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Name Hector Bellerin
Spelling Hector Bellerín
Gender Male
Job Arsenal FC Footballer


Club as Player Arsenal FC

2018 03 31 Retrieve

[Arsenal’s Hector Bellerin discusses his move to a vegan diet] It doesn’t just make a difference to your body, but I strongly believe that what we do to the earth, we get it paid back. I was waking up in the morning with so much energy, whereas before I used to be that person that would snooze the alarm​ five times before I got out of bed. As a professional athlete you have to be very, almost technical with what you eat and make sure your intakes are on point every day

2018 09 08 Retrieve

[Hector Bellerin reveals anti-gay abuse] Most of the abuse is online, but you hear it in the stadium too. People have called me ‘lesbian’ for growing my hair. There are other kinds of homophobic insults. I have learned to grow a thick skin but it can affect you. Every now and again, you get a bit of self-doubt

The problem is that people have an idea of what a footballer should look like, how they should behave, what they should talk about. You act a little differently and you become a target. There is pressure to conform. This is very dangerous. In life, you should be allowed to express yourself. People are happier like this

It is impossible that anybody could be openly gay in football. Some fans are not ready. When it happened in rugby with the Welsh player [Gareth Thomas], people respected the situation. The fans respected his decision. In football, the culture is different. It can be very personal, very nasty, particularly for players from the opposition team

2019 11 23 Retrieve

[Unai Emery has five crucial games to save Gunners job] It’s been hard as a player in the dressing room sometimes to deal with these situations