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Hakan Sukur
Gender Male
Ethnic Turkish
Job Turkish Footballer
  AKP Politician
  Turkish Politician
Desc Hakan Sukur was elected deputy for Justice and Development Party in Istanbul in 2011


Political Party Justice and Development Party [AKP]
Club as Player Blackburn Rovers

2011 02 10 Retrieve

[Turkish Legendary Striker Hakan Sukur Asks Kenyan Footballers To Emulate Their Athletics Counterparts] I know Kenya as champions in athletics, but the state of football here isn’t as developed as it should be. But this can only be achieved if those concerned put more effort into developing youth football. The youth are very important to any nation and when a senior player retires and leaves a legacy he would be happy to see many other players emulate them.

[Sukur who scored the fastest goal in World Cup history at 10.8 seconds when Turkey faced South Korea in 2002 is in Kenya for holiday and football related activities. The striker is still proud of that moment and hopes that record will last a long time] I cherish that moment up until now, but I hope that the record will be there for a long time. Since I retired three years ago I’ve been busy with coaching courses and I hope to set up a football academy by the end of the year

2013 09 28 Retrieve

[Galatasaray legend Hakan Sukur has confirmed that the two parties are close to reaching a deal but have a difference in opinion concerning the rest of the backroom staff] I have a mutual friend with Mancini and I spoke him and Galatasaray and Mancini are in the final stages. There is a difference only about the assistants. Whether or not Umit [Davala] and Hasan San will remain. Mancini wants to bring his own assistants. I expect this issue to be resolved

2016 08 25 Retrieve

[Wanted man Sukur denounces coup] Dear friends, I do not deserve any of [the] comments and offences and I am very sad about it. Until today I have been transparent and always helped legal and public foundations. I retained this principle when I went into politics - even [though] I realised that politics is not for me.

Maybe I couldn’t do it and I couldn’t say no to somebody, [to avoid hurting] anyone. I am not [able to be manipulated], contrary to common belief. So I make mistakes sometimes because I’ve taken my decisions emotionally. It was impossible to know the allegations about the [Fethullah Gulen] movement. I am cursing the coup attempt that targets our elected president, government and democracy