, which centres around whether I’m in Madrid, or if I have dinner here or there. It is all part of the circus and part of my job, but I try to do my best. In the end, they are 40-minute trips. I think we give a lot of attention to who I am and who I represent, but I try to make things as simple as possible. People can opine whatever they want, but respect me

[Youssef En-Nesyri gave bottom side Leganes an early lead, but Luis Suarez and substitute Arturo Vidal hit back in the second half for Barcelona] It was important for the team to continue winning in order to gain confidence. If at the beginning of the season you told us we would be the leaders in La Liga and our Champions League group, we would have taken it. In terms of the game, we know we can improve but the most important thing is to win games

2020 02 07 Retrieve

[A 1-0 defeat to Athletic saw Barcelona knocked out of the Copa in the quarter-finals. The setback followed criticism from director of football Eric Abidal] It’s not time to air the dirty washing. The dressing room is fully united. Elimination is a big blow but we said in the dressing room that we’ve taken a step forward and played well, despite all the noise that’s been generated

We have to focus on playing and winning. We have to return to winning ways. The players have the ability to keep winning and we are working on that every day, finding a better feel for the game. There is enough confidence and talent to be able to win the two remaining titles

2020 02 24 Retrieve

[Pique: I would pick Messi over Maradona because of his consistency] Maradona was a unique player in the history of football, he went through Barca and Napoli, he will be remembered forever. But if you ask me to choose between Leo or Diego, I would say Messi because of his consistency and the magic he produces on a daily basis

The result of tomorrow’s game will somehow influence the Clasico. If we want peace of mind, we have to win and keep winning and play well

We will never forget Roma and Liverpool, but from the big defeats you can get positive things and look to the future, with that experience we will know how to face everything that comes, things we have learned. We fear many things about Napoli, they have improved in recent weeks, they have very good players like [Dries] Mertens and [Lorenzo] Insigne. They will cause us trouble if we don’t go out with the right mindset

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Pique unsure of Messi future] You can never say never in football, but I guess that is complicated. You should ask him as he decides his future. I would like him to retire with us. I can’t tell you more

We just try to be focused on our task as for this club in the last few years it has been massive what happens on the pitch. Just the results have been holding back the entire club, so we know how important it is [to get results]. The responsibility we have as Barcelona players to try to keep winning on the pitch. If not, there will be troubled water

It is the first time Barca comes to Napoli to play at such a historic stadium. A football player always want to live new experiences, so coming here is one of them. Regarding Napoli, they have improved a lot lately. They did not start well this season but have improved a lot lately. It will be a very difficult one. They have beaten Juventus and they beat Liverpool at the group stage. They raise their level against the big teams, so we will have to be very concentrated in order not to get badly surprised

2020 02 29 Retrieve

[Barcelona kick-off El Clasico leading a very ordinary title race] We are trying to do our jobs and the important thing at this club has been the results. In the last few years results have sustained the club. We know the responsibility we have, we know that the water is not calm if there aren’t good results

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique believes Barcelona lost to the ‘worst Real Madrid he has faced at the Bernabeu] Real Madrid in the first half was the worst Madrid I’ve faced at the Bernabeu. We missed a chance to hurt them. We have to play better than in second half, though, we lost balls and they grew in confidence

[When asked if he was bothered by losing to this standard of Real team] Yes, they were giving off the worst possible impression and I don’t say it as a criticism. We all have problems in our clubs. But I have the feeling that it’s an important missed opportunity [for Barcelona]

[Real now move one point ahead of Barcelona in the league standings] We still have a margin of improvement and it is enough for us to win La Liga if we do things well until the end of the season - but we have to do them well. Whenever you lose [at the Bernabeu], you get hurt. Because of the importance of the game, the points […] If we won, it was an important step. We have to focus on improving, especially on our second half performance

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Gerard Pique has defended Barcelona assistant Eder Sarabia for his foul-mouthed rant in El Clasico] The assistant coach is full of adrenaline and intensity which manifested itself in this way at the Bernabeu, but it is all completely normal for us. All the players discussed it in the dressing room. The boss apologised and we told him that nothing had come from us; if anything it [the controversy] related to the image of the club. What’s more, we like that there’s intensity in the dugout and they are living [the game] too. When the club is weak, these types of things come up. A few weeks ago, the talk was about the players not having a huddle before the game because of the change of coach, then it was the warm-up was different. It’s the same thing. It’s another story that happens after a defeat and you always have to go out and deny it. [Sarabia’s behaviour] is completely normal

We knew it was going to be very tough because we are coming from the defeat at the Bernabeu and they are having an exceptional season and they’ve reached the final of the Copa. It wasn’t going to be easy; they play good football, we try to, and the game was decided by the small details. Some hands inside the penalty area have given us the three very important points that are going to help us fight for the title

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Barcelona star Pique believes June 12 is too soon for La Liga return] I would like it [the season resuming] to be June 12, but it will depend on the numbers. In the end it will be up to the health authorities. They explain what can be done. We do not rush, we are not the ones who decide the phases. I understand La Liga’s interest in finishing the season because there’s a lot at stake. Despite being leaders, it would be quite ugly to win [the league] that way. I have heard Javier talk about playing again on the 12th …. We’ve spent a lot of time out of action and we have to keep in mind we need to be well prepared to avoid the risk of injuries. If I can contribute my opinion, a few more days wouldn’t hurt us. They’ve kept us very well informed, Javier Tebas has dedicated many hours to it. There are people who are scared and it’s important that everyone follows the protocol to the finest detail. It’s better training as a group but we have to adapt

I didn’t have any contact with Messi on the pitch, I only spoke to him on my mobile phone. I didn’t see him train either, I just crossed him in the parking lot. All the footballers we train in different fields. I am with Sergi Roberto and [Sergio] Busquets in a field, but we are separated

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has said that Tebas’ proposal of June 12 could be a little too soon] I have heard Javier talk about playing again on the 12th …. We’ve spent a lot of time out of action and we have to keep in mind we need to be well prepared to avoid the risk of injuries. If I can contribute my opinion, a few more days wouldn’t hurt us

2020 05 15 Retrieve

[League chief Javier Tebas keen that the top tiers of Spanish football should be back in action on June 12] I understand La Liga’s interest in finishing the season because there’s a lot at stake. Despite being leaders, it would be quite ugly to win [the league] that way. I have heard Javier talk about playing again on the 12th. We’ve spent a lot of time out of action and we have to keep in mind we need to be well prepared to avoid the risk of injuries. If I can contribute my opinion, a few more days wouldn’t hurt us

2020 06 19 Retrieve

[Pique is right: Barcelona are inferior to Real Madrid again] It doesn’t depend only on our results anymore. It will be difficult to win this league. We will do everything we can. But from what I’ve seen in recent weeks, it would be a surprise if Real Madrid drop points

2020 06 21 Retrieve

[VAR rules to swing La Liga title race in Madrid’s favour] It will be difficult to win this league. We will do everything we can. But from what I’ve seen in recent weeks, it would be a surprise if Real Madrid drop points