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Name Ian Holloway
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
  Plymouth Head Coach
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Plymouth

2007 03 09 Retrieve

[Plymouth manager Ian Holloway on reaching the FA Cup quarter-finals] I’m like a badger at the start of the pairing-up season

2013 09 29 Retrieve

[Ian Holloway after completing his touchline suspension] You could argue I deserved it, and my wife would say I did, but when I don’t get what I want I’m not very nice. The worst thing was reading back what the referee and the linesman wrote. I actually said it and it’s not very good. My mum would have washed my mouth out with soap, like she used to when I was little. Although that doesn’t work to be fair – I could eat a bar of soap and swear like a trooper, so I don’t know what she was trying to achieve! I will challenge anyone and to be my size – I’m 5ft 7in and three-quarters – you have to be competitive. I’d say I was over-competitive and I get over-zealous, over-angry and over-determined. You can make anger a friend of yours when it isn’t, it’s an enemy. You have to be calm. I have a lot to learn. I have always wished I was more like Bjorn Borg’s temperament. He was my hero growing up. I was more like McEnroe. I don’t mean ability, I mean temperament

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Former Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway says Wilfried Zaha would be fantastic for Chelsea] I think he would be fantastic over there [at Chelsea]. I don’t want Palace to lose him, but in reality he is going to have to go. I would love to see him in that sort of team. I don’t want to upset them [Palace fans], but I am only looking and I think he is improving all the time. I see that end product from him, and I just love him. He is one of my favourite players ever because I’ve never seen anyone do what he can do

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Ian Holloway on how he plans to fly in like Mary Poppins after taking charge as manager of Grimsby Town] Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Come on, that’s what life is about. The old one with Julie Andrews up on the chimneys, not the new one – the new one is crap. She blew in when needed and I feel like I’ve blown in when Grimsby need me. Hopefully it will be a great situation. When they have a cup of tea with the old man [Uncle Albert], who laughs so much they all end up on the ceiling – that’s my favourite bit. I want to enjoy my life so that I’m up on the ceiling