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Jens Lehmann
Gender Male
Ethnic German
Job German Footballer
Desc Jens Lehmann was an erratic and unpredictable character, but Arsenal fans didn’t care; he was such a good goalkeeper that it didn’t matter. The highlight of his time with Arsenal was undoubtedly going through an entire Premier League season unbeaten. Unfortunately, he also suffered the disappointment of being sent off in the 2006 Champions League Final


Org Germany National Team
Club as Player Arsenal FC
Club as Coach Augsburg FC [Coach]

1999 04 Retrieve

[Jens Lehmann gets his first red card of his Bundesliga career in the 90th minute of Dortmund’s league encounter with Hansa Rostock after pulling Timo Lange by the hair following a clash] It was ill-disciplined and dumb of me

2004 04 Retrieve

[With both Oliver Kahn and Jens Lehmann vying for the number one jersey in the German national team, Lehmann upped the already unfriendly rivalry between the two with some choice comments in the press. Jens claimed he was the best and should be picked, but he also criticised Kahn’s lifestyle] I didn’t know we were supposed to talk. I don’t have a 24-year-old girlfriend. I have a different life

2005 04 Retrieve

[The 35-year-old twice threw water over the referee and his assistant following the second leg of Arsenal’s Champions League encounter with Bayern Munich. The incident happened in the tunnel at Highbury after Arsenal won the match 1-0 but went out 3-2 on aggregate] Lehmann was found guilty of a ‘deliberate pestering act’ that displayed a ‘striking lack of respect towards the referee’

2008 03 Retrieve

[TV interview in Germany on the Maybrit Illner chat show when he admits to regularly allowing his two-year-old daughter to swig lager] My two-year-old daughter loves to drink alcohol-free beer. What consequences can that have?

2011 01 03 Retrieve

[Jens Lehmann says Germany Should Aim To Win 2014 World Cup] Before the World Cup, nobody really knew for certain what the current team was capable of, so what then happened was a positive surprise. Not only was the dynamism and general play pleasing, but the emergence of the likes of Sami Khedira and Mesut Oezil was a real bonus. They had not really starred on the big stage up to that point, and came up trumps in South Africa. Now they’re both at one of the biggest clubs in the world, and you have to admire them for that. However, at the end of the day, it wasn’t actually an improvement on the World Cup in 2006, because Germany finished third again. That’s where work still needs to be done. It’s not enough just to play attractive football and go a reasonably long way, you have to win trophies from time to time. After losing to Spain in the final at the EURO and the semi-final at the World Cup, you have to be aiming to beat them next time out. Germany should aim to win the 2014 World Cup. We’ll have to wait and see just how far the key players are prepared to push themselves

2017 11 17 Retrieve

[What Wenger told me after Champions League final heartbreak] The manager from whom I learned the most is Arsène Wenger. He is a perfectionist, who does not only know how to defend but who has an exact idea of the game’s movement when going forwards. The possibility of training moves and automatisms forwards as well as backwards appears not to exist in some managers’ awareness. That concept has found its master in Wenger, who, over a longer period, has always been successful with his analytical and perceptive way of working. Not for nothing has he won big titles in all his jobs in France, Japan and England - only the Champions League trophy has eluded him so far, unfortunately

[…] The club’s politics dictated a maximum of year-long contracts for over-thirties; Wenger believed it to be the only way of meeting the Premier League’s enormous physical standards. To my luck, being keeper made me an exception, and in any case, at 33 I was already the oldest player Wenger had ever signed. When, eventually, my age and the successes of the previous years meant I was becoming too dominant, I had to leave, so as not to stand in the way of a new team hierarchy - a tough decision but a reasonable one at that. Aside from his eloquence, Wenger is someone who does not speak a word in excess. He does not argue loudly but rather builds incredible pressure through his silence and perfectionism. Occasionally, during shooting practice, he would stand motionless behind my goal, his arms crossed. When I failed to save a shot, I knew that he was raising an eyebrow in utter disdain

[…] As a result, I always tried to build myself up beforehand: there are twelve players coming up, each of whom is going to aim at your goal two or three times. Don’t let a single one pass, or the boss is going to wonder immediately whether you’re too old now. Situations like this required some getting to grips with, as did sentences like this: ‘Jens, the next half a year needs to be perfect; only then can we still achieve something.’ When the reporters kept asking me in the build-up to the 2006 World Cup whether the fight for number one was putting me under too much pressure, I always said, ‘The real pressure is at Arsenal. This here, this is incidental

2017 11 17b Retrieve

[on winning ugly] After we had won the FA Cup with Arsenal on penalties, he once said that he never actually enjoyed the win, because our success had not been based on his way of playing but rather on ‘winning ugly’, as they say in England. Dirty victories were not his cup of tea. On the return flight from the Champions League final in which I had been sent of and we ended up losing 1-2 to Barcelona, he sat next to me and said, ‘I knew that if they scored one, we could no longer win.’ I was confused: we had gained a 1-0 lead after my red card; surely, conceding did not mean all was lost. It merely meant parking the bus and pulling the handbrake, followed by winning on penalties

2017 11 17c Retrieve

[How Arsenal FC treats seasoned players] Notwithstanding all tactical brilliance, needless to say that I have suffered under him on occasion: after all, he removed me from goal twice. However respectful his treatment of seasoned players at the club was - of Vieira, Ljungberg, Pirès, Bergkamp or Henry - if he thought it was time for a change, he did not make allowances for big names. Time and again, the boss viewed the statistics, and as soon as he noticed a player’s running time or playing time decrease, he would rather sell him at once and at a handsome profit, than let him enjoy pleasant footballing twilight years in London

2018 08 14 Retrieve

[Bernd Leno has been challenged to raise his game at Arsenal , with Jens Lehmann questioning his value after being asked to fill back-up duties in the wake of a €22 million (£19m/$25m) transfer] Arsenal is a big club. It’s a different style of game, a different expectation, and obviously a different competition. Sometimes these guys aren’t used to that competition. I don’t know how he’s doing in training, but it tells you something if a guy who cost £20m, and has been chosen by the new manager, is not playing. That’s the strength of the squad, a misjudgement probably, but no-one knows because we are not there in training. We don’t know who the coaches like. If he tries a new player out, if not the other guy is playing. Bernd is a good ‘keeper, no doubt about that. The question is: can he show more than he did in the past? He must take more risks and continue his development. If he does that - good!

2018 08 14 Retrieve

[While Cech was favoured against City, the veteran 36-year-old looked far from comfortable at times in his efforts to embrace Emery’s philosophy of playing out from the back] He is still a fantastic goalkeeper and apparently he had to change his style, but sometimes the game tells you what to do and not the other way round. I was a bit surprised that every time he tried to play out, which is not possible, nobody can dictate to you when to play out. He is very intelligent so he knows when to play out and when not to. Petr has played hundreds of games and I think sometimes he would have kicked it long before, now he is under pressure this year. The game dictates what to do and not a certain style you have to play. Even at the age of 36 you can practice and improve, but it’s the amount of passes you have to do. Also, sometimes it is better to not to do what the coaches ask because at that moment you understand the game better than anybody else

2019 01 28 Retrieve

[Former Germany and Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann joins Augsburg coaching staff] Augsburg have developed incredibly in recent years. This is a brilliant opportunity for me to work as an assistant coach in the Bundesliga and to help the players reach their potential on the pitch

2019 06 08 Retrieve

[Lehmann was dismissed by the Bundesliga club on April 9 this year, along with head coach Manuel Baum and technical director Stephan Schwartz] [Augsburg General Manager] Stefan Reuter called. The phone call lasted ten minutes. He said: ‘We separated from Manuel Baum.’ I thought: ‘What is coming now? Sack or promotion?’

[He did believe that he’d be offered the chance to remain as an assistant, but Reuter told him that wasn’t an option] Actually, I did not expect the coaching job, because they stressed when I signed my contract that is wasn’t part of the deal. But I was told on arrival that I would stay if there was a new head coach. That’s different now

2019 06 10 Retrieve

[on bitter Jens Lehmann and Manuel Almunia feud] Nicklas Bendtner went up using his elbow, and headed the ball into my goal. The assistant manager, however, indicated a free-kick, prompting my friend Almunia to shout all the way across the pitch, ‘Hey! That was no free-kick; that was a regular goal!’

When the match was over, I went up to him. ‘Listen, when something’s happening at my end, you’re not to yell at the back.’ That was when all his rage broke out of him. ‘What do you want, bstardo?’ ‘What are you saying? Why are you insulting me?’ I shot back. ‘Shut the fck up, b*stardo!’ came the reply. ‘Ah, at least now you’re openly saying what you really think of me,’ I said. ‘This is your true character - insulting colleagues!’

By now, the other players and the boss had noticed our argument and tried to calm us down, having to positively restrain Almunia so that he would not smack me. I, of course, would have welcomed him losing control, since that would have meant getting rid of a rival. Unfortunately, he cooled down again

2019 07 22 Retrieve

[Arsenal legend Jens Lehmann says that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would be replaceable for Arsenal if he moves to Manchester United] If you finish fifth [in the league] you can sell players. If he was to go to United, a new player would come in who could do better. Arsenal’s goal shouldn’t be to finish fifth or sixth

[But Lehmann thinks the problems at Arsenal are rooted far deeper than the playing staff] All of the guys playing for Arsenal are good but they need to win something. They were in the Europa League final last season and lost. Obviously it would have been good if they had won it. Their finish in the league season was disappointing as well. Even though they had the chance to secure fourth place, or even third place, they didn’t. The club is in a situation right now where no one knows the direction that it is supposed to be going in

2020 05 10 Retrieve

[Ex-Arsenal keeper Lehmann joins Hertha BSC supervisory board] I was happy to accept Lars Windhorst’s offer to work on the further development of Hertha BSC. I currently see this as one of the most interesting projects in football

2020 05 12 Retrieve

[Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann has backed the Bundesliga’s upcoming return, saying that the coronavirus isn’t a ‘big concern’ for healthy, young athletes] In the end, you have to live with it, because the only thing that this lockdown is based on is the hope that eventually we are going to find a vaccine or some medicine which cures it. But there’s only hope. So far we don’t have anything. Because of that, you cannot shut down everything. So you have to get on with it. As long as the symptoms are not that bad, I think players have to cope with it. We have plenty of players who were actually infected, and most of them did not even show any symptoms. So I think for young, healthy, people with a strong immune system it’s not such a big concern

2020 01 31 Retrieve

[Lehmann has certainly been impressed with what he has seen from Jurgen Klopp’s side] Liverpool are on the right track to break out winning streak with Arsenal. I don’t think the title can be taken from them. And after 30 years without winning the league, it would be well deserved, especially with this sensational run in mind. They have benefitted from teams like Manchester City, Manchester United and Spurs weakening a bit

2020 02 19 Retrieve

[Lehmann feels Klopp’s side have what it takes to join the Gunners in the history books] Liverpool is an amazing story. All the ingredients are there for them to become the ‘Invincible’ champions. They are a fantastic team, really well organised - and also sometimes a little bit lucky. But that isn’t a criticism. At times, we were lucky as well and I am a believer that you have to work hard to earn your good fortune. Now they have the chance to become Invincibles - and I think the only team that can stop that happening now is Manchester City.

2020 02 19b Retrieve

[Lehmann feels they have benefited from a weaker Premier League compared to the one his Arsenal team played in 16 years ago. He therefore believes his old side, featuring the likes of Theirry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Robert Pires, was a better team] I would say the Premier League is not as strong as it once was and teams are beaten before they even play Liverpool. I don’t want to take something away from their success because they obviously have a great team. The fact they have only drawn one game so far makes the achievement even more special. We drew 12 games but many of those were after we had clinched the title and we didn’t think about going unbeaten until after we had clinched the title at White Hart Lane. I think our Arsenal team would have beaten this Liverpool team. Not easily, but we would have won because we had more individual class than what Liverpool have. It’s very hard to compare but when I look at the individual quality we had and the pace we had, then I think we would have had the edge

2020 02 19c Retrieve

[Lehmann thinks his compatriot Klopp has hit on a winning formula at Anfield] It’s difficult to compare Wenger and Klopp. Arsene was consistently successful over 22 years. But Klopp has rebuilt Liverpool so well and they can both set up a good team. Of course there is a lot of satisfaction in Germany to see what Klopp is doing in England. Once you win one thing and you find the recipe for it, then it becomes much easier. I think Jurgen has found the recipe. I think Liverpool will continue to get better

2020 02 22 Retrieve

[Former Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann speaks at the Laureus World Sports Awards on how the Invincibles of 2003/04 would fare against Liverpool’s current team] I think our Arsenal team would have beaten this Liverpool team. Not easily, but we would have won because we had more individual class than what Liverpool have. It’s very hard to compare but when I look at the individual quality we had and the pace we had, then I think we would have had the edge

2020 06 11 Retrieve

[Jens Lehmann says Arsenal made a mistake appointing Emery] I was there as an assistant coach two years ago but then Arsene has left and they have changed the whole managerial team and I think they made a mistake by choosing the wrong guys. The people at the top sometimes don’t know what I know about football and they didn’t experience how to win things. So it’s not easy for them. I think he wanted to bring his own staff who couldn’t even speak English. Then a guy like me, who was a player for them, I think he just didn’t want us. I think it was a big present to him that he was picked as a manager for Arsenal because I think he was not good enough because he had this lingual problem. He may have some good ideas in Spanish but he never came across as being transferrable to English football