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Name Jermaine Jenas
Gender Male
Ethnic xxxx
Job xxxx Footballer


Org xxxx National Team
Club as Player Tottenham Hotspurs

2017 04 21 Tweet

[Ugo Ehiogu: Former England defender dies after suffering cardiac arrest] Gutted is an understatement. An aspiring coach and all round top guy. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

2018 01 15 Tweet

[Jermaine Jenas says Cyrille Regis was a hero in his household when he was a boy] As a kid growing up, my parents made sure I understood what black players were subjected to and overcame so that I could enjoy the game I love.Players like Cyrille Regis, an outstanding footballer who handled himself with such class.Thank you for leading the way. You’ll be misse

2018 08 18 Retrieve

[Jermaine Jenas compares between Toby Alderweireld and Davinson Sanchez] Spurs 100 per cent still need Toby. Davinson Sanchez is a good player but he’s not the finished article and he’s not better than Toby. Toby and Jan [Vertonghen] together is quite possibly the best or the second-best centre-half pairing in the world. People probably argue Raphael Varane and Sergio Ramos [at Real Madrid], who run them close. Why you wouldn’t want that, I don’t know

I think his age and the fact that he’s started to pick up a few injuries doesn’t help Toby. From United’s point of view they were saying ‘why should we pay £60million when we can get him for £25million in January?’. I’m almost certain if he’s not gone by the end of this window already, then he’ll go to United [in January]

[While Jenas was surprised at Pochettino’s lack of activity, he also believes that no business was better than some of the players they were being linked with] When they started going for Grealish and Lewis Cook I started to worry - even though I think they’re both very good players. It was only a couple of years ago when I had Danny Rose on my radio show and he was asking for a big name, some marquee signings. Grealish and Cook are not marquee signings. They would have bolstered the squad slightly but is Lewis Cook better than Harry Winks? No. Is Jack Grealish going to get in ahead of Dele, Eriksen, Son, Moura or Lamela? Where does he fit in? Is there any point in bringing him in? They didn’t excite me. So when I saw that I thought ‘if you’re going to do that, they might as well not do any [business]

2019 03 04 Retrieve

[Jermaine Jenas has hit out at Real Madrid keeper Thibaut Courtois after he publicly his criticised team-mate Gareth Bale and accused him of being an outsider in the dressing room] I thought Courtois was bang out of order to say what he said about Gaz in public.

I got on really well with him and one of the things I loved about him was that he was his own man. If we were going out as a squad, he would often opt out and stay at home with his family, but I never had a problem with that.

He went back home to spend time with his family in Cardiff all the time and that’s him. Is there anything wrong with that? That’s Gaz. He has a young family, he likes to spend time with them, so why should he go out partying with the lads every few minutes?

If I ever had a problem with a team-mate, I went to them directly and told them to their face, but to go to the media and try to belittle a team-mate and say he doesn’t like going out was not necessary.

Why would Courtois do that? I remember speaking to Gaz at Spurs if we had a Christmas party and he would often say he would leave it. No problem, no pressure. Maybe he enjoys playing golf and spending time with his family, but when did that become a crime?

Look, everyone is happy when things are going great and when things start going wrong, some throw punches and looking for scapegoats. They are the kind of people you don’t want too have around a dressing room in my opinion.

2019 04 08 Retrieve

[Tottenham can win Champions League but must seize the moment] Tottenham could win the Champions League this season, but they will have to answer some big questions if they are going to get close to achieving that

They are only a couple of wins and a couple of draws away from the final, but only if they start playing to their potential again. If they can get back on form, this is the season to have a go at the Champions League as there are no outstanding teams in the competition this season.

Liverpool were the team everyone in Europe feared a couple of months ago, but they are off the boil, even though they keep winning matches without playing too well.

City look like a different team in the Champions League and conceded far too many goals and, with some of the big European teams like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich no longer the force they once were, an opportunity is there for a team like Tottenham to have a real go at this competition.

To do that, they need to believe in themselves and seize the big moments when they come along. Players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi know how to seize that moment and always stand up when it matters. Now we have to see whether Tottenham’s players are ready to rise to that challenge.

[Pochettino stated last month that Tottenham may be up to 10 years away from winning the Premier League title] People are asking whether those comments mean he wants to be there for 10 years to make it matter or is he saying he doesn’t want to wait that long to win something, but I just think it was a very clear message to his players to step up and prove they can be winners

If you go over some of Mauricio’s comments over the last year or so, you’ll find some odd ones in there. What I think these comments are all about is getting a message to his players, as he feels they are not sensing the moments when they need to put the foot down and make a statement.

The message he gave to his players ahead of their game at Burnley a few weeks back was this is a cup final and that was a clear effort to get his players up for that game. They had a chance to get into the mix for the Premier League title in that game and Pochettino wanted his players to realise how high the stakes were.

It didn’t work because they lost 2-1 at Turf Moor and you could see how much it got to him as he confronted the match officials after the game and ended up getting a touchline ban for his troubles.

He wanted to get the point across and his players didn’t respond. Some of their performances this season have befitted a team that are destined to finish third or fourth and he wants more than that, but do these Tottenham players have the ability or the mental strength to give him what he wants?

I think they do and, if I’m being honest, I just think they have massively over-achieved this season and that’s why I think this criticism is a little bit harsh. They have stumbled across a position in the league that meant they suddenly had a chance to compete with Liverpool and Manchester City, but they don’t seem to be able to do that at this moment.

sIf you put the value of their first XI together, it would not be far behind the best teams in Europe. People say Tottenham haven’t spent the money, but on any given weekend, they could have Danny Rose, Erik Lamela, Eric Dier, Victor Wanyama on the bench and not many teams have that much quality in reserve.

2019 10 02 Retrieve

[The former Spurs midfielder was not impressed with the manner in which the north Londoners capitulated against the German giants Tottenham’s 7-2 Bayern Munich] This is a big wake-up call for this football club it really is. They had a moment to figure out what they wanted to be, how far they wanted to go. You can lose games of football, but this is a battering from a top European club who have been there and done it on many occasions. It has been a tough couple of months for this group of players, this football club

These are the types of results where do you start to look in the dressing room, you start to ask those questions - are they reacting to what is being asked of them? This scoreline tells me ‘no’ at the minute, this scoreline is a shocker. It’s the capitulation, it’s that moment of ‘it is not going great, let’s feel sorry for ourselves’. At what point do you say ‘no, the opposition are not scoring any more goals, it is not happening’?

2019 10 05 Retrieve

[Jenas slams Spurs as they set unwanted 2019 record for defeats] As a group though, it’s fallen apart. Something’s going to have to change. I’ve been at that club when there’s been changes. I love Mauricio and I hope he stays. It stinks of that type of moment. Things seem very stale. He’s been there a number of years. The club have let Mauricio down. Something needs to change. Hopefully it’s the players’ mentality rather than the manager.

The club’s in disarray. We have to credit Brighton, but today Tottenham were dreadful. No desire, no heart. There was no press. Tactically they looked inept. They looked disinterested on the bench. I think we’re getting to the point where it’s the end of the road for this team. And the manager – it’s going to be difficult. He’s an asset to the club. It’s not like a normal situation where you can let the manager go and let someone else in

2019 10 18 Retrieve

[Jenas slams Tottenham’s transfer calls] You have a keeper [Hugo Lloris] who is constantly making mistakes. A right-back situation that is a joke. They let Kieran Trippier leave, of all players. I don’t care what sort of season he had last year… because he was playing injured for the whole year.

Who at that football club, whether it be Pochettino, who I do think had a part to play in it, or the chairman, they’ve allowed a top right-back to leave and left themselves with [Kyle] Walker-Peters and a guy in Serge Aurier who should not play for the club again because he is a liability.

I watched the Brighton game and I said at half-time, look at this team: [Erik] Lamela, [Heung-min] Son, [Harry] Kane, [Christian] Eriksen, [Eric] Dier. All players who have been there for years. You know what? They have just gone stale.

I remember when I was there, and David Beckham came to train with us a few times when he was at LA Galaxy. Even things like that raise the level of training. You’ve got a player up front, Kane who knows he is playing week in, week out. He is not being pushed anymore. He needs someone snapping at his heels.

By now Spurs should be a club like Man City, who have got players like [Sergio] Aguero and [Gabriel] Jesus pushing each other. Harry Kane has no one pushing him. They have all got to take the blame. They can’t hide. Mauricio Pochettino has to take responsibility because maybe he has been sulking a bit

Then you look at Daniel Levy. He is on the pitch at the NFL game with a big smile on his face. Probably thinking ‘brilliant, we did it. We are making loads of money at the football club and everything is great’. But the team is a mess, a shambles, and they probably won’t make top four this year, although I still think they’ll sort it out

2019 11 10 Retrieve

[Jermaine Jenas has added to the criticism of Arsenal manager Unai Emery after a display against Leicester City he said showed a lack of planning] It’s not looking good. It’s the first time they’ve gone to a back three today and you could tell. They had no plan and there was a complete lack of direction.

When they did have the ball going forward, they had no confidence and they didn’t want to play it forward. They played it negative and backwards and they went sideways. It was like they were waiting to have the ball taken from them and Leicester didn’t disappoint.

Arsenal were not good enough to play in that system and were always going to make mistakes. The lack of understanding and preparation led to Arsenal wasting their best assets

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was playing right wing-back at one point and [Hector] Bellerin should have been telling him to get out of the way. On the opposite side of the field there was [Alexandre] Lacazette playing left wing-back. How are you supposed to have a chance of playing counter attacking football

The complete inability to recognise that they needed to change the system or the tempo is worrying. That is worrying for Unai Emery

2019 11 21 Retrieve

[Jenas says Pochettino will land ‘monster job’ and break Spurs’ hearts] Tottenham have just shoved all their casino chips onto the table. Sacking Mauricio Pochettino, appointing Jose Mourinho on double the money, spending tens of millions in the next couple of transfer window…. it’s all a huge gamble.

Only if Mourinho and his Spurs squad deliver a trophy – the first for 11 years and counting – will it have succeeded. Players at Spurs are at the stage in their careers when they are thinking will silverware ever come?

Now they have a man walking through the door who has every ingredient, every play, every way of doing it, to get over the line. I think the 11 months Jose has had out of the game since leaving Manchester United will have helped him reinvent his outlook to coaching. He is starting afresh, had a good look at it, and will be thinking this new generation needs something new.

Mourinho will have asked Daniel Levy: Are you going to open the cheque book? You can guarantee that come January and the summer, they are going to have a right go in the windows. Spurs fans will say to that: brilliant.

But why not just back Mauricio in the first place. He earned that. It is annoying that he will come in on more money, get a bigger kitty… he could have done all those things for Mauricio. But he didn’t want to bet on him. Poch will have six month or a year out. He will get a top job. Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juve, Bayern Munich. It will be a monster job. And he will probably come back and break Spurs’ hearts

2020 02 03 Retrieve

[Jermaine Jenas agreed with Hughton’s verdict that Jose Mourinho told why he did not produce ‘masterclass’ performance against Man City] The statistics behind Tottenham’s win on Sunday might suggest it was another Jose Mourinho masterclass. In reality it was more a story of Manchester City’s missed chances. Yes, in the early stages Spurs looked quite solid and strong, which is the way Mourinho likes to set his sides up in these big games, but City did what they always do and broke them down. Spurs showed character and hung in there thanks to a couple of big moments - the biggest one being Hugo Lloris’ first-half penalty save, which is when they might have started believing this could be their day. But if City were anything like as clinical in front of goal as they usually are, they would have put the game to bed long before Steven Bergwijn put Tottenham ahead with their first shot at goal after 63 minutes

2020 03 07 Retrieve

[Jenas says Mourinho’s stumbled into an era where his old methods don’t work] A lot of Mourinho’s brilliance, as good as he was tactically and how much he changed things when he first came into the game, his biggest strength was in the mind and how he used to be able to galvanise a squad and make that ‘them against us’ mentality, get into certain individuals and make them raise their game by being elite in their mind.

He would go into every single game making them believe that they are the best players in the world, making them feel like they are warriors going out onto the pitch.

He was able to do that – when you look at the Inter performances, Chelsea – you looked at Chelsea and they appeared mentality unbeatable, they were too strong at the time.

My fear is that he has stumbled into an era where he cannot impose those same things on a new generation. They don’t react to those methods of maybe putting them down and expecting them to respond. We are talking about a completely different era of player.

During his Chelsea days, he may have run into certain performances where for two weeks he may not have spoken to Frank Lampard because he felt like ‘you let me down’. Frank would have gone ‘I know how to put this right and I’m going to dig deep and get back on his good side’.

I don’t think the players today respond well to that. His last job at United tells you that and I think right now we are seeing it as well

2020 04 17 Retrieve

[What are Tottenham? Kane exit hints leave Spurs & Mourinho fighting for relevance] What I don’t like about Jose at the minute is the negativity. I think he’s been far too negative in terms of the message he’s been sending out with the players. I know we’ve got injuries to Kane, I know Son’s injured and now [Steven] Bergwijn. But I think there needs to be a more positive structure going out to the players. And overall I still can’t see what the team are and how they’re trying to play

2020 06 12 Retrieve

[Former England, Newcastle and Spurs midfielder Jermaine Jenas, who made 280 Premier League appearances between 2002 and 2013, hopes the campaign for change continues beyond those first 12 games] It’s brilliant that all the clubs and the players have come together and said that this is what they want. I think it’s a great message because the Premier League is one of the most powerful businesses in the world

I’m all for it in terms of the representation and for each club and player to be doing it. But I think the question on most people’s lips is: what next?

What about the week after? Does it just fade out and it’s ‘OK, we did our little bit and it’s gone now’. Or are we actually going to see some real change within our game, our own house?

There’s been huge conversations about the lack of opportunities for black coaches. We need to quash all of that by starting to implement [diversity] at the hiring level of management, at the top clubs and within the FA