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Name Glenn Hoddle
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Former England manager


Org England National Team
Club as Player As Monaco

1998 06 29 Retrieve

[Two minutes after halftime, with the score tied at 2-2, Beckham was shoved down from behind by Diego Simeone of Argentina. Still lying on the ground, in full view of the Danish referee, Kim Nielsen, Beckham kicked Simeone in the back of the right leg, drawing a red card and an immediate ejection] We are absolutely distraught. The sending off cost us the match. I’m not afraid to say that.

1998 06 30 Retrieve

[First it must get past England in the second round on Tuesday in what is viewed as a grudge match by the English, who will never forget nor entirely forgive Argentina for Maradona’s handball that became a goal in the 1986 quarterfinals] I didn’t sleep for four days afterward

2013 11 05 Retrieve

[Glenn Hoddle on Paul Scholes] There isn’t a player of his mould anywhere in the world

2015 11 10 Retrieve

[on David Beckham] The first time I saw him was when he was a teenager and I took my Chelsea side to Old Trafford. You could tell then he was going to the top. He looked different, special. He was better than any other players on the pitch that day and he was just a kid. He loves football, and that’s never left him throughout his career. He loved to train and perform. He would work extremely hard to get the best out of himself

2016 03 21 Retrieve

[on Harry Kane] You could see him as the real deal as soon as he came into the team. A lot of people were saying: “Well, we’ve got wait and see.” But I look at young players coming in. I could see his ability. As a striker he’s got a little bit of everything. He can hit it, he’s got enough pace, he plays off his left, his right. He scores all types of goals. He has this little instinct to know where the ball will drop, which means he picks up positions. And that’s a bit of everything really. That’s why I went early on Harry and said he should be playing for England as well

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] The lad has got absolutely everything. England have had many great strikers over the years who have excelled in certain parts of the game but there is no chink at all in Shearer’s armour, even to the point of magnificent mental strength. He works so hard. He’s not afraid to put himself around physically and won’t be intimidated by aggressive tactics. He is a clever player, who is capable of understanding tactical instructions and then carrying them out, even if it means defensive duties. He is not just after the glory of scoring goals. You see him running to the wings, demanding the ball, searching for space, especially down the right, where he crosses the ball in as good as any winger in the game. Not only will Alan score from close in. He can [score] from outside the box, he takes free-kicks and he scores with his head, his right foot and his left foot. There are no real weaknesses

2016 04 02 Retrieve

[Glenn Hoddle on Ruben Loftus-Cheek] Ruben Loftus-Cheek reminds me of Ballack – physically and the way he plays. He gets in the box and he moves well off the ball. He likes that position in behind the front player. Whether he’s going to get those opportunities I’m not sure. You’ve got [Eden] Hazard and Oscar who want to play there. Willian has appeared in that position and they might go and buy somebody else. He’s got a lot of challenges to get that position but he’s a prospect

2017 06 01 Retrieve

[How Ruud Gullit’s libero role at Chelsea rocked the Premier League. Gullit would receive the ball at the back, bring it forward, play a one-two with a midfielder and then find himself between the lines, acting as a number] It was like watching an 18-year-old play among 12-year-olds

2019 04 02 Retrieve

[In one summer, Wenger had made sure an already sturdy outfit had an all-new, much-improved spine. In a 2015 interview with Sky Sports, Hoddle said] He had this youthful sort of excitement about him at Monaco, and it didn’t take me long to realise this is where I wanted to be. I was going to Paris Saint-Germain, but Arsene really was the one that turned my head.

I’ve got to say what Monaco did [compared] to Tottenham in those days in 1987 was so much more advanced. The first day Mark Hateley and myself went to walk off after a two-hour session and Arsene told us to go over to the fitness coach to warm down for 45 minutes. Me and Mark looked at each other and said, ‘What’s a warm down?’

[on Monaco were relentless that year] We were very dominant. We played some wonderful football, he loves to play creative football. He knew what he wanted from the team. It was pretty clear-minded; you had clarity when you went onto the pitch of the shape that he wanted and how he wanted us to play