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Name Graeme Souness
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic Scottish
Job Scottish Football Coach
  Newcastle United Manager


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Newcastle United
  Liverpool FC
Club as Player Liverpool FC

2019 08 11 Retrieve

[Graeme Souness names Newcastle United as his most difficult job as he criticises local coverage] It’s a very, very difficult job. Newcastle has been a difficult club to manage for a long, long time. Rafa Benitez managed to calm the waters when he was there but for every other manager in recent history it’s been a difficult job

There is a frustration at Newcastle because they feel they should be so much better. Fifty-thousand people every week, they are a big football club. I had eight jobs and that was the most difficult one I ever had. Matt Ritchie touched on it with an interview this week, saying everyone has to row in the same direction. The job is hard enough when everyone is pulling in the same direction

I got the job, the local press man was an absolute fool, I can’t remember his name. He was proud to say he got the last four managers sacked. That’s a local newspaper, they should be promoting the football club not damaging it at every opportunity. There’s factors up there who are constantly looking to get a cheap headline, make life difficult for the football club and make life difficult for the players, You have to be a big personality to perform at Newcastle

2019 11 17 Retrieve

[Graeme Souness praises Virgil van Dijk] He’s the best, for me. He’s faultless. He always seems to be in control in his arm chair. He borders on being faultless. He’s always got a brain that senses danger. I see him as an all-round centre half. I don’t think he goes to sleep or makes sloppy passes. He’ll beat you in the air

2019 12 03 Retrieve

[Graeme Souness explains why Liverpool snubbed Eric Cantona transfer] We had played Auxerre at home [in November 1991] and Michel Platini came to see me. He said he had a player - a problem boy but a proper player. Cantona. I said the last thing I needed was another problem player. I had 30-pluses that I was trying to get out so I didn’t need more hassle. I said I was looking for something else. I said no thanks

[Graeme Souness recalls a time when former United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel asked to come on trial] Schmeichel wrote to me when I was at Liverpool in the early 1990s. Ron Yeats came into my office and told me there was a young Danish goalkeeper who was a Liverpool fan and was willing to pay his own travel and hotel in exchange for some time with us. But at the time I was trying to ease Brucey Grobbelaar out and that was proving a hassle. And I think I had just signed David James. So I thought I could do without it

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Graeme Souness believes Mikel Arteta is a big risk for Arsenal] Great risk. Coaching, being a very good coach, does not automatically qualify you to be a very good manager. They are two different jobs

I would suggest that Arsenal is a very different football club from the one I had when I was there. I would surely have been in the training camp with Pep all the time, so I would have learned from him there, but it’s just that the other everyday things with those that a manager has to deal with, of which he will not have a great experience

Whoever got the job at Arsenal would have had a very, very difficult job. Having chosen a manager who had never been a manager before is a very high risk. It will not be a quick fix at Arsenal, they are in trouble right now and they are not even close to where they should be. They are one of England’s great football clubs, but I would suggest they are quite bit that now