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Jan Molby
Gender Male
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Job xxxx Footballer
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Club as Player Liverpool FC

2019 06 10 Retrieve

[Jan Molby says Jordan Henderson will be remembered as a Liverpool great] It’s often overlooked how important these people are. But at Liverpool Football Club we’re very proud of our history and if you go through all of the great teams, we can all name the great players - but [also] the ones who were there every week, produced every week that, through history, become great players. Once Jordan is gone, people will look at the void that he leaves and think, ‘Oh wow’.

[Molby added on Jordan Henderson’s character] It’s much more important now than it ever was. We never thought about the importance of characters in the dressing room because we felt we had nothing but characters. He’s never been scared of sort of confronting the criticism he’s had - by that I mean, you go out and play your game. Some people try and change their play, other people buckle under that constant, ‘Can we get somebody better?’. That’s why when I didn’t play, I never knocked on the manager’s door. Because when you’re playing, you know why you’re playing. And when you’re not playing, you know why you’re not playing. The biggest compliment you can have as a player is if the manager keeps on picking you

2020 02 10 Retrieve

[Jan Molby says Liverpool’s class of 2019-20 one of the best teams ever] This team will go down in history not just as a great Liverpool team, but in the big scheme of things as one of the best football teams we have ever seen. I have no doubt that. This is a side with no weaknesses. You get nothing cheap against this Liverpool team. There are no defensive errors. There are no cheap goals conceded from set-pieces. Everything you get you have to earn. So, it does now seem like a case of you’re beaten before the first whistle blows

You know that to get a result against Liverpool you have to be at your absolute best mentally and physically. You have to produce at a level you very rarely can reach. I wouldn’t call it mission impossible, but if someone had said two years ago this is where we are heading you’d have thought ‘Wow’. And we are there now

At the start of a season, rightly or wrongly, we were always favourites. But then trying to guess who would finish second, that could be very difficult. But for the past couple of years, and probably for another two or three to come, it will be between Liverpool and Manchester City. When Liverpool and City are at their best they are both very effective in the way they play — and they are equally brilliant

2020 04 09 Retrieve

[The majority of Graeme Souness moves in the transfer market were disastrous. Steven Staunton, Ray Houghton and, most bafflingly of all, Peter Beardsley were discarded far too prematurely and not adequately replaced] You could feel it in training. Previously, we had trained to a high level, but soon it was apparent that some of these new players couldn’t do that

2020 04 20 Retrieve

[Jan Molby says Thirty years without a title? We didn’t see what was coming] I thought Liverpool were an absolute certainty this season. But then, I thought they’d win it last season too! It’s been coming, hasn’t it?. It hasn’t happened overnight; this has been four years in the making. Ever since Jurgen came to the club, it’s been building towards this

As a club, we didn’t see what was coming. Yes, you could look at the squad which won the league in 1990 and say it needed a couple of additions, but 30 years with no title?! Nobody thought that

Each year, layers were being taken off. We were losing games we had to win, and that hadn’t happened for a long time

[Off the pitch, of course, the club was coming to terms with the enormity of the Hillsborough disaster] It did, but as players we honestly never discussed it. Even when we lost to Arsenal in ‘89 [just six weeks later], it was never talked about as a reason. It’s only later when people started to wonder what kind of impact it had

History told us that if we didn’t win the league, we’d win it the next year. We didn’t think it was over for us when Arsenal won the league [in ‘91]. But when recruitment isn’t quite what it used to be, it goes on a bit longer and you start thinking ‘Hang on, we need a rebuild here.’ And when was the last time Liverpool, the great Liverpool, had needed a rebuild?

It had been an incredible strength of Liverpool, getting big decisions right. They would move players on five minutes before their time was up. I don’t think there was anything wrong with Souness’ thinking. To keep the fire burning, he felt he needed to do something. But he ended up doing it in a manner which he looks back on now and knows was wrong. The biggest thing wasn’t the players he let go, it was the players he bought. It was the players we got that killed us in the end.

From one day to the next almost, you could see the decline. At Melwood we had a very simple way of training, but it was always done to a level. All of a sudden, you look around and think ‘How can we play the way Liverpool want to play on a Saturday, if this is the level we are producing in training?’ Everything changed. We bought a left-back called Julian Dicks. A left-back who served balls into the front man. We never played like that. We played through the middle and we created overloads. We never played with two strikers, we played with one up front and one off the front - Kenny or Beardsley - but all those things changed overnight

Football was changing, and as a football club we were probably always a little slow to follow suit. We were still holding onto what had been successful in the 70s and 80s, while football around us was accelerating into a new era. Once that train left, we weren’t on it. And it took forever for us to catch up

Sometimes, the first step a club takes when they start to think things are going awry is to spend money. We just didn’t spend it very well

The quicker you realise you have problems, the more chance you have of putting them right. To start off with, though, I don’t think we realised we had a problem. We thought it was a blip, that we’d spend, and things would click into place. Roy Evans was a good appointment at the time, but I never thought that team in the mid-90s would win the title. Liverpool realised they had to do something different, they realised where they were at, and that was when Houllier came in

It’s amazing to think back to that Spurs game in 2017, when we lost 4-1. And what happens? We build a team and they build a stadium. And that’s kind of modern football. It’s about the decisions you make as a club. We can’t get NFL games at Anfield, but we have a team that’s winning trophies

Five years ago, there was a list of great players who you’d say would never, ever come to Anfield. That was a given. Now? Who is off limits, really? Not many. And compare us to somebody like Manchester United - we don’t have to pay a premium for our players anymore, whereas they do. They can’t offer what we do. They have to pay 20 per cent on top, like we did in the 1990s and 2000s

2020 05 18 Retrieve

[Liverpool are being backed by Jan Molby to add Timo Werner to their ranks in the next transfer window] Yes I do [think Werner will come]. I don’t think there’s going to be an awful lot of transfers happening this forthcoming summer, but I think that in many ways suits Liverpool. They’ve got a very strong squad at the moment. There will be one or two players leaving, but we’ve got some young players that need to be introduced into the squad. So if Liverpool cannot spend any money I don’t think it will be a big problem. Timo Werner eventually I think will come. I think his preferred choice is Liverpool. Also when I look at him, he is a top, top player, but I couldn’t see him playing for Barcelona because they play in a different way, they play possession-based football. That is not his game. His game is exactly what we are all about

2020 05 18b Retrieve

[Jan Molby says Liverpool need to find their own version of Bruno Fernandes] It might hurt me to say this a little bit, but if you look at the impact Bruno Fernandes has had at Manchester United, now I would love Liverpool to sign that type of a midfield player. [I want] a midfield player that brings something different to what [James] Milner or [Naby] Keita or [Georginio] Wijnaldum or [Jordan] Henderson brings.

I would dearly love us to get one. Who would that be? We could go back to Germany, they play Monday night, Leverkusen, the young boy Kai Havertz looks a really, really good player. Let’s wait and see and see what kind of money Liverpool have available to make transfers, but I think there are plenty of exciting young players out there