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Name Ivan Gazidis
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job CEO of AC Milan
  ex CEO of Arsenal FC


Org AC Milan
  Arsenal FC [ex]

2013 09 02 Retrieve

[German international Ozil joins Arsenal] This is an exciting day for all of us. We have signed a world-class player who is one of Europe’s brightest young talents. Mr Kroenke, our controlling owner, has always fully supported Arsène and the Club in making significant investments to strengthen our squad and to bring in talented players who fit our style and ambitions. Like all of us, Mr Kroenke wants to see Arsenal winning titles and trophies and he has absolute faith and belief in our manager to achieve that. We will continue to work towards that goal and look forward to an exciting season

2017 06 03 Retrieve

[Ivan Gazidis told the Frenchman’s time in North London may extend beyond the term of his new deal] That is an assessment we continue to make as we move into the future, and who knows what the future holds. This is a two-year deal, so we are looking at at least the next two years. Again, at some point of course, we will have to transition to the era beyond Arsene Wenger and that is not a sentimental connection that we have, that is a connection that is driven by what is best for the football club … Arsene would not make this commitment, if he did not believe he could push this club forward

2018 05 24 Retrieve

[Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis says the research Unai Emery had done on the club’s young talent was one of the reasons for his appointment as the club’s new head coach] What was really impressive was when you scratched the surface to go deeper and deeper and deeper

If we were speaking about one of our young players, if we targeted Ainsley Maitland-Niles for example, Unai knows Ainsley. He’s watched him, he’s familiar with his patterns of play, his capabilities, he’s very excited about his potential and was able to talk about how excited he was to work with Ainsley, to develop him as a player

Very specifically, when you asked the follow-up question and the follow-up question and the follow-up question, you’d get more and more depth about how exactly he would do that, exactly how him and his team would work with an individual player to develop them into the best player they can possibly be and also within the team dynamic

There are a lot of platitudes in the game of football, a lot, and people can speak at a surface level very easily to sound confident and impressive. What’s impressive to me is when you scratch through that and you get deeply involved in what exactly they mean

[Gazidis, however, is under no illusions about the size of the task facing Emery, who won a domestic treble before leaving PSG] The hard work starts right now. We are right into the transfer window of course, but we’re also into many other things such as how we’re going to integrate his team, how we think about pre-season planning, how the teams are going to work together

There’s a lot of work to be done now to integrate this new team into our existing team. I know that we can do that successfully but it’s going to take hard work through the summer. There’s been obviously a lot of question marks as we’ve gone through this period of transition over recent weeks but now it’s really time to look forward as a football club

I am really excited about Unai’s appointment. I feel he’s a great fit for our football club. His value set, the way he conducts himself is really Arsenal class. Underneath that, you’ve got all of the technical side that he brings to the table and then on top of it all, which our fans will connect with, is this passion for the game and this energy. Once he brings that into the Emirates and into the Premier League, our fans are going to feel electrified by it

We don’t know what the journey will hold exactly, and there will certainly be ups and downs, but I think our fans will appreciate the commitment and the passion that we’re bringing to this effort and I think they’ll be behind us on this journey

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Then CEO of Arsenal Ivan Gazidis said about Unai Emery appointed as manager] Unai has an outstanding track record of success throughout his career, has developed some of the best young talent in Europe and plays an exciting, progressive style of football that fits Arsenal perfectly. His hard-working and passionate approach and his sense of values on and off the pitch make him the ideal person to take us forward.