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Ilkay Gundogan
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc A move from Nurnberg to BVB saw him called up for Germany, the ‘hardest decision of his life’


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Manchester City

2016 11 12 Retrieve

[Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan gives his early impressions of his time at the club] I do believe the summer was the right time to risk something new and I can already say that Manchester City is the right club for me. You can see that you’ve arrived at a super club which has set out for great things and wants to develop great things in the upcoming years. That can’t even be compared to Bayern Munich, it’s a different story. It is clear here that you are striving for the supreme. The expectation is extremely high. Accordingly, the pressure and responsibility on individual players is profound. It’s something different to Dortmund

2017 09 23 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan speaks about the arduous ten-month journey of recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee] The worst thing for me is seeing the other players. I see them on the training field, when they are in the locker room, when they go up to the meeting before training. I see how they work in the gym, and I am not able to do the same. You know that you are not able to be a full part of the group. That is the most difficult thing: to feel that you are useless, not worth as much as before, not worth as much as the others. To go to that point, and then do the same the next day, and the next day again, and again and again. That is bad for the brain. Rehab is always up and down for the mind and for the body. And there have been points where my mind has said: ‘O.K. I have to go now’

2018 03 24 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan talks about manager Pep Guardiola’s influence at the club] I could not be much happier. Pep Guardiola tactically brings a gift that is second to none in the world. When we go to the pitch and see what [Guardiola’s tactics] trigger, then a light goes on

2018 03 31 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan believes Brazil will challenge for the FIFA World Cup Trophy​ at Russia 2018] Brazil are definitely one of the favourites for the World Cup. The Brazilians are very emotional, and they hold football in such a high regard, it gives them such a zest for life and has an almost spiritual meaning for them

2018 05 15 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan on His’s Erdogan photos criticism. They met on the sidelines of an event at a Turkish foundation that helps Turkish students] Are we supposed to be impolite to the president of our families’ homeland? Whatever justified criticism there might be, we decided on a gesture of politeness, out of respect for the office of president and for our Turkish roots. It was not our intention to make a political statement with this picture

2019 05 23 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan reiterated Pep Guardiola’s message dismissing speculation over Leroy Sane’s transfer] If players in our team at one or another time do not play, it has now become a normal fact that there are automatic rumours. As our coach has already said, the club wants to keep Leroy

2019 05 31 Retrieve

[Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan admits he has not stopped hurting since his side crashed out of the Champions League] I was hurt for a long time. In fact, the ache has been hurting for a very long time. I really did not look at the games that followed, and dealt with other things.

[Gundogan says his sympathies will lean towards the Reds as they look to win the European Cup/Champions League for the sixth time in the club’s history] For the final, of course I will look at the private circle. If you win, you tend not to care, but should Jurgen Klopp win with Liverpool then I would definitely congratulate him in the days after that

: 2019 05 31b Manchester City want to keep Ilkay Gundogan at the club this summer, even if it means letting him leave on a free transfer at the end of next season

2019 06 06 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan says he has spoken to Leroy Sane and he does not have the impression that the winger wants to leave Manchester City in the summer] I don’t know much [about Sane’s situation], only a little. I also talked to him, but he didn’t give me the impression that he really wants to leave. I don’t think Manchester City wants to give him up either. Since Leroy still has two years left on his contract, there is no reason to take action. Therefore, I am assuming that he will stay and I would of course be happy about that

2019 06 09 Retrieve

[Germany midfielder Ilkay Gundogan was happy with Sorg deputising for Joachim Low] His speech was very good, he is extremely reliable. He may do it a bit differently than Jogi, but also very well. He set us up perfectly.

[Gundogan was substituted by Sorg in the second half but he allayed injury fears] That was maybe a bit old age. After a break of two weeks, I noticed something in the adductors, because the muscle has tightened. But I did not want to risk anything and got a change. That’s something that you learn as you grow old

2019 06 12 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan claims he has not been in contact with Borussia Dortmund over a possible return to the club] I would know about that, I know nothing, I have not spoken to anyone. There will be talks in the summer and then we’ll see. I’m not dissatisfied with Manchester City and that’s why I would not say that I really want to leave because the club wants to extend my contract.

2019 08 09 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan has signed a fresh four-year contract at the Etihad Stadium ahead of the new Premier League season] I am very happy to have signed the new contract. I have hugely enjoyed the last three years here at City and everyone at the club has helped make me feel at home from my very first day. It’s a privilege to be a part of this team, playing the style of football we do and winning trophies. It’s very difficult to do that and I’m delighted to be a part of it. I’m really excited about what we can go on to achieve in the next few seasons

2019 08 17 Tweet

[Ilkay Gundogan agrees with Pep Guardiola’s suggestion that rules involving VAR need to be amended for the good of the game] Today’s VAR decision is really hard to take. Any attacker that commits handball, intentional or not, is now ruled a free-kick?? And if you’re defending it’s fine?? It only disadvantages the attacking team. In my opinion, this rule needs to be changed

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan believes VAR is taking the emotion out of the game] VAR is changing football not only for the players but also for the spectators and everyone who loves the game. Unfortunately it takes away the main reason why we all love football, and that’s the emotion

I’m not a big fan even though we can’t deny that it helps the referee. But the big problem is that even when an incident has been referred to VAR, there is still not a clear judgement. After the games we are still discussing whether it was a goal, a penalty or offside. And I can’t see this changing even with VAR. That is why I don’t think it makes sense, but some people who run the game have decided it is going to help the referee and it’s something we’re just going to have to accept because we can’t change right now. I’m sure it is going to help us in the future but it is also creating a lot of problems and I’m not sure how we can solve it

2019 08 29 Retrieve

[Against Monaco three years ago, City collapsed in the second leg on the back of a troubled campaign when Guardiola was still trying to impose his philosophy] I have the feeling that we are nervous in important Champions League games. We have always made the wrong decisions. In such games, we always want to do something special

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan says that he came close to joining Bayern around the time of his £21m transfer to Manchester City] Let’s put it this way - my sources would confirm that, today I say that frankly there were at times talks with Bayern Munich. But we did not come together for different reasons. And now I am very happy with Man City, I do not think there is a club I would be better off with at the moment and not a better coach either

[Asked about his relationship with fans of the German national team] Yes, I feel a little underrated. But I also understand that I just missed too much. People in the national team are watching the tournaments, and I only played twice at the European Championship in 2012 and the 2018 World Cup. There’s only room for two central midfielders, with Joshua Kimmich as the defensive part and Toni Kroos as the offensive right now. I think I have the quality to help the team even more

2019 10 06 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan thinks Manchester City need to put the eight-point gap behind Liverpool at the top of the Premier League table] We should have played better. Wolves did well but we know how we can play and our qualities. We could not put that on the pitch today, that is the fact and it hurts. I always feel we can score, especially with the power up front but Wolves were very defensive in the last 10, 15 minutes and it was difficult to put in crosses and the spaces were tiny. It was very difficult to play. When you are not able to score the first goal, maybe we get nervous and don’t 100% feel the confidence is there and we have to be patient. The challenge now is to learn from that

When you are in front and top of the table, it feels great to look at it. Now it is tougher to look at it, there is quite a gap already and none of us are watching the table now. We will get opportunities in the upcoming months but at the moment it is something we have to accept and live with

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Man City overhauled a seven-point deficit to Liverpool last term, but Gundogan says it is frustrating that they again need other teams to do them favours in the title race and so early in the campaign] We had the same, or a similar situation last year but at a much later stage. It’s quite early in the season and there are still a lot of points to play for, but if we want to speak about the Premier League title, we have to hope Liverpool will drop points. That’s a fact we can’t be happy with and we aren’t obviously. But there is nothing else to do but make it better in the next game, which is our target

[Gundogan says they cannot worry about their rivals’ performances and must concentrate on getting their own game right on the pitch] It’s not that easy to take these things and see your biggest rival win all the time, with things that you can’t control. It was no different last year, when they also won a lot of games, as we did. This time we are the side that have struggled quite a bit more and they have continued better. That’s a fact we want to change. Watching their games and situation doesn’t really help us to be honest - we need to fix our situation and drop as few points as possible. We have definitely dropped too many points in the early part of the season. If that’s the case in the next few weeks the gap will be even bigger, so we have to win as much as possible

[City were without several key players including Kevin De Bruyne, Aymeric Laporte, Leroy Sane, John Stones and Benjamin Mendy for the defeat against Wolves, but Gundogan said they cannot use injuries as an excuse] It’s never easy to miss all these players because they all bring a quality which is needed in our team. But in the past we have shown we can resolve these problems, which shows we have enough quality in the squad to get away with it. I hope every player will be back as soon as possible but injuries are part of the game so we have to deal with them, as does every other team. We have to play better, the 11 on the pitch, and do much better than we did on Sunday

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[Germany midfielder Ilkay Gundogan hit back after he was criticised for liking a supposedly politically-charged social media post from Turkey striker Cenk Tosun, insisting he was only trying to ‘support’ a friend] It is blatant what is written these days is for clicks. I thought I liked a photo of a friend I’ve lived with in Manchester, who’s having a tough time at Everton, barely playing, then scoring a goal and leading his team to victory. Next, I believe 200,000 other people have liked this image, footballers from all over the world. Then we are the two picked and made a story out of. It’s a pity. There was absolutely no political intention behind it. Emre and I are both consistent against any kind of war and terror, no matter where it takes place in the world. That’s why it was only intended as a pure support for our friend

2019 10 26 Retrieve

[Gundogan happy to be Man City’s next centre-half experiment as Fernandinho joins list of absentees] Fortunately, we still have Nicolas Otamendi, who was not able to come on because we had already changed three players. If I’m needed, I’m ready to help the team wherever. If I’m needed to play at centre-back for many games, I will try my best to help the team but I don’t think it’s that far yet. We’re unlucky at the moment and the red card doesn’t help but we’ll still have a great team on the pitch

[The in-form Raheem Sterling was, however, to break the deadlock inside seconds of the restart and Gundogan says Man City feel invincible when getting their noses in front] We always feel when we’re able to score the first goal or an early goal, we feel like we are unstoppable. At half-time, the manager wanted us all to step forward. We created some chances in the first half but it was obvious there was something missing. He mentioned that in the dressing room and it helped a lot that we scored within a minute and then went on to get the second as well. It was a bit about patience - we could have done better in the first half but the second half was really good

2019 10 27 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan says Raheem Sterling could become the best player in the world] He is among the five best attacking players in the world, definitely. Just now it’s about consistency but he has shown in the last 12 to 18 months that he is able to be that consistent. If he can continue like that, he can be on the top

[And Gundogan agreed that Pep Guardiola is setting an incredibly high standard] He made a big step forward - not really in training, because he was always hard-working and one of the best in training sessions. But the way he is on matchday, with his mentality and his aggression - both with and without the ball. He’s crucial for us, you need this type of player, a game-changing player, and he is probably the one player who can change everything for us. We want to help him to keep going like that, scoring and scoring. At the moment there are no limits for him and it’s up to us to help him achieve all of his targets and try to get out the very best possible Raheem Sterling in the next few months

[Gundogan says Man City need to focus on their own performances rather than concentrating on putting pressure on Jurgen Klopp’s side] That shouldn’t be our business. We need to do our job over the next few months and, if we do, we will be in a good place

2019 11 10 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan believes that Manchester City won’t be out of the race to defend their Premier League title, even if they are beaten by Liverpool on Sunday] There are so many games still to play. If Liverpool win, people will talk about how nine points is too many. If we win, people will say it’s the start of the same charge we made last season when we overturned a big points difference to win the title. The truth is that it is far too early to tell. We have six months left to play in the most competitive league in the world and it just isn’t possible to predict every result between now and the end of the season - just as people wouldn’t have predicted every result so far. Only one point separated us last season and so it would be wrong to suggest that the result won’t be important but it doesn’t become more important than when we face Chelsea or Newcastle later in the month just because the spotlight is on this game

Liverpool are currently top of the league, but our fans know that we fight to the end, every game, every season; some of the club’s greatest moments have come about this way, and so Sunday will be important, but nothing is decided in November. Not many players will have the opportunity to play for both managers and so this is something I am very proud of

2019 11 12 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan says Lionel Messi is the star player of the current generation and the greatest footballer ever] Lionel Messi [is the best player in the world]. In my opinion, he has very special abilities. He has talent and he always manages to show it on the pitch. He always has the instinct to make the right decision. He uses his speed well against the opponents he plays. He has a strong finish. All in all, no one else has as much quality as Lionel Messi. He is the star player of my generation and the greatest footballer of all time. I hope we get to watch him play for a few more years

2019 11 15 Retrieve

[Liverpool are now huge 2/5 favourites to win their first league title in 30 years, with Man City now 9/4 shots to make it three in a row] We have to accept it, but there is a long way to go. Last season in January we were quite far behind and were able to turn it around. But we are not independent any more - we have to see how our competitors do, especially Liverpool, and that makes the situation more uncomfortable. We have to keep trying to play well and amass as many points as possible. I don’t feel the title has already gone, and I don’t think the Liverpool players will feel like that, because we are all professionals. It’s an interesting competition and will be a great season for the spectators. We want to put pressure on ourselves and if we can reach our level in every game the results will come automatically

2019 11 27 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan says Man City are miles off their brilliant best] When you want to become a top team and fight in all the competitions, you are not allowed to concede goals in every game. Obviously, with all the injuries we are having, all the changes in the squad, sometimes it’s not easy, but I think there is enough quality in our team, even with the injuries, to be able to play without conceding a goal

We have dropped unnecessary points in a few games already, and to remain at the top, you are not allowed to. We need to be there if Liverpool slip and we are through in the Champions League, but there is still plenty of work to [be done to] improve. Not results, but more the way we play

2019 12 07 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan’s final goal in last season’s Manchester derby may be as close as he will ever get to reaching it] I think the guy that will have enjoyed that goal the most will probably have been the manager because that is exactly what he wants. How he sees football, how he wants to have everyone involved - I’m quite sure he loved that goal. And for the players it was fun because when you’re on the pitch you want to be involved. It was a great team-goal and it was a great moment in a great game

[A derby victory and three points was celebrated with passion] I didn’t even recognise it was such a good goal. After so many passes I didn’t even realise. I saw after the game as everyone else did. But it showed that there is so much quality in our squad and the way we play in our build-up. I think these kind of goals are good for the team, for the energy and shows that everyone is always involved. It’s nothing you can really plan, it’s just something that happens. But it was a great moment

[Gundogan says the derby remains a special occasion and that City cannot afford to take their rivals lightly] I do feel like it’s an important game because of the two clubs, the rivalry and the history, so I still feel like it’s a great game and it will be a great game to watch. Derbies are always something special and the past showed why the game is always special - anything can happen. Obviously our target is to win the game when we are playing at home. It will be a great game to watch

2019 12 10 Retrieve

[Midfielder Ilkay Gundogan admitted that they may have lost some of their focus in the early months of this season] If you are successful and have won so many things, sometimes you lose focus during that period. But the more defeats you have the more you recognise that’s not really the way you want to end up and you want to improve again and get to the level you were. It’s now the challenge to bounce back as quick as possible. We all want to be successful and be the best because the potential is there

2019 12 11 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan says Manchester City’s hopes of winning a third Premier League title in succession are already over] Quite far, to be honest. Obviously it’s so far a difficult season for us. There’s already a huge gap in the Premier League between Liverpool and us. We can’t deny that the title race is already over for us, so we have to compete to qualify for the Champions League again next season. That’s disappointing, to be honest. Also, this early in the season to have such a huge gap is something that we’re not really used to

[Gundogan does not feel there is any discernible difference in the atmosphere among the City squad] I don’t feel like the dynamic in the group is worse than it was before. I think it’s still similar. Maybe that’s also a problem, that it’s too similar. Maybe there needs to be a change. I don’t really know to be honest, I just think that the next weeks will show us and prove to us the right way to go. If you don’t know the feeling of frustration, of anger, of disappointment, I ask myself sometimes: ‘What is it really worth to be successful? What is it worth to be happy?’. Obviously we need these emotions

[City are through to the last-16 of the Champions League as Group C winners] No one says that if you are not successful in the Premier League you cannot be successful in the Champions League. In the Champions League, all chances are open

2019 12 20 Tweet

[Ilkay Gundogan wishes ‘excellent coach’ Arteta well at Arsenal] Good luck on your new chapter… but not for the games against us

2020 01 08 Retrieve

[Gundogan warns Man Utd after derby destruction] I felt on the pitch we could have done even better - converting our chances better, maybe put a little bit more on top of that. But it was great, I don’t want to complain about our first half performance, it was a joy to watch. That was important for the first leg, because it feels great to go home for the second leg with this result. It’s a great score for us, but it’s Man United so it’s not done yet. If we play similar, then I don’t think they will have any chance.

[Gundogan added that it was important for the fans to not lose back-to-back derbies] Obviously we were hurting - you can lose against this United side, it’s always a special game against them home or away. They are still a great club, great team with great players, and have the quality to beat everyone. But we could have done better, not really with the result in the league game, but with the performance in the first half. We lost that game, and our aim was to not lose twice in a row against them, and the reaction was great. We saw a few videos from the league game, and said to ourselves we want to do better. But I always starts from zero, a new game, a new challenge

[Gundogan says they have not changed anything specifically to prompt the run of results] I can’t tell that there is anything significant we wanted to change, we just wanted to do that extra. We knew the last month would be tough, the amount of game we’ve played is incredible and second half we felt how tough it is to play every two to three days in such an intense period. It’s not something we wanted to change, we just wanted to play as good as possible, and better than we did in the league against United. We know the quality we have in the squad - we can change nearly every player and still the quality is top. It’s about every single player putting in a performance on the field

2019 11 16 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan on Lionel Messi] He is the star player of my generation and the greatest footballer of all-time. I hope we get to watch him play for a few more years

2020 01 28 Retrieve

[Gundogan keeping MLS door open but sees no reason to leave Man City any time soon] I don’t have a concrete plan. But I would trust myself to play in another league abroad. It also depends on my form then. When I am 32, 33 and I realise that I can’t keep my level or it is dropping, it will be a stop abroad where you might not play at the highest level and not keep up with Premier League.

If I were to say I want to leave and continue playing at a high level, only Spain or Italy would be an option for me. Italy is on the up - it has become very tempting again and I hope the stadiums fill up again too. But if I were to say the sporting challenge might not be that high anymore, then things like the U.S. are definitely an alternative, also because of the life there and the other opportunities you have

I don’t see any reason to say that I am still at a top level and want to leave Manchester City. We are playing football at an extremely high level and success is always possible here in every season

[When aksed which player he like most] There was actually only one: Mario Gotze. When I switched from Nuremberg to BVB and saw Mario for the first time in training, I just thought, wow, how can you take the ball away from this boy? He did incredible things back then. He was world class, and it was all from an 18-year-old. I still tell this story to my friends

2020 01 28b Retrieve

[Gundogan joined Man City for the Guardiola experience and has thoroughly enjoyed it] If everything is new to you, it is more difficult to understand him. Not only on a football level, but also on a personal level. You hear about plenty of players who love him. There are also those who have had trouble with him. I prefer to get my own picture of people and Pep was the main reason that I moved to City. I am very happy with how things have gone, both personally and in a sporting sense

At our first meeting we talked a lot about football. But he also really likes to talk about private issues. He always asks in one-on-one discussions about how the family is doing and how things are going, it is important to him. When David Silva’s son had health problems two years ago, it affected him, he suffered a lot. As a coach, he demands a lot from his players. But it has to be like that as a world-class coach. It was similar under Klopp in Dortmund. That’s an important quality for a coach

We trust ourselves to play to our strengths against every opponent. We also talk about the positive things of the opponent rather than the negative things. Of course there are the lists and PowerPoint presentations for every player and a few negative points. But Pep does not mention them in the speech, it is more about the overall tactics. The motto is not to underestimate any opponent

2020 01 29 Retrieve

[‘Wasteful’ Man City need to learn how to play knockout football before Real Madrid tie] It was a great test for the Real Madrid games. The manager said before the game, this is an experience we have to survive and overcome. It’s a learning process. We will try to make it better

2020 02 12 Retrieve

[Gundogan: Other players are jealous that I’ve worked with Klopp and Guardiola] They are the two best coaches in the world. It is a privilege that I trained under both. I think there are a lot of footballers who are jealous of me are because they didn’t have that opportunity. Both have a place in my heart. Both have taught me a lot and are part of my success

I believe in life’s challenges and I always try to challenge myself. If I don’t get out of my comfort zone, I will never change and never improve. I had four great years with Jurgen and I like him as a person and as a coach. But I felt that there was something new. I wanted to leave Dortmund in Dortmund and not think about spending time with Jurgen when I chose a new club. That was partly a reason for me not to go to Liverpool

2020 02 25 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan: If Man City don’t win the Champions League there will always be something missing] I don’t believe it’s going to be my only final - of course. I hope so too. I don’t actually have much time, that’s why I try to push my team-mates as much as possible. But yeah, I’m confident that we have all the opportunities to get to a Champions League final

The Champions League is maybe the most prestigious competition in the game and if you don’t win it, as much as we are a great team, you feel like there’s always something missing. Obviously, we try to do our best but it’s not something that you can talk about and then it comes. It’s something you have to try to achieve

It’s so difficult to explain it - I think we need a big game that we win. And to get through thinking ‘this was so hard today’, where we need to struggle as well. We have to overcome difficulties, something like that is needed. That’s why I think you learn from games like away in Atalanta - having one man down and Kyle Walker as a goalkeeper - or at home against Shakhtar and you struggle and it’s not a great performance and you just draw. These kind of games are also important. You cannot just win every single game by three, four or five goals and then when you come into the last 16 playing a good team, 1-0 down, expect to turn it around easily. It’s not always like that. I think struggles are part of our profession. And it’s always about overcoming these kind of moments

It’s important in sport and life, if you do something with confidence you always do it better. That’s the same in football and everything else. It’s harder [in bigger games]. But I think it’s also something you can build up during a game. Having successful moments in a game, like scoring or whatever, always gives you that lift. But it can be the opposite sometimes - things go wrong, it’s totally normal, you fail and your confidence decreases. So it’s a weird thing with confidence. I would say it’s not always something you can really explain and especially not something you can just automatically switch on

2020 03 01 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan says Man City need to win a big game] It’s so difficult to explain it - I think we need a big game that we win. And to get through thinking ‘this was so hard today’, where we need to struggle as well. We have to overcome difficulties, something like that is needed

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Ilkay Gundogan has accused Bruno Fernandes of diving to earn the decisive free-kick which allowed Manchester United to open the scoring in their 2-0 derby win over City] They were much more aggressive, especially after scoring the first goal. They tried to press very high for 10 minutes afterwards. But we started the game really well, got into the last third, but the perception of the last pass was just missing. We had a lot of corners as well, so the chance was there to create more but unfortunately we didn’t so this is something on which we have to improve.

Also there was frustration about the free-kick before the goal - it was not at all a foul. I just touched the ball and he goes on the floor, shouting.

I don’t even know if the referee saw it or just had a feeling that it was a foul. That was very disappointing for me, to be honest because I was straight involved in the action and conceding the goal straight afterwards hurt very much.

We tried hard after conceding the first one but it just wasn’t enough. It hurts a lot. Not really the result but that we didn’t play our best game, especially creating in the last third. Missing Kevin [De Bruyne] is crucial in these kind of games. Unfortunately we were not able to find the last pass to create the chance and score the goal - one was a tiny bit offside. That’s why we are disappointed at losing there, but it’s a fact now and we can’t change it so we have to keep going.

[Gundogan is not looking to point any fingers of blame] It’s normal. At the end, you are a human being. Even though we are at the top level, we all make mistakes. We play the game, and mistakes are part of the game. Eddy has been crucial in so many games for us, and he is allowed to make mistakes. Unfortunately this time they were punished, very crucially for us. It’s normal - we win together and lose together. That’s why we play football, that’s why we’re a team. He will deal with that situation very well. He’s angry, disappointed and frustrated, but it’s always about how you get out if it. He has all of our support and I’m sure he will do much better in the next games

I feel like this game is always big, one of the biggest derbies in the world. That’s why we wanted to perform and play well. But we still have some very important games, big games. We play Arsenal now, and Burnley, and then obviously a vital game against Madrid at home and then another crucial game in the FA Cup. So we still have the possibility to win silverware, so we will try to achieve that and do better than we did on Sunday

2020 03 17 Retrieve

[Man City star Gundogan is closing in on a return to first-team action] I would be happy if he remains my teammate for many years, we will see what will happen! I’m staying at home, but it’s not really a holiday for me. I hope all of you are well, too. Tough times for each and every one of us. I just can say thank you to everyone in healthcare: doctors, nurses, hospital staff. Positivity will keep us strong, we will get through this!

2020 03 18 Retrieve

[Gundogan on coronavirus isolation] These days are showing who the true heroes are. And they’re not footballers or athletes. Right now, in this delicate situation, there are lots of doctors and health workers who are giving their lives for all of us. I don’t think we can thank them enough for what they’re doing for us, they’re saving our lives

That would mean that everything will have turned out alright. I see that there’s already an alternative calendar to finish everything, but the health of everyone is the most important thing at the moment

We all have an individual training plan and I can also use the gym at home, so keeping fit isn’t a problem for me, to be honest. Yes, I really miss having a ball at my feet, but I don’t think the break is going to affect me too much, I will keep fit. We’re all connected on WhatsApp and we’re giving daily updates, talking about news. Then each one of us has their individual work plan. That’s it, we can’t do much else right now. But we’re all connected to keep ourselves in the loop

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[Gundogan outlines Pep admiration] Guardiola is one of the main reasons why I signed for Manchester City in 2016 and why I renewed my contract here last year. Pep has so much charisma that always makes you give more than 100 per cent, not only in matches, but in training too. His way of understanding the game also suits my style perfectly.

We’ll see, we’ll see. Maybe. I’ve learned and am still learning a lot during my career as a player because I can say I’ve had the privilege of having the best coaches. Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, Thomas Tuchel, Joachim Low […] How many players can say they’ve had coaches like them? So yeah, I could have a coaching career in the future

[Gundogan, though, says that he is not practising for any future he may have in the dugout by checking out recent recorded matches] If I’m telling you the truth, I’m not watching that many. To be honest with you, I’m playing Football Manager a lot. Football has to keep being part of my daily routine!

2020 03 28 Retrieve

[Coronavirus: Gundogan funds shopping service and hospital support during crisis] In Manchester, I followed the news of the situation in Germany closely. I was struck with the pictures from the particularly badly affected district of Heinsberg. That is why I wanted to start a relief action exactly where the need is greatest. Thank you to the football club SVG Birgden-Langbroich-Schierwaldenrath, which are supporting me with all the deliveries and can hand them over on my behalf. We footballers, whether amateur or professional, must show this solidarity and together support those people who urgently need our help.

2020 03 29 Retrieve

[Man City ace Gundogan ‘would be OK’ with Liverpool being handed Premier League title due to coronavirus] It would be okay for me [If Liverpool are handed the title], you have to be sporting. When asked if he would be in favour of top players in England sacrificing their salaries in order to help clubs in the lower leagues survive, Gundogan responded: Of course I would find that okay, of course. But the lower league clubs do not have it so easy

[Gundogan added on how he is coping in self-isolation at his home in Manchester] I have to admit that it is not that easy to deal with. It is an exceptional situation that cannot be fully grasped. You are sometimes afraid to go for a walk for 10 to 15 minutes outside. Even though it was oddly and ironically extremely beautiful from the weather here in Manchester

[The 29-year-old also expressed doubts over the season resuming next month] Honestly, I can’t imagine that and I don’t know how realistic it is

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[Ilkay Gundogan has singled out his former Borussia Dortmund team-mate Robert Lewandowski as the best striker currently active in world football] It was a huge joy to play with him. He has improved again and again. Technically he was always great, now he also has that cool head. The way he scored the goals is phenomenal. For me he is the best and most complete striker in the world at the moment

[Gundogan also had glowing praise for current Liverpool boss Klopp] Klopp’s philosophy? Getting the ball back, a quick switching game, combinations and then ice cold in front of goal. In the final training session before important games, it had to be very intense. Kloppo complained when it didn’t work

[The unity of that Dortmund team was also important for the midfielder] Over the years I can only remember one dispute. That was an incident a year earlier between Lucas Barrios and Lewandowski in the locker room. Otherwise the mood was really positive. We were an intact, homogeneous team

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[His former team-mate at Dortmund, Ilkay Gundogan, believes Lewandowski is the best centre forward in the world currently] It was a huge joy to play with him. He has improved again and again. Technically he was always great, now he also has that cool head. The way he scored the goals is phenomenal. For me he is the best and most complete striker in the world at the moment

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[Ilkay Gundogan believes that Wolves striker Raul Jimenez has what it takes to play for Manchester City] I think he has everything a world-class striker needs. For a striker he is so mobile, but also physically so good and talented technically on the ball. I can imagine him playing with us

Maybe [he’s] not on that level yet, but he reminds me a little bit of [Robert] Lewandowski because I’ve played with him. In terms of style I think there is still a lot of potential

Sometimes it’s so difficult to predict. A player can have all the quality and everything it takes to play for a big-six team or to play for the best teams in the world but then sometimes it happens and it doesn’t work out. It’s not because of the player or the club, sometimes it’s just the environment, it’s the wrong timing. It’s so difficult to predict but I think [Jimenez] would get a chance in every single top-six team and there’s a good possibility he could do well

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[Gundogan admits to struggling with motivation during coronavirus lockdown] I have a few things to do and then I’m ready to go. To be honest, it’s not so easy to motivate yourself these days every day when you are training. You know, like people who are working from home, you can maybe compare it to that. For those people it’s also not the same as driving to work every day and then doing their jobs. You have to motivate yourself to do things and to do your work. Some days it’s harder than others

I’ve done these things because I can identify with them. Heinsberg was pretty much the coronavirus outbreak in Germany and it’s not far from my hometown, so there’s a connection. Gelsenkirchen is my home and there was a possibility to do something so I did it, and Nuremberg, I’ve lived there for a long time, it was my first professional team. My former school principal contacted me. I like him a lot and I’m still in touch with him. We made a plan and did something. Those were all things I could identify with, 100 per cent. I’m a privileged person and I am grateful that I am able to help in those situations. There are many people who struggle, who don’t have a home or food and things like that. Not only during the coronavirus crisis. I was very happy to be able to help

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[Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan believes the enforced break in the Premier League could be beneficial for Leroy Sane] We have the same fitness coach in Germany. Some days we do our exercises via FaceTime. It’s worked out well so far and we’re on it and trying to be very focused. For everyone, the situation has its good and bad sides. On one hand, Leroy had already trained with the team and he had his comeback in sight, even though he still had a few minor things. But he was almost back at playing again. Especially for your psyche, it’s important to be able to play again after such a long time. On the other hand, he now has a bit more time to figure out those minor problems he still had. The fact that others can’t play either is not so bad for him.

I have a few things to do and then I’m ready to go. To be honest, it’s not so easy to motivate yourself these days every day when you are training. You know, like people who are working from home, you can maybe compare it to that. For those people, it’s also not the same as driving to work every day and then doing their jobs. You have to motivate yourself to do things and to do your work. Some days it’s harder than others

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[Ilkay Gundogan has admitted that Manchester City were left behind by Liverpool in the title race this season] We were left behind in the championship race this season in the Premier League. We couldn’t show an effect like the last two seasons [when] we are champions. Whether we play good football or play good matches, there are points we have simply lost. Liverpool came to this level without losing many points, so we lost a lot of points, so the difference increased

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola are the two best teachers in the world. Four years have passed with Klopp. A teacher I love very much. He creates an amazing team spirit and motivates footballers incredibly. Pep is at a very high tactical level. A teacher who wants to know every detail of the game. I have not seen a teacher who improved himself tactically. Their styles are different, but both are very successful. Although they are very different, they are both the world’s top two teachers for now

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[Ilkay Gundogan has hailed Leicester City defender Caglar Soyuncu as one of the Premier League’s top performers] I agree with the general opinion of football fans. Caglar Soyuncu had the best performance in the Premier League this season after Van Dijk. I didn’t know him before. We met when we played against each other. In addition to the Premier League matches, we faced Leicester City in a cup game two years ago. We became opponents in many matches. We always saw and talked to each other and started getting to know each other. He’s a very good boy. I love him. His understanding of football and character are also very good. His performances for both Leicester and Turkey are good. I hope we see him in better places. The first one that comes to my mind about the Turkish player I want to see at Manchester City is Caglar. I would also count Cenk Tosun. He may be at this level in the near future. I think he has also played well, but he suffered an unlucky injury. He also scored a goal in the match we played at home against Crystal Palace. I think he’s settled in the Premier League. He deserves it.

[The 29-year-old midfielder would also like to line up alongside Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo] Messi is a footballer whose talent will not be seen again. For me, Messi is a little higher. Messi and Ronaldo are very important players. I would like to play with both of them on the same team one day