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<img src=’assets/img/Jamie O’Hara.jpg’> Jamie O’Hara
Gender Male
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Job xxxx Footballer
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Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspur

2019 09 07 Retrieve

[Former Tottenham man Jamie O’Hara revealed that then-manager Harry Redknapp went absolutely mental after an infamous Spurs Christmas party in 2009] I was at Tottenham and we’d organised a Christmas party. Harry Redknapp hated them and he was really against them. Robbie Keane had organised this big event in Dublin, and we all went there. Before Harry even knew what was going on we’d had the Christmas party and we were back training on the Monday. Harry pulled us into a team meeting in the afternoon and said ‘boys I’m just letting you know I don’t want any of you organising a Christmas party this year’, not knowing we’d already had one!

On the Tuesday, the Sun ran the story of us all out in nightclubs in Dublin - literally everyone’s on the back of it. Harry Redknapp goes absolutely mental. He gave us the hairdryer treatment and let me tell you none of us played that weekend!

[After the revelations Redknapp made his anger at the players known in the press, though he acknowledged that things could have been worse] It will be dealt with I can tell you that. I wouldn’t like to say what I’m going to do but it will be dealt with and then we will move on. They’ve not been fighting or anything like that. You could go back over some of the other parties that other clubs have had over the years and tell a million stories. I haven’t had any negative reports about what went on but they didn’t ask my permission so they have to take the consequences, which they will do.

2019 09 26 Retrieve

[Tottenham have been slated by former midfielder Jamie O’Hara for replicating the contract mistakes of arch-rivals Arsenal when it comes to Christian Eriksen, Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen] I think that is the biggest problem Spurs have got. You’ve got Vertonghen, Alderweireld and Eriksen who are going to leave; they are going to go for nothing and might even go in January if Tottenham feel they need to get rid of them and make some money. That is a big problem.

I’m so surprised that we’ve allowed this to happen because, truthfully, this doesn’t happen at Tottenham. Knowing Daniel Levy and how he works, he will always give an extension and add another extension two years down the line so you’ve always got these players, because they are assets to the football club. You are losing three huge assets for your football club who could truthfully fetch you, in the right market, £100million.

I gave Arsenal a load of stick for this when they let Aaron Ramsey go and let others go for nothing, thinking how can they let these players’ contracts run out? But now Tottenham are about to let three of their biggest players go for nothing. It’s crazy! We sold [Kieran] Trippier and didn’t replace him and now we’re going to lose our two centre-halves as well so we’ll need a whole new back four!

2019 09 26b Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Pochettino looks like he’s had enough] We all know that we need a trophy. I speak to all the Spurs fans and they are all, ‘we want a trophy, we want a trophy’. And that is one where you can get to the latter stages of the competition pretty early on and if you do there is a chance of winning it. To go out straight away is poor

You’ve got to look at the players. There is only so much responsibility the manager can have because as soon as they walk over that white line … He will prepare that team and his training sessions are amazing, and he will prepare a side to go and beat a team like Colchester. There were some big players in that team; Dele Alli started the game … it was a proper side. You are expecting them to win that game and I don’t think they were up for it. I looked at it and thought, ‘are they up for this? Do they really want it?’. The problem is now is it’s another trophy we could have won which we have now lost. It’s getting to the point where I’m looking at Poch’s interviews and he looks like, ‘I’m on the verge here, I’ve had enough’

2019 10 04 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says England manager Gareth Southgate should have stuck by Dele Alli rather than oust the Tottenham star] [Jesse] Lingard I can understand being left out. He’s not been at it this season with Man Utd and he’s not making things happen when you play in that position. Dele Alli? Southgate should probably have stuck by him and given him the confidence by putting him in the squad. I know he’s out of form but he’s still young and still done a lot for his age. He (Southgate) doesn’t need to look at Fabian Delph, does he

2019 10 24 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Harry Kane may have been mooted as a £200 million option for Manchester United] If you are going to go for £200million, are you going to go to Man United? No disrespect to them, even though they’ve had their great history, Tottenham are probably a better suited squad to where they are going. So if he is going to leave Tottenham, surely he is going to go where he can win trophies. And, for me, that is not going to be at Man United

I don’t think he’ll go to Spain. I think he wants the [Alan] Shearer record, the Premier League all-time scoring record. I think he’s going for it and I think he’s got a good chance

[Pressed further on where Kane could potentially match Alan Shearer’s mark] I think if he is going to go it’s going to be Man City; it’s only Man City, for me, who can probably get him. Sergio Aguero is coming to the end and [Gabriel] Jesus is a different type of player, so if they are to get somebody it would be Harry Kane. But does he leave Tottenham? And can they let him go? I don’t think they can

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Jose Mourinho will bring trophies to Tottenham and will likely have a significant transfer budget to be able to do so] I think it is a fantastic appointment. You have to be sad for Poch because of what he has done and were we have been. We’ve been a Champions League outfit for a long time now with him. They are thinking big. If you are going to sack one of the best managers Tottenham have ever had, who do you bring in? You bring in another manager who is probably one of the greatest managers around, an incredible signing.

What he does is he wins trophies and that’s what Spurs want. It’s alright being Champions League, Champions League, Champions League, but the Spurs fans, we want trophies and he will bring that. It says to me that Daniel Levy has said to him ‘you can spend money’. January is coming, the summer is coming. He is not going to come into a football club where he’s not going to have a big budget. So I think you will see a lot of new faces, a fresh team, a new start. If the players are on board, they are on board. If not, Jose Mourinho will say ‘thanks, see you later’. I guarantee in the next year or so we will be challenging for the title

2019 11 22 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Kane will stay to win Champions League for Mourinho] xxxI think this is a positive thing for the outcome for Harry Kane. We have been talking about Harry Kane leaving Spurs to win something. There’s all this talk of him potentially going in the summer to Man City to go and win trophies. We’ve now got a manager who can win trophies, so why would he want to leave? I think we’ve got more chance of winning the Champions League than the Premier League. With Jose Mourinho in charge, with one of if not the best striker in Europe and if he brings a couple of big signings in, which I think [Daniel] Levy will allow him to do, Harry Kane can be at Tottenham and win a Champions League

2020 01 25 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara urge Mourinho to raid Chelsea for Olivier Giroud] I’m going to throw it out there, I wouldn’t mind seeing Giroud at Tottenham. Tottenham are desperate and Tottenham need a striker, they need to get someone in for Harry Kane. They don’t want to say it’s going to be second fiddle to Harry KaneGiroud will come in and he’s a World Cup winner. He’s going to give you, the way that we play, the style that we play, with Son, with Moura running off the flanks, I think Giroud would be a good fit

[O’Hara added on a striker who netted 105 times for Arsenal between 2012 and 2018] Listen, it’s always an issue and I guess some fans will have an issue with it. But if he gets us in the top four and he helps us perform, then why not? You’ve got to take away the sort of Arsenal-Tottenham fiasco that surrounds players … of course [you can take that away] because at the end of the day the club is bigger than any player.

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Tottenham’s victory over Manchester City proves Jose Mourinho is the right man to end the club’s long wait for major silverware] For me, it was classic Mourinho. That is what we’ve brought Mourinho in for, to get those results against teams like Man City. You know, up against it, backs against the wall, they had chances […] Then to go and win the game 2-0, It shows what Tottenham are about, they were resilient and resolute.

To see him on the sidelines with the passion and the sort of ‘Mourinho Moments’ was brilliant. If you look at what Tottenham want to do, they want to win a trophy. And if you look at those moments, in the Champions League, Mourinho is the guy who will set up a team to get results in big games.

Yeah, they might struggle against a Norwich or a Watford, because those are the games they need to dominate and are expected to win. But the games where you don’t expect them to get a result and they have to be resolute and resilient, that is where Mourinho comes into his element. He is the guy who can do things like that, and you think, ‘yeah, we can win a trophy with this manager

2020 02 21 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Mourinho one of greatest and no yesterday’s man] I think it’s disrespectful to be honest, I think that’s bad shout. To call him ‘yesterday’s man’ is complete nonsense. It’s not even about having my manager’s hat on, I think it’s out of order

Tottenham just beat Man City with a tactical way of playing, and at the end of the day Spurs have got their two best players out, the two players who get up the pitch and make things happen. You take those players out of any team in the Premier League, they would struggle, and he’s had to adapt. So I disagree with the point that he’s ‘yesterday’s man’, I think it’s unfair

Mouringo gets a lot of stick from the press and people talking about the way he plays - he is one of the greatest ever managers to be in the Premier League! Since Mourinho had come in Tottenham have gone up and are in the top three in terms of form in the Premier League since he’s taken over. They’ve got themselves up to fifth in the league and he’s doing it with a squad that’s really, really struggling. For me, he’s still one of the greatest managers. Yes, everyone wants to see this dynamic football and Leipzig were fantastic the other night, but you can’t say he’s ‘yesterday’s man’, you just can’t

2020 03 05 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Pochettino could return to Tottenham as Mourinho is running out of excuses] I’m getting a bit sick and tired of the excuses. I’ve backed him over the fact he’s lost Harry Kane and Heung-min Son and he’s trying to find a way to win and it hasn’t quite happened. But the negativity and the mentality of, ‘let’s all feel sorry for us and we’ve got injuries, Moura wants to come off and Bergwijn wants to come off, let’s all feel sorry for Tottenham’ - NO! Come on! You need to get results and you need to pick it up, you’ve still got a good enough squad there to beat Norwich and to get results. Now there are no excuses left for Mourinho

He was brought in to win a trophy but gets knocked out by Norwich in the FA Cup - it really puts the season into perspective with where we’re going. I don’t think they’re going to get through against RB Leipzig [in the Champions League last 16] either, so it could be season over by next week. He’s getting paid a lot of money and he’s got to be able to find results. There’s still a very good squad of players at Tottenham and you need to find a way to lift them up and give them the confidence to believe they can go and win games

Yeah, why not? Pochettino might come back, it’s been done before. He hasn’t got a job and he’s still loved by the Spurs fans, so potentially that could happen

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Tottenham would be wise to cash in on Harry Kane] Is Harry Kane’s ambition to win a League Cup? Because that’s where Tottenham are looking at the moment. They’re nowhere near the Premier League and I don’t think they can do the heroics they did in the Champions League again either - are they even going to be in it [next season]? Tottenham need to rebuild; they’ve got to bring in four or five new players to really change that team and get them playing where they need to be. I can understand Harry’s frustration, and he’s getting to the point now where he’s a world-class footballer who is worth a lot of money, and if the trophies are not going to come in the next two or three seasons at Spurs, which is looking likely, do they get rid of him and cash in? If you’re going to sell Harry Kane, you’ve got to sell him at his peak - and he’s at his peak now in terms of his market value

2020 04 01b Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara urges Tottenham to sell Harry Kane] Tottenham need to rebuild; they’ve got to bring in four or five new players to really change that team and get them playing where they need to be. I can understand Harry’s frustration, and he’s getting to the point now where he’s a world-class footballer who is worth a lot of money, and if the trophies are not going to come in the next two or three seasons at Spurs, which is looking likely, do they get rid of him and cash in? If you’re going to sell Harry Kane, you’ve got to sell him at his peak - and he’s at his peak now in terms of his market value

2020 05 28 Retrieve

[Jamie O’Hara says Kane should cement Tottenham ‘legacy’ instead of joining Manchester United] With Harry Kane, yes, he needs to win trophies, he’s one of the best strikers in the Premier League and he’s Spurs’ best player. But I’m a little bit on the fence with saying ‘you’ve GOT to leave to win trophies if you’re a top player’. It’s also about leaving a legacy in the game. For me, there are so many brilliant players who haven’t won loads of trophies but have left a legacy [at a club] that lasts a lifetime. If Harry Kane leaves Tottenham it might not work out. He might go to Manchester United and he might not win anything. He could win something at Spurs but even if he doesn’t he’s going to be regarded as one of the best and most loyal footballers to have ever been at that club

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Man Utd will win the title if they sign Kane] Listen, I would love to see him stay at Spurs. But they have to match his ambition. He wants to win trophies and Man United, for me, are still the biggest club in the world. Even though they are not where they were, they are still the biggest club in the world, and I think the missing piece in that United team, even though Martial is a fantastic player, if they did sign someone like Harry Kane then you are talking about a team that wins the title again

I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hit the nail on the head really when he said he is capable of doing that, and he is. I mean, he can be a world-class player, he showed yesterday how good he was with his finishing in and around the box. For me, the jury is still out on him in terms of whether he can be the number nine at Man United who is going to go on and be a legend and win them trophies. Personally, I don’t think that is him, I don’t think he is quite at that level. When you talk of the players they have had over the years; Rooney, Tevez, Van Nistelrooy, Van Persie, I just don’t know if Martial does it enough on a weekly basis to win them a title.