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Name Jan Vertonghen
Gender Male
Ethnic Belgian
Job Belgian Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Belgium National Team
Club as Player xxxx
  Tottenham Hotspurs
  Ajax FC


Agent Tom De Mul

2013 10 26 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen on Andros Townsend] I think Andros can be our new Gareth Bale. He has so much pace and technique and skills, and he can do it with both feet. Can he reach the same level as Bale? Maybe one day, if he keeps working – and he will. In two or three years I think he can be on that level.

2017 10 10 Retrieve

[Vertonghen breaks Belgium appearance record with 97th cap] Yes, it’s true. He came to me to tell me to take the captain’s armband. I thought that was really nice of him, but I refused. I’m not a guy who wants to push himself into the spotlight or stand out from the crowd

I heard it said that I wanted to play with the No. 97 shirt against Cyprus to mark the occasion, but that’s not true. I’m a normal guy who wants to play games, whether it be the first, the 95th or the 97th of my international career.

[He later added on the Cyprus qualifier] I know I’ll be put in the spotlight, but I don’t know how. I’ll try to enjoy that in front of my family

2019 07 18 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen believes Tottenham are the best club to play for at the moment] I’ve got a year left, I will have to see what happens. I love being here. I feel great with the manager [Mauricio Pochettino], he’s been supporting me and making me a better player. I’ve got everything I want. It’s the best club to play for at the moment

2019 08 05 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen claims to be very happy at Tottenham, but has offered no indication that he will be committing to a new contract] I just want to focus on this year, I know I have got one year left so I know a lot of questions will be asked. I have said it before, I am very happy at the club. The supporters have been great for me, the manager has improved me a lot and has a lot of confidence in me. I feel very, very good physically so I am not sure what is going to happen this year, I can only say I am happy where I am at and I feel the support from the manager, team-mates and the squad

[Vertonghen added on a familiar face] You never know but I have played for so many years with Toby Alderweireld, he is a very good player and a great guy for the group. Like I said it is out of my hands but he is here now and I am happy with that

[Vertonghen believes Spurs are already strong enough to hold their own] We just look at ourselves, we want to be in the best shape possible, whoever comes in or goes out that is out of our hands. We have got a great squad with great guys and whoever is here is ready to play for Spurs

2019 09 02 Retrieve

[When asked if a new contract was on the cards anytime soon] No. I just want to focus on football now. When you don’t play, you realise how important it is and it’s extremely important for me. I’ve been so long with the guys, I love the club and I just want to play as much as I can. I feel great and I just want to help the club to win trophies

[Rumours of a fallout between Pochettino and Vertonghen have been swirling in recent weeks] No, no, no – I came back fit. I played in every pre-season game and I didn’t miss a [training] session. Like the manager explained before the first game against Villa, it was a tactical decision and I respect that decision. We players have to accept his decisions. I’m very, very happy to be back

[Spurs squandered a 2-0 lead in their latest outing against Arsenal, extending their winless run to three matches. Vertonghen feels Alexandre Lacazette’s goal right on half-time was a turning point in the match] I’m experienced and fit enough to get back into the rhythm and it was just the goal before half-time that gave them the spirit to get back in the game. If we just killed the first half and go into the dressing room with that good feeling it’s a different game. It was very frustrating. We did well, we defended well, we were good in possession, created loads of chances, were 2-0 up so it was just great in this derby away. So we have to go in the dressing room 2-0 up.

2019 09 16 Retrieve

[Tottenham’s attention is now about to shift to Champions League matters, with last season’s beaten finalists preparing to open their group stage campaign with a trip to Olympiakos] We want to go as far as we did last year. We’ve got a nice group. Good games, nice challenges, teams we haven’t played against yet. Like 15 or 20 teams feel like they belong there, so we’ve got a big challenge. But we had a great run last year and we want to repeat it. We’ve earned their respect now. Teams treat us differently than a couple of years ago. But they will look at us as an outsider

2019 09 23 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen has claimed that VAR takes a lot out of football after Tottenham’s 2-1 defeat to Leicester City at the King Power Stadium] Obviously you have to trust the VAR to make the right decision. It went our way in the first half (when Leicester had a Wilfred Ndidi goal ruled out for offside), their way in the second. It makes football a different game, it takes a lot out of it. It’s for the good but it has changed a lot

[Vertonghen admitted that it was painful to see Aurier’s strike ruled out at the weekend] It’s painful. City probably felt the same in the quarter-final of the Champions League. It was the same distance [as Son’s]. It was tough because I thought we were doing well, we thought we were going 2-0 up. We were defending well. We didn’t create too many chances but we felt comfortable. The game goes on. It takes a long time to make these decisions. I think we also deserved a penalty in the first half on Danny Rose – it looked like one. Whatever. It’s tough when it goes against you and good when it goes for you

If you’re [leading] 1-0 and the way we were playing – we felt good, we were dominating – then maybe you should put the game in the bag. We need to keep clean sheets as well. We didn’t give them many chances. Leicester are a very, very good team. They’ll challenge for the top places. They’ve got lots of quality and we dominated. Coming from Olympiacos, which wasn’t good, and bouncing back in this way until the disallowed goal is something to look at in a positive way

2019 09 30 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen has refused to be drawn on his intentions when it comes to a new contract being signed at Tottenham] I’d prefer not to go into that, but there is always movement there, of course. It’s my eighth season and I’m feeling great. Maybe the results didn’t come our way [at the start of the season], but they were tough away games and you always have to see how you bounce back from that. [My future is] not a distraction. I’m very aware of my age. I feel fairly young. It doesn’t distract me. I want to play as many games as possible. I’m very ambitious and I feel I’ve got a few good years left at the top level

[Vertonghen denied life at Spurs has turned stale] I don’t agree. We improved every year. Last year we went to the Champions League final. Some new players came in and that keeps it fresh. I don’t see that it’s stale at all. I see plenty of joy in the dressing room. Everyone enjoys playing here. The mood at this point is good. It was a good win for us on Saturday. If you go down to 10 men and they score to make it 1-1, then we fought and really stuck together. We wanted to show who we are. If you see after the final whistle how happy we were, that’s how we are

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen says Tottenham’s players will have sleepless nights after their embarrassing 7-2 home defeat to Bayern Munich] Bad, heads down. Everyone’s ashamed of this result. I think everyone will have a bad night’s sleep, and probably a couple, about this. I feel extremely hurt - all negative words. It’s embarrassing. It’s a very bad result. I felt like they were extremely clinical. There’s never an explanation for a score like this, but they punished us with every single mistake we made. We let the players and everyone at the club down with this result. It’s good that the next game [at Brighton] is already in a couple of days. We have to get back together - and I feel like the group is together - to overcome this defeat. The next game on Saturday will be a good moment to get rid of, not 100 per cent, but a bit of this feeling

2019 12 02 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen admits that the Tottenham squad feel responsible for Mauricio Pochettino’s departure from the club] Our displays [under Pochettino] were not up to our standards. We’re all responsible. He put us on the pitch to win and we haven’t been doing that like we should, so everyone feels responsible

[Vertonghen did not send a public message of thanks to Pochettino] I sent him a [private] message. That was my message to him

Sometimes you’re a victim of your own success. He [Pochettino] did so well and the expectations got bigger. That’s the world of football. It’s a business world, as well. I came here and played in the Europa League and he definitely brought this club to the next level. Not being in a top-four spot is now disappointing

2019 12 15 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen feels Tottenham are turning their season around under Jose Mourinho] When [Mourinho] came in he was very clear that he wanted to be in the top four. We were 11 points off when he came in, now we are three away. Things are looking different for us now, we are in the next round of the Champions League too

[Vertonghen sealed the three points for Mourinho’s men when he headed past Wolves goalkeeper Rui Patricio in added time] It was a very difficult game. We know how good Wolves are. People talk about the top six but they’re very close. They show it in the league every week. They’re a very good side. It was very difficult playing against one of the quickest guys in the league [Adama Traore].

2019 12 23 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen apologises on behalf of Tottenham after alleged racism against Rudiger] It shouldn’t be there in any way. I just can’t get my head around how people still do this. I have got no words for it. If any of their players or our players are affected then I apologise in the name of Spurs, but they are minority idiots. We don’t identify with these people. I didn’t hear anything, but if these things are still happening it is a disgrace and we should act strongly against it. I have got no idea how people still, or ever, thought this way. Sometimes you think people are smarter than this. I am very convinced it is just a minority, but it is very wrong. I don’t know how you fix these idiots but this is an opportunity for the right people to act strongly against it. Not just here, not just in this country, but in Belgium, in Holland, in other countries where I watch football, it is a problem everywhere and this is another opportunity to make a statement

My general feeling is that in England they act strong and maybe they have to act even stronger. I think outside of the UK, and I am talking about UEFA and other football associations in European countries they can do better. The way I see it is it is still everywhere, it’s not that in different countries I have played there is nothing at all. I always see England as one of the countries who are ahead in the multi-cultural society. That is why I love London, that is why I love the UK and the fact that in this country where I think they are ahead of other countries, it hurts. It is not just a problem at this stadium or in London or the UK, it is everywhere in the world and it is wrong

2020 03 15 Retrieve

[Police appeal for information after Spurs star Vertonghen’s family held at knifepoint] We have been supporting Jan and his family through this terribly traumatic time and we encourage anyone who has any information to come forward to help the police with their investigation

2020 03 16 Retrieve

[Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen says his family are recovering after being the victims of a home burglary while he was away on Champions League duty] I’m okay. Obviously it’s a big shock for everyone. The family are in shock but okay. It is what it is

2020 03 26 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen offers Spurs contract hint as he prepares to weigh up ‘pros and cons’] I’m in a process right now that I have to grab a piece of paper and write down the pros and cons of the options I will have soon. I will really have to decide what I want in my career. In three to four years, I will go to the place where I will likely settle down. I have to start thinking about where I still want to live, what language I want to learn, what culture I still want to live in. And also, very importantly, which competitions and prizes I still want to win. I don’t want to regret anything in my career

2020 04 22 Retrieve

[Tottenham defender Jan Vertonghen has admitted he is open to leaving the club] I want to sign with the right club. It could be Spurs, or another club. It must be a club with ambition. I want to play in Europe, as the national team is important for me. I want to play in Europe and learn another language. Spain and Italy are options. And the duration of the contract will also play a role

It might sound weird, but since the corona crisis there is more interest. I’m a free agent and some clubs might not have a lot of money

2020 06 22 Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen has agreed to extend his existing contract at Tottenham until the end of the season] We can confirm that defender Jan Vertonghen and goalkeeper Michel Vorm have agreed to extend their existing contracts with the club until the end of the 2019-20 season. Both players’ contracts were due to expire at the end of this month and this extension means they will now be available to play for us for the remainder of the current Premier League season

2020 06 22b Retrieve

[Jan Vertonghen has agreed to extend his existing contract at Tottenham until the end of the season] I want to play in Europe and learn another language. Spain and Italy are options. And the duration of the contract will also play a role