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Hector Cuper
Gender Male
Ethnic Argentinian
Job Argentinian Football Coach
  Egypt Manager
  Uzbekistan Manager
Desc The Argentine manager has one of the most wide-ranging CVs in the business, having worked for major European names including Valencia and Inter Milan, as well as clubs in Turkey, the UAE and his native Argentina but this is only his second job in charge of a national team. Named the CAF coach of the year for his role in Egypt’s qualification for the World Cup, their first since 1990, much of this was thanks to Cuper’s knack for defensive organisation


Club as Coach Uzbekistan National Team
  Egypt National Team


Agent Alejandro Camano

2017 01 07 Retrieve

[Hector Cuper believes Lionel Messi should be voted The Best FIFA Men’s Player] Messi is my compatriot and I had to choose him, but I don’t think this affected my decision. He’s the best player I saw in the last year. We’re speaking about the whole performance. He gave everything to lead Barcelona to the domestic double. That also applies for Argentina, where he did everything possible to win the Copa America, but he wasn’t lucky. Ronaldo won titles also, but I don’t think his performances were good enough to be the player of the year. Performance won’t be in his favour, it’s just the titles that would help him to be in the nominations. You can say I chose Messi for several reasons, not just because he’s Argentinian

2018 03 17 Retrieve

[Hector Cuper explained how plans are being made for his players ahead of the holy month of Ramadan, which begins in May] The Egyptian Football Association has hired specialists to help me and the players during the fasting month of Ramadan. We will organise and monitor their eating and sleeping and hope that this will not affect them badly. It may be a problem for the coaches because the players will stop eating from sunrise until sunset, so it will not be easy during training but that is to do with the religion and I can’t prevent them from observing Ramadan. I respect Islam and all religions

2019 01 20 Retrieves

[Uzbekistan Head coach Hector Cuper promised some changes to his team but said there would be no diversion from the approach that has taken them beyond the group stage for the fifth consecutive tournament] We know the importance of tomorrow’s game. It’s the knockout stage, so we have no room to make errors. We will come to the pitch to win, but at the same time we realise Australia are a tough rival and one of the best teams in Asia.

During the last three days we have tried to improve on all of our mistakes and we have tried to analyse the Australia side. Based on their advantages, we will make some changes but it doesn’t mean we’re going to change the system or style of our game. We will come to the pitch and the players will do their best to get the necessary result

2019 07 15 Retrieve

[Hector Cuper came to Salah’s defense saying that he’s among the best players in the world but confirmed that he has to stay humble in order keep this level] Salah is an extremely important player and is among the five best players in the world. He reached a very high level and his biggest challenge will be to maintain this level. He will need to make a lot of effort and stay respectful and humble. The domestic manager has a sensitivity not present in the foreign manager. As for the foreign manager he needs to live in the country in order for him to understand the issues present within the field and the team. But at times too many emotions can harm the players as the coach needs to work quietly and coldly to take the right decision because too much emotion can make you take decision in a non objective matter

[The current Uzbekistan coach talks about Tunisia’s AFCON campaign and believes that Algeria will lift the trophy] Tunis left the tournament on a very small detail, they qualified [to the semi-finals] despite not having played physical football. Tunisia were very bad in the first-half against Senegal. In the second-half Tunisia improved and created some chances but they made one defensive mistake that cost them an own goal

In my opinion Tunisia were the favorites [to reach the final] because Senegal aren’t strong in my opinion. I also believe that Algeria are the best side and are the favorites to win the AFCON as they’re a very organized team and very balanced defensively and in attack