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Ivan Zamorano
Gender Male
Ethnic Chilean
Job Chilean Footballer
Desc Iván Zamorano was born in 1967. Raised in a working-class family that struggled to make ends meet in the capital Santiago, his early years saw him move north with his family to the Atacama - after his father landed a job working in a mine - and spend hours playing football on the dusty local streets


Org Chile National Team
Club as Player Inter Milan
  Real Madrid
  St. Gallen


Team Mate Marcelo Salas
Mentor Jorge Valdano

2017 03 25 Retrieve

[Ivan Zamorano tells that Lionel Messi is praised in his homeland] If Messi were Chilean, he would have monuments all over the country and he would be tired of getting tributes. In Chile he is valued

2018 05 10 Retrieve

[Zamorano’s upbringing was tough] We struggled financially. I would help my family by doing odd jobs - cleaning cars, windows, whatever would pay me. We would use that money to buy food. I just wanted to play football, nothing else mattered. I would play for as long as I could in the park and on the streets with my friends. We were good too - our neighbourhood had so many boys my own age and we would compete against others around. My father would come looking for me when it was dark as the area was not always the safest. But we were happy. We had a happy childhood and my family encouraged me to play football. They knew I had talent

[Crucially for Zamorano, the move to St. Gallen also enabled him to help drive his family out of financial hardship]I wanted to buy my family a house, a nice place where they could live together and where I could visit them. It was the first time I had money in my pocket to spend on such things, and the wages in Europe were so much better than in Chile at the time. I first bought myself a car to drive to training in, and then spent most of my first few months’ wages on a house for my family

[Zamorano on Jorge Valdano the former Los Blancos legendary manager] I had many great coaches in my career, but Valdano was definitely the best. I grew as a player so much with him. He was an honest person and when I started to score, he trusted in me

2019 06 24 Retrieve

[Chile great Ivan Zamorano says Alexis Sanchez needs regular match action either at Manchester United or elsewhere] What’s best for [Sanchez] is to play - wherever he can, be it at Manchester United or any other team. The important thing is for him to be constantly competing. I talk from my experience. Sometimes when you’re abroad and you’re not playing, it is hard to regain the level. We’ve seen it. Alexis hasn’t played in Manchester for a long time, but the second he puts on the Chilean shirt, he’s different. That’s what we like. No matter how you are doing at your team, we hope at the moment you put on the Chilean shirt you give your best, and that’s what Alexis is doing. I’m very happy to see him regaining his level and to see him being a vital part of Chile, being a protagonist in South America again.

2019 06 25 Retrieve

The only thing missing from Messi was what I did best, scoring headers. He didn’t get many goals with his head. Everything else, complete: left foot, right foot, power, ability, magic! He had everything. In training it was better than the weekend. He was a phenomenon … Ronaldo is among the best. Pelé, Maradona, Beckenbauer, Cruyff, Messi, Cristiano, Ronaldo … he’s on this list of the 10 greatest players ever. Injuries are something that no player wants, but when I see a player who has the ability to recover from what happened to his knees, he deserves credit. A lot of people said he didn’t work hard or have that desire. But I was close to him at the time of his knee injury. He said: ‘I’m going to recover’. He worked like nobody else and came back even better.

[With Ronaldo and Roberto Baggio hogging the No 9 and No 10 jerseys at Inter, the Chilean had to improvise] The sporting director, Sandro Mazzola, told me to pick a number that added up to nine. I said: ‘Can I add a plus sign?’ He told me not to. I said: ‘How come? Request permission’. I spoke to the president, Massimo Moratti, who asked the Italian federation. So I played with 18, 1+8, and I didn’t lose the No 9

That was a great Inter. We played with heart. We won the Uefa Cup. We were in two finals; we won one and lost another. Most importantly, we created the essence of a club, something that belonged to the fanbase. Playing with Ronaldo, Vieri, Baggio, Zanetti, Bergomi, Paul Ince

[Coming off the back of a difficult season in Manchester, Alexis Sanchez has recaptured his form at the Copa América with two goals in his first two games] Manchester use him in a different way than he is used for the national team. When he pulls on the Chile shirt, Alexis always responds. For Chile he defends less and has more freedom, but in Manchester he has to track back

I’m convinced that at some point Alexis will blow up in Manchester and will be the same player he was at Arsenal and the same player who impresses for the national team. It takes time. The first year at United was difficult, with many injuries and pressure. It will take a little time for him to explode

[After winning the Copa América in 2015 and 2016, Chile failed to qualify for last year’s World Cup. But they are through to the Copa América quarter-finals] We arrived in silence because we didn’t play well in the friendly matches before the Copa América. Even Reinaldo Rueda, the coach, was being questioned a bit. But I think that in the match against Japan I saw moments [worthy] of a two-time champion. I saw moments that give us hope that Chile can be a protagonis

[Zamorano says that was the best season of his career] I was top scorer, champion, best player. It was with Jorge Valdano - a coach who was very important to me. He had been World Cup champion and a coach who makes you grow as a player

[Zamorano’s complaints about the tournament] There are interesting things and not-so-good things. Coaches need to risk a little more so we can see better football. The teams play very defensively. Football lovers want to see a game with more goals, more great games. There are many teams that try to play better than others. Colombia is one that tries to play. Chile try to play

Brazil try, but they do not have the ability to make a difference on the pitch. There are now questions about Brazil not having Neymar, but when he got injured some people said: ‘Brazil play better without Neymar’. I don’t see it like that. On paper, we see that some teams are better than others, but today you don’t win anything with your shirt or with history

2020 05 24 Retrieve

[Former Nerazzurri striker Ivan Zamorano Barcelona cannot afford to sign Inter star Lautaro Martinez] I really hope Lautaro stays at Inter. He is a young guy, 22 years old; Cavani is 11 years older and has enormous experience in different clubs. But Cavani’s arrival has nothing to do with the sale of Lautaro. Barcelona have economic problems that don’t allow them to sign Lautaro, so in my opinion he’ll stay, I have no doubt. Cavani can be an alternative to the starters. There are many rumours - [Alexis] Sanchez will return to Manchester United and Cavani can occupy that space in the forward department

I guarantee that Lautaro is the future of Inter. Barcelona must put €100 million on the table, which is the least that Inter has asked for Lautaro. [Antonio] Conte likes Vidal very much, for sure, but first they have to offer €100m

Lautaro Martinez is a very good player. He has everything - a lot of quality, very fast moves and also he’s very good when he shoots on goal. Going to Barcelona and becoming a starter with Luis Suarez there is difficult. I think it is better to be a starter at Inter than a substitute at Barcelona.

2020 05 25 Retrieve

[Ivan Zamorano is so optimistic about former club Inter holding on to Lautaro Martinez] I’m convinced he’ll stay. Barca have to put €100 million on the table; that’s the minimum Inter will accept for Lautaro, even if [Inter coach Antonio] Conte likes [Arturo] Vidal. But Barcelona have financial problems that won’t allow them to take Lautaro, so that’s why I think he’ll stay. I have no doubts