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Name Jamie Carragher
Gender Male
Nationality UK
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  Liverpool Captain
Desc A one-club man, Liverpool’s vice-captain for 10 years, and the club’s second-longest ever serving player. Never won a league title with Liverpool, but did win two FA Cups, three League Cups and a Champions League. A first-team regular from 1997 until he retired, in 2013


Org English National Team
Club as Player Liverpool FC
Teammate Steven Gerrard

2005 01 01 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher on Thierry Henry] What a great player Thierry Henry is – I’d say he’s the best player ever to play in the Premiership, probably just ahead of Alan Shearer

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher on Thierry Henry] Thierry Henry was number one, and playing against him was certainly the most difficult task I faced playing (in) Premier League football. [. . .] He was an athlete as well as a footballer [. . .] I always felt he would’ve been close to being in an Olympic final. The 100 metres, you could’ve seen Thierry Henry there, running for France, he was that quick. He was in a different league, pace-wise and footballing ability-wise, than anyone else we’ve ever seen in this league

2015 08 21 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher on Thierry Henry] He was certainly the toughest opponent I ever faced, and possibly the best player the Premier League has seen. I would have loved him to be on the same team as me during my playing career

2015 08 22 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher on Thierry Henry] I’ve used this analogy before and I make no apology for using it again. When he hit top gear and ran past you, it was like trying to chase after someone on a motorbike. When Arsenal were ‘The Invincibles’ in the period between 2003-2004, Henry rivalled Ronaldinho as the best in the world. A great goal-scorer, not to mention a scorer of great goals, he is the finest player I have seen in the Premier League. His game didn’t have a weakness

2016 11 24 Retrieve

[Liverpool FC Jamie Carragher on Steven Gerrard] We beat Real Madrid 4-0 at Anfield and Raul came up and asked if he’d go to Real Madrid in that summer, so that is how strong the feeling was from Real Madrid – the actual captain asking if he’d sign! We used get that type of thing plenty of times!

2018 10 10 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher is launching a new initiative to help the homeless in Liverpool] I am truly humbled by what I have seen and what is happening on the streets of Liverpool which is part of a national epidemic of homelessness

What Lawrence Kenwright and these guys at Signature Living are doing here is truly remarkable. They have taken over 80 homeless people off the streets of Liverpool, who would have otherwise been sleeping in doorways and in the freezing cold

By opening this shelter they have somewhere safe and warm with something to eat and drink, the basic things that we all take for granted every day

Talking to these guys and girls they all have their own stories to tell of how they ended up homeless and sleeping rough on the streets. By being in a shelter like this with support, it’s the first step to helping get them back on their feet and off the streets

2018 12 11 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher believes Jurgen Klopp is set to play Mohamed Salah in his familiar right-sided role for Liverpool’s clash with Manchester United] I think [Jurgen] Klopp wants to go with a three in midfield in those games against Man City, Chelsea and Arsenal, but the rest of the time he’s in a central role. It’s interesting

I think of last season when United coped with Salah really well, I remember Ashley Young who was playing left-back as a right-footer. He naturally tucked in and that’s exactly the space Salah likes

2018 12 11 Retrieve

[Liverpool’s defence are breaking records after conceding just seven goals in 18 Premier League games] This team defensively are breaking club records that you’d never thought would be beaten. That’s testament to the players at the back and also Jurgen Klopp for doing something I didn’t think he was capable of doing when he came in

Last season, everyone loved watching Liverpool apart from Liverpool fans. You don’t want to become everyone’s second team but your own supporters can’t relax when you’re 2-0 up. Today at 2-0, Liverpool supporters know that the game is finished. In the first two seasons under Klopp, as a Liverpool fan you couldn’t relax. The neutrals might say now that Liverpool aren’t as good to watch, but Liverpool fans don’t care. The main thing is winning games and that is what they are doing

2019 05 11 Retrieve

[Pep Guardiola suggested there is a bias towards Liverpool to win EPL from pundits and journalists] Having built my post-playing career as a TV and newspaper pundit, I can only speak personally about such an accusation and say this: Pep is right if he is including me in his list. I am desperate for Liverpool to lift the title. I doubt this is a startling revelation. I played 737 games for Liverpool so it would be as pointless pretending where my allegiance lies

2019 11 28 Retrieve

[Jamie Carragher backs Liverpool to go out and sign Jadon Sancho after his relation with Lucien Favre seem to be break down] I think Liverpool still lack one player which is an attacking player to really support the front three and almost make it like a front four. At the moment there’s still a big difference when one of the front three don’t play. We saw that at the weekend again when Salah was out – that time Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain played in the front three and that didn’t work. We’ve seen [Divock] Origi that doesn’t work

Maybe there’s talk of a man in the Bundesliga coming to England from Borussia Dortmund, maybe he’s someone who Liverpool may be looking at in Sancho who a lot of other Premier League clubs are looking at

There has been some great signings for Liverpool in the past [in January]. You think of [Virgil] van Dijk, Luis Suarez, Daniel Agger was a great player for Liverpool, Daniel Sturridge is another one

I would like to see an attacking player come in someone with a bit more quality, maybe someone who could help them in the coming months going forward. I don’t think it’s an area which Klopp really looks at but I would expect it to be a really big summer for Liverpool especially considering they didn’t sign anyone last summer