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Name Javier Hernandez
Spelling Chicharito
Gender Male
Ethnic Mexican
Job Mexican Footballer


Org Mexico National Team
Club as Player West Ham United
  Bayer Leverkusen
  Manchester United

2015 12 30 Retrieve

[on Sir Alex Ferguson] I’m so grateful to Ferguson. I think he’s the best there’s ever been, especially his squad management skills. Every player had his place. A squad player could still play 15 games a season. He opened the door to Europe for me and I won two league titles there

2016 03 04 Retrieve

[Good guy Javier Hernandez reveals how he still meets and texts Alex Ferguson for advice] For me, he’s the best. He gave me the chance to make my dream come true to play first of all in Europe and then for one of the biggest clubs in all of football history

I keep in touch. Even when we played in the Champions League before the Atletico Madrid game, we texted. I saw him two games before that, we have a lot of contact.

When I was going to Madrid for the loan, I spoke to him in person. I went to his house and we spoke very well. We keep in contact as good as we can.

[He doesn’t have the same relationship, naturally, with Louis van Gaal who let him leave the club] Of course it’s disappointing when any person in the world doesn’t give you 100% confidence. But I say thank you to him now because he was very honest

2018 01 06 Retrieve

[Javier Hernandez sets his sights on winning the World Cup in Russia] We are not only aiming for the quarter-finals. We don’t want to set a limit on our ambitions. We want to aim as high as we can because we know we have the potential. Every team in the World Cup has a chance and we want to do our best ever, to get to the final and even win the World Cup

2019 07 20 Retrieve

[Chicharito reveals reason for West Ham number change which ends exit talk] I changed my number because I wanted to change it! There was a possibility to change the number and there were two numbers available – nine and seven – and [Andriy] Yarmolenko told me he really wanted seven, which was the number I wore in Leverkusen and I said ‘Yes, don’t worry, I’ll take number nine

When I was in Mexico, I wouldn’t have known the number 14 was going to be as big in my career as it was, because as a striker you normally play with those numbers

I played in all my World Cups and for my other clubs [Manchester United and Real Madrid] in the number 14 and I changed my number for the first time in my whole career when I signed for Leverkusen

Then, when I signed here, the 17 was available and I took it. Now another number is so I took the number nine

People are going to take any interpretation they want but, for me, it is the player who makes the player always, and not the number who makes the player.

2020 04 19 Retrieve

[LA Galaxy’s Javier Hernandez explains ‘retirement’ comments after first practice] It’s so simple. I think all over the world, but [especially] in my country we love and we are like obsessed with drama and excess.

And so when you say ‘retirement’ it’s like ‘oh, tomorrow he’s going to announce retirement. They didn’t really listen to what I said, ‘the beginning of the retirement.’ The retirement could last 10 years, you never know.

I did everything that I could. There were people who didn’t play me and let me express myself as I would’ve liked, but it’s part of football. I come back as a Mexican football legend, as much as some may be bothered by that

To go from doubting whether to retire at Chivas, to playing at Manchester United within a year and a half. To go through the retirement of Alex Ferguson, who most of humanity, and myself, thought would never retire from Manchester United. He retired when I was there. And I scored the last goal of his era.

How do I imagine it [at Galaxy]? I signed for three years plus an additional one, hopefully there are four years and each year brings a title

I’ve been playing in this country since I was 16 years old. I’ve won a lot of games here, and I’ve been treated with a lot of value and respect. I want that, and it’s coming from the best club in the USA. They came to get me, and that speaks of what they think of me

[Hernandez is well aware of the five-time MLS champions’ history of landing world-class players, reeling off his own list of favorites] Robbie Keane. Steven Gerrard. Giovani Dos Santos. Jonathan Dos Santos. Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Landon Donovan. David Beckham, that’s the most iconic one, obviously. And then my name is over those. I’m just so blessed and so humble that I can be a part of all this