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Name Harry Kane
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
Desc The player most likely to drastically improve his ranking in years to come. Still only 25, Kane is already the fifteenth highest scorer in the history of the Premier League, level with Nicolas Anelka and only one behind fellow Tottenham favourite Robbie Keane. Holds the record for most Premier League Player of the Month awards, as well the best strike-rate (0.70 goals per game) in the tournament’s history


Org England National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur

2017 04 21 Tweet

[Harry Kane pays tribute to Ugo Ehiogu who passed away suffering from cardiac arrest] Ugo was a big part of our development team and a great character around the place. It’s a sad moment for everyone at the Club

2017 09 30 Retrieve

[Harry Kane explains that The Best nominees Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are inspiring him to reach the next level] I want to be one of the best players in the world, so when people put [up leading statistics] and I see I am close to those players, it is a great incentive to get closer and go to the next step

2017 10 21 Retrieve

[Harry Kane on chatting with Cristiano Ronaldo after facing Real Madrid] I asked for his shirt. He’s a big role model of mine, watching him when I was growing up. It’s a nice shirt to get and frame. I gave him my shirt – I don’t know what he’ll do with it. We just said: ‘See you in a couple of weeks’

2018 01 13 Retrieve

[England and Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane speaks about the striker he would have loved to partner with] Brazilian Ronaldo. His ability, his all-round game was incredible. He had everything: pace, power, finishing, skills, passing. I didn’t get to watch a lot of him of TV growing up but when I’ve watched YouTube and highlights of clips from the past, I’d have loved to have played alongside him

2018 02 10 Retrieve

[Harry Kane writes about how far back the North London derby goes for him] I remember the first time we played against Arsenal … and even back then, I had a chip on my shoulder. It might sound ridiculous - I was only eight when they let me go - but every time we played them, I thought, ‘Alright, we’ll see who’s right and who’s wrong’

2018 04 14 Retrieve

[Harry Kane speaks about the feeling of scoring a goal] It’s the look. The look before it’s gone in, if you slow down a replay or as you have a shot, your head’s down and you look and you know halfway if it’s going in and as soon as it goes in - the adrenaline. It’s hard to explain the feeling, it’s one of the best in the world, you’re proud of yourself for scoring, you’re proud that you’re helping team-mates, you’re excited, it’s all that in one big feeling

2018 05 05 Retrieve

[Harry Kane speaks about his best World Cup memories] I’d say his [David Beckham]’s penalty against Argentina was my standout memory of watching England at World Cups. My manager now wouldn’t be too happy about that one, but I remember it so clearly. Given all he’d been through after 1998, for him to step up like that and win us such a huge game was a great moment. He was a big role model for me

2019 03 30 Retrieve

[Harry Kane reveals his ambition to play in the NFL later in his career] That’s real. Something that in ten or 12 years I definitely want to try. It goes back to that drive to be the best. Even if I download a game on my phone, can I be the best in the world? If you play in the Premier League and the World Cup and you then play in the NFL, would you then be considered one of the greatest sportsmen ever?

2019 11 20 Tweet

[Kane bid farewell to Pochettino] Gaffer. I’ll be forever thankful to you for helping me achieve my dreams. We’ve had some amazing moments in the last 5 and a half years that I will never forget. You were my manager but my friend as well and I thank you for that relationship. Good luck with your next chapter!

2019 11 21 Tweet

[Kane bid farewell to Pochettino on social media] I’ll be for ever thankful to you for helping me achieve my dreams. We’ve had some amazing moments in the last five and a half years that I will never forget. You were my manager but my friend as well and I thank you for that relationship

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Tottenham have the momentum] We have the momentum at the moment. But next weekend is the big one. If we can win and push into the top four, we have fixtures over the Christmas period we feel we can definitely win

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[What are Tottenham? Kane exit hints leave Spurs] If I don’t feel we’re progressing as a team or going in the right direction, then I’m not someone to stay there for the sake of it. I’m an ambitious player, I want to improve, get better. I want to become one of the top, top players, so it all depends on what happens as a team and how we progress as a team. It’s not definite that I’m going to stay here forever

2020 06 01 Retrieve

[Harry Kane says he can’t wait to play alongside Steven Bergwijn and Gedson Fernandes for Tottenham, having not yet featured with either of Spurs’ January signings] We’ve only just started training together. I got injured on January 1, so Gedson and Stevie, I’ve not really seen much of in terms of playing with or getting that connection, although obviously I’ve watched them play. I can’t wait to get back out there. It’s been long enough without a game, especially when there are top players who are new to the club and you want to be on the pitch with them. I’m looking forward to it, looking forward to playing with everyone again. The squad is looking good. Everyone is fully fit and ready to go and that’s when we’re at our strongest, when we have a full, healthy squad. We’ll work hard from now until the first game and hopefully we’ll finish strongly in the last nine games

[The England captain recently confirmed he now feels fully fit once again] From the hamstring point of view, it is great to be able to give it a bit more rest. t of view, it is great to be able to give it a bit more rest,” he said. “I have not played a game for six months now, it has been a long, long time. From an injury point of view, I’m normal, I’m fully fit. It will take a while to get back to the team training and feeling that again because I haven’t done that for six months or so. I am feeling food, I am feeling sharp. It has been good to do some individual training, a bit of finishing, a lot of individual drills to work on my game and improve. I am at a stage where I am looking forward to getting some games and hopefully I’ll be back playing before too long

2020 06 24 Retrieve

[Harry Kane said he feels as fit as I’ve ever done after scoring his first goal of 2020 in Tottenham’s 2-0 win over West Ham on Tuesday] As a striker, it’s what you want to do, you want to score goals, you want to help win games. I’m happy to get back on the scoresheet. It was a tough game, it took us a while to break them down. Obviously we had a few chances before we scored the first one, then it was nice to finish it off at the end. When you’ve been out for over six months, it’s getting that feeling back on the pitch. You can train as much as you want, but being out here is totally different. I had a few I probably should have scored – definitely one other – but it was nice to put that one away. I’ve been working very hard all through my rehab, through the lockdown and the warm-up games leading to the first Premier League game. I feel as fit as I’ve ever done before. It’s been a good chance to rest, recover and work on a few things I haven’t been able to over the years. I’m feeling in good shape. I’m someone who, whether I score or not, miss chances, I’m always ready for the next one. I don’t think it bothers me too much. But scoring is one of the best feelings in the world. It’s been a while since I’ve done it. It’s great to get that. We’ve got a little rest now – it’s Sheffield United next in a big game – so hopefully we can continue from this win and take it into the rest of the games.

It’s good but it can always be better. Look, 200 games goes so quick. I’ve been playing first-team football now for five or six years and the years just fly by. I’ve got to make the most of it, keep in as good shape as possible. I’m still only 26 and I’ve still got plenty of years to go, so hopefully I can get to that 200 mark sooner rather than later and see where we go from there