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Name Gus Poyet
Gender Male
Ethnic Uruguayan
Job Uruguayan Footballer
  Uruguayan Football Coach


Org Uruguay National Team
Club as Coach Sunderland
Club as Player Chelsea FC

2015 11 28 Retrieve

[on Roy Keane] Some remember Roy for the bad things he did, but he was so influential. Wow. Manchester United were a totally different team without him

2016 02 14 Retrieve

[On Gianfranco Zola] The best I ever played with, no doubt. I used to marvel at him in training each day. Gianfranco made you a better player: he knew what I was going to do before I’d even thought of it

2016 02 17 Retrieve

[Quotes on Marcel Desailly] The Rock’ was amazing. He was a nutcase, a winner and he came from a brilliant Milan side with a winning mentality, which we appreciated at Chelsea

2016 02 17 Retrieve

[Quotes on Marcel Desailly] The Rock’ was amazing. He was a nutcase, a winner and he came from a brilliant Milan side with a winning mentality, which we appreciated at Chelsea

2016 09 14 Retrieve

[Quotes on Luis Suarez] Luis left Uruguay and moved to Dutch football, which has certain significance at a world-wide level, but his move to Liverpool put him on a higher level than many. Today he is playing a part in one of the most important trios in football history. That makes him very special. In England, he did good things in his first year, but his second year, he was unique

2016 10 28 Retrieve

[Quote on Ruud Gullit the manager] A relaxed, open and easygoing person who liked beautiful football. He always gave others confidence to perform well

2017 11 18 Retrieve

[Gus Poyet sings the praises of Chelsea and France midfielder N’Golo Kante] He’s easily the best central midfielder in the world. Easily. He would play in a World XI, no doubt. I know there are players like Casemiro, Sergio Busquets but he’s better than them. He knows the game, when to stay, when to run and how to run well. He reads it so well he knows what is going to happen before he gets there. That way he controls it with his incredible power and finesse. Normally players like that aren’t as good on the ball as Kante is. It’s incredible that he went to Leicester and nobody saw him until they won the league! You do what you do, managers do what they do but how didn’t any scouts see him?

2020 03 27 Retrieve

[Chelsea are still not getting the best of Kante because he is out of position] In very important games Lampard went with Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic until the last month with injuries. Those are the three most experienced players who played under Sarri but now they play with more freedom, especially in Jorginho having more possibilities to move around to go sideways and forward. Last year, he was very static. There are plenty of options.

In Kante’s first year, he came to Chelsea and I made it public that he is the best central midfielder in the world. After a previous season as a number eight in that different position, we lost how important and unique he was as a player. I hope he can get back to that. In his best position, he is unique and there’s not many players that can give you what he can do right now

I think that it was important for the club to see him before the end of the season. He showed how mature he is especially in possession. Again, it isn’t a matter of performing once or twice but every month, season through season.

We should be happy to see him and hope he keeps developing his game slowly to become a better player because it is early doors. I really enjoyed watching him and he could be an interesting player for the future. I prefer to make sure people take time with him and not go the other way.

I was at Stamford Bridge a long time ago when a young Josh McEachran was making the team at 17. The whole stadium were talking about him after that game. People were saying he was the next [Fernando] Redondo or [Pep] Guardiola.

Unfortunately it didn’t work out like that despite a great football career in the Championship. The idea to know is that it is difficult and [to know] how to progress in the next few months and years

[Poyet assesses Lampard’s first season in charge of Chelsea as broadly a success but that defeat against the German champions serves as a wake-up call] They started very well. I thought it was a good surprise because of the changes the team had with young players coming in the team to play week in week out. It get them extra enthusiasm because they were waiting for the opportunity for a long, long time

It gave a boost to all those young players because they spent so much time on loan without the chance to play for the first-team. These are the ones who proved they were good enough to play. They were given an extra bit of adrenaline.

We know as experienced people in football that the energy will drop. It is impossible to maintain it, especially for a young player. Then, when the team had a bad spell that was expected rather than planned. You have to be realistic to know it will happen.

Everyone started being too critical about the team. They are in a good place right now. In saying that, it is a normal season of good moments but then wake up call especially in the Champions League