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Name Javi Martinez
Gender Male
Ethnic Spanish
Job Spanish Footballer
Desc xxxx


Org Spain National Team
Club as Player Bayern Munich

2018 03 31 Retrieve

[Javi Martinez speaks about team-mate Marco Asensio] For me he is the biggest young talent in Europe. It’s amazing to watch him. And the most important thing is that, in big games, he always shows the best side of himself. So, I think we’ve seen it already this year, but in the next year he will become, for me, one of the best in the world or maybe the best. It depends on him.

2019 11 09 Retrieve

[Javi Martinez feels Joshua Kimmich can be Bayern Munich’s future captain] He’s a player that fits perfectly with Bayern. He’s internalised all the values of the club from an early age. It feels like he’s already made 1000 games for the club. That’s why I’m convinced he’ll play for many, many years and one day lead the team

2020 06 05 Retrieve

Joshua Kimmich made headlines last month when he netted the decisive goal against rivals Borussia Dortmund]</b> He’s a born leader. He knows how to lead. He’s going to be a legend, if he’s not already. He’s worked alongside Joachim Low for so long and learned a lot. Now, we’re playing similarly to the German national team. His character is ideal for a club like Bayern. He reminds me a lot of Vicente del Bosque in the way he is: a person that wants a player, for he was one himself, to understand the importance of being a team, that is necessary at all times

2020 06 05b Retrieve

[Javi Martinez has labelled Robert Lewandowski an animal] He is in the best year of his career. He is an animal, the best nine in the world. Keep it that way until August.

[Asked if he ever worried Lewandowski would join Madrid] Not fear, because great players have left Bayern and they have always replaced them well. It is clear that it would have been a great loss, but it didn’t happen.

[The 18-cap Spain international is out of contract next year and said he was ready for whatever was next in his career] I have to sit down and talk to Bayern. It expires in 2021. I’m ready for anything. What I have experienced here has been great. We have to wait because there is a lot of uncertainty. We don’t know if there will be a market, if the Champions League will be played. If that happens, I am open to everything. My idea is that I want something that fulfils me from a sporting and individual perspective. It can be playing and living in the United States, in Australia, going back to Spain. I think I still have a lot of football left in him

Everything is possible. In Bilbao I lived six incredible years. Of course that option is always there

2020 06 06 Retrieve

[Javi Martinez says he would be open to joining clubs in the United States or Australia if he were to leave Bayern Munich this year] I have to sit down and speak with Bayern. My contract ends in 2021. I’m ready for anything. What I’ve experienced here has been great. We have to wait because there’s a lot of uncertainty. We don’t know what the market will be like, whether the Champions League will be played. If [I have to leave], I’m open to anything. I’m not ruling anything out - anything that fulfils me personally and sporting-wise. Maybe playing and living in the United States, in Australia, returning to Spain. I’ve still got football left in me. I had six incredible years in Bilbao. The option is definitely there

[Martinez admits that he does not like playing without fans in the stadium] I don’t like it. I’m very passionate. I need to be shouted at. My heart sank when we got to Dortmund and saw five people on their bikes. But I understand it had to happen. We have to think that we can make this more bearable for lots of people. Football is our passion for lots of us. I’m the type of player who needs a run of games. The dynamic of playing every few days isn’t ideal. There’s no sequence of training to get into peak form. It’s easier to get injured now because we’ve stopped for longer than ever and we haven’t had a normal preseason. I’m doing quite well and, if the coach picks me, I think I’m ready. Then there’s the heat [in Spain]. You tell me how you can play in Seville in July