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Hugo Lloris
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
  French Captain
Desc xxxx


Org France National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur
  Lyon FC

2012 09 21 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris comments on Fabian Barthez’s comments who says he was a better goal keeper than Brad Friedel] The choice lies with the coach but I’m here to shake things up a bit. I’m not worried, if Tottenham came looking for me at Lyon, then surely I will play a part in the future of the club. I just hope that I get the chance to play. To get a bit of playing time (against Lazio) while I’m still settling in, getting to know the club and my new team-mates, that can only be a good thing

[Spurs would have taken all three points had referee Ovidiu Alin Hategan not ruled out what looked to be two legitimate goals from Steven Caulker and Clint Dempsey] We wanted to win this game and maybe we were not lucky this evening,’ Lloris said. ‘I think we had one or two opportunities to open the scoring and the referee took his decision. We played a great game today but Lazio played like a typical Italian team away from home. They wanted to defend and that made it difficult for us. But now we have to continue to work hard because we want to win the next game in this competition

2017 10 21 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris explains what Cristiano Ronaldo means to many fans around the world] He is an inspiration for the new generation, a machine of success with individual trophies and collective success. He is a great leader and a great personality too

2018 06 02 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris on team-mate Paul Pogba] He has this desire to shine with the French national team. Will he be the ‘boss’? That’s a strong word but a ‘leader’ is what is expected of him on and off the field. He is reaching maturity and he wants to do well. But it’s also important that he focuses on his individual performance. This is the best way, to lead by example

2018 07 09 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris has labelled Thierry Henry one of the great gentlemen of French football ahead of what promises to be an emotional World Cup semi-final for the Arsenal great in St Petersburg] I was lucky to play with him for two seasons in the French team. He’s was a great player and a great gentleman of French football. It is true it is a little bit peculiar to see him with the Belgian team. But that is his career and now he is learning for his future career. I think his heart will be split because before everything he is French. He has lived through great moments with the blue jersey - he has the record of goals scored and the second most caps. He left a mark on the history of Les Bleus. He has a great passion for football. He will be with the Belgians and do everything to help his team

2019 05 07 Retrieve

[Tottenham’s trip to Ajax] Ajax have got a little advantage from the first leg. We have to deal with that and the only way to do it is to win the game. We have to try and find the right energy, put intensity in our performance and learn from the first leg where we didn’t make the game that we expected or we wanted. Tomorrow is another chance for us to compete and to play for the final of the Champions League

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[captain and World Cup winner Hugo Lloris says of the profound effect his manager Mauricio Pochettino has had upon him] In life, or in your career, there is always some amazing meeting in terms of a person, and it’s been the case with Mauricio. He’s been important for me and for everyone. think the team started to grow so much when he arrived. I don’t need to say this; the results say it’s true

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris hopes to help Tottenham stamp their name in Champions League history] First of all, it’s a privilege to be part of this successful team. To win the World Cup was a massive achievement and it would not be possible without the help of my team-mates, and it’s the case for the Champions League final. I feel like someone with a lot of privilege, but the most difficult thing is ahead of us - the game tomorrow. We want to put everything possible in to win it and to put a stamp on Champions League history.

The best example [of togetherness] was in Amsterdam after the game. This moment was one of the best moments in our Spurs career. Obviously we want a better moment tomorrow after the game. As a professional athlete, I think it’s important to enjoy the way you work

2019 06 01 Retrieve

[Weathered Hugo Lloris stands on brink of rare Champions League-World Cup double] You never know what will be the next opportunity in front of you. It was the case after the final of the Euro when we lost, we were so bad because we lost at home in France and, at that moment, we could not expect that two years later we would win the World Cup.

[Much like the Euro 2016 heartbreak was the precursor for World Cup glory, Lloris sees last season’s round of 16 defeat to Juventus as the first, painful step on the road to this final] We were so close but at the same time so far. We had to learn and deal with this experience and this season is completely the opposite because last season we had great group-stage performances. This season we struggled a little bit in the beginning. After three games we were nearly out of the competition. We stayed positive, we kept the belief. And we made it

[To analyse their Champions League season is to realise that they did not master many matches, but they mastered moments] One thing you cannot buy is experience. You need to go through different situations, different games, to learn as a team. And then we can see step by step we improved the level

[Lloris even gifted Pochettino his replica World Cup trophy when he came back from Russia last summer, although he maintains it’s only a loan] I didn’t give it to him, it’s just in his office. I’m really grateful. I think in life or in your career there is always some amazing meeting in terms of a person, and it’s been the case with Mauricio. And you know we are all ambitious and we are all working every day in the club to make history. It’s even better when the relationship is strong and that is the case with my team-mates and with the manager. We want to do it together

It’s a massive opportunity for the club to put a stamp in Champions League history. And then with my teammates, with the coaching staff, with the gaffer, it’s to write the history of the club. This is what you are looking for as a player, when you sign for a club; to help the club to improve, to develop, and mainly to write one page of the history of the club

[After such a hard road, Lloris is one of only a few Spurs players to have tasted both victory and defeat at the sharpest end of football] The difference is massive between being runner-up and being winner. To win you are over the moon and to lose is very, very painful. But there is always something to learn in both cases. Of course we just want to know the right final in winning the game. Both emotions are deep. There is one positive and one negative. I just want to know the best one with the club

2019 06 02 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris felt Tottenham delivered a shy performance in their Champions League final defeat to Liverpool] It’s always painful to lose a match of such importance. It’s hard to start the game this way but we did not get deflated, we played with our principles. We were a little too shy before and woke up in the last 15 minutes. It’s a shame. We tried to do what we normally do but it was easy to defend for Liverpool.

2019 06 02b Retrieve

[Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris does not think they can expect to reach another Champions League final soon following Saturday’s defeat to Liverpool] I don’t think Tottenham is the type of club to challenge for the Champions League every season, we have to be honest. But one thing is sure: we are ambitious, and we try to reduce the gap to the best teams in Europe, step by step. I think in three years we showed a lot of improvement, a lot of development in the right direction, probably with the new stadium it will bring fresh air and confidence towards the team, towards the club, towards the fans, and there is a lot of things to learn from this defeat. Now it’s up to us to get back into work and come back stronger next season. It’s difficult to have the right judgement. The only thing is to stay positive and we can only be proud of what we have done this season. To bring the club into the Champions League final is already a big step

[Salah scored after Moussa Sissoko was penalised for blocking Sadio Mane’s cross with his arm with barely 30 seconds of the match gone] It’s part of football. I think he took the decision very early, so I think he was sure. You have to accept that. But it was not easy for us to come back into the game, even if we tried to stick with the principle and we tried to play like we used to do. But we didn’t create too much, unfortunately. In the last 15 minutes, we tried to push by shooting from long distance, but it was not enough today. We don’t have to blame the referee. On the image, I think the ball touched probably the hand of Moussa but then it’s the perception of you, or the fans … there is nothing to say

2019 06 03 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris says Tottenham must not throw their good work in the bin after losing the Champions League final to Liverpool] [Liverpool] set out to win every competition in which they play, and that is not the case with Tottenham. We work and try to stick with the [influence] of the board, manager and the club. We look to improve every season and we have shown improvements year after year, so we now cannot throw everything in the bin after a Champions League final defeat. It’s been a big step for the club and the only thing we can look to do is come back stronger next season.

I think it was painful for everyone, to bring Tottenham to a Champions League final will never match the feeling of winning it. But [reaching the final] is a very positive thing and we have to build from that in the future to take the club to where it wants to go.

2019 06 09 Retrieve

[France captain Hugo Lloris wants every player to examine the role they played in letting Turkey beat the world champions] We’ve no excuse. I think there’s nobody to blame more than any other. We should all feel responsible for this defeat. The only thing we can think about is there are seven games in front of us. We’re used to complicated qualifying campaigns and this will be the case again.

When I say that everyone should feel responsible, I hope that everyone asks questions of themselves, whatever their status in the team, whatever their age

When there is a collective performance like this, there is nothing positive to retain. We did not play our game against a team that played as they like, and we were not present. If we play with no intentions, even though we are world champions, this is what happens

2019 08 16 Retrieve

[Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris says it’s time for the club to stop talking about winning titles and actually capture silverware this season] We have been talking about trophies now for at least two seasons. It is one thing to talk about it - it is another thing to show what we can do. It is the ambition of the board, the manager, the coaching staff and the players. So we don’t need to add any more words about this

[Lloris knows Spurs must prove worthy of that confidence when they take the field] The belief is even stronger than before. But it is one thing to say things to the media, it is another thing to tell the truth inside the changing rooms. That is the most important thing, to speak the real truths between ourselves. Then we need to show what we are saying on the pitch

[Spurs face a difficult early season test as they travel to the Emirates Stadium to face reigning champions Manchester City on Saturday] It is a big, big game. Every big game can be decisive, so it is important to be ready. The focus has to be very strong from the start. The only thing Saturday’s result will tell us is the truth of that one game. But we all know it is the type of game that could make the difference. After a season like last one the most difficult thing is to keep the same level. So if you can increase it even a bit, there is a chance to create an opportunity such as reaching the final of the Champions League as we did a few months ago. But there is no secret about how you get there. It is about work, it is about mentality, it is about personality

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris admits Manchester City can feel unlucky after being denied by VAR once again in a meeting with Tottenham] To be honest I thought it was a goal. It’s a bit unlucky for City. Anyone can have a different interpretation of the moment. But we are very pleased with the point. I looked to the screen and realised there was a handball which is good for us and unlucky for City but there are many games ahead. For now we just need to enjoy the moment

2019 08 21 Retrieve

[Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris says Liverpool and Manchester City are the ‘real contenders’ for the Premier League title this season] One thing that we try to improve this season: if you cannot win, it’s important to not lose the game, especially against an opponent like Manchester City. If you want to stay in contact with the best team in the Premier League, it’s important to get this feeling. There were some games that we lost [last term] that we should have drawn. We all know the difficulty of playing at City, so it’s a good feeling to build confidence. With humility, Liverpool and City are the real contenders. We’re going to try our best to challenge for top spot, but it’s difficult to find the consistency. We just need to try to use the experience of the last few years in the best way and it’s about details - to not lose a game, especially a game you do not deserve to win. You draw, you take a point and it’s very good because your rivals share the point with you. Now it’s just to keep the consistency. Consistency is the key

2019 08 31 Retrieve

[Arsenal vs Tottenham. Hugo Lloris has claimed Sunday’s North London Derby against Arsenal is the ‘easiest game’ to bounce back after dropping points last weekend] I can tell you, from the inside, for sure, we all want to bounce back and this game is the easiest way because you don’t need extra motivation. It is natural. There is even more expectation to see how the team will react. We all want to win, and we will go there to deliver the best performance we can. It’s an international break afterwards as well so it’s important to get points

[Suffering a 5-2 defeat in his first derby, Lloris realises how important the fixture is to both clubs] It’s always the type of game we live with intensity and passion. We know there is a lot of expectations. It’s the type of game we all love to play. It’s always an important game and even more as both teams are chasing the same ambitions, more or less. That makes things even more intense

[Lloris was reminded of his record against Arsenal at the Emirates, where he is yet to record a victory, but the Tottenham shot-stopper quickly shut down any pre-match predictions] I don’t like to talk about this before the game. Hopefully it will happen and then we will see after on Sunday!

2019 09 17 Retrieve

[Tottenham and France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has opened the door to a potential move to the MLS after claiming he’s unlikely to end his career with Spurs] I do not think I’m going to finish [my career] at Tottenham. I still have a few years ahead of me. In any case, I will do everything to make the most of it. You also have to know when to say stop at the right time, but I’m not against the idea of ​​discovering something new. That could be the United States. I do not know, I always had trouble looking in the medium term. I am more focused on the short term. In football, things go so fast. We are here tomorrow and after that we’re elsewhere. You have to be careful. I could finish over there [MLS], we’ll see

[Lloris says the temptation to move on has been easy to resist so far] I never really opened the doors [to the idea of leaving Tottenham] because I felt like I was happy where I was. It’s not a lack of ambition on my part, it’s just that I’m part of a project and, every year I’ve seen the progress to reinforce my decision. If tomorrow I felt there was a regression, certainly I’d then ask the question [about leaving]. He’s got the perfect profile [for a big club]. He could work at these great teams. Now, he’s part of a project. He’s shown a lot of loyalty to Tottenham. He’s invested 200 per cent in the club and its supporters.

I have a strong relationship with him, on a human level too. And that does not distort the professional relationship at all. We make the difference [together]. I like his football ideas, I like his personality. I am very proud to be part of his team. The thing that has to change is for us to win a major trophy. We had this opportunity in the Champions League, we were also not far off in the Premier League. But there is regularity, the club is competitive. I can tell the difference between the state of the club the day I arrived and today. The club has evolved at an incredible speed

[Lloris also commented on his favourite stadiums] I’ve always loved the Bernabeu in Madrid. When you go onto the pitch, even the day before the match, you feel that it’s charged with history. It’s difficult to explain. You feel the weight of the institution, the prestige of the place. You can also find that at Old Trafford. Dortmund is also magnificent. It’s great to be a goalkeeper in front of the famous Yellow Wall. Ajax, too, there’s a great atmosphere

2019 09 29 Retrieve

[Defeat by League Two Colchester, For his part club captain Lloris was glad his embarrassing blunder didn’t cost his team points] I was really upset with myself. Especially when you see the context of the team needing points. But we showed character and we showed personality, I am just happy my mistake did not cost us any points

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Tottenham began their Champions League campaign by throwing away a 2-0 lead away against Olympiacos, only taking a point away from Greece in the end. Now, after Tuesday’s defeat, they lie bottom in Group B, two points behind Red Star Belgrade and five behind leaders Bayern] At this moment we have one more point than last season! The next two games against Red Star will become even more important - we cannot lose any more points. I think they (Bayern) showed respect to us because it’s the stamp of the big club - when they have the chance, they kill you. This is what happened in the last 10 minutes. I don’t think the level of both teams is far away like the score, but we need to accept they were much better than us. I feel really bad for the fans mainly because we gave up a little bit too easily and the score was even worse. It’s a night that affects us a lot. Now it’s about character, clearing the mind

[Tottenham’s defeat was their fourth already this season in all competitions, including last week’s loss to League Two side Colchester on penalties in the Carabao Cup] The first thing is to find the confidence back in a few games in a row, not just one game. The key is togetherness. It was one of our strengths of the last few seasons and we need to get back on basics. It’s a collective failure and we need to find a solution to find the consistency that was our strength in the last few years. Since the start of the season we’ve never played at the same intensity for 90 minutes. As you see we’re used to playing in a way that demands a lot of energy and focus, and at this level the opponent punishes you when you start to lose easy balls close to the box. Today we feel bad for the badge, we feel bad for the fans, and now it’s to show a reaction on Saturday. That game has become even more important for us

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris had to be stretched off in considerable pain as he suffered a serious injury to his left arm after gifting Brighton the lead in Saturday’s Premier League clash] We can confirm that Hugo Lloris sustained a dislocated elbow during today’s match against Brighton. Our club captain was stretchered off as a result of the injury and will now return to London this evening after being assessed at a local hospital. Assessment will continue this coming week to ascertain the full extent of the injury and the length of time he will require to undergo rehabilitation

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Tottenham have confirmed that goalkeeper Hugo Lloris will be out until at least the start of 2020 with a dislocated elbow] Hugo Lloris has undergone further assessment this morning after sustaining a dislocated elbow in our match against Brighton on Saturday. The findings have shown that although surgery will not be required, our Club Captain has suffered ligament damage and is not expected to return to training before the end of 2019. Hugo is currently in a brace and will now undergo a period of rest and rehabilitation under the supervision of our medical staff at Hotspur Way

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris aims to be back playing in January following suffering a fractured elbow during a 3-0 loss to Brighton last month] Everything’s well. There can always be hazards, but my goal is to be ready for January. Whether it’s the beginning, the middle or the end, I don’t know. In any case, I’ll take time to make sure I’m well healed and that I can come back in top form. I’m also using the time to regenerate myself. I’ve never been away from the pitch for so long, so it’s something new, but I’m treating it positively. I’m using this period to spend time with my family and my children. I’m in good hands and we’re moving forward calmly. Everything’s been done as it should have been. Now, we have to focus on rehabilitation, strengthening, gradually gaining mobility and confidence

2020 01 10 Retrieve

[Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Lloris has said that the mission of Jose Mourinho at the club is simply to win a trophy] He’s got a specific mission, which is to get what we lack: a trophy. We want to continue with what we’ve done in recent years, playing magnificent football, getting close to some of the greatest teams, but without rewards for our efforts. At the same time, I have always thought since I was 17 that the influence of the players is the most important thing. That stopping the negative spiral depends on us

[Lloris has not had the chance to feature under Mourinho due to a dislocated elbow sustained in a freak accident against Brighton] I had never felt pain like it. I think the morphine took a long time to work and I’m not sure the gas I was given when I was on the pitch worked. I was only relieved at the hospital

The idea is to be back by the end of January but that’s conditioned by how I feel and the choices of the coach. All matches are important and the team is not where it would like to be. So you have to think carefully: I will have to be 100% to come back. The luck that I had is that it could have been much more serious. If there had been a fracture, perhaps the question of missing the Euros would have arisen. There was also no damage to the nerves: just a ligament and some muscle tears. But it still took three good months

I’ve always had a side to me that’s a daredevil. It’s not conscious. I always liked to dive headfirst, I always looked for the thrills. So it will come back on its own. I’ve quickly regained confidence in my body

2020 01 23 Retrieve

[Tottenham Hugo Lloris dismisses rumours of squad unrest under Mourinho] The atmosphere is great. I can tell you all the players are ready to fight for the new manager and his staff

It’s not easy to come in the middle of the season, but it’s a great opportunity for us. Jose Mourinho is one of the best managers in the world and the most successful manager of the past 20 years. As a player, I can say he’s a fantastic coach. He’s here to help us but at the same time we need to give everything to him and his staff

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris, who saved Ilkay Gundogan’s penalty in the first half when the game was goalless, was also impressed with how quickly Bergwijn has settled in at the club] What a goal, what a start. It’s not easy to come from a different league into the Premier League in terms of intensity, and to start against Manchester City, he did well, and he was decisive. It’s going to help him to get into the team, to get into the Club, even the relationship with the fans here is going to be even greater in the future. But he couldn’t start in a better way

2020 03 08 Retrieve

[Lloris admits Spurs need to show more after Burnley draw] All the players were angry with the first-half performance. We could talk for many hours about what happened, but we have to show more. We have to stay positive and in the second half we could have won it. I don’t know what’s going to happen between now and the end of the season, but we have to keep faith. We have stopped the negative run, but it’s not enough because we wanted to win

We’ve had a very difficult season. We had a bad start, a new manager, a lot of injured players and you can feel that things are against us. You can see players fighting and giving their best. The confidence is not right up there. But we are working to finish the season as well as we can

2020 04 26 Retrieve

[Lloris: It’s a privilege to work with Mourinho every day] He’s great. He’s a character. So of course, through the media, you can have preconceived ideas, but when you get in touch with him on a daily basis, inside a training centre, I think it’s a privilege. He’s coached so many great teams, so many great players. He’s got a lot of experience and a lot of trophies in his cupboard. When you’re a player, I think it’s a chance to be at his side because there’s so much to learn

2020 05 03 Retrieve

[Lloris: It would be cruel to deny Liverpool the title] We are in a situation where everyone wants to finish and have the verdict of the field. It would be terrible if everything ended like that nine days before the end of the Premier League. It would also be cruel for Liverpool with the lead they have. They are almost champions. As with everyone, there would be a taste of unfinished business. In addition, we are entering the most exciting period, the most beautiful moment of the season. Nobody wants it to end like this

[Lloris admits playing behind closed doors would not be ideal] It will be weird wherever it happens. Football is not a sport behind closed doors. Without spectators, it is not the same discipline. This is not how I see football. We are here to gather, share our emotions. We all want full stadiums, with atmosphere, fans, colour and songs. But here, we must take the context into consideration. There are major and economic issues that need to be understood at the level of clubs and federations. Everyone has to find the right compromise between health above all else and the need to finish this season

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Spurs captain Hugo Lloris concurs with Winks but also feels a compromise will have to be reached due to the economic pressures that the lockdown is placing upon clubs] It will be weird wherever it happens. Football is not a closed-door sport. Without spectators, it is not the same sport. This is not how I see football. We are here together, to share our emotions. We all want full stadiums, with atmosphere, fans, colour and songs. But we must take the context into consideration. There are major economic issues that need to be understood at the level of clubs and federations. Everyone has to find the right compromise between health above all else and the need to finish this season

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris says Tottenham have no margin for error if they are to claim an improbable Champions League place when the Premier League season resumes] We have to be honest, we are not in a good position at the moment. Four points to Manchester United, seven points to Chelsea. We don’t have the right to lose games. Even more when you face a direct opponent like Manchester United. We are going to start again with a very important game, maybe a decisive game for the future. About the title, it’s almost done, but for the fourth place, or the fifth place, there will be a big battle and for the relegation, it will be an even bigger battle. There is a lot to win and to lose in these nine games. It’s the final sprint, you can win or lose everything

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris says their struggles this season stem from their inability to recover from losing the Champions League final to Liverpool] There is a risk when you go over your potential. Last season, we went on an incredible run in the Champions League and we finished the season on our knees. You don’t have time to recover from one season before you have to start a new one. And then there was the accumulation of things that provoked the situation and then a lot of injured players, the change of manager. It’s difficult to stay stable and to be always looking at the top

There is sometimes one season when everything goes against you. Maybe the consequence when you play four years making a huge effort to compete with the top teams and finish in the top four [every season], it’s a lot of accumulation and one season there is everything you cannot control. It can happen

We are more or less all fit and this is a big difference. We’ve been quite unlucky in terms of injured players. It affected us a lot. So it’s like a new season that is going to start. The feeling is getting there. It is only a question of time, a question of confidence too, because the only way to get better is to win games and keep winning. This is the only feeling that will help the team to improve and to reach the level we all expect

2020 06 13b Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris believes last season’s Champions League final heartbreak] Wow, it’s difficult to explain. Last season, we went on an incredible run in the Champions League and we finished the season on our knees, and you don’t have time to recover from one season before you have to start a new one

There was the accumulation of things that provoked the situation, and then of course a lot of injured players. The change of manager. It’s difficult to stay stable and to be always looking at the top. There is sometimes one season when everything goes against you

It’s like a new season that is going to start. It’s true to say we were not at our best, but it belongs to the past. The team will look different to a few months ago. We are more or less all fit, this is a big difference. He [Kane] is ready. In his mind he is ready and that’s the most important thing. He recovered very well from his bad injury and he is the one really looking forward to getting back into the competition. Everyone knows his targets, his ambition and his willingness to win. We all need the repetition of games to reach our best level, but that is going to be the case even for the opponents we are going to play. Harry is in a good place and just waiting to start the season again, like all of us

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Lloris plays down clash with Son] It just belongs to the changing room. Outside you can say whatever you want. There is a lot of respect between all the players. What happened between me and Son is just something that is part of football sometimes, but there is no problem at all. You can see at the end of the game we are more than happy to be part of the team and to have the three points. To concede a chance six seconds before half time because we don’t press properly. It annoyed me but it’s part of football, no problem, we move on.