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Name Hugo Lloris
Gender Male
Ethnic French
Job French Footballer
  French Captain


Org France National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur
  Lyon FC

2012 09 21 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris comments on Fabian Barthez’s comments who says he was a better goal keeper than Brad Friedel] The choice lies with the coach but I’m here to shake things up a bit. I’m not worried, if Tottenham came looking for me at Lyon, then surely I will play a part in the future of the club. I just hope that I get the chance to play. To get a bit of playing time (against Lazio) while I’m still settling in, getting to know the club and my new team-mates, that can only be a good thing

[Spurs would have taken all three points had referee Ovidiu Alin Hategan not ruled out what looked to be two legitimate goals from Steven Caulker and Clint Dempsey] We wanted to win this game and maybe we were not lucky this evening,’ Lloris said. ‘I think we had one or two opportunities to open the scoring and the referee took his decision. We played a great game today but Lazio played like a typical Italian team away from home. They wanted to defend and that made it difficult for us. But now we have to continue to work hard because we want to win the next game in this competition

2017 10 21 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris explains what Cristiano Ronaldo means to many fans around the world] He is an inspiration for the new generation, a machine of success with individual trophies and collective success. He is a great leader and a great personality too

2018 06 02 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris on team-mate Paul Pogba] He has this desire to shine with the French national team. Will he be the ‘boss’? That’s a strong word but a ‘leader’ is what is expected of him on and off the field. He is reaching maturity and he wants to do well. But it’s also important that he focuses on his individual performance. This is the best way, to lead by example

2018 07 09 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris has labelled Thierry Henry one of the great gentlemen of French football ahead of what promises to be an emotional World Cup semi-final for the Arsenal great in St Petersburg] I was lucky to play with him for two seasons in the French team. He’s was a great player and a great gentleman of French football. It is true it is a little bit peculiar to see him with the Belgian team. But that is his career and now he is learning for his future career. I think his heart will be split because before everything he is French. He has lived through great moments with the blue jersey – he has the record of goals scored and the second most caps. He left a mark on the history of Les Bleus. He has a great passion for football. He will be with the Belgians and do everything to help his team

2019 05 07 Retrieve

[Tottenham’s trip to Ajax] Ajax have got a little advantage from the first leg. We have to deal with that and the only way to do it is to win the game. We have to try and find the right energy, put intensity in our performance and learn from the first leg where we didn’t make the game that we expected or we wanted. Tomorrow is another chance for us to compete and to play for the final of the Champions League

2020 05 04 Retrieve

[Spurs captain Hugo Lloris concurs with Winks but also feels a compromise will have to be reached due to the economic pressures that the lockdown is placing upon clubs] It will be weird wherever it happens. Football is not a closed-door sport. Without spectators, it is not the same sport. This is not how I see football. We are here together, to share our emotions. We all want full stadiums, with atmosphere, fans, colour and songs. But we must take the context into consideration. There are major economic issues that need to be understood at the level of clubs and federations. Everyone has to find the right compromise between health above all else and the need to finish this season

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Hugo Lloris says Tottenham have no margin for error if they are to claim an improbable Champions League place when the Premier League season resumes] We have to be honest, we are not in a good position at the moment. Four points to Manchester United, seven points to Chelsea. We don’t have the right to lose games. Even more when you face a direct opponent like Manchester United. We are going to start again with a very important game, maybe a decisive game for the future. About the title, it’s almost done, but for the fourth place, or the fifth place, there will be a big battle and for the relegation, it will be an even bigger battle. There is a lot to win and to lose in these nine games. It’s the final sprint, you can win or lose everything

2020 06 13 Retrieve

[Tottenham captain Hugo Lloris says their struggles this season stem from their inability to recover from losing the Champions League final to Liverpool] There is a risk when you go over your potential. Last season, we went on an incredible run in the Champions League and we finished the season on our knees. You don’t have time to recover from one season before you have to start a new one. And then there was the accumulation of things that provoked the situation and then a lot of injured players, the change of manager. It’s difficult to stay stable and to be always looking at the top

There is sometimes one season when everything goes against you. Maybe the consequence when you play four years making a huge effort to compete with the top teams and finish in the top four [every season], it’s a lot of accumulation and one season there is everything you cannot control. It can happen

We are more or less all fit and this is a big difference. We’ve been quite unlucky in terms of injured players. It affected us a lot. So it’s like a new season that is going to start. The feeling is getting there. It is only a question of time, a question of confidence too, because the only way to get better is to win games and keep winning. This is the only feeling that will help the team to improve and to reach the level we all expect