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Guus Hiddink
Gender Male
Ethnic Dutch
Job Dutch Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Anzhi Makhachkala
  Chelsea FC
  South Korea National Team
  PSV Eindhoven

1998 07 05 Retrieve

[With Cool Precision, Dutch Eliminate Argentina] We were in trouble after Numan was sent off, but we were equalized in the number of players. All of a sudden, we got a tremendous play from Bergkamp

[Did Hiddink believe the extra day made a difference?] We are physically very strong, but it is also good to have players who are rested.

2011 05 01 Retrieve

[Former Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink says Real Madrid’s Jose Mourinho should apologise to Barcelona] Mourinho has gone too far. With all his critical remarks he wants to divert the attention from the way he made his team played. Before I knew it, he [Mourinho] got me involved. Jose compared the Real - Barca game with the Chelsea - Barca semi-final in 2009 when I was manager at Stamford Bridge. We missed out on the final, too. But the big difference is that we did not moan about conspiracies. I don’t agree with Mourinho at all on this. It is right that Chelsea was badly disadvantaged then, especially with the handball penalty we were denied in injury time. That was a clear mistake from the referee

A couple of days later, when all the emotions had gone, we realised we had been robbed of a Champions League final. But never, ever, did anybody at Chelsea claim there was a conspiracy. You just don’t say things like that. The thought would not even enter my mind. But Mourinho does, so he goes too far. I think when he looks back at the video, he should make his apologies. If he does not do that, he is deliberately trying to change the truth for his own sake

[Much of Mourinho’s complaints last week stemmed from the sending off of Pepe in the second-half] I have known Wolfgang Stark as a man with a very direct ­approach, who was fully in his rights to send Pepe off. If Dani Alves had had his leg on the grass, that leg would now have been ­broken.

In the first-half of the semi-final it was clear that Barcelona was the Spanish bull fighter who was holding up the red cape in front of Real Madrid. The only problem was that the bull did not want to play and remained really ­passive. In Spain that is a reason for the crowd at the Plaza de Toros to wave their white hankies. To me it was amazing that the Madrid crowd actually accepted the passive style of their team! That proved that for the clash between Madrid and Catalonia there are now different rules. It was fantastic how Barcelona ­handled the situation. At one point in the match the entire Barca team just stood still in their own half, because 11 Madrid players were just defending in their own half. They did not want to play football. It was obvious this was Mourinho’s choice to play the game like this. Tough. Barcelona did not fall for the trap

A couple of days earlier, Real Madrid proved that they can be so strong when they play good, attacking football. They blew Valencia away with 6-3 in a game with nine different players, a couple of days before the semi final! They changed their approach because they were told to by their coach

2015 12 25 Retrieve

[Hiddink issues warning to Chelsea] If you look back a bit to last season where there was this huge success in winning the title then of course you go into the next season and you have your targets, your aims and your aims are the same.

Getting the championship again, even though in the Premier League that is not easy, that was the main target. The other targets of course are to go into the Champions League and the FA Cup.

But it is not easy to fix as sometimes after a championship you might relax a bit as a team and then you get a wake-up call from somewhere in September, but the situation is that they were down last week to one point off the relegation zone, which was frightening for everyone inside the club.

It is not easy to say ‘I am here and tomorrow the problem is solved’

[Nevertheless, Hiddink revealed he was impressed by much of what he saw from his new players against Sunderland] I was in the stand and of course I saw the game and they were playing in a way in general like they enjoyed it very much. There were some sloppy moments in the first 45 minutes and then sometimes they even went a little bit over the top and didn’t kill it off after going 2-0 up but it was good to see how they can play - the quality is there.

[The Dutchman did not rule out the prospect of Chelsea finishing in the top four] Mathematically it is possible, if you can add up then it is possible but this league is very strong. That has been especially proven this year with all respect to the clubs at the top - Leicester, Crystal Palace, Watford - it is amazing and refreshing. It means that all the teams can kill each other.

2016 01 07 Retrieve

[Why does Mikel-Hiddink work so well for Chelsea] He is the ideal player in my option to bring balance to the team. I don’t think I’ve ever seen John Obi Mikel play so well. He bossed that area.

If the team is not willing to defend well, or hasn’t got the right balance, then you’ll concede a lot of goals. I think John Obi can be one of the key figures in bringing back that balance

On this podium very talented players can explore their qualities. He reads the game very well, he knows where the strength of the opponent is and knows how to combat that. He has very good sense, he doesn’t do it in a brutal way, he’s very elegant. Someone who can defend so smoothly is very beautiful

2016 02 21 Retrieve

[Hiddink confirms he will be leaving Chelsea] Although we have a difficult time when there’s a loss, I love to go to Cobham, to the training field, so I feel fresh. On the other hand, young people must take over and I must retreat a bit. I will visit Chelsea often next season but I’m not thinking of working elsewhere

2016 06 25 Retrieve

[Guus Hiddink reflected on one of his memories playing in the North American Soccer League in the late 1970s] Before one of the games we were presented on the pitch in two limousines because it was obviously a political city and it looked like we had come straight from the White House! I was used to Europe and not these showy things. We were in totally white kit and then we came out of the limousines and were presented to the public. We got around 25,000 people in the RFK Stadium. We played in a beautiful white kit, and we all had white boots as well. White boots were not common then. Everyone had black boots. And why do I tell this story? Well, later on when I became coach in the late Eighties and the brands started arriving with different coloured boots - things you needed sunglasses to see - my players turned up to training in them. I said: ‘Don’t be foolish, focus on your job’. Then the next time they arrived at training they had a picture of me from my time playing in the US. I had to give in! They won that battle

2017 11 09 Retrieve

[Guus Hiddink reflect on his PSV Player Romario] He’s the most interesting player I’ve managed so far. If I was a bit nervous ahead of a big game, he’d say, ‘Take it easy, coach, I’m going to score and we’re going to win’. What’s incredible is that eight out of 10 times, he was right

2019 03 21 Retrieve

[Hiddink names glaring omission on France Football’s best ever managers list] I know this list but they missed this one name who has proved to be a very good coach. Maybe the ones deciding on the list were too young to remember him. But he’s the old Feyenoord trainer Ernst Happel, who managed five clubs and all the clubs he managed went up to a high level.

All the coaches in the list like Michels had good players with them like Johan Cryuff. It’s nice to be in this ranking but you depend a lot on the quality of players you have.

It’s nice but sometimes it’s overestimating the coaches who are only as good as the players they have at their disposal

2019 03 22 Retrieve

[Hiddink praises China’s physical improvements following win over Laos] I’m very happy with the result as it was a game played under difficult circumstances; the hot weather was harsh while the pitch was a bit bumpy. In the first half we started with a good press, and I could feel that it was a matter of time before we would get the first goal. And we did get three goals in the first half

We’ve been practicing for the whole of the past month and improved a lot physically, as well as tactically and strategically. They were also able to execute what we have been training; playing a pressing game and an attractive attacking brand of football

Players need to be fit and athletic in modern football, while we have been working together for many, many weeks on the physical part. And the players have improved a lot physically

When we started in October, their physical state was very bad. And now we can see from the data that we collected that they are now doing four times better than previously. As a consequence, we can play high-paced football, which is an advantage over teams who don’t have this

2019 03 24 Retrieve

[Hiddink aware of Malaysia and Kim Swee’s giant-killing reputation] We have seen them live and you mentioned the results against strong, strong teams; very good results for them. That means they can perform at a high level. Malaysia have a few skillful and adventurous players and I like seeing them play. I can’t pronounce their names because pronuncing their names in your language is difficult; I’ll break my tongue!

It (Tuesday’s game) will be a difficult game for us and a good experience for my team. It will be a closer tie than our last two, which is good for the boys because it will be good to see how they execute the plans