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Giorgio Chiellini
Gender Male
Ethnic Italian
Job Italian Footballer
Desc While what makes Rio Ferdinand one of the best defenders of all time is his footballing ability, what makes Giorgio Chiellini one of the best is his sheer will to win, busting or breaking almost every inch of his body to do just that. In an exorbitant number of the 500+ games he has played for Juventus, Chiellini has busted his head wide open, broke his nose, turned his knee, rolled his ankle, had abdominal influenza


Org Italy National Team
Club as Player Juventus


University University of Turin

2011 06 11 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini on Ireland] All due respect to Ireland, but they haven’t got much quality and it irritates me to have lost to them

2016 09 14 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez and The FIFA Ban] I have always considered unequivocal the disciplinary interventions by the competent bodies but, at the same time, I believe that the proposed formula is excessive. Now inside me there’s no feelings of joy, revenge or anger against Suarez for an incident that happened on the pitch and that’s done. At the moment, my only thought is for Luis and his family, because they will face a very difficult period

2017 04 08 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini writes about completing his degree in Business Administration and successfully writing a thesis on the club’s business model at the University of Turin] To the end. This motto accompanies me every day on the field and it has supported me over these years spent with my head in the books. I’m proud of this degree; proud to have done it. Happy to have reached this objective

2017 08 12 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini tells that the club will recover after the departure of Leonardo Bonucci to AC Milan] Bonucci? Andrea Pirlo and Vidal also left, as did Paul Pogba. It takes a while to adapt and you also have to wait for the new signings [to settle in]. Maybe we’ve lost something from our game, but we have the best attack. Maybe Miralem Pjanic will drop back a bit

2017 10 21 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini gives an insight into long-time team-mate Gianluigi Buffon] Gigi is an extrovert. He’s always smiling and there are no airs and graces about him. He’s always a role model for his team-mates, both young and old alike

2018 03 10 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini pays tribute to Davide Astori] We dedicate this win to him but not only this match. I cry many times, I always believe in him because he was a fantastic player. It’s very difficult during the match because we have to think of the game and our opponents. It is not easy but he’s always in our heart. And tomorrow we go to give last ‘ciao’ together with our team-mates. It’s difficult but we have to continue our lives. I think for us he was important for our national team, he always brought positive emotion and always smiled. We would like to continue to smile in our heart

2019 01 19 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini tells that Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival in Turin makes them UEFA Champions League contenders] Cristiano scored many, many, many times against us and he broke my dreams many times - in Cardiff, in Madrid, in Turin. Before, the Champions League was a dream. Now it is a target because Cristiano is the best player in the world and we need him to make the last step

2019 05 24 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini has hailed Cristiano Ronaldo as a deity] He is a deity, a superior entity. It was very important to fill the void that Gigi [Gianluigi Buffon] left. Cristiano was an example for everyone, with his dedication to work. He integrated perfectly into the city.

[Given that success, Chiellini would not be surprised to see Massimiliano Allegri return to the Allianz Stadium in the future] He probably did something unrepeatable. That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised to see him again at Juve in a few years. The love that Max has for Juventus and vice versa is so great that tomorrow they can be found again quietly

2019 05 24b Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini still holds Antonio Conte in high regard and the Juventus defender would ‘hate’ to see his former club and international boss take charge at Inter Milan] I would hate to see him there, but it’s part of life. I understand that they are professionals, but to see him at Inter would make me [feel] weird. It is not a criticism, everyone knows that with Antonio I have a special relationship. What can I say, I hope everything goes well for him, but nothing can win at Inter. It is the truth, so much so that when he coached Chelsea, I rooted for him. At Inter, I can’t do it, really

2019 06 16 Retrieve

[One of the grand old grounds of Italy will be filled with 28,000 people hoping to catch a glimpse of a brighter future. Moise Kean can provide it. As Juventus team-mate Giorgio Chiellini said in Sardegna] Moise Kean is a good face for Italy, a symbol of the rebirth of our movement

: 2019 07 04 Gianluigi Buffon was captain following the departure of Alessandro Del Piero in 2012, while he also donned the number one jersey. He was offered both of those by respective incumbents Giorgio Chiellini and Wojciech Szczesny, but Buffon gratefully declined, adamant he is not back in Turin to step on anyone’s toes

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini believes the idea of Mauro Icardi joining the club is fantasy football] With all due respect to Icardi, the idea of him at Juve is fantasy football. We have some great forwards and we’re only thinking about our group. We want to stick together and help each other during a long season. Luckily it starts soon

[Sarri has not been able to guarantee Paulo Dybala’s future at the club, but Chiellini believes the Argentine needs no guarantees or advice on how to handle the transfer talk] Paulo’s calm, he’s doing well and he doesn’t need my advice. He’s a big boy. Certain things are part of the game, we’re professionals and we’re aware of the situation

2019 09 03 Retrieve

[Juventus will have to make do without captain Giorgio Chiellini for around six months after he underwent an operation on a knee injury on Tuesday] This afternoon, Giorgio Chiellini underwent surgery to reconstruct the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee. The intervention, performed at the Hochrum clinic in Innsbruck by Professor Christian Fink in the presence of the Juventus Club Doctor, Dr. Tzouroudis, was perfectly successful. The expected recovery time is around six months

2019 09 03b Retrieve

[An eight-time Serie A champion, Giorgio Chiellini was a key part of the defence under former coach Massimiliano Allegri, although muscle problems restricted him to just 22 league starts last season] Let me play another year or two, then I’ll join the technical staff. For me Juventus is a family, when I’m outside the squad I suffer with my companions, I can’t help them

2019 10 25 Retrieve

[Juventus legend Giorgio Chiellini sets out retirement plan] [I will play] a couple of years - not more. I would like to have a managerial career as a director. [I am approaching it] with great calm because I think that the biggest mistake us footballers make once our careers are over is to think of being immediately ready. When you retire, for the luckiest between 35 and 40, you think you know everything about football. But then you enter the world of work where those of your age have done at least 15 years at a good level. And even if you go one step below, you find people who are 10 years younger than you but 10 years more experienced. So you have a gap to compensate and you have to be humbly aware of it. You have an important know-how from a footballing point of view, but you have to put in the other pieces. It’s like a puzzle. You don’t have to be in a hurry. One step a day

[Asked about coaching] It is nice to pick a squad or train players for 30 minutes, but I do not like the life of a coach. Choosing a system is no longer enough, coaches have to be psychologists and motivational leaders too. Directors can be like an administrator of a company that has to manage at least 50 or 60 people. It is an all-encompassing life, accepting pressure and sacrifices of all kinds. It’s not a kind of responsibility that I feel inside me now

[Discussing his Euro 2020 prospects] Yes, [I will be there] if nothing happens. I will arrive nice and fresh. [Italy coach Roberto] Mancini called me the night I got hurt, and I said to him, ‘Coach, I will be back in the spring. When June comes, I will be as fresh as a rose’. Playing as captain of Juve and the national team, with 500 games for Juve and 100 for the national team, it gives you a different serenity. I would like to enjoy the Euros like I am enjoying the final wonderful years as a footballer

2019 11 13 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini’s reaction to the news that Ronaldo was on his way to Turin last year was telling] We are excited. We are all looking forward to working with him; every part of the club: the players, the coaches, the directors, the marketing manager…

2019 11 19 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini says fans need to be patient with Juventus as they continue to get to grips with Maurizio Sarri’s style of play] After many years with Allegri it would have been different with any coach, but the results are going our way. You need to have patience, to understand the ideas of the coach, but in the meantime we need to pick up points and my team-mates are doing that

It’s a fairly surprising result, but I congratulated the coach even after the great win against Bosnia [on Friday]. He changed the team’s trajectory in a very short time and understood the tricks needed to kickstart the group. He deserves so much credit because he is the true architect of this rebirth.

[Chiellini also offered an update on his rehabilitation from injury] I think I’ll be back on the pitch between February and March. Unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go. I’ve spent a few days abroad, but tomorrow I’ll return to continue my rehabilitation and it’s going very well. But you do need a lot of patience. They are doing very well without me, but I hope that I will be back during the spring to help out by giving all that I’ve got, like they are doing

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini says Real Madrid denied Cristiano Ronaldo a sixth Ballon d’Or last year because he no longer played for the La Liga club] It’s ok that Messi has won the Ballon d’Or this year. The real theft was last year, Real Madrid decided that Cristiano should not win the Ballon d’Or. It was really strange. Cristiano won the Champions League, [but I suppose] by that logic Van Dijk should have won it this year. Maybe last year Griezmann, Pogba or Mbappe should have won for doing extraordinary things at the World Cup. Modric made no sense

2020 02 18 Retrieve

[Chiellini to extend 15-year association with Juventus with another 12-month contract] The worst part is over, now the difficult part arrives. Now I have to work a lot, I want to help my team-mates. I find a team that are first in the league, well placed in the Coppa Italia and are in the last 16 of the Champions League. I thank my team-mates for these five-and-a-half months. I hope to bring a wave of enthusiasm to those who have played a lot

2020 05 09 Retrieve

[Chiellini on Felipe Melo] Felipe Melo is even worse: the worst of the worst. I can’t stand disrespectful people, those who always want to go against the grain. There was always a fight with him. I told the coaches: he’s a rotten apple

2020 05 09b Retrieve

[Chiellini on Balotelli] Balotelli is a negative person with no respect for the team. In 2013, in the Confederations Cup against Brazil, he didn’t help us at all. He deserved a slap

2020 05 09c Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini has admitted he can be an asshole on the football pitch, but he doesn’t think he is a bad person] I can be an asshole, yes, but a bad person? No - even if I did someone harm. On Bergessio, in 2013, I made a reckless tackle and I was so sorry. I told him I was sorry a thousand times but I couldn’t give him back the piece that I broke. He stayed out for three months and when he came back, he started a manhunt against me - until he was sent off for elbowing me. Regardless, even in an adrenaline-fuelled trance I never said to myself, ‘Now I’m going in and I’m going to hurt him’

Have I ever hated anyone? Higuain - but he surprised me after getting to know him. No.9s are selfish, they do a different job, but he has a generous, playful side. He’s a demanding guy because you have to be pamper him, motivate him. He needs affection to feed the incredible potential he has

2020 05 11 Retrieve

[Chiellini explains why he hugged Koulibaly after late own goal] I think back to our embrace on the Allianz Stadium pitch after his own goal on August 31. The way I am, that gesture of mine almost displeased me; perhaps it would have been better to hug him in the locker room and keep this moment just between us. But it happened spontaneously. I looked for Kalidou, going to him on crutches. The night before, he sent me a ‘good luck’ message. With him, I have always had a wonderful relationship. Such a strong player, such a good person and in the 92nd minute of a crucial game, he makes a mistake like that! Seeing the look on his face melted me. I felt I had to say a few words of comfort, nothing more: ‘You are the best, everyone makes mistakes, keep on working the way you do and everything will pass

[Chiellini also revealed he and Koulibaly were in regular contact when the Italian was ruled out for six months with his cruciate ligament injury] Of course I suffered, like everyone else, but it was also beautiful. Everyone called me, starting with my friends. I must have read hundreds of messages, some of them I was expecting, others less, others not at all. I was very pleased to read Javier Zanetti, I hadn’t heard from him before. Another one I didn’t expect was Pepe Reina, the former Napoli goalkeeper, who sent some very nice words. Other Napoli players called, for example [Lorenzo] Insigne and Koulibaly, but I already had a relationship with them, which wasn’t the case with Reina. I respect Koulibaly a lot and we got to talk to each other, to understand what kind of person he is

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Chiellini apologises to Balotelli after slamming striker in autobiography] I was undecided whether to put [criticism] in, but not saying anything is bad, it seemed to me to be false and hypocritical. I take full responsibility. I made a mistake and I learned from it and will continue to learn from my mistakes every day

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[Chiellini says Injuring Salah in Champions League final was a Ramos masterstroke] Critics can say that he is impulsive, not tactical at all and that because of him there are eight or 10 extra goals conceded a season. If I caused an extra two or three goals, I wouldn’t live anymore. He is very technical and could be a striker, we are opposites. However, he has two characteristics almost no-one has.

The first is knowing how to be decisive in important games. He makes interventions beyond any logic, even with injuries that he causes with almost diabolical cunning. Salah’s was a masterstroke. He always said that he didn’t mean to injure him, but he was aware that falling that way and without letting go of his grip, nine times out of 10 you can break your rival’s arm.

The second is the force he transmits with his presence. Without him, stars like Raphael Varane, Dani Carvajal and Marcelo seem like kids from the Primavera team. Without him, Madrid becomes defenceless.

[Chiellini pointed to the stunning 4-1 home Champions League loss to Ajax in 2019 as an instance that his loss was critical to Madrid] After the first match, they gave him a two-game ban because he was honest: he said that in life you have to choose and had looked for a card to wipe his record before the quarter-finals. With him at the Bernabeu, they can be sure that they would not have lost by a three-goal margin. I’d bet whatever you want

2020 05 16b Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini praised Cristiano Ronaldo and said the Juventus star went to another level when it came to the Champions League] Cristiano is doing well even though he had that knee problem that slowed him down for a month and a half. He changed the way he played compared to when he was younger. He is enhanced with the big games. Maybe against the small teams he makes a performance that seems subdued. With the big ones, he is incredible. In the Champions League, he turns. He feels it coming and he turns the engine up

2020 05 16c Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini has claimed that only a taste for alcohol prevented former Juventus team-mate Arturo Vidal from reaching the very top of the game] A footballer isn’t a devil or a saint. The distinction to be made is quite another. That is, between those who are real and those who are fake. Someone like Vidal sometimes went out and drank more than they should’ve. Everyone knew it. It can be said that alcohol was a bit of a weakness for him. However, that doesn’t put into question whether he is a champion or which type of person he is. Weaknesses are part of human nature. What matters are the consequences they can have on a squad

The great Arturo didn’t show up for training a couple of times a year or, when he did, let’s say he was rather merry. However, he never slacked. On the contrary, I think that sometimes, certain ways of being can make you stronger. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to know Paolo Montero that well. He was someone else who lived like a king at night. During his last season with us, when his performance levels had dropped, Moggi went to him and said: ‘Paolo, please stop staying at home in the evening. Go back to your old ways!’ Vidal was a bit like that

I still remember an American tour, we were in Miami the night before the last training session before leaving and we were given a free pass. The next morning, Arturo was nowhere to be seen. He was in bed, and they had to pull him out by force. That day we tried the new training shirts. We were all dressed in black and it was 40 degrees. Head coach Antonio Conte couldn’t wait to kick him out of the squad and make an example out of him. Instead, after 10 minutes when Arturo still looked drunk and didn’t even see the ball go by, he ended up running like crazy and beat everyone else by 20 metres. What can you say to a person who, among other things, brings joy to a squad, as well as being someone who drives the team on and is both a fighter and a great champion?

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Chiellini reveals why Mbappe is better than Neymar] I think that Mbappe is better than Neymar because he’s more consistent. The future belongs to him. He’s a truly unique player. The first time I saw him play on television was in the Champions League of 2016-17, during Manchester City vs Monaco. He was very impressive. At the end of the first half, I asked Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici: ‘Who is he? What planet does he come from?’ Fabio told me: ‘Yes, I know. We’ve known about him for a long time’. He was an unstoppable striker and was only 18 years old. That year, we faced them in the semi-finals. Now he’s 21 and he’s already a world champion. Allure, technique, instinct, he doesn’t miss anything. He’s a player who exudes something, who is a priceless masterpiece

2020 05 17 Retrieve

[Juventus centre-back Giorgio Chiellini has said that he only speaks to head coach Maurizio Sarri before he takes a shower after matches and training] He’s got a very closed-off personality. He doesn’t let much slip - even if Juventus managed to whittle down some of his sharper edges. The one thing nobody has been able to change, however, is his outlandish attachment to cigarettes. You can only go and talk to him in his office before taking a shower, still wearing your playing kit, because otherwise you’d stink of smoke!

He’s always looking for perfection - for example, 100 per cent possession in the opposition half. That’s utopian, of course, but perhaps it’s that pursuit is what allowed him to work his way up from the bottom to where he is now

2020 05 21 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini was engrossed by ‘The Last Dance’] I think people understand what I mean and I don’t wish to be misinterpreted. I hate Inter in a sporting way just as Michael Jordan hates the Pistons. I can’t help but hate Inter, but 99.9 per cent of the time that I met up with players off the field after we tore each other to shreds on it, we could have a good laugh. In fact, when I injured my knee last year, the message that gave me the most pleasure was from (former Inter captain and current vice-president) Javier Zanetti. Sporting hatred is what pushes you on to beat a rival and, if given the right meaning, is an essential component of sport

2020 05 21b Retrieve

[Chiellini reveals he admires Luis Suarez for 2014 World Cup bite during Italy v Uruguay clash] The truth is, I admire his mischief, because if Suarez were to lose that, he would become an average player. Nothing strange happened that day in the 2014 World Cup. I marked Edinson Cavani for most of the game, another complicated guy to keep up with, and we held nothing back. Suddenly, I realised I’d been bitten on the shoulder. It happened, that’s all there is to it, but that is his strategy when fighting with body-to-body contact and, if I may say, it’s mine too

Suarez and I are similar and I like facing strikers like him. I called him a couple of days after the game, but he had no need to apologise to me. I too am a son of a b*tch on the field and proud of it. Mischief and a little bit of malice are part of the game, I wouldn’t call that cheating. You need to be intelligent to overcome your rival.

[Chiellini said of Juve coach Maurizio Sarri] You can only go and talk to him in his office before taking a shower, still wearing your playing kit, because otherwise you’d stink of smoke!

2020 05 22 Retrieve

[Vidal hits back at former Juventus team-mate Chiellini’s alcohol claims] A footballer isn’t a devil or a saint. The distinction to be made is quite another. That is, between those who are real and those who are fake. Someone like Vidal sometimes went out and drank more than they should’ve. Everyone knew it. It can be said that alcohol was a bit of a weakness for him. However, that doesn’t put into question whether he is a champion or which type of person he is. Weaknesses are part of human nature. What matters are the consequences they can have on a squad

2020 05 23 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini on Mbappe vs Neymar] I think that Mbappe is better than Neymar because he’s more consistent. The future belongs to him. He’s a truly unique player. He was an unstoppable striker and was only 18 years old. That year, we faced them in the semi-finals. Now he’s 21 and he’s already a world champion. Allure, technique, instinct, he doesn’t miss anything. He’s a player who exudes something, who is a priceless masterpiece

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini believes Leonardo Bonucci’s decision to join AC Milan in 2017 was illogical] His year at Milan was different, a choice certainly wrong because he was not made at peace with himself, therefore not in a lucid way. Leo was shaken for a thousand reasons. I was sorry because everything happens in the weeks when we didn’t see each other. I’m sure if it had happened at another time I would have made him think about staying. Like [Antonio] Conte in that July 2014, they always leave when I’m not there

With Leo I spoke that everything was already established … something without logic from start to finish. I could have understood if he had gone to Real Madrid, but to that Milan? Fortunately, fate wanted everything to come back in order

If I think back to the Leonardo I was two or three years ago, I would not have made certain decisions. The decision to go to Milan, as everyone knows, made me mature as a man. It was a big chance and perhaps too big for the man I was at the time. The young Leonardo was a bit too fiery. When you meet someone who gives you good advice for your own, you must have the humility to listen

2020 05 29 Retrieve

[Giorgio Chiellini admits that he expected Paul Pogba to pass through Juventus when he arrived as a free agent from Manchester United in 2012] I remember when he came. Three or four days into the retreat, my team-mates and I looked at each other and said: ‘This guy is really good’. He came as a free agent from Manchester United, he was very young, and we thought he was just one of many passing through. One of those who clubs use to do work on the market. However, nobody expected such a champion. Paul moved around with incredible physique, he was magical, impressive. And to say that the first games he played out of position, in front of the defence to ease [Andrea] Pirlo. But knowing him, in the time to come it became clear that the role had limited him. Paul could not open his stride and free his physical and technical arrogance, what would allow him to become the formidable box-to-box player we know

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Juventus captain Giorgio Chiellini insisted Everton forward Moise Kean was completely different to Mario Balotelli] Balotelli only has the shot. There are those who now compare him with Moise Kean, a boy who appears rebellious and unmanageable, but is completely different from Mario. Of course, in Juventus youth he was punished many times, but when he played in the first team he always showed himself very respectful towards the group. Sometimes he does not hear the alarm and arrives late, but they are behaviours that can be changed without difficulty

He’s 19 and coming to a whole new country, new culture, language, way of playing. It’s hard, you know. It feels like we put a lot of pressure on players who don’t ask for it. They just want to enjoy their football, but it always takes time to settle in a new environment, especially when you’re moving countries. He’s done very well in Italy, and now he’s adapting to English life and English football well. He’s a workaholic. He does some mad things with the ball, and he’s probably the strongest guy I’ve ever come across as well. I mean, Yerry [Mina] is a big unit but Moise can more than hold his own in that battle! I was so pleased when he got his first goal, because you could see the emotion in his face. He’s worked so hard, firstly to get his move and then since. I’ve been there myself and I know how it feels. I know he has the hunger

2020 06 14 Retrieve

[Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini admits he is delighted to be lining up alongside Cristiano Ronaldo - affirming that he prefers having the record-breaking striker as a team-mate than an opponent] Unfortunately he scored a lot against us. Luckily he’s now a teammate of mine. He’s on another level, you can see it and I think it’s fair to admit that. He gave Juve a lot. When you have such a champion it’s a shame if you don’t make the most of him

[Chiellini also had warm praise for long-time colleague Gianluigi Buffon, who at 42 is still going strong for the Bianconeri between the posts] He’s an older brother. In the last 15 years he’s the person I have seen most on earth. He’s a person who always manages to bring out the right words in decisive moments to change the fate of a season. He’s a splendid person who has taught me a lot. We are different but as he was able to come up with words in the decisive moments

2020 06 14b Retrieve

[Juventus star Giorgio Chiellini says that is planning on reassessing his future after next season as the defender says he’s hoping to continue on with his playing career] Next year I’ll see how I feel. I’ll play for another year, then let’s see. I could play for another year after that, I would like to continue in football because it’s my life. I would prefer a management role than as a coach, but in life you never know

[Chiellini says that he has seen greatness while watching Guardiola work as he expressed his admiration for the Spanish manager] I think he has something different to the other. I saw the first two episodes of the City documentary, in which he talks to the players and you see his charisma, mentality. That makes him special. For a football lover, two episodes of the City documentary are enough to understand the greatness of mind. I wasn’t lucky enough to meet him, but I think he has something extra

[The defender has remained on as captain even with Buffon’s return, and he says he is glad that the honour came to him later in his career] Being captain, on the one hand, is more tiring than being a phenomenon, but at the beginning you have less pressure. There are many who are 17 years old with many expectations that ruin a career

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Juventus legends Chiellini and Buffon sign new deals with Serie A champions] There are players who need no introduction. Champions whose story speaks for itself, and whose connection with the shirt they wear is indissoluble. Examples on the pitch and in the locker room, leaders, driving forces, bearers of the Bianconeri DNA, who wear it as a second skin. Gianluigi Buffon. Giorgio Chiellini. Captains, legends. Bianconeri since the beginning. Bianconeri forever. And to confirm it, in case there is a need, today their contract renewals have become official, for another: 2021!