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Glenn Murray
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc xxxx


Club as Player Brighton and Hove Albion
  Workington Reds

2018 10 13 Retrieve

[Glenn Murray reflecting on his rise from England’s non-league to Premier League] The lowest point in my non-league career came when I was a teenage substitute for Workington Reds in a game at Blyth Spartans, and some kids started throwing eggs at me and the other subs when we were warming up. My life now in the Premier League, where we get treated ridiculously well as players, feels like I am in a different universe

2020 02 04 Retrieve

[Man Utd transfer talk left Murray in the dark before penning new Brighton contract] It was a little bit up in the air. Obviously I want to play more football and the club appreciated that. But they offered me a deal and I’m just glad to extend my stay at the club, and just prolong my career in the game to be honest

[Pressed on the United rumours and whether he was aware of a formal offer] Not really to be honest. I’ve seen the story, but I haven’t heard much about it. I just let my agent deal with all that and I just try and concentrate on what I’ve got to do

[He can never compare to the legendary Tommy Cook even if he breaks his record] He was a special fella. He used to play cricket for Sussex and he also fought in the World Wars, so I haven’t got a patch on him, really

2020 02 08 Retrieve

[Brighton’s Glenn Murray has stated his belief that mental health is more important that physical fitness] I personally feel mental health is the most important thing for me to play well on the field. We’ve got physios to keep us physically right, nutritionists to make sure you eat right - obviously there isn’t as much mental health [support] but it’s opening up now - but I feel as though if I go and have fish and chips before a game, which is a big no-no, I could still get through it if my mind was right. If my mind isn’t right and I eat well leading up to [a match] then you’re not getting it out

If you go to the doctor’s and you feel ill, they can tell you exactly what’s wrong with you, whereas it’s hard, you can get caught up in your own mind. The more we speak about it and do it, it’s good that we’ll give people tools to deal with it, so they don’t think, ‘Why am I feeling anxious?

When you see powerful people on TV that are heroes to fans, and they see people like yourselves going through it, and other sports icons going through it, they think, ‘Wow, if they can open up and speak it filters down’

2020 04 30 Retrieve

[Brighton striker Glenn Murray concerned by early Premier League return] The list is quite long. It’s not just a squad of 25 going to play another squad of 25 and that’s all that will be involved. It’s going to be a hell of a lot of people, which I think could potentially be putting people at risk. I have heard reports about social distancing until the New Year and I cannot quite get my head around how we social distance while training among ourselves and then on a Saturday. How do you social distance on a corner kick and things like that? It’s going to be very difficult but the decision is above my pay grade so I’ll wait for it to be made by the bigwigs

2020 05 14 Retrieve

[Brighton and Hove Albion forward Glenn Murray does not understand the rush to get the Premier League season restarted amid the coronavirus crisis] [The league] does need to go on, but if we give ourselves a little bit more time, the country will be back up and running again, we’ll have learned more about this virus, we won’t necessarily have a vaccine, but we’ll be better prepared to deal with it if anyone does get it. I can’t understand after loosening the lockdown why we’re in such a rush to get it back when we could just wait a month and see if things go to plan. Why not see how the country copes with lessening the lockdown without starting unnecessary sports when people are dying all around us, and the death rate is still high

It’s almost impossible [to get everyone feeling the same]. Trying to get 25 lads all on board, that’s not just 25 lads with the same mentality, we’ve got people from all over the world in different situations and it’s difficult to lead a group and everyone to agree. It’s more about being worried about the people that we’re going home to. Everyone’s in different situations and has different people at home, with illnesses, pregnancies or children. You’re only allowed into the training ground 15 minutes before training, and the queue for strappings and things in the physio room is about 30 minutes long. It’s 15 minutes after too, with no recovery, physiotherapy is only essential so no masseuses or cryotherapy chambers, it’s obviously a global brand and everyone wants to watch it because of its level and intensity. I just can’t understand how that’s going to be done with taking all those things away and trying to fit in a large amount of games into such a short period of time.