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Gerd Muller
Gender Male
Born 1943 11 03
Birthplace Nordlingen
Ethnic German
Height 1.76m
Job German Footballer
Desc Gerd Muller, known as ‘Der Bomber’, is the greatest goal-scorer of the modern era. He scored an amazing 68 goals in 62 games for West Germany during the 1970s, including the win in the 1974 World Cup Final


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player xxxx

1979 03 28 Retrieve

[Speaking through an interpreter, Muller recalled having played for Bayern against the Cosmos last year] That was my only experience of American soccer. We thought we would beat them, but we never thought it would be 7‐1. After that, the Cosmos went right down in the eyes of German fans.

2011 03 27 Retrieve

[Long, long ago, before Müller finished his remarkable record of 68 goals in 62 matches for what was then West Germany, he tried to explain how he did it] A voice inside my head said ‘Gerd, go this way,’ or ‘Gerd, go that way,’. So I went. The game has changed, speeded up since his time. The art of finishing remains the same.

2012 05 29 Retrieve

[Muller ended his career at the age of 28 and sunk into severe alcoholism. His friends from Bayern Munich notably Uli Hoeness helped him back onto his feet and offered him a contract at Bayern Munich where he was responsible for scouting striking and goalkeeping coach. He progressed onto the role of a youth team coach and finally first team assistant. He now is the head coach of Bayern Munich II and stated] It does not get any better than being at Bayern

2018 06 17 Retrieve

[East Germany vs. West Germany, 1974] All hell broke loose in our training camp when we lost. Helmut Schon was in a right mood and we were up until the early hours trying to work out how we had lost.