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Heimir Hallgrimsson
Gender Male
Ethnic Icelandic
Job Icelandic Football Coach
  Iceland Head Coach
Desc The former part-time dentist is responsible for the smallest ever nation to qualify for the World Cup. Having worked with the experienced Lars Lagerback up to an including the unforgettable Euro 2016 campaign, he has taken sole charge of the side and topped a tricky qualifying group (featuring Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine) to take them to Russia


Org Iceland National Team
Club as Coach Al Arabi


Coworker Lars Lagerback


Lars Lagerback Lars Lagerback named Heimir Hallgrimsson as his assistant in 2011 and became joint-manager in 2014, helping Iceland beat England at Euro 2016
Al Arabi Heimir Hallgrimsson signs a one-and-half-year contract with this Qatari Football Club

2015 12 19 Retrieve

[Iceland joint coach Heimir Hallgrimsson reacts to being drawn with Portugal, Austria and Hungary for UEFA EURO 2016] We are always optimistic. It wouldn’t matter who is in the group. To be honest I think we could have been more unlucky. We are not coming here for fun. We have shown in qualifying that we have a chance against almost everyone

2016 07 02 Retrieve

[Hallgrimsson and Lagerback believe Iceland are playing to their strengths in their simple footballing style at Euro 2016] No, I wouldn’t say that. We play simple if you say we play to our strength. We know what we are good at, we know what our strengths are - we play the way that suits us. That’s what I call playing simple - playing to you strengths. If someone thinks that is boring or it’s not good enough, that’s their opinion. We know what we stand for, we know what we can do. We just play that way. The team is coherent and we play well together. We agree on playing this style of football and we can beat good nations

I think you hit the nail on the head [mentioning] the excitement. We are always playing the biggest game of the Icelandic footballing history. We are more used to it the more games we play. I think when we’ve overcome these obstacles, the other obstacles seem smaller the further we go.

You can go with a bit more confidence into the next game. When you’re an underdog in the game it is really important that you can use all your abilities

If you’re too excited and stiff you can’t play your best part. I think it’s a big part in how we are playing better and better the more we progress. We’re a bit more relaxed in each game, with more self-confidence in each game.

I keep saying that we haven’t seen the best game of Iceland yet

2016 07 03 Retrieve

[Iceland co-coach Heimir Hallgrimsson reacts to the news that Olympic champion Yannick Agnel has pledged to swim around Iceland if the team win EURO 2016] I wouldn’t recommend it, but that is possible, although he’ll have to pick the right weather

2017 02 11 Retrieve

[Heimir Hallgrimsson speaks about his unique way of relaxing away from football] Some coaches like to play golf in their spare time, others go fishing … I go to my dental office! It takes my mind off football for a while and I get the chance to see my patients and colleagues - people I miss

2017 12 02 Retrieve

[Heimir Hallgrimsson after learning Iceland would face Argentina in their debut World Cup match] When you think about the World Cup, you think about Argentina and Brazil, so it’s a little bit of a romantic feeling to play Argentina in the first game. Hopefully, we show our best side, both the players and the fans in the opening game

2018 03 31 Retrieve

[Heimir Hallgrimsson speaks ahead of Iceland’s first ever World Cup appearance at Russia 2018] Success is not a destination. Success for Iceland is not Russia this summer. Success is a continuous journey in the right direction. It’s hard when you have success not to get carried away, and that is why we have to be careful not to get carried away with the success we’ve had. We have a clear identity of how we want to play, how an Icelandic national team player should be, what qualities and values he should have, and we should stick to that

2019 04 16 Retrieve

[Al Arabi coach Heimir Hallgrímsson yesterday said the Amir Cup tournament will be a new beginning for his team] It’s a new start, a new beginning. When I came in January, the league [QNB Stars League] was finished for Al Arabi more or less. So we’ve been trying do a lot of things, experimenting with new tactics. So hopefully we can show our best in this competition

[Al Arabi’s performance during the QSL can be defined as] good and bad. Like life. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you lose. But I think if we exclude the last game against Al Duhail, in which we lost 3-0, our performances were much better. Of course, Al Duhail is a much better side, but if we take that game out, we had a really good performance. Even during the three games against Al Rayyan, Al Gharafa and Al Ahli, which we lost, we played well. So I think our performance was good, but it didn’t produce enough wins. So hopefully during the Amir Cup, we can produce good performances and win

[In their first match of the Amir Cup, Al Arabi, on April 26, will meet the winner of the second round clash between Al Shamal and Umm Salal] This is a tough competition. All the teams here in Qatar are very good like anywhere else. At one point, we will have to face them. So we are quite satisfied with the draw. In the end it is always going to be how well you play against the top teams

During my stay here, my only job is to make Al Arabi a better team. At Al Arabi club, we take things very seriously. It’s a big club with a lot of history behind it. But Al Arabi has not won any big trophies for a long time. But we know it’s going to take time to change a whole lot. I like the people around the club. They are very ambitious and I think if we continue working like this, it won’t take a long time until Al Arabi fight for titles again

[Asked if he has any new recruitments in mind, Hallgrimsson burst into laughs and said] Yeah, but I’m not going to tell you