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Jamie Redknapp
Gender Male
Ethnic English
Job English Footballer
  English Columnist
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Org England National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspurs
Media The Daily Mail

2013 08 24 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp on Christian Benteke] I don’t like comparing players, but when Christian Benteke crashed in his superb equaliser against Chelsea, it was impossible not to think of Didier Drogba. It’s hard to believe he’s still only 22 because he’s a real monster. He’s got tremendous physical power, but also has the touch and ability to bring people into play

2014 11 08 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp on Manchester United’s defence against Manchester City] Look at the back four they ended up with: Valencia, McNair, Carrick and Shaw. That’s the worst back four you’ll ever see!

2015 05 16 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp on Steven Gerrard] When he was a kid, Stevie would clean my boots. I told him I would get him some of his own and asked him what size he wanted. ‘6, 7, 8, 9 or 10!’ he answered

2015 08 20 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp on Thierry Henry] I know from playing against Thierry Henry how good a player he was. His game was built around incredible pace, power, and finishing, not to mention the ability to read the game better than most

2015 08 21 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp on Thierry Henry] He’d run past you like you weren’t there. For a couple of years he was the best player in the world. Two or three players would try to foul him, but he’d just cut inside and put it in the top corner

2015 08 22 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp on Thierry Henry] He was so quick, so graceful. It was almost like he could run through a puddle and wouldn’t make a splash. He was that good, it was effortless during the game. The first time I played against him, he used to drift to the left side of the pitch, he used to cut in, pick the ball up, go past two, and just bend it into the corner. Boy, how do you do that? He was such a good player

2016 03 24 Retrieve

[on Alan Shearer] Considering he wasn’t so big, it’s amazing the amount of headers he scored - he crashed them in from 20 yards too. As brave as a lion, he’s a bit of a throwback, but with a modern touch

2017 03 08 Retrieve

[Quotes on John Terry] John Terry has been the best Premier League defender I’ve seen, the best centre-back I’ve ever played against. He’s just been a warrior

2018 03 12 Retrieve

[Mesut Ozil brings up 50 Premier League assists in record time] He’s a quality footballer. When the ball is at his feet you never know what’s going to happen, but you always know he can find the right pass. When he gets on it and you give him a little bit of time to play, he can manoeuvre the ball so well

2018 04 07 Retrieve

[Former Tottenham Midfielder Jamie Redknapp writes about England’s Raheem Sterling] For years now, I have bemoaned the lack of English No 10s coming through the ranks. You look at Spain and the names trip off the tongue: Andres Iniesta, Cesc Fabregas, Isco, David Silva. There is a conveyor belt of Spanish creative geniuses. In Raheem Sterling, however, England may finally have the closest thing to a master manipulator on the ball. Sterling starts wide on the right for Manchester City but in England’s

2019 06 13 Retrieve

[He thinks it would be a great decision in the circumstances of having a transfer ban to appoint the legendary midfielderFrank Lampard] If Sarri goes, which it looks like, and they were to go for Frank then it would be a great decision. He is a hero, a God here, but whoever comes into this job next if he (Sarri) was to go then they have to be given time. You have lost your best player, a transfer embargo and I think the club need to state that, whatever happens, if we don’t do well, because that could theoretically happen this year if you lose your best players and you can’t buy any, then you have to be given time to build a team.

I think with the squad they have, they could theoretically get top four, but with losing their best player, by a long way, not just a good player but the best player in probably the Premier League has left the club. They finished third and won the Europa League, it ended up being a really good season, but there were times when they really struggled this year, so they have to be patient. Frank is a bright guy and would be completely realistic in the situation.

People say, is it the right time? When is the right time? This is his club, this is where he is loved, the fans idolise him and he is so bright that he will figure it out. He could be the first English manager to have been ever chosen (under Roman Abramovich). If they were to go with one then, and Jody Morris (his assistant at Derby) would come with him, then I think it would be a really good team. But they have got to be given time. There is no magic wand. It is not because Frank lacks experience, it will mainly be because they have lost their best players.

2019 07 04 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Chelsea need to be realistic about their top four hopes after confirming the appointment of playing legend Frank Lampard as their new manager] The expectation will be to finish in the top four, but they’ve got to be realistic. I think there’ll be moments in the season where it will be a struggle, because of the Hazard effect. It doesn’t matter what manager you have - Pep Guardiola, Jose Mourinho, anyone - they are going to struggle without that quality of player. But if they were to finish in the top four that would be an amazing season considering the transfer embargo and everything else.

It’s a great move, not just for Frank but for Chelsea too. ‘s astute, you need someone who can stabilise the club somewhat when you’ve lost your best player and are under a transfer embargo. They’ve got one of their own, the fans adore him. He’ll need time, there’ll be a lot of changes; you can’t bring in any personnel to replace a big star name like Eden Hazard. He’ll need to be given time, but he will - because he’s Frank Lampard

[Questions also remain about whether Lampard is being promoted too quickly having just one season as a manager under his belt] I know he enjoyed his time at Derby. He had a great rapport with the fans but you can’t turn something like this down. Everyone will have their opinions, some people will say it’s too early, others people will say it’s the right time, but for someone like Frank - he knows the game, he’s worked with some of the best managers in the world, and in terms of timing it is the right time. The players will respect him, and patience will be the key

2019 08 12 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Tottenham would be making a big mistake if they allow Christian Eriksen to move on] I need to lift a trophy,’ said Mauricio Pochettino on the eve of this season. ‘Carabao Cup, FA Cup, Premier League or Champions League.’ If Spurs are serious about silverware then Christian Eriksen must stay

Aston Villa were digging in with a 1-0 lead on Saturday when Pochettino turned to his bench. Eriksen came on and you thought, ‘I’ve seen this film before’. You knew Spurs would win. The Dane dictates play and Tottenham know it. When the ball was at the back, they looked to get it to Eriksen. When it was in midfield, they looked for Eriksen. He was only on the pitch for 26 minutes but no forward created more chances. Eriksen is in a contract standoff and Daniel Levy could sell him before the window shuts across Europe on September 2. That would be a mistake. If you want to be successful, keep Eriksen

2019 08 17 Retrieve

[Gabriel Jesus appeared to have sealed the three points for City when he fired past Hugo Lloris to make it 3-2, but the goal was disallowed after a VAR review found the ball had hit Aymeric Laporte’s arm on the way to a team-mate] If the handball is intentional or unintentional, that’s the law now but it is such a harsh decision. What I find amazing is that not one Tottenham player complains or looks at the referee. It’s just that feeling of losing the game and there’s nothing you can do. VAR is going to add so much to the game because it will make it fairer but that one, for me, it is an extremely harsh decision. Whether VAR got it right, it seems within the letter of the law then yes, but I still think it is really harsh on Man City. In the dressing room, they will all be asking how it has been disallowed

2019 08 27 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp has compared Jordan Henderson replacing Steven Gerrard as Reds captain to following up Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United boss, but believes the English midfielder was pivotal in the club’s recent Champions League success] Jordan Henderson taking over the captaincy from Steven Gerrard was up there with the toughest of jobs in football. It was like taking over from Sir Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager. You don’t want to follow the man. You want to follow the man who followed the man. I know what the pressure of pulling on that armband is like. A lot of people might just see the letter ‘C’ alongside a name on the team sheet and think nothing more of it. You do when you are the captain of Liverpool football club, believe me. He won’t have taken being named the new leader of this club lightly, especially after taking over from a legend like Gerrard.

Henderson was under pressure. There was expectation on the England midfielder, and he got a lot of stick at times. He had his haters, but he has hushed them all. The 29-year-old from Sunderland became a centurion on Saturday afternoon. That was the 100th time he walked out as Liverpool captain in the Premier League. I have never been to watch my former side and left thinking Henderson did not have a right good go. At the very least, he puts in a shift. You can always count on him to give his all

2019 09 16 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp feels that Liverpool would only just sneak into the Premier League top four if they lost Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk] This, for me, makes Liverpool favourites now; they’re five points ahead and there’s still an enormous amount of time to go. Sorry I keep saying it, but you’ve got a six-month injury to one of your best players. It’s the equivalent of taking Virgil van Dijk out of [the] Liverpool back four, for me. That’s what we’ve seen today. If you take Van Dijk out of Liverpool, it’s a team that just scraped into the top four. You put him in the team… 97 points [in the league] last year, win the Champions League. That’s how big of a difference that Laporte makes to Man City as well

2019 10 07 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp claims Spurs need to back their boss with more money rather than debate his future] The moment I knew there was trouble on the horizon at Tottenham Hotspur was at the start of the season, when Mauricio Pochettino told us to refer to him as the ‘coach’ rather than the ‘manager’. ‘I am not in charge and I know nothing about the situation of my players,’ he said during their pre-season tour in July. ‘The club needs to change my title and description. I am the boss deciding the strategic play, but in another area, I don’t know. I feel like I am the coach’.

This was Pochettino letting us all know that he was in the dark about transfers and contract talks - and that is wrong. Spurs chairman Daniel Levy is so lucky to have this man working for him. This is one of the best bosses in world football, and he should be backed like it, too. Levy is a brilliant businessman, but I can’t help feeling Tottenham missed the opportunity of a lifetime two years ago. They were in a superb position, one from which they could have properly kicked on. Yet their strict salary cap and lack of spending has held them back. They have stood still while others have caught up. Arsenal used to look way behind their north London rivals but not anymore. The same goes for Chelsea and Leicester City, both of whom are now fighting with Spurs for a top-four finish.

You need those ready-made stars in your squad if you are to compete with the likes of Manchester City and Liverpool. Not only that, you need to pay them properly, too. Otherwise, players will refuse to sign contracts - as we have seen with Christian Eriksen and Co - and the squad will grow unsettled. All this has left Pochettino looking like a defeated man on that touchline. Levy has to take his share of the blame for the sorry situation they are in. A lot of fingers have been pointed at Poch but that’s not right. Sacking the Argentine is not the answer. Spurs would only miss him when he’s gone. It would be better to start backing him

2019 10 11 Retrieve

[What charity work does Louise Redknapp do - Jamie Redknapp’s ex-wife ?] Seeing this project and meeting these girls has been an amazing experience. It’s shown me that for these girls going to school isn’t just about learning to read and write but also about gaining the life skills that will help them make more informed choices in the future. All the girls I met are so happy to be at school and are really excited about their futures. Saying that, although they’re really happy and huge steps are being made there is still a long way to go. I’ve seen a huge amount of poverty which will stay with me forever

2019 10 14 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Declan Rice can be the answer to England’s problems in defence] Is Declan Rice the answer to England’s problems in defence? I suspect he could be. I see a centre-back in the 20-year-old and that is where his future could lie for club and country, rather than being used solely in midfield. In the modern game, players are being told to pass it out from the back, and Rice is capable of executing that. He’d be more than happy to get on the ball and has the intelligence needed to form an effective centre-back partnership.

Watch West Ham and you’ll see this young man is excellent at what he does. In the Premier League this season, only two midfielders have made more tackles than Rice. He also ranks fourth for interceptions and seventh for ball recoveries. I believe he could apply those talents to central defence, too, while being the proficient passer Gareth Southgate wants.

The England boss will have spent this weekend trying to figure out what the best balance is. After being stunned by the Czech Republic in Prague, and after conceding three goals against Kosovo at St Mary’s in a 5-3 win last month, there are big question marks surrounding Southgate’s defence. Rice is likely to miss out against Bulgaria on Monday night due to illness, but using him at the back could be the long-term answer

2019 10 21 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Dele Alli is no one or two-season wonder] Dele Alli does not turn 24 years old for another six months, yet this kid is already ahead of the rest when you think of those who graced England’s midfield before him. Frank Lampard, for example, played 185 Premier League games before turning 24. In those, he managed 43 goals or assists. Steven Gerrard played 170 and got to 47. David Beckham played in 140 and got to 65. All great players, all big names.

Too many have been quick to judge Alli and I hope Saturday can be the start of him showing us what he is all about. He should be walking into Tottenham’s training ground on Monday morning with a swagger about him, feeling ready to get to work. Gareth Southgate leaving him out of his latest England squad, for the games against the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, may have given him a kick up the backside, toofriendlies last week he was the perfect 10

2019 11 04 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Guardiola making Sadio Mane dive claims because Man City are scared of Liverpool star] Hearing Pep Guardiola mention Sadio Mane and diving was surprising. It is unusual to hear a manager say that about a rival player, but I don’t think it was Guardiola trying to wind up Mane ahead of this Sunday’s showdown at Anfield. It wasn’t an attempt at mind games, or a deliberate dig. I believe Guardiola genuinely fears the threat of Mane. The Manchester City manager has him on his mind. He knows the 27-year-old is now Liverpool’s most important player. He is Jurgen Klopp’s No. 1 man, as proven on Saturday.

In the 65th minute against Aston Villa, with the league leaders losing 1-0, Klopp took off Mohamed Salah. It was a big call, but it paid off. Mane made sure he got his head to the ball, even as Villa’s Jonathan Kodjia was trying to get his boot to it first. What a big, brave goal

[Redknapp wants to see Klopp’s side favour a more adventurous approach when rivalries are rekindled] Liverpool cannot make the same mistake they made last season when Manchester City left Anfield with a 0-0 draw. Jurgen Klopp’s men were passive last October. In hindsight, we can see how costly it was that they only picked up one point rather than three. This Sunday, they should go for the win and strike a psychological blow

2019 11 11 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Jordan Henderson may not be Steven Gerrard but the force is with Liverpool and their captain] It feels as if the force is with Liverpool, and the player I am most pleased for is their captain, Jordan Henderson. The third goal killed Sunday’s contest and it was a sublime cross from the 29-year-old midfielder, making his 250th Premier League appearance for the Reds, that set it up. Manchester City’s Claudio Bravo did not know whether to come or go. In the end, City’s stand-in goalkeeper wound up under Henderson’s cross, and Sadio Mane applied the finishing touch with his head. Job done. Henderson made that ball look easy, and it came two weeks after he scored a vital equaliser in their 2-1 win over Tottenham.

The England midfielder was always going to have difficulty in winning everyone over, because he is not Steven Gerrard. But Liverpool’s current skipper, who led them to victory in the Champions League last season, is performing brilliantly for his team. He answers every question asked of him. With the way Jurgen Klopp sets up his side, Liverpool cannot afford to have any passengers in their midfield. They cannot have a luxury player in there because then it wouldn’t work. But every man in the centre of that pitch pulled his weight on Sunday, Henderson included. His work ethic was outstanding. Not for the first time, he stood up and did his job, taking his club a step closer to their first title for 30 years. It is Liverpool’s to lose

2019 11 20 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Jose Mourinho will bring trophies to Tottenham and will likely have a significant transfer budget to be able to do so] Champions League aside, Spurs have been in decline for some time. They have been falling short in the league since the end of last season and are 14th, way below what is expected. Poch failed to win a trophy in his five years - and that will work against any coach when it comes to being given time. Jose Mourinho is a left-field appointment for Levy but if you want a winner - and Spurs have not won a trophy for a long time - Mourinho is your man

2019 11 20b Retrieve

[Jose Mourinho appointed new Tottenham manager] Mourinho likes experience, and isn’t really one for playing young players, but you can’t argue with what he’s done in the game

2019 11 25 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Mauricio Pochettino’s strong ties to Tottenham would not stop him taking a job at Arsenal if given the opportunity] If I was a decision-maker at Arsenal, I’d go for Mauricio Pochettino in a heartbeat. I’m not sure I believe Poch would let his time with Tottenham stop him from taking over. Maybe the reason Spurs decided to go for Jose Mourinho so suddenly was they felt they could not hang around, because their north London rivals might be searching for a new boss soon. Unai Emery is under big, big pressure. I have some sympathy for him but he looks a beaten man

2019 11 25b Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Liverpool boast an attacking unit to rival that of Manchester United’s Treble winners] Liverpool’s great threat is that their forwards bring the chaos factor, just as Manchester United used to. You’d look at Teddy Sheringham, Andy Cole, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and Dwight Yorke and you feared one could score at any moment. If the ball was bouncing in the box someone would be there to finish - like Roberto Firmino did at Palace

2019 12 02 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Liverpool missing out on the Premier League title from here would be akin to Devon Loch slipping up in the final straight at the 1956 Grand National] To miss out on their first title in 30 years after holding this lead would be devastating. It would be like Devon Loch at the 1956 Grand National - the horse who famously jumped a shadow and fell as he galloped towards the finish line. But I don’t see that happening to Liverpool.

Don’t get me wrong, there will be bumps in the road, but I sense that this is their time. They have been winning games by the odd goal. Saturday’s 2-1 win over Brighton follows recent victories by the same scoreline against Crystal Palace, Villa, Tottenham and Leicester. It’s going their way. If it’s not Sadio Mane scoring the goals, or Mohamed Salah, or Roberto Firmino, it’s Virgil van Dijk rocking up with a brace!

If City were operating at the level they have under [Pep] Guardiola in the past, then I’d be a fool to say the title is as good as Liverpool. But the reality is they aren’t right now. Losing Fernandinho from that midfield has caused a disruption, as has the loss of their influential club captain Vincent Kompany. On Saturday, Klopp’s men took to the field against Brighton knowing their rivals had dropped points at Newcastle and they duly took the chance to extend their lead. Then Leicester gave us a reminder that they’re in the hunt, too. But Liverpool are in such a strong position. If they were to lose it from here, Klopp would indeed look back and see it as a fall of Devon Loch-like proportions

2019 12 15 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Kevin de Bruyne has a crystal ball in his socks as his two goals helped Manchester City to beat Arsenal 3-0 at the Emirates] There are two midfielders who stand out to me in world football right now and they are Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne and Frenkie de Jong of Barcelona. These two are different class. Their brains are so in tune with modern football. The intelligence of their runs, the timing of their tackles, the way they read the game and know what is about to happen as if they have a crystal ball tucked in their socks. They are smoothness personified. They love to have the ball and never give it away. Now imagine them together. Wow. That balance would be a dream for any manager. De Bruyne is the better goalscorer of the two and he has to be seen as the ultimate midfielder, the best in the Premier League. Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is blessed to have him and he knows it, too

2019 12 16 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Jurgen Klopp’s new contract makes him Liverpool’s signing of the season] You will not see a cheekier goal scored this season than that by Mohamed Salah against Watford. It was such quick thinking to go for the back-heel and send it through the legs of Christian Kabasele. That was a moment of sheer individual genius but the beauty of Liverpool is the way the entire team work together. Every fan out there must wish their players gave as much as those in red do for Jurgen Klopp. Getting the German to put pen to paper until 2024 is Liverpool’s signing of the season, without doubt. They still have to go on to win the 2019-20 title but I get the sense that the club believe they can be dominant for years to come. They want to win it this season, then come back and defend it next year, and then the year after that. Everything is in place for them to dominate, too, especially with that manager staying put

2019 12 17 Retrieve

[Former Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp was left impressed by Reds teenager Harvey Elliott on Tuesday] Harvey Elliott - we were watching him and he’s 16 years of age. From minute one he was trying to get on the ball. He looked the real deal

There were a couple of the things he did but there was one or two passes - and I don’t know why - some left footers are gifted with. The way they (Liverpool’s first team) play with a midfield three, is he a box-to-box like [Georginio] Wijnaldum? Probably not. But it beggars belief how he played tonight. He didn’t get fatigued by the end of the game

They looked so composed, it’s never looked a 4-0 game. For 10-15 minutes Liverpool looked great - they looked like the home team

2019 12 21 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp feels that there is an element of mystery in Arteta’s quote, saying that it is difficult to judge whether he will be able to cope with the intense pressure] When you’re an assistant you don’t have to lead the players, leave anyone out, annoy a lot of people. When you’re on the sideline and you have to make that substitution with 10 minutes left. Until you physically have to do it, time in, time out, nobody knows how you are going to deal with pressure

I have seen many great No 2 really fight like No 1. The fact that Mikel Arteta has been working with Pep Guardiola will help to some extent, but he has to do it in his own right. He has great credibility in the game, everyone speaks very well of him , but we will only discover in time how to cope with that pressure, because it is unique

It’s something totally different when you don’t have to make those big decisions

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Jordan Henderson is a Premier League winner in-waiting] To think his first official season as Reds captain ended with the club finishing eighth in the Premier League is remarkable. He took over from a legend in Steven Gerrard in 2015 and it was not the easiest time for him or his team-mates. Jurgen Klopp replaced Brendan Rodgers midway through the season and they eventually missed out on Europe. But look at Henderson now. A Champions League winner, a Club World Cup winner, and a Premier League winner in-waiting

All great teams should have at least three leaders and Liverpool have plenty of players who look like captaincy material to me, including Virgil van Dijk and James Milner. Manchester United under Sir Alex Ferguson had Roy Keane, Ryan Giggs and so on. Arsenal under Arsene Wenger had Tony Adams, Martin Keown and more. Speaking to friends at Liverpool, a lot of what Henderson does goes unnoticed. As a former captain of that football club, I know what it takes. He’s unselfish. You may have a stinker on a Saturday but when you rock up at Melwood on a Monday morning, you had better be ready to pick up the pieces for your team-mates. He does that. He may have concerns about his own form, but he will always think about how he can help others first

2019 12 30 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Dominic Calvert-Lewin has the potential to establish himself as Everton’s first-choice centre forward and could even force his way into the England squad] With Carlo Ancelotti as a manager and Duncan Ferguson as a mentor, Dominic Calvert-Lewin is getting the best of both worlds. One is a world-class coach who has worked with Cristiano Ronaldo, Didier Drogba, Andriy Shevchenko, Filippo Inzaghi and more. The other is a man who knows what it takes to be Everton’s No 9, and that is not an easy job. Think of the greats who wore that shirt in the Sixties, Seventies and Eighties, from Joe Royle to Bob Latchford to Graeme Sharp. Think of the defenders who had to face Big Dunc and got a face full of No 9 while trying to mark him. You could forgive Calvert-Lewin for maybe feeling haunted by those iconic players of the past. It comes with a great deal of pressure to carry that number on your back. My experience with centre forwards taught me that they are a different breed. They almost need the kid-glove treatment. They like to be loved and told how good they are. What Ancelotti said (after Saturday’s win over Newcastle) will give Calvert-Lewin belief. It will give him confidence to hear a man with his reputation saying that about him

[The Toffees have again been linked with a number of strikers in next month’s transfer window but Redknapp believes Calvert-Lewin could save the club several million pounds] It feels like every transfer window, you hear about how Everton simply have to sign a top striker. But Calvert-Lewin should want to take on that role himself. I’d love to see him have a real crack at it. If this young forward is willing to listen and wants to learn, he might save that club an awful lot of money in the summer. Calvert-Lewin is already a nightmare to mark because he doesn’t stop running. You cannot doubt his work rate or desire. He is a big boy, too - strong, physical, capable of battling with any defender. He’s seen Tammy Abraham earn his shot with England under Gareth Southgate. He’s seen Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford rack up those caps. Calvert-Lewin should want that for himself, too

2020 01 11 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp claims Liverpool’s heavy 4-1 defeat at Tottenham in October 2017 was the turning point for the club under Jurgen Klopp] That defeat left Tottenham sitting third in the table, and Liverpool ninth. Looking back, we can see how significant that result was for Klopp. It was comedic defending, their leakiest start to a campaign since 1964, and the German said afterwards: ‘It’s not as if Tottenham needed to be genius to get through us’. Then we saw how he decided to react

[Redknapp expects Spurs manager Jose Mourinho to change up his approach with star striker Harry Kane on the sidelines with a torn hamstring] The Portuguese has gone very direct since taking over. This is a team that tries to find its centre forward as quickly as possible. Yet they may have to find a different way to threaten Liverpool with no out-and-out No 9. They may have to play more of a possession-based game, keep it on the floor in midfield rather than look for those direct balls into the front man. Son Heung-min can do a job there but he offers a different skillset to Kane

2020 01 13 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Virgil van Dijk will one day stand alongside the likes of John Barnes and Alan Hansen as an all-time great at Liverpool] The names in that great Liverpool team of 1987-88 roll off the tongue. John Barnes, Peter Beardsley, John Aldridge, Alan Hansen, Ray Houghton and so on. They went unbeaten in their opening 29 league games and became champions of England.

The Liverpool team of 2019-20 are on their way to clinching that title, too, and their success has been built from the back. They’ve got a safe pair of hands in Alisson, two fearless full backs in Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andy Robertson, then at the centre of this operation they’ve got him. Mr Virgil van Dijk. Anyone could play alongside the Dutchman in defence and they’d look good. I’ve never known one player to transform a team the way he has. In 30 years’ time, his will be one of the first names that rolls off our tongues too

2020 01 17 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Liverpool have reached a position where it is impossible for them to throw this away] The title is done. Liverpool are too strong this year. It’s impossible for them to throw this away right now. There is something so special about what Liverpool have created, and that’s not by accident. It’s a culture they’ve created by buying the right players. There are no egos there, everyone wants to chip

I don’t think I’ve ever seen one player in all my life change a team as single-handedly as he’s done. I know the goalkeeper Alisson has done a good job, but if you take Van Dijk out of the Liverpool team for a sustained period they’d be really good, but they wouldn’t be great like they are now. He just changes everything. He’s so calm and so good on the ball

2020 02 17 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Liverpool’s unassuming superstar Sadio Mane deserves to join Jordan Henderson and Virgil van Dijk in any debate regarding the 2019-20 Player of the Year] Sadio Mane’s reaction to being told he had just scored his 100th goal in the English game said it all. There are no egos in this Liverpool team. I was in the Sky Sports studio at Carrow Road and Mane, having been told he’d just hit his century, said: ‘Really? Wow. Thank you’. He had not gone into that game thinking about reaching that personal milestone - he wasn’t even aware of it! He went into it thinking solely about Liverpool getting the win they needed. This is such a team effort from Jurgen Klopp’s men. Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino could not breach Norwich’s resilient back line, but Mane came off the bench and did the job. So who wins Player of the Year? It could be anyone from Jordan Henderson to Virgil van Dijk to Trent Alexander-Arnold - and Mane is in the equation, too. Their unassuming superstar

2020 02 20 Retrieve

[former Liverpool star Jamie Redknapp says Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne is ‘head and shoulders above anyone else’] When he’s on the pitch he’s head and shoulders above anyone else. I didn’t think [David] Silva could be beaten but KDB is taking it to the next level. It was like he had a force field around him - no one was allowed to tackle him. His passes are always so inviting, cutting open defences. It was also what he did without the ball - his all-round game right now is on another level. He’s not in the team of the year but for me he’s the player of the year

The contenders VVD - amazing season, Henderson - big fan, even Mane - but look at KDB’s numbers - 20 assists - miles ahead of those around him. He is the best player in the country right now by a mile

2020 03 02 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp is not reading too much into a shock Liverpool defeat 3-0 reversal at Vicarage Road] When a good team lose a game of football, all we seem to want to do is pick their players apart and analyse the manager’s decisions. We’ve all heard the phrase ‘a bad day at the office’ and sometimes that’s all there is to it. It happens in everyday life. Lethargy creeps in. You rock up at work and for whatever reason, you don’t put in the same shift you did previously. That was the case with Liverpool on Saturday. Of course they missed Joe Gomez and captain Jordan Henderson, and Virgil van Dijk - the best defender in the world - was among those who had a rare off day. But this victory was primarily down to the brilliance of Watford, hence why so many of [Nigel] Pearson’s men dominate my team of the weekend. Too many sides have been scared to go after Liverpool, who have won 13 Premier League games by only one goal this season. Watford did, with aggressive front-foot football, and they got the win they deserved

2020 03 05 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Van Dijk is Terry, Vidic & Ferdinand rolled into one and can be better than all of them] We are only halfway through the season but already nobody comes close to Virgil van Dijk in the race for Player of the Year. He is the one player every team would love to have in their side. Think of the best defenders in Premier League history - John Terry, Rio Ferdinandand Nemanja Vidic. Van Dijk is all three players rolled into one. He reads the game like Terry and is a lovely passer, getting the ball out of his feet and spraying 30-yard balls. Van Dijk is blessed with the pace of Rio, too. Rarely do you see him caught out in a one-v-one situation. While he is not as aggressive as Vidic, he has that same warrior spirit and will to win. He is calm, cool, composed in the air and is a brilliant leader

[Redknapp added on Van Dijk’s potential to cement legend status while landing major honours] Never mind player of the season - if he carries on playing at this level, he has all the attributes to be the Premier League’s greatest ever defender. I am just surprised that it has taken until now for him to be starring in a team competing for Premier League titles. To become the greatest, Van Dijk has to win trophies. He reached the Champions League final last season and now has a great chance of winning the Premier League. If Liverpool are to be crowned champions this season, Van Dijk is the one player they can least afford to lose to injury

2020 03 09 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Firmino perfect for Liverpool even without Anfield goal] Liverpool are cruising to their first championship in 30 years and Saturday’s victory over Bournemouth was their 22nd consecutive home win - a new record in the English top flight. And yet, amid all this, their No.9, Roberto Firmino, has not scored a single goal at Anfield in 2019-20. How remarkable is that?

Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane have contributed 16 and 10 in all competitions by comparison, and this highlights two things. It shows the way the Premier League champions elect use Firmino as a link-up man and also the importance of the modern-day winger’s ability to get goals and assists

Firmino comes short for the ball, creates space for others, connects attacks and creates opportunities for his team-mates who love to come inside. They don’t stay stranded out wide, and we saw that against Bournemouth on Saturday. Mane won possession centrally off Jack Simpson before playing the ball to Salah, who made up for a poor pass by scoring anyway to make it 1-1. For the winner, Virgil van Dijk made an interception on the halfway line and played a through-ball into Mane, who was central again. He then beat Aaron Ramsdale from the one on one. Jurgen Klopp will recognise the job that Firmino is doing, too, even if he isn’t the one banging in the goals at Anfield himself. The Brazilian is the modern No.9 - selfless, and not purely relied upon for scoring. He is the focal point of Klopp’s 4-3-3 system

2020 03 17 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp has asked Premier League clubs to help lower division teams recover from the coronavirus crisis once the situation has improved] When the world is better and we can all reset, it’s vitally important the Premier League and other clubs help and do whatever they can to keep clubs going. So many smaller clubs could go out of business from this, they are going to need a bit of help. It wouldn’t harm the Premier League clubs, given all the money the league creates, to agree to do something

So many people want to go and watch their team play on a Saturday. If you take that away from their lives and livelihoods it could have an impact on finance and mental health. People need football as a release so we need to make sure football does everything it can to give these clubs the financial help to keep going

2020 03 19 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Ending Premier League season now would cause chaos] Of course I feel we have to finish the league. It would just feel completely unfair. You can’t go null and void, that just doesn’t make any sense to me. Even if it runs into next season and we have a half-season next year, I feel that we have to fulfil the fixtures somehow if possible. Now, nine games to play, if you don’t and you say as it stands give Liverpool the league title and you then relegate Bournemouth, Norwich and Aston Villa, could you imagine the litigations that is going to cause? It’s going to cause chaos. I just don’t see that that can happen right now. I feel that somehow we have to finish the season. Look, if in six months to a year’s time we’re still in this predicament and people are still becoming ill and people are still self-isolating, I don’t think there is any chance you will finish the season. Then you’ve got a big decision to make. But right now as it stands, I feel the season, we have to finish it. I just don’t see a situation where you can have null and void or just give Liverpool the title. I think they’ve got to earn it. We all know they’re going to win it, there’s not a person in the world who doesn’t think that, but it’s just about doing the right thing

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Kane and England will be boosted by delayed Euros] Perhaps, the one plus side to this summer’s European Championship being moved to 2021 is that it offers Kane time. England’s figurehead will not have to rush to get back up to full speed and he can find his feet in the Premier League before taking to the international stage

[Redknapp recalls how difficult it is to return to action after a lengthy injury absence with expectations so high] It was 20 years ago on Wednesday that, after coming back from four months on the sidelines, I was brought off the bench against Newcastle by Gerard Houllier. I’d been itching to get on - and wasn’t too happy with Houllier for taking so long. I was made Liverpool captain ahead of 1999-2000 but had to have knee surgery midway through the season and was left with a feeling of helplessness. That day against Newcastle, I bagged an 88th-minute winner by rising above big Duncan Ferguson to score a rare header at Anfield. There was an explosion of emotion. It felt like I was back. But it takes time to get up to full speed again.

I managed four more appearances for Liverpool that season - then, in the summer, during an England training camp, my knee broke down again. It forced me out of Euro 2000 - I was crushed. My passport was stamped with so many destinations where I visited specialists from America and all across Europe. All I wanted to do was get fit and help my team but I couldn’t

2020 04 01 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp does not believe Mesut Özil could play for Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool] Whoever plays in the midfield, if you don’t run the length of the field and push and press, you’re not going to play

2020 04 13 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Harry Kane will want to explore other avenues in the near future] Golden Boots are great and he loves the fact that he’s got a lot of individual accolades but he will want to win trophies with his team. If he doesn’t feel like they are progressing the way that he wants - he wouldn’t push for a move or do anything that’s too desperate - but he would want to explore other avenues. It’s alright having an amazing stadium and a good fanbase, but he will want to see Tottenham challenging for big trophies. There will be other clubs right now, Manchester United have been spoken about, who would love someone like Kane. He’s an incredible player and a really good guy, the sort of person you would want around your dressing room

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[Former Tottenham and Liverpool midfielder Jamie Redknapp on Mason Greenwood] I remember talking to Nicky Butt about eight months ago and he said Mason Greenwood was the best young player he’s ever seen at Manchester United. That is some statement considering all the players they’ve produced, like the Class of ‘92. There’s nothing he can’t achieve with his pace and power

2020 04 16 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Manchester United will not be the only side keen on Harry Kane] Since my Instagram live chat with Harry Kane two weeks ago, there has been a lot of speculation about his future. We were talking about winning trophies and what he wants from his career, and he left the door open to leaving Tottenham. Kane wasn’t being disrespectful - he was being honest. He had taken me on a tour of the room he was in, showing me his Premier League and World Cup Golden Boots. But he wants to win trophies, not individual awards. If he doesn’t feel Tottenham can help him achieve that, then, of course, he will consider his options. Loyalty and ambition are the two things this 26-year-old has to weigh up. More clubs than Manchester United would be interested in him. Who wouldn’t want Harry Kane leading their line? Not only is he a fantastic goalscorer, he is also the sort of guy you want in your dressing room. Should Kane stay or go? With Jose Mourinho having only taken over in November, I’d give Tottenham the summer’s transfer window to prove their ambition to him. If they make progress, then maybe he will stay for longer

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Sancho heading for Man Utd over Liverpool] I think it is a matter of time with Jadon Sancho coming to the Premier League. We are talking about a genuine superstar. A player that can do incredible things with the ball. Played 70 odd games in the Bundesliga, scored 27 goals from a wide area which is very good. We have missed out on the likes of the Neymars in the Premier League but he can come and really light it up. Personally I would call it. He will be a great signing for whoever he goes to. I would like to see him at Liverpool, but I think he is going to end up at United though.

2020 04 23 Retrieve

[Coutinho signing would stop Mason Mount from getting opportunities] I don’t see this one as a goer. It’s an awful lot of money. I really like him, he’s an extremely talented player but he doesn’t get enough goals. They’ve got Mason Mount there too. Frank’s obviously given a lot of trust in the young players and they’ve come through.

Willian and Pedro are out of contract this summer but I just don’t see them spending £79m on a player, especially with the way the club’s been run in recent years. When you’ve got Mason Mount coming through, why would you want to risk him not having the opportunities? He’s a top player himself

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Werner must make Liverpool regret letting him go to Chelsea] It’s a great signing. They have got Hakim Ziyech as well and he looks like a really good signing as well. Frank is building a really good, young side. Tammy Abraham has done well up front, but he can play in any of the three front positions. I think it just shows that they are doing good things at Chelsea. Frank has done a great job, especially if they get top four. If the deal is done without knowing that Chelsea are going to be in the Champions League, then it shows you that he was very impressed with what Frank and Chelsea are doing right now. He will probably look at that Chelsea front line, with Willian and Pedro out of contract this summer, and think that he can be a regular in that team

At Liverpool, who is he going to replace? He’s a really good player, but we don’t know right now, is he better than Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino, Mohamed Salah? It’s one of the best front three [attackers] in the world right now so he doesn’t want to go somewhere and be a number two or a sub. Will they regret it? You don’t know but that is what he has got to do. He has got to make Liverpool regret that decision, or at least make them think: ‘I wish we had signed him!’

2020 06 16 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says With Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba fully fit, Manchester United will be a powerful force when the Premier League resumes] There are important players coming back. It will be interesting to see the dynamic in midfield, too, with Paul Pogba coming back as well. There’s so much talent in that area now and if you can get that midfield working together then you’ve got a really big chance. Teams will be nervous about United. The likes of Chelsea that are already in the top four will be looking over their shoulder

[With matches set to be played behind closed doors and fans asked not to gather around stadiums, the title celebrations won’t be what Liverpool players, staff and supporters had been anticipating - but Redknapp says they will be special nonetheless] It’s been 30 years. It’s a long, long time to wait for that to happen. I think all the teams coming back now - whether you’re in a relegation fight or you’re fighting to try to get in the top four - there will be a lot of nerves. But the one team that are going to come back and cannot wait to get started is Liverpool. They know what’s ahead of them. They’re probably buzzing.

I was talking to Jordan Henderson a couple of weeks ago, and you could see it in his eyes, he’s so pleased that football is starting again, because they want to win it in the best way possible. It’s not ideal, the fans aren’t going to be there, it’s not going to be in the ideal environment for them but they need to get their hands on the trophy, they deserve it - whether you’re a Liverpool fan or not we can all acknowledge it’s a very special football team that Jurgen Klopp has created. And the fact they’re going to get their hands on the trophy, be it in one week, two weeks or whenever it is, it’s correct, it’s right. I’m really looking forward to that moment for Jordan Henderson and all his team-mates to have that moment. I wasn’t lucky enough to have it and obviously some great captains like Steven Gerrard weren’t either. So for Jordan and his team it’s going to be a very special moment and I’m excited to see it

2020 06 16b Retrieve

[The Premier League clubs have agreed to do the same to help prevent players from sustaining injuries. As with the Bundesliga, teams will only be able to make those substitutions at three different moments in the match] It’s a sensible thing to do, without a doubt. Even going forward, I don’t think it’s a major problem, if you have good squads, it gets players involved. People want to see players fit and able to play, and there will probably be more injuries than usual because players won’t quite be at that match fitness or match tempo, so five subs makes a lot of sense

2020 06 25 Retrieve

[Liverpool vs Man City is like Messi vs Ronaldo] Man City play through midfield more, they like a possession-based game. Liverpool are different, they get it up to the front three and magic happens, like that last goal [Sadio Mane’s against Palace]. That’s what it’s all about for Liverpool, they’ve got so much pace going forward. But you can’t say either is wrong, they’re both great to watch and a joy in their own right. Some like Ronaldo, some like Messi. It depends on the type of football you like

2020 06 29 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp says Liverpool have embraced Jordan Henderson as one of their own] So many Liverpool skippers have tried and failed to lead their team to the title, myself included. But Henderson did it. I took over as captain in 1999 from Paul Ince, a great player. When Steven Gerrard left in 2015, I thought: ‘Where do you go from here? How can you cope with losing the presence of someone like that?’ Liverpool were losing an icon - a leader whose personality coursed through the corridors of Melwood and Anfield. But Henderson took over and showed there is life after Gerrard. The players respect and respond to him. The 30-year-old showed that same leadership when it came to the Players Together initiative

He, like all Liverpool fans, will hope this is just the start of a period of domination. With Klopp and these players staying put, the odds are this will not be the last Premier League title they win together. Klopp is a remarkable person. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone capture another language with such humility, positivity and, occasionally, unrivalled comedic value. Kudos to Klopp’s English teacher - he always knows exactly what to say! Liverpool fans have embraced him as one of their own, and the same goes for captain Henderson

2020 06 29b Retrieve

[Redknapp on Jordan Henderson] Jordan is the perfect team player. When he gets the ball, he’s got a front three of Sadio Mane, Roberto Firmino and Mohamed Salah, and his first thought is, ‘can I get it up to them as quickly as possible?

He’s a leader, the players absolutely respect him and he’s scored some important goals for this Liverpool side. He has captained the side that not only won the Champions League last year but - if we get the season going again - is going to win the Premier League as well. It’s phenomenal for him.

I know the pressure of Liverpool captain. I remember when I was first appointed and I wasn’t playing well, how difficult it was because you’re trying to get yourself going and the crowd are looking at you as a leader because they have seen the likes of Graeme Souness and Phil Thompson

I found that pressure hard sometimes. But I think with Jordan, he has realised what he’s got to do and he has been so assured and not worried about the ghost of Steven Gerrard

That’s really hard. I played with Steven. The fans adored him. He was one of their own, a local lad, and Jordan’s had to win them over and he’s done that and more. Now they really know the value of what he brings

2020 06 30 Retrieve

[Mane is made of granite, he’s a machine] When they signed Mane from Southampton there were a few raised eyebrows, but he has just been incredible. He’s made out of granite. He’s so strong, he’s brilliant in the air, he attacks the back post as well as anybody and he can finish off either foot. He is just a phenomenal player, great at playing off that side, where he’ll put the ball into the frontman and Roberto Firmino will set him up. He is an absolute machine in every single game. He gets scrappy goals, great goals, he doesn’t care, and that’s what sets him apart

2020 07 03 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp slams VAR decision to rule out equaliser at Sheffield United] This is one of the worst decisions I have ever seen. I get the letter of the law but we have to show some common sense. When you get fouled, you have to put your arms down. It was accidental - he’s not meant it. It is a horrendous decision. He has got it completely wrong - and this is ruining football, things like this. Unbelievable

2020 07 04 Retrieve

[Jamie Vardy netted his 100th Premier League goal as Leicester kept their hold on third place with a 3-0 win over Crystal Palace] They’re not quite flowing at the moment, they need a bit of confidence. They’re not quite flowing at the moment, they need a bit of confidence. It shows you what hard work and dedication can do; to start in the lower leagues and get to the Premier League and achieve what he has done is phenomenal

He’s a great example to any striker. In the nicest way, you wouldn’t say technically that he’s one of the top players to have reached that club but his attitude, work-rate, finishing sets him apart

2020 07 05 Retrieve

[Redknapp: Saka a joy to watch] I’m so pleased for Saka. He’s a joy to watch and with a new contract, what a week for him. It’s not conventionally the best volley we’ll ever see, but it’s a really good one. It works for him. It’s probably one of the biggest wins since we restarted the Premier League. It was a good performance and to a certain extent, not the sort of one we associate with Arsenal; they were dogged defensively and they have that bit of quality when [Alexandre] Lacazette comes on

2020 07 05b Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp’s verdict on Vardy’s achievement] It is an amazing achievement. I think it shows his hard work and his dedication. He started in the lower leagues and has stepped up to the Premier League, it is phenomenal. The way that he works is a great example to any striker because you would not say he is technically up there with the best strikers in the 100 club but his attitude, work rate and finishing is what sets him apart. I am a massive fan and I am really pleased for him

2020 07 07 Retrieve

[Analysis: ‘You want to see players showing passion’] For the Richarlison chance just before half-time, Son gives up on the ball. There’s a reaction, Lloris is proud, he doesn’t want to see anyone running at his back four. He shouts at Son, it’s probably the most exciting thing that’s happened in the half! This might be a consequence of what happened in the Sheffield United game, when he did make a challenge. He runs up to him, he puts Lo Celso in the way almost. I’ve seen it with Steve McManaman, Bruce Grobbelaar, and at least it shows they care. There wasn’t enough of that against Sheffield United, in the dressing room it’ll be sorted out quickly, they’ll shake hands, they’ll get on with it. You’ve got to have that sometimes. It’s not the first time it’s happened in football and it won’t be the last. You want to see players showing a bit of passion, and if he’s not doing his job Son, he’s got to get back, and he didn’t! Sometimes you have to let people know. That’s exactly what you want [as a manager]. You want your players to take responsibility rather than it always be the manager or the coaches. It’s put to bed now. They’ve got three points and Jose will be delighted with that

2020 07 08 Retrieve

[Arteta was referring to a clash between Vardy and Shkodran Mustafi in which the Leicester striker struck the Arsenal defender with a flailing boot just above the eye] I can see what Mikel Arteta is saying because it looks really dangerous and he caught him in the face with his studs. It looks really nasty

[Jamie Redknapp said the Vardy incident was difficult to judge] Only Jamie Vardy can tell us if he’s meant to do him or not. It looks really nasty. VAR have obviously looked at it and thought he hasn’t meant to do it. When you play football you see legs, you see bodies, but I don’t think I’ve ever played with a player who wants to kick a player in the face, that doesn’t really enter your mind. I’d like to think Vardy wouldn’t mean that. But I can see what Mikel Arteta is saying because it looks really dangerous and he’s caught Mustafi in the face with his studs

2020 07 12 Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp saw an improvement in Tottenham from their goalless draw with Bournemouth] It was [a better performance] to a certain extent. It was a performance of a team struggling for a little bit of confidence, Arsenal had the ball for long periods and Spurs had to play on the counter-attack, but at least they looked dangerous. They just looked like a bit more of an attacking threat. Arsenal’s back three will always give you a chance. It’s a fact. They’re defending better but they can’t help it, it’s in their DNA right now

But for Spurs, it was all about getting three points. There was some moments that went their way but they looked dangerous enough and you thought something might go their way and it’s a brilliant header from Alderweireld. That’s what leaders do and you need people like him to stand up when you have a difficult period

Jose masterclass! That’s what they call it, isn’t it?!

2020 07 12b Retrieve

[Jamie Redknapp’s verdict on Daniel Podence at the break] I’ve been so impressed with Podence, he is so exciting and the best player on the pitch, making things happen and always looking to get on the ball

2020 07 13 Retrieve

[Arsenal’s progress under Mikel Arteta undermined by defence] Arsenal’s back three will always give you a chance. It is a fact. They are defending better but they cannot help it, it is in their DNA right now