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Name James Rodriguez
Gender Male
Ethnic Colombian
Job Colombian Footballer
Desc Luis Campos’ arrival at Monaco in the summer of 2013 coincided with a galacticos-style splurge from the principality club. Their most expensive acquisition was Rodriguez, who joined from Porto for £40.5million. The attacking midfielder impressed at the Stade Louis II, scoring 10 goals in 38 games before joining Real Madrid after a star-making turn at the 2014 World Cup. After three years and two Champions Leagues, Rodriguez was loaned to Bayern Munich, where he added two Bundesligas to his trophy cabinet before returning to the Spanish capital this season


Org Colombian National Team
Club as Player Real Madrid
  Bayern Munich [Loan]
  Real Madrid


Agent Jorge Mendes
Stepfather Juan Carlos Restrepo

2015 01 31 Retrieve

[James Rodriguez telling he actually preferred his goal for Colombia against Japan at Brazil 2014, rather than his FIFA Puskas Award-winning strike versus Uruguay - which recieved a massive 1.38 million votes from fans] It was a long through-ball I ran on to, after which I managed to round the last defender with a feint and dink it over the keeper. Of all the goals I scored at the World Cup, that was the one I liked best

2015 04 26 Retrieve

[James Rodriguez says Javier Hernandez is reaping the rewards of being patient after helping fire Real Madrid to a 4-2 win over Celta Vigo on Sunday] Chicharito is doing really well. He’s training hard and I’m happy for him. It’s so fair what is happening to him now, he has been patient. Ancelotti asked us for more control in the second half. They were attacking a lot, but in the second half we knew how to control the game. They leave spaces, so Real Madrid are much more dangerous and have players who can take advantage of that

2016 11 30 Retrieve

[James Rodríguez capitalised on a rare chance in the starting lineup to score] James Rodríguez capitalised on a rare chance in the starting lineup to score

2017 07 15 Retrieve

[New Bayern Munich signing James Rodriguez speaks about his admiration for Bayern Munich] The Bundesliga is very attractive and I always watched Bayern games as a kid because it’s a very big club. Bayern is an historic club and everybody knows what it represents on the world stage. I’m very proud to be only the second Colombian [after Adolfo Valencia] to play for Bayern. I want to make history here

2017 07 29 Retrieve

[James Rodriguez speaks of his admiration for former goalkeeper Oliver Kahn] Bayern Munich is just as big a club as Real Madrid, if not even bigger. I always had a lot of respect for Bayern, but when I was mulling over the move to Munich, I looked at the squad and thought: ‘There’s just as many stars here as at Real and the quality is exactly the same. Above all, I remember Oliver Kahn - one of the biggest personalities in world football. He always represented FC Bayern’s never-say-die mentality. Oliver Kahn has a very strong character and he always wanted to win, something I connect to this club. Many players have become legends in Munich

2020 05 16 Retrieve

[James Rodriguez told why he should cross Madrid divide to join Simeone at Atletico] James is a great player who has had a difficult time, what they say about him, what they speculate is something that is not very positive, but talent is always there. If he goes and he is with a coach who confides in him, who trusts him, he will be able to act normally. He has been around for many years and knows what is at stake. If he appreciates the opportunity he has, or continues on his way, he is still young enough to continue unlocking all the potential he has. I’d like to see him at that club [Atetico]. Apart from what they are as a team, he would be with a demanding and winning coach who could further enhance the characteristics that James has. He has been in Europe for many years and joining Atletico would be important . What he needs is to play, to have confidence again, to quieten so many things that are said about him off the field and dedicate himself only to playing. If you have the support of a coach, of a club that opens doors for you, that gives you the opportunity to play, which is what you need. A player without competition is not the same. If this happens and he takes advantage of that opportunity, it could be very important for him.

2020 06 24 Retrieve

[James Rodriguez also dropped subtle transfer hints by insisting his next move will be to a team that will allow him to show his abilities] It’s always uncomfortable to listen to the many lies that are said about someone, what’s important is the opinion of my family and those who know me. Anyway, it’s something that doesn’t affect me because I know what’s true and I work hard every day to be where I am. Those who surround me are always happy with what I have to offer. A lot of things have been said about me and almost all of them are lies. What most annoys me is that my professionalism has been put in doubt, and I can’t accept that. I am very professional, that’s why I got where I am now. It’s reassuring that the people that are by my side and worked with me know what I’m talking about. I take care of myself like nobody else. I train a lot in my day to day. I always want to improve.

[Rodriguez could stay at Real beyond the summer, adding perceived differences with Zidane are pure speculation] There never was any problem [with Zidane]. Every manager has a different taste. We have a normal working relationship. In the future, you never know what’s going to happen, but if they let me choose, I would pick a club where I could show my abilities and my conditions. xxxx

[He also added that any footballer who feels his efforts in training are not being rewarded would also find it difficult and feel underused] In this moment in time I am not in a protagonist role. I am training and working for when I will have to, I will do it well. I am also thinking about the future, and that I will have to perform at my maximum level wherever I will be. I am happy with what I’m doing, my work and my talent cannot stop me from dreaming. I’ll be honest: I always want to play, I am competitive.

At Madrid there are players of incredible quality and I know that with my talent and some consistency I could help the team in so many ways. But I understand that Zidane has his basis. He won important things with players that he trusts. It’s also complicated when your manager doesn’t give you minutes consistently, it gets tough

2020 06 24b Retrieve

[James Rodriguez says Real Madrid stopped him from joining another Spanish club last summer and that he also turned down down a move to Italy] There was a very good proposal from a Spanish team, which Real Madrid rejected. I’d prefer not to say the name of the team. I thought it was a done deal, but they didn’t let me go to the club I wanted to join. They wanted me to go to another team

There was an offer from Italy, but it didn’t convince me, I felt it wasn’t good. My representative, Jorge Mendes, told me that a proposal had come from China, but I replied that I would not go. I wasn’t willing to do it because I feel I can still give a lot in Europe.

There was never any problem [with Zidane]. Every coach has their tastes. We have a normal working relationship. I don’t have a central role, but I am training and working for when it is my turn, so I can do well. I am also thinking about the future, that wherever I am I have to perform at my highest level. I don’t know what will happen in the future, but if they give me a choice then I would choose a club where I could show my abilities and my potential.

A lot of things are said about me and almost all are lies. What bothers me most is that my professionalism is doubted. I do not accept that. I am very professional, that is why I have gotten to where I am. People who are next to me and have worked with me know what I am talking about. I take care of myself like no one else. I train a lot in my day-to-day life. I always want to improve

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[James Rodriguez wanted to join Atletico Madrid but was denied the opportunity to by Real Madrid, the Colombia international’s stepfather Juan Carlos Restrepo has said] James would have preferred to go to Atlético Madrid in case of a transfer. This does not mean that there were no attempts and appreciations from other clubs as well. He feels comfortable in Spain, on a personal level, and was not convinced to change countries. It may be that the friendly summer game played a role. But in the end, Real, who wants to dominate in Spain and the world, still considers the player to be important to his team and decided not to sell him. This was the official position

I don’t think James has closed the negotiations with Napoli, an important club with great prospects. In my opinion, as James’ adoptive father, I think the point was that in order for someone like him to be transferred, you have to agree in many places and in many ways

Whatever the club of his future, we hope the pieces of the puzzle will come together as they did not last year. If it’s a big club like Napoli, great. There must be a solution that satisfies everything on a human level, and on a technical project, and obviously on the economic issue

2020 06 27 Retrieve

[James Rodriguez reflects on Man Utd links & reveals Real Madrid blocked ‘really good offer’ in 2019] I think there was some kind of talk there. My manager has a great relationship with the club, and his name is Jorge Mendes. Well, we always dream of getting in a big club. Since I was a child I always admired Manchester. I always saw those teams with Rio, with [Ryan] Giggs and [Paul] Scholes, there were a lot of prodigious players, and I wanted to get there in that year, but it didn’t happen. I thought that I had to play for a club that wasn’t so big. From there I went to France, just before the World Cup. My plan was to go to the World Cup, have great participation there, score goals, reach a good level and from there play for a big club. Then the Real Madrid thing happened

[He admits that he had been hoping to secure a permanent move away from the Blancos on the back of two years in Germany] I stayed this year because … Let me tell you what happened. Last summer I got a really good offer from a club, I don’t want to say the name, but I could go there because I knew that I wouldn’t play much here. I knew it. So I got this offer from this club and I haven’t been allowed to leave due to several issues. So basically I’m here this year because of the circumstances, not because I wanted to be, because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to play much. But here I’m learning every day and hopefully in the future I will be able to play more. I know that I have the talent and I believe in my daily work