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Name Jacques-Henri Eyraud
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job Marseille president
Desc xxxx


Club as Coach Marseille FC [President]

2019 12 09 Retrieve

[Senegal’s Diambars Institute joins forces with Olympique Marseille] This partnership will give the Diambars Institute a salutary renewal. It is, once again, a great pleasure to be here in Marseille to sign this partnership. Olympique de Marseille enjoys an immense reputation in Africa. In Senegal, one out of two residents who are interested in football spontaneously cites OM as their favourite team! I am delighted that Diambars will become our bridgehead in West Africa, where OM hope to find its future talent and continue to benefit from the excellence of African football

2020 02 06 Retrieve

[That game at Toulouse was the last time Lihadji was seen in a Marseille shirt, and likely will be, with reports in early January claiming that negotiations have ended between the player and his club, and as such he will be free to leave at the end of the current campaign] Our state of mind today is to put the academy completely at the heart of our strategy, and to make it clear to a 16 or 17-year-old youngster that he has an extraordinary chance to play and wear the colours of OM

I therefore very much want these young people to show their desire, their determination, recognition, respect for this club and the jersey it wears. Without these criteria, there can be no future at Olympique de Marseille when you are a young player.

2020 03 15 Retrieve

[Jacques-Henri Eyraud does not agree with Jean-Michel Aulas when it comes to his proposal regarding the possible cancellation of the 2019-20 season] When his fever has come down, Jean-Michel Aulas will see the obscenity of his opportunism and will quickly return to the values that make him a great footballing operator. We are well-versed in Jean-Michel Aulas’ obsessive desire to defend Lyon with everything he has. But this is taking the mickey. Do you really love football when, without consulting anyone, you suggest annulling 28 sets of games that have already been played? 25,200 minutes worth of effort, joy and difficult moments. 25,200 minutes of sharing moments between Ligue 1 players. Should we dissolve them owing to the selfishness of one individual who wants his team in the Champions League? So, because his Lyon players are you to qualify for the biggest prize, there remains a joker card: the coronavirus. It is simple enough to vanish this championship into a cupboard of bad memories and for Jean-Michel Aulas to administer an anti-defeat vaccine. Come on, let’s pretend that this season never existed. Let’s was our hands with a lotion that destroys sports results and erases reality from the field. The very idea of using this widespread challenge for personal gain is indecent. Let us live up to the values of sport, let us be an example as a football family that seeks to defend the general interest

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[Dimitri Payet has signed a new deal with Marseille – and has taken an unprecedented pay cut in order to do so] Dimitri came to me to tell me that he wanted to be, and I quote: ‘Marseillais for life’. He explained to me that he really wants to end his career here. And beyond finishing his career, pursue a real reconversion at the heart of the club he loves so much. He’s accepted to cut his salary for 30% for the 2021-22 season. In the two additional years, he has agreed that his basic salary will be cut between 40% and 60%

He’s given up his qualification bonuses for European competitions and a very large part of his payment over the last two years of his deal will only be guaranteed if he is a starter. If he’s not in a position to speak on the park, then his wage will be dramatically reduced for a player of his experience and his quality. This unprecedented effort shows the attachment that Payet has to this club