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Name Javier Aguirre
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Football Coach
Desc xxxx


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Coach Leganes [Head Coach]

2020 03 20 Retrieve

[Mexican football legends Hugo Sanchez and Javier Aguirre believe that Major League Soccer has overtaken Liga MX in reaching out to a global audience] No one sees us [in Mexico]. They see MLS and they don’t see Liga MX. They see the Libertadores and not the CONCACAF Champions League. After the World Cup in Brazil maybe Miguel Herrera had an opportunity [to coach in Europe] but it passed by. They only see us in World Cups and it is a shame

2020 04 14 Retrieve

[former Atletico Madrid boss Javier Aguirre says Sergio Aguero has always been a killer in the box] It was 14 years ago. He was a small kid of 17 years old, alone in a big city. In Europe everything was different for him. He was a very intelligent guy, on the pitch, but he was short and the club paid €20m for him. I said to the club ‘you really paid that much for this guy because he doesn’t know where he is right now – he doesn’t know anything about La Liga, about Madrid, nothing’. He had to start from zero. In my opinion, he was not fit enough to play at the beginning of the league, in the pre-season I noticed that, so I said ‘what happens if we send him to Atletico Madrid B for one month?’ So he went there and trained with kids his own age and had pre-season with Atletico Madrid B. I was told that the media would kill me if they found out that I had sent him to Atletico Madrid B, so we started from the beginning with him. With Sergio, with the ball, he was the best of the team but without the ball, he watched the game like a fan! We told him that he had to help us without the ball, when the other team has the ball you have to run and recover it. We told him to move and find space, not wait for the ball, because he needs the ball into his feet. Then he did everything differently. We didn’t have to teach him how to play, that’s not the right word, but without the ball, we worked a lot on Sergio.

[Pressed on when those predatory instincts were first identified] Immediately. In the first week, the guy was different. One on ones, he is a killer in the box. He is a top, top player

2020 05 07 Retrieve

[Leganes manager Javier Aguirre has revealed La Liga plans to resume the season on June 20 and finish on July 26] We already have a start date for the league. On June 20, we will start La Liga and in five weeks we will be officially finished, on July 26. It will be played on Saturday-Sunday and Wednesday-Thursday, over 11 dates. La Liga has just informed me officially and I am very happy about this, because we already have training scheduled. We start tomorrow. Luckily we have passed the tests

The federation has just authorized five changes per game. It seems to me like the most sensible thing because how can you demand 90 minutes from the players when they have been stuck at home, between four walls for 80 days? To avoid injuries, get them in shape